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  1. It's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive~!

    1. Ferocia Coutura

      Ferocia Coutura

      Yeah. I lurk around every now and again. I'm actually trying to download Rosetta Stone, but the link to Daemon Tools is broken. Do you know how to go about doing it?

    2. Koby
  2. I miss what this place used to be like...

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    2. Koby


      I don't mind how it is now, I just wish more actual discussion would happen, like actually discussing tv shows and anime weekly when new episodes come out...

    3. Koby


      But the only thing thriving here is downloads and discussion on said downloads now. It keeps us floating though.

    4. deanzel


      Pirates gonna pirate. Smh


  4. Lots of good entries this week! My votes are as followed: firedogx10 Aphrodite Apollo
  5. Firedog - This may be one of your best sigs. Love everything. ParasiteEve - Its very clean and cute. Tenderfoot - I like the feathers,
  6. What University are you attending?

    1. RazorDan


      HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to the University of Birmingham, about to start second year. How have you been???

    2. Ferocia Coutura

      Ferocia Coutura

      About to start my third year of University!!! And I am now logging on here roughly once every six months... :(

  7. poetictragedy - Love the color scheme and text firedogx10 - I like the placement of everything kauhoi - I like how you kept the face clear and bright. Since the face is the focal point, it is important that this is kept clear.
  8. The most plausible explanation for this that I can think of would be to provide some sort of difference. In producers minds, especially since anime are usually only one or two seasoned affairs, there is simply no point in spending a considerable amount of time (13-26 hours per series on average) watching the exact same thing that you've already read, especially since manga are visual by nature. Because of this, reading manga and watching anime both fill the void found with novels involving character visualization and settings. Personally, I can usually read a volume of manga in an hour on average (usually longer for slice of life and long-winded genres, shorter for action genres). So, for me, if I had to choose between reading or watching the exact same thing, I would pick reading because it takes less time, thus allowing me to read more. Because of the differentiating story lines, however, both the manga and the anime provide a separate take on the same story, thus giving an actual reason to partake in both; If you don't watch the anime, you are losing out on its take on the story. I apologize for the lengthy explanation, but I believe this provides the most plausible reason for the difference.
  9. Shazi!!!!!!!!!!! I need to talk to you and catch up on life!!!!!

    1. Shazi


      Honey you better come back! I miss you <3

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