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  1. No one asked for.this smh
  2. animenerd99

    One Piece FUNimation Dub Discussion

    Man We have come along way man, Funimation's dub of One Piece is top notch the improvement of the main cast is astounding
  3. animenerd99

    Cutie Honey Universe

    I didnt see a topic for it please delete if there is already. Has anyone been watching this
  4. animenerd99

    Is this new Sailor Moon release a different voice dub?

    First off his name is Mamoru not Darien and Second It's USAGI not serena and michelle ruff plays luna i think she's perfect as her and like i just said their sitcking closer to the original japanese sh'es called bun head in the oriignal so in viz's dub she'll be called the same and instead of judging by clips i would wait for the dub to come out first then judge Just peep this here this will ansswer all your questions http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/press-release/2014-07-17/viz-media-unveils-new-english-dub-cast-of-sailor-moon/.76775
  5. animenerd99

    Is this new Sailor Moon release a different voice dub?

    This is a complete brand new redub being done by Viz and it will be uncut and feautre the episodes that were not previously dubbed in the original dub and they are sticking closer to the original japanese version so if you're expecting anything like DIC or CWI's dubs in terms of voices and scrpits twell you're not gonna get it lol I can't wait for this to be released it's been long overdube for a redub to happen and oh yeah Stephanie sheh plays sailor moon
  6. animenerd99

    Happiness Charge Pretty Cure

    Any pretty cure fans on here? Back in February a new season of pretty cure started airing called Happiness Charge, they're now on episode 10 what do you guys think about this season so far?
  7. animenerd99

    Sailor Moon New Anime 2013

    Seems like this hasn't been update well the cast and the anime desgins have been released and the anime is called Sailor Mono Crystal and is suppsoed to start streaming on NicoNico on July 5 http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-04-27/kotono-mitsuishi-leads-sailor-moon-crystal-cast
  8. animenerd99

    Yes pretty cure 5 english dub?

    I know i must be very late to the party with this and i apologize in advance if there's already a thread for this but i gotta know is it true ypc5 is getting dubbed by some company called williams wrinckler prosuction? I seen a cast for it on animenewsnetwork and that it started production back in 2011 but thats it can't find any other info on it. Has anyone heard anything else about this is it true? Here's the cast: Alexa Kahn as Erica (Urara Kasugano) / Cure LemonadeAurelia Scheppers as Kimberly (Komachi Akimoto) / Cure MintBeth Ann Sweezer as Karen Minatsuki / Cure AquaLaura Siegel as Lynn (Rin Natsuki) / Cure RougeMarieve Herington as Priscilla (Nozomi Yumehara) / Cure Dream Bradford Hill as NutsBryan Forrest as Coco http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=7465 if anyone knows any more info on this dub or even the company please post
  9. animenerd99

    One Piece

    No there's already one swordsman for the crew, tbh i wouldn't mind seeing another girl join the crew
  10. animenerd99


    I would be more excited if they played it during the weekdays and during the datime instead of way late at night on the weekends when people are a sleep and if they were to add one piece on there
  11. animenerd99

    Bleach Live-Action Movie

    I think they the only way this would work is if they wre to get the cast from the bleach musicals to play the characters
  12. animenerd99

    FUNimation Licenses Eureka Seven: AO (TV)

    nice can't wait for this
  13. animenerd99

    One Piece

    i highly suggest you watch more of it, if you only watched the first few episodes then of course you might not like it be i suggest you keep watching it gets better and might not be the type of show you think it is
  14. I was just wondering what you guys thought are on the gin tama english dub sentai did for the movie, do you think they should start dubbing the series now since they dubbed the movie what do you guys think? me personally i didn't care too much for the dub it wasn't all that good