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Kametsu Khronicle Issue #5

Nero D. Ace

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No, I am not Raz. There hasn't been any name change prank. He's busy with his exams at the moment and I wanted to get the publishing back on track to Saturdays so I'll be posting in his place this week.

Iki- Vice Editor

The Team

RazorDan- Head Editor

Iki- Vice Editor

Gneiss [Anras Rune]- Literary + Gaming Chief

Krogothwolf- Chief of Staff

Irish- GFX Chief

Hicks- Anime Reviewer

FlutterShy- Creative Team

Mute Point- Creative Team

Feel free to contact any member of the team if you wish to make a recommendation or have a question about anything.

Page 1- Main Story


So the spammers haven't quieted down lately and the number of users banned per day isn't very low either which is sad because the rules for getting banned have become a bit lax lately and people still can't follow them.

Unlike most forums, we simply don't have people register and click on an Activation Link to join the forums. We have them make 5 legitimate posts so as to interact with the members here and become a part of the community.

When I first joined up, would I have stayed if not for the 5 post requirement? I think not. I found a topic of discussion in one of the forums and posted my view on it. Almost 10 minutes later, when i went back to the topic, I saw that someone had replied to it. Someone had actually replied to it.

Until then, most sites I got anime from had comment boxes on it and no one ever seemed to listen to anyone else. Everyone just kept spamming that they wanted that episode or this new series.

That's the thing about Kametsu. This place isn't just a place where you leech off anime shows without giving a word of thanks to the dedicated uploaders who work hard at their job. It's a place of actual discussion and interaction and if someone marches in here, makes 5 dumb-ass posts like "Where am I supposed to post?" or "Why can't I download anime?", I get really mad and don't hesitate at all to report their posts.

But even if one doesn't want to be part of a community, the thing that I wonder is - "Is it really THAT hard to make 5 posts?"


Page 2: Iki's Column


I'll be taking a break from anime news reporting this week since there hasn't been much activity lately (unless you count FUNimation's acquisition of the FMAB movie and some 13 episode zombie series, but that's too dull).So instead, this week's featured article will be about a game/visual novel i recently played and fell in love with - PHOENIX WRIGHT - ACE ATTORNEY!

First off, let's get the obvious retorts out of the way -

Q) "A visual novel? That's SO dull! You just press buttons in it and watch a story unfold."

A) This is no FF-XIII my friend. While it's true that the majority of the gameplay consists of pressing the button to further dialogue, this is in all it's essence a "Whodunnit"/Lawyer game. Half of the gameplay consists of scouring the crime scene and other locations in search of clues that the police/Prosecution has "overlooked" and then shoving it in their faces in the second half of the game - the Trial. The trial is very basic. The Prosecution calls upon a witness, makes him'her give a testimony of the account in question and then it is upto YOU, the Defence Lawyer, to "cross-examine" the witness and find flaws in the testimony. All the clients in the first game are completely innocent so you just have to blow the testimony to smithereens.

Q) "Phoenix 'Wright'? What kind of a dumb pun name is that?"

A) Phoenix Wright is not the only one. Most names in the games are a form of puns - "Ms. Oldbag", "Will Powers", etc. They simply add a bit of humor to the game, that's all.

Q) "The graphics suck!"

A) Well, it's a visual novel for DS. What were you expecting? People in blue running around in 3-D? The graphics go for a more "retro" look rather than try to make graphics that simply won't hold upto standards. Even the music leaves a very lasting impression on players. I would spend hours trying to find the right evidence to shove in the Prosecution's face simply to hear the victory music and humiliate the hell outta him/her.

So, to summarize, it IS a visual novel, most of the game involving hunting for clues and then piecing them together. The game has been localized to be set in L.A. rather than Kyoto, changing most names to American standards and the graphics are not "High-Def".

... But all these things considered, this game is still A HECK OF A LOT BETTER than most PS3/360 games you'll find out there. Why? Because it has a good storyline, original murder-scenes, innovative characters and a guy who just looks that damn cool yelling "Objection"!


Pokemon - some guys love it, others hate it. No one can ignore it. Whether you're calling it a children's show with no meaning left what-so-ever or a really fun way to pass the time, it cannot be denied that this is a revolutionary subject. The following is a video posted by user "seirachan" that is a parody of it's original OP (or ED, i can't remember) - Gotta Breed em All.



The week's Anime of the Week? - None other than DEADMAN WONDERLAND!

There is only one thing to be said about it. It is ka-frick-ing awesome! It has truly been a long time since I saw something that good. Only 5 episodes have come out so far so whether it will remain that good for long is hard to tell but this is a feeling that i last had when I saw Dragon Ball Z. I loved it but it was an indescribable feeling. If asked WHAT i liked about it, I couldn't answer because it was absolutely flawless to me. That is exactly what Deadman Wonderland is.

Legend of Zelda & L.A Noire

This week is more review-ish, considering the fact that there is very little news to be given. The build-up to E3 is always preceeded by a closing of Developer's doors, leaving all the news and annoucements for the big day. here two of the more interesting stories this week.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Reborn

I can remember many a day spent at my friends house, playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, with its Z-targeting, lens flares, innovative 3D visuals and a killer storyline. The game that basically pushed reset on the world's action adventure gaming, and even after 12 years it is praised as one of the biggest games of all time. With The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Nintendo is finally giving us a shinnied up portable version of this legendary game.

Ocarina 3D is a remake of the 12 year old N64 classic. Ocarina 3D is a ground-up remake with improved graphics that pop off the screen thanks to the system's 3D capabilities. The game also includes subtle improvements such as the addition of three differently colored lines on the walls of the Water Temple, which help lead the player to the locations where Link can play Zelda's lullaby to raise or lower the water level. There is also a Master Quest, Boss challenge mode and Visions.

For those not so familiar with the LOZ series, Master Quest is basically a remixed version of Ocarina of Time with a few new twists and turns added to the familiar dungeons to up the difficulty level. You can unlock it after playing through the main quest once. To further differentiate it from the original Master Quest (which was packaged in with Wind Waker pre-orders), this version has also been flipped (meaning everything that was once on the left is now on the right). This should provide a bit of a challenge for even the most hardcore Zelda fans.

Boss challenge doesn't really leave much to the imagination, but the new Visions is pretty interesting. Scattered throughout the otherwise familiar land of Hyrule are new stones called "Sheikah Stones." Crawling inside one of these bad boys gives you access to a series of visions, which are basically hint movies for the trickier parts of the adventure. You unlock these hints as you play the game, and while they don't exactly tell you how to beat each part, they give you hints to guide you on your way. These visions are completely optional, and the game even keeps track of which ones you've viewed and which ones you haven't, so you can easily prove to your buddies you beat the game without any help if you so choose.

The story is the same, the standard seven sages, exiled princess, legendary sword and time hopping Ocarina. Hopefully, by the time of it's release on the 19th of June, the few little bugs have been sorted out. Until then we'll have to wait and see.

LA Noire: Another Rockstar Masterpiece?

L.A. Noire isn't Grand Theft Auto set in the 1940s. In fact, the protagonist you play is the antithesis of any of the previous Grand Theft Auto protagonists. Cole Phelps is a straight-laced war veteran-turned-cop who desperately tries to ward off the cloud of corruption hanging over a post-war Los Angeles. The sense of an American Dream gone wayward pervades the city, but the city hides it well. Everyone has something to hide. Cole will need intelligence, keen observations, and a good use of intuition to unearth those secrets.

Thats the description of this game, and boy is it right. Instead of Rockstar's normal character profile, seasoned criminal recently returned/released from prision has to make his name in the new criminal underworld he has joined. This game is, as said before, different. Similar gameplay physics and the signature sandbox style game as GTA and Red Dead, it has been hyped up to be one of the games of the year. How it actually fufills this I do not know, but hopefully by next week I'll have a proper review.

Thats all for this week, and I hope folks enjoyed! Gneiss...^^

Page 3: GFX

This week I will be talking about finding your style as a GFX Artist

Firstly, when Making sigs you create or mimic a style. As you're doing this you are experimenting with different techniques and ways to do things. After you have created or morphed your style, you need to MAKE it yours. When I say make it yours I mean Make it unique, fresh, something appealing to the eye. If you mimic someone else's style you are just copying something and trying to pass it off as you. As with life you make who you are, the same should be applied to GFX. I personally try to reinvent my style every now and then because, seeing the same thing bores me.

Looking at Tutorials is fine to get an idea of what to do to a sig, or even try some of the stuff. There are plenty out there(some good, some bad, and some not even worth looking at), but you have to find the one that suits you and the style you want to have or already have. Or hey maybe you're looking to re-invent yourself. Find Brushes, C4D's, renders, stocks, anything to help you in your way to find your inner GFX artist. It took me a while to find a style to which I liked, and even now I find myself finding new ways to do things or just plain changing up my style a little bit.

Make a sig every day. Seriously. It sounds tedious and boring, but it's the only true way to become good. You have to keep working at it or else you just another GFX artist in the crowd. Make yourself stand out and people will start to give you the respect you garner. Everyone has to start at the bottom, and the bottom isn't pretty.

Also Please leave any feedback that can help me help you.


Page 4- Creative Centre

This is the bit where we blind you with the quality of our Creative team! Shazi and Mute Point step forward!

TripleK: The Kametsu Khronicle Komic

by Shazi


Unlikely allies (Ongoing Khronicle story)

by Mute Point

Chapter 4

Taking advantage of the distraction, Irene stepped in behind the new Sentry and quickly slit his throat. Knowing that it wouldn’t matter if they found the body, or just a blood stain, she left it where it was and dashed off toward the second. If she didn’t catch him before he turned around, he would alert the camp, and they would be in for a much worse fight than they were prepared for.

Five more paces before he’d turn, rushing faster. Four more, noise isn’t important, they won’t hear over the yelling. Three more, nearly there. Two more, no time left. He turned around just as Irene’s blade arced through the air, slicing cleanly through his neck, leaving a shocked look on the orc’s face as it tried in vain to yell for help.

As Irene took a quick look around to assess the situation, she couldn’t help but wonder at the good fortune she and Caitlyn had had so far in the attack. The main population of the camp still seemed unaware of her, and with most of them taunting or throwing things at the overly talkative prisoner, they weren’t likely to notice her until she got much closer, or possibly even killed a few.

She crept a little closer, seeing more and more of the details of the camp with every step. By the placement of the crude tents, she knew that this was a raiding party, not simply a random group banding together, and by the treasure box she could tell which tent belonged to the leader. The orcs were all dressed in the same tanned hides and tattlered cloth as the patrol had been. The prisoners wore the tattered remains of whatever they’d been wearing when they were captured for the most part, though one or two had even less than that.

Holy Fool

by Ujimushiko ☆ (Teddi)

Chapter 4

Judas shrugged and turned to leave but stopped short before he opened the door. He walked over to Sophia and got a fistful of her hair, pulling her over to him. He licked her neck, cupping one of her breasts in his hand and shoved her over to the Dona. “Don’t get any ideas. This girl still belongs to me.” With that said, he left. When he turned his back, Sophia shuddered and touched the area he licked. “Is he always like this?” The Dona shrugged. “Only when he’s got something to prove.” She shook her head and motioned for Sophia to come over to a large dark red rug that was littered with pillows, setting the bikini on one of them. “Did Judas give you something to eat? His liquor is too strong and his tastes food is too harsh.” She sat down on her knees and offered her a box filled with something frosted and good looking. “Come on, have one. I bet it’ll be better than the shit Judas fed you.” Sophia shook her head. “Sorry, I really don’t feel like eating now.” The Dona put the box back and stood, signaling that the idle chatter was to end right away. Sophia sat up and folded her hands in her lap.

“There’s a specific dance you have to do for the prince when you meet him for the first time. If you forget it then he’ll deny you and you’ll get shipped up to the top level and get another life on the surface.” The Dona stretched a little and swayed her hips a little, raising her arms above her head and slowly lowering them, then running her hands up her bare chest, then letting them slide down to her hips and in between her folded hip wings, leaning over as her hands went down her long legs. She then rose up again and tossed the outfit onto Sophia’s lap. “Put that on and do what I just did.” She was confused. “Wait, that’s the dance? I’m just jiggling my tits and groping myself?” She was answered with a shrug. “Take this damn thing off. It doesn’t flatter you at all.” Sophia struggled out of the bottom half of the toga she wore and started to put on the bikini outfit, starting with the bottom. She slipped it up her legs and wiggled a little when it was up to her hips.

“I’m not sure this fits the right way. It won’t go up more.” The Dona laughed and pulled the sheer red train out of the back of the bikini bottom. “It doesn’t go up any more. The point of this outfit is to show him what you’ve got.” The Dona swept Sophia’s hair to the side and helped her put the top on, zipping the back then stood in front of her. “There’s a mirror over there. Go check yourself out.” She did what she was told, going in front of the mirror. The top supported her fairly small chest, showing the top of her breasts and the bottom rode low on her hips. She turned her head to look at the back of the outfit and wiggled her rear then shrugged. “So is this it?” When she turned around, the Dona was gone. “No. There are some things we need to do before you’re ready to see him.” Sophia went into the closet the Dona spoke from but got the door shut in her face. “No one but me sees my closet. There’s a book on the table by the rug. Look through it and pick one of the people in it.” Without bothering to ask why, she did as told, picking up the dark leather bound photo album off of the table and sitting down with it.

She opened the cover and saw that it was a photo collection of all the incubi under the Dona’s command. She pondered how it was possible to have photos in hell, but let it go when she turned the page to the first picture, which was of a gorgeous man with neck length light blond hair, slightly tanned and with dark green eyes. She smiled a little. He was beautiful for sure. But she blinked a little and kept going. Whatever the Dona was planning had to be a trick to get her away from Judas and Sophia wasn’t just going to let that happen. The rest of the book was full of gorgeous men, one of them had a glorious mane of red hair, and a light spattering of freckles, managing to look very appealing and cute at the same time. She shook her head. Falling for whatever this is wouldn’t be a wise move. Instead of the gorgeous men before her, she thought about Judas. She thought about his wonderful neck length red hair, and those piercing brown eyes that cut her down whenever she looked into them. And then she remembered the night she died and his rough grip on her body. By now, her eyes were closed and her knees were drawn up to her cheek. After a few minutes, she felt a cold point on her shoulder. She looked up to see the Dona holding a glass full of a light pink substance that slightly bubbled. “Have some.” Sophia gave the Dona a sharp look but took a small sip from the glass. The drink inside bubbled like soda, but had the undertone of the sharp burn of alcohol behind the sweet taste.

“Hurry up girl, we’ve got to meet the prince. He doesn’t like tardiness.” The Dona went into her closet and showed up a few minutes later wearing a backless, legless sheer bodysuit with a blue design covering the essential areas. She also wore blue heels so high that it made Sophia nervous. “Don’t worry, he likes his ladies barefoot. Now let’s leave.”

Page 5- Kro's Corner

It's time for your favorite section of the week. Here's Kro with "Kro's Corner" -

This Week in my Corner, I am going to give you a snippet from a 3 computer problems I have encountered in my work. These are from people who use their computers daily, DAILY.

Alright, first one, Kro got a page from someone, who complained about their computer monitor flashing and it wouldn’t stop. So I head over to here desk, it’s a good little walk, to go and see why her computer monitor was flashing. I get there, and it takes me all of 0.5 seconds to discover her problem. This genius of a user, who I remind you, uses a computer for everything she does, has put like 20 pounds of paper on her keyboard. Kro face palms, and picks up the paper, puts it beside her and goes “Problem Solved.”. She looks dumbfounded and goes “Putting paper on the keyboard would do that.” Kro nods his head solemnly and leaves, so that he can collapse of laughter without her around.

Second one, need I remind you again, DAILY computer use in this job. Kro is walking back to his office when he gets interrupted by someone is is experiencing an issue with their computer and its not connecting to the internet. Kro goes okay, I’ll help you, so he saunters over to his desk and goes and checks out the issue, first thing Kro notices is the network cable is saying its disconnected, so kro looks down at the computer and low and behold the network cable is JAMED, and I do mean JAMED, into two USB ports that now look like network ports due to the force of the person jamming the cable in. Kro looks at the guy and goes “Did you try to force the cable in?”, he nods in the affirmative because he had to unplug the cables so he could move his computer, when he plug it in it didn’t fit. Kro asks him if he thought when it didn’t fit if he was plugging it into the wrong port, he says it came from that port. Kro plugs it into the correct port and leaves while shaking his head at this blatant destruction of computer hardware.

Third one, Oh this one be the best, this one be epic. So this guy, thinks he knows stuff about computers, oh he thinks that alright. Kro is skeptical of this guys understanding of computers, but he doesn’t care. As long as the guy doesn’t screw around with a work computer, no harm no foul right? WRONG, because a person who thinks they know something about computers, but they don’t, tend to try to fix problems themselves, badly. Now this guy was experiencing slow down with his computer, mainly slowdown of a network resource. We could have explained to him that, due to maintenance it was slow, had he asked or read the email about network slow down. Nope, this guy, this computer expert he claims, figure he knew the problem. So he opened up his computer and fiddled with the insides. What he did I have no idea, what I do know is the aftereffect of his fiddling, and aftereffect that almost caused the fire alarm to go off. After his tinkering, he turns it on and it makes a strange noise, so apparently he “tapped” it with his foot. What this tap did was cause whatever he did inside to do worse damage, and a bit after the tap, his computer’s power supply exploded and his PC caught fire. It was a sad day to see the passing of a PC due to negligence and mental instability on the user’s part. Sad sad day indeed. He was also promptly fired.

Forumer of the Week: Kekashi. Why? Because of his entertaining stories. Also, the guys a bit odd and obsessive with his kilts so maybe if he's a forumer of the week he will stop being obsessive with his kilts? Doutbful but hey, there is hope!

Quote of the Week: Minh - I love how animal sex can be viewed by everyone...but not human sex. So silly.

Apparently, Minh loves watching Animal sex...go figure.

Page 6- Reviews

Well, Gneiss (Rune) has been a bit busy lately so we'll have to make do with one anime review by Hicks for this week. For this week, an anime that is definitely one of the best short ones i've seen - Fooly Cooly!


(6 episode OVA)

by Hicks

So apparently this is the show Gainax did to get away from the depression that was Neon Genesis Evangelion. A lot of the elements are still there, though, like the whole older women wanting to have sex with a middle-school-aged boy, and a somewhat whiny male protagonist who does nothing but bitch about his lot in life. At least in this case he isn't nearly as useless.

I'm convinced that there's a plot in this OVA somewhere, but it's really hard to make heads or tales of it. Whatever it is exactly that happens, it follows protagonist Naota Nandaba, a twelve-year-old boy living in the completely ordinary and boring suburb of Mabase as he goes on the weirdest coming-of-age adventure anime has bothered to come up with. And really I'm convinced that this is the entire point of the series, because thankfully, unlike Shinji, Naota actually manages to mature a little and comes out of the story a little better for it.

Basically the reason he's such a whiny little bastard for the majority of the show is that his older brother has moved to America to go to school, leaving him alone with his father and grandfather in the bakery/home they have together. His father and grandfather are actually kind of cool, but Naota naturally feels differently. He also has to deal with his brother's ex-girlfriend, who is a high school student and has apparently latched on to this much younger version of her old boyfriend. She's also not terribly bright, but whatever. That's pretty much the running theme, because in this show, all the ladies seem to love Naota.


The ladies love a guy with a nice big guitar.

There's also a girl who's much closer to his age who obviously likes him, but naturally he doesn't notice and actually doesn't want the attention that he is getting. The attention that he likes the least is from Haruko Haruhara, the odd, pink-haired woman who he first meets when her classic Vespa Scooter runs him down and kills him, shortly before being brought back to life by a blow to the head with her pull-start blue Rickenbacker 4001 guitar and a little mouth-to-mouth. This seems to have created some kind of odd portal in his head that generates various monsters and robots from the mysterious Medical Mechanica corporation, which has a large, iron-shaped "factory" in Mabase. If that seems like a lot to take in, well, tough, because the OVA doesn't really care.

Haruko constantly follows Naota around, waiting for the stuff to come out of his head so she can fight it. She does this by becoming basically whatever she needs to be, like say a nurse, or his father's live-in maid. She also seems to delight in sexually teasing him, and trying to make him jealous by doing the same kind of things with his father. Oh, and they constantly refer to "Fooly Cooly," which I'm convinced means the form of pedophilia when the grown-up is a woman and the kid is a boy.


All of this innuendo revolving around sex, especially as it relates to Naota is pretty much where the vast majority of the "coming of age" comes from. Not that I'm complaining, because this is actually a big part of what makes the show so damn entertaining.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) this is yet another example of something Gainax has made that is mindlessly entertaining without making a whole lot of sense. But then what else do you expect from the same people who would go on to give us Gurren Lagann and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt? From what I've heard, the reasl reason behind this show was to try out a new animation technique, and that the story was something of an afterthought. This actually seems to fit, because at one point there's another rather strange character who actually explains everything that's going on not unlike Mulder from The X-Files. At first I thought this character might have only gotten things partially right, like Mulder tended to do, but after repeat viewings of the show, I'm convinced that he actually had everything completely right, like Gainax felt sorry for us and threw us a bone.

The "story" and the point of what Haruko is doing to Naota's head seems to have something to do with Haruko wanting some alien's powers to the point that she's in love with him, and she's actually trying to get him to come through the portal in Naota's head. Everything else that comes out of there is from the apparently evil Medical Mechanica corporation, which is actually an alien invasion force bent on ironing the entire surface of the planet with giant irons pushed by giant hands. Really. The character, Amarao, exposits it in quite a bit of detail, actually. He also wears the biggest eyebrows this side of the Monarch which are made out of seaweed and apparently prevent Hanuko from using his head as a portal, something he seems to have some previous experience with.

I honestly don’t know how else to describe this OVA or why it's actually a pretty good show and you should watch it. The characters aren't really anything special, though some of them do have their moments. Some of the fun is definitely had from trying to make some sense of the show, though to be honest I don’t really think there is much sense to be had from it. It is a load of fun to watch, though.


And that's the end of Issue #5, first and hopefully, the last one I'll have to post myself. I dunno how the guy does it. It's a really tedious job putting all this stuff together. Stay tuned for the next one folks. We'll try to get it done faster than this one.

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Short, but as good as ever... great job everyone! I loved Kro's corner... it is quite scary to think how much people just don't; think, when it comes to their "pride" of they just can't ask for help till it's too late. RIP to all the computers that have been set on fire by people who shouldn't be working on them.

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So sad to read the Main Story, but Kro's Corner was very hilarious. Silly people and their computer problems! Just wanted to add that no matter how much people consider Pokemon a kiddish show, I LOVE it! The cute pokemon, the various characters and the different attacks they can use definitely captured my heart.

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Deadman Wonderland is just going to better fyi. Now that the people that really made the first arc what it is have come around it's really going to take off. And I'm not just saying this because Owl and Genkaku are my favorite characters of the series either >_>

Kro's corner made me spew my soda. It was hilarious XD

And I, for one, will always love Pokemon, no matter how shitty the generations end up being because I don't have tigerblood and Adonis DNA, I've got Pikachublood and Suicune DNA :> That and I love the games.

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