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  1. Seikon no Qwaser is it hard subbed ?

  2. really enjoyable so much i decided to start buying the manga.deffenitly exceeded my expectations
  3. hey i was wondering does anyone no of a fansub gruop that does Toriko in hardsub or atleast in avi or mp4 any help would helpful
  4. he should and then go mad with power and him and ichigo should fight to the death and then after that fight bleach should finish cuase after aizen it shouldnt really of kept going
  5. just wondering does anyone no of a reliable fansub group who will be doing this series when it comes out ?
  6. so whats your favs of all time and any new really good ones i might not have heard of yet. also who's looking forward to the deadman wonderland anime premiering on the 17th
  7. theres hope for that manga uk is doing the dub wich is guna start reales this tear towards the end
  8. yes there all very similar but people watch them anyway.so i was just more curious of peoples ideas.and thats a trend thats pretty much applied to all anime there will be a big hit and then other mangas and animes will try and cash in on that buy being very similar or trying to emulate but that doesnt necessarily make them bad
  9. theres been plenty of big one dragonball,naruto,bleach,one piece and most recently fairy tail (wich i think will be massive when the new dub comes out this year) but my question is what kinda theme will the next big shonen have.and even give a little description of what you'd want it to be ?????
  10. wich series is best i was wondering ?
  11. just wondering what youd like to see in fairy tail in chapters to come and how could they improve the anime in your opinion. maybe even just give your general thoughts on the anime/manga
  12. possibly akira the manga or dragonball imo
  13. alucard,goku,natsu or luffy.deffo alucard tho
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