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Part III: Sky Blue

The three blonds sat curled up together under a blanket on the Micheli family couch.

April had picked out nightmare on Elm Street to watch. Elliot quickly discovered she had a hard time dealing with horror.

June and Elliot were clinging to each other for dear life, squealing at every sudden noise. Several times April had to warn them to cover their eyes because something gruesome was coming up.

April knew the movie well. Horror, action and poorly dubbed kung fu movies were her kind of movie.

The final scene cut out and the credit began rolling. April stood up and turned it off.

"Shall we?" she asked June. June smirked and nodded in reply, they pulled Elliot of the couch and dragged her to the bathroom.

They sat her on the edge of the bath and began to fuss over everything. June got out her make up kit, April all the hair equipment and they went to town.

First they curled Elliot's hair, tying it into an intricate knot at the back.

June had taken Elliot's glasses off to do her make up. Elliot felt every uncomfortable dab of foundation and whatever else June put on her face.

"I reckon she needs new glasses" April stood behind the kneeling June with her hands on her hips.

"Smaller ones, with thinner frames" June nodded in agreement. "Smile," she told Elliot.

She grabbed a small digital camera and took a snapshot.

"Xander will be over the moon with this" she showed the photo to April, June handed Elliot's glasses back so she could see it too.

"Don't you look gorgeous" April smirked. Elliot couldn't believe that the girl in the photo was her. She looked so different than normal. Her hair was neat and wavy, so different.

"Wow." Elliot awed. She marvelled at her own image.

"Now let's try the hair differently." June suggested. Elliot sat patiently while they fussed over her.


Monday morning was an interesting experience. She and Xander went shopping Saturday morning o get herself some new glasses. Small, square, pink framed ones.

Most people who payed enough attention to know who she was commented and people who didn't know her gave her compliments.

She was happy with her efforts. She'd made herself noticeable, not just to Xander and the twins, but to most of the people she knew.

"You're certainly happy today" Xander commented. He casually slipped his hand in hers and led her down the hallway.

Halfway down the hallway thy met the twins

"You got new ones" April noted. Elliot nodded.

"They look much better" June grinned, Elliot grinned back. For once in her life she felt pretty.


"Kai, guess what" Zack was practically bouncing on the chair like a puppy waiting for Kai's attention.

"What Zack" he raised his eyebrows questioningly.

"The Micheli twins are now best friends with the albino girl and Xander" he stated simply. Kai frowned.

"Is that it?" he asked

"Yeppers!" Zack said happily and took a bite of a blueberry muffin on Kai’s tray. Kai shook his head in disappointment.


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Chapter 5

Part I: Magenta

"I can't believe it" Xander growled. One of the few times Xander has ever been angry.

"Relax Xander" Tabatha tried to soothe him. Tabatha could count on one hand the number of times Xander has been this angry.

"You want me to relax!" he thundered. "They turned her against me!" he threw his cola bottle to the ground and smashed it. Tabatha and Corey jumped in surprise.

He knew from the beginning they were up to something. Just when his suspicions had faded they convinced Elliot to dump him.

"How do you know it was them?" Corey asked cautiously. He'd never seen Xander this angry before.

"Because they're Satan's evil condensed into a pair of teenage girls in miniskirts" he snarled. Corey recoiled away.

Friday afternoon had been the worst day of Xander's life.


"Hey Ell, how was biology?" Xander asked. Elliot shrugged. Xander frowned in confusion, that wasn't like her she was usually bright and cheerful when they were reunited after a class they didn't have together.

June and April followed shortly after and she was immediately animated again. Xander was quite taken aback, she was acting very strange.

"Ell, I think you should do it now" June suggested. Elliot nodded and turned to Xander.

"Id's over bedween us" she said quietly. April and June placed a hand on her shoulders and led her away from the very disorientated Xander. Xander could see the smirks of victory on their faces.


"I can't believe them" He yelled again. Tabatha and Corey had come to visit him on Saturday morning and this is what they found.

Well in actual fact he was drowning himself in bucket after bucket of sea salt ice cream when they found him. But as soon as he began explaining what happened he got really angry.

"Why can't you blame Elliot?" Corey asked. The look Xander gave him could've burned his face off if Corey gave it any mind. "I mean it has to be partly her fault" he continued. Tabatha was making signs for him to stop, but she went unnoticed by both Corey and Xander.

"None of this is her fault" Xander said through gritted teeth.

"She dumped you Xander, this has to be part of her fault," Corey argued. Tabatha's signalling became more and more frantic as their argument progressed.

"She was prompted to do it by June, I know Elliot very well and she can be very easy to manipulate." He seethed "None. Of. This. Is. Her. Fault."

"y'know, if you're not going to admit she could be at fault, there's no point in even trying." Corey cursed "I'll see you around." He quickly left the house.

"Y'know what Xander" Tabatha said quietly after Corey had left. "I think you're aright" Xander sighed

"Thanks Tabatha" he sighed again and put his head in his hands. Tabatha rubbed his shoulder comfortingly. "What am I going to do?"

"Be there for her" Tabatha said firmly. "When they think they've taken you away from her and bring her down like we know they will. You be there for her" Xander nodded.

"Yeah" he agreed

"Whatever they think they've done to tare you two apart, just remember that you're her rock Xander" Tabatha remembered the things she saw in Elliot's sketchbook. She knew that she and Xander were made for each other, anyone could see that.

She had a feeling that Corey had something against Elliot. She couldn't see what, Elliot was one of the nicest people Tabatha had ever me. What could anyone possibly have against her?


"Hey, you're Xander" Zack grinned as Xander came up to his and Kai's table on Monday. "You hung out with us on your first day"

"Yeah, can I sit with you guys?" Xander asked timidly.

"Go for it" Kai said "I noticed the Micheli twins took your girlfriend" he nodded in the direction of the three blonds. They were looking rather high and mighty today.

"Yeah" Xander mumbled.

"Cheer up" Zack pat his back. "Things could be worse." Xander wondered how things could possibly be worse.


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Part II: Lilac

June April and Elliot were enjoying themselves. Elliot had never had so much fun in her life. Everyday was a brand new adventure.

But Elliot had the feeling that something was missing, like they were having fun but someone was always left behind. She said something to June and she told her it was nothing.

Her art project had changed again. She painted over Xander with white and moved the twins closer to her. Xander had been omitted completely from the painting.

Elliot stared scrutinously at the painting with one hand on her hip and the other holding her brush. It didn't seem right to her

Her clothes weren't right, she concluded. She went back to the table and began designing different outfits in her sketchbook.

Xander project remained the same. Only it seemed to now be a documentation of her progress from his quiet little sketchbook girl to the Micheli twins' puppet rather than the progress of her painting.

Xander had started hanging out with Zack and Kai, the two guys from his first day. They were interesting characters to say the least. He wondered idly why they were friends. Kai was stoic, quiet and at times sarcastic, whereas Zack was loud, bubbly and restless. He was constantly fidgeting.


"Okay Ell, you totally have to meet these guys" June encouraged. Elliot nodded enthusiastically. Since her huge confidence boost, she felt ready for anything.

"You'll be fine" April soothed. She nodded, she trusted the twins, and they were often right about things.

"Hello boys" June greeted the two boys near the school's water tank.

"These is Ryan and Kyle" April introduced them. One was bald and wearing sunglasses, the other had flaming red hair, all spiked and tied up at the back.

"Who's this little sweetheart" Ryan asked smoothly. Elliot became very uncomfortable. Maybe the twins were wrong about things this time.

"This is Elliot" April smirked "take real good care of her" she and June left.

"Oh we will" Ryan put his arm around Elliot's waist.


"Hey Xander, what did happen to you and that girl you were hanging out with?" Zack asked. He was rocking back and forth on his heels.

"Did you not hear me when I said the Micheli Twins got to her?" Kai replied with another question. Xander inwardly cringed; Elliot was still a sore spot.

"Ouch," Zack commented "Those two are nasty pieces of work."

"Satan's evil in school uniforms" Xander muttered.

"A very ample description of them" Kai said "considering they took your girlfriend from you" Xander liked Kai. He seemed to not care but that was really just his sense of humour.

"Not to worry Xander, you'll find someone else" Zack threw his fist in the air in encouragement.

"Yeah sure." Xander nodded gloomily. He knew that there was no way Elliot would abandon Xander like that, the twins had manipulate her severely. Unfortunately he had to wait for her to realise that herself.

He hope that when push came to shove she came to him.

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Part III: Indigo

Elliot ran way as soon as she could. April and June left her with Ryan and Kyle and they didn't come back. Ryan and Kyle had suggested some horrible things and Elliot didn't like the way they kept touching her.

So she ran away, she ran to the place she used to hide from the twins. She took her glasses off to allow herself to cry. She cried until her head hurt and she couldn't cry anymore.

She wondered into Art when the bell rang still without her glasses and took her usually seat. She fumbled through her backpack and found her old, thick pink frames and pushed them on her face. She saw Xander come into the room and felt a huge stab of guilt.

He probably wanted nothing more to do with her, not that she blamed him at all. She had believed what the Micheli twins said about him.

"You're wearing your old glasses." He said to her when he sat down. Elliot nodded, he kept his voice level and unfeeling, she guessed he was still angry with her.

"I like them better" she shrugged. She pulled out her sketchbook and began to redraw her project for a third time. Xander's expression softened.

"So what happened?" he asked. Elliot cringed so hard her pencil went of track, making a huge line out of place on her sketch.

"I'm sorry Xander" she said. She didn't answer Xander's question. She didn't want to either. "I was wrong about them."

"The Micheli twins?" he asked, she nodded. "So what happened?' he asked again.

"I don'd-" she choked; tears welled up in her eyes. Rebecca, who'd been humming absently, directed her attention towards Elliot.

"Is everything alright?" she asked. Elliot hastily wiped her eyes.

"I'm fine." she said. Rebecca nodded. She was unconvinced that Elliot was fine.

"Don't worry Elliot, you don't' have to tell me if you don't want to." Xander told her reassuringly. In a matter of minutes they were just like they used to be.

Elliot redrew her picture back to how it was originally, minus the Micheli twins. She was going to get a fresh canvas to paint it on as soon as she could.


"Well hey! Xander got his girlfriend back." Zack exclaimed happily.

"I'm Elliot" she introduced herself cautiously. Zack reminded her of Ryan and she didn't want a repeat of her introduction to the Turks.

"Kai." The blond said, "And he's Zack." He jerked his thumb in his friend's direction.

"Nice to meet ya!" he gave her the thumbs up. Xander and Elliot had got back together after what's known as the Micheli incident.

"Likewise." Elliot smiled. It was hard to believe she was making so many friends, even if she was only making them through Xander.


"Hey Ellie?" Fred asked quietly. He and Raine were playing outside. Elliot wondered briefly why he was inside.

"Yes Fred" Elliot glanced briefly from her painting.

"Are you and Xander boyfriend and girlfriend?" he asked. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him shift awkwardly. She chuckled to herself.

"Yes Fred we are" she replied. He nodded and Elliot grinned.

"Do you think Raine and I are boyfriend and girlfriend?" He stuttered. Elliot pondered for a minute.

"I don't think so Fred," she shook her head. "Maybe when you're a bit older" she gave him a reassuring smile.

"Yeah," Fred agreed enthusiastically. Then he left Elliot alone with her painting.

It was her final attempt to paint all the important people in her life. It was almost finished it just needed a few more things.

"Rainy let's go draw." Fred dragged Raine through the house. Elliot grinned; the two of them would most likely one day be just like her and Xander. She would be very surprised if they weren't.


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Chapter 6

Part I: Rose Pink

Kai Xander and Zack formed almost a protective circle around Elliot as they walked down the corridor. Everyone got out of their way. If not, Kai took care of them.

"Kai I don'd think you need to push them over." Elliot said as Kai shoved someone into the wall. He gave her an unreadable look.

"Yes he does." Zack translated for her. Apparently he had the ability to read Kai's looks. "It's just what Kai does." he shrugged. Elliot wondered if Kai was in a bad mood. It was almost impossible to tell, he never seemed to act any different.

April and June weren't impressed with Elliot gaining two friends. Especially since they planned for her to have none.

They were about to say something to her but they shut their mouths as soon as she saw who she was with. No on messed with Kai. Ever. Period.


"Y'know, I never noticed you in physics before." Zack leaned back in his chair.

"I go unnodiced a lod." Elliot replied.

"Hmm," he mused. "That's gotta suck," He rested his hands behind his head.

"Id's bedder than being nodiced," she replied sadly. She was referring to the Micheli twins.

"So that speech thing you got going on there is it?" He asked, not really finishing his question, but Elliot knew what he was saying.

"Never going away." She finished, and answered his question at the same time.

"Zack I don't think that's really relevant." Alexis scolded lightly.

"Sorry Alexis." Zack sang. Alexis was proud of how many friends Elliot had made. Zack and Kai in particular. She enjoyed how happy Elliot was to see them and she was especially happy to see that April and June were no longer held any part in her life.

"We should pose for your painting this weekend." Zack suggested. Elliot tilted her head to the side, lightly confused. "Xander told us about it." Zack shrugged. "He said that everyone important to you was in it" Elliot smiled. Xander knew exactly her thinking behind the painting.

"I don'd think Fred and Raine can sit still for long enough for me to paint them." Elliot mused. Well Fred couldn't sit still for longer than five minutes and when he was around neither could Raine.

"Who're they?" Zack asked

"Guys, physics." Alexis reminded. Zack sat forward and completed a question before leaning back again.

"as I was saying: who're they?" he continued the conversation

"My little sister and her best friend." Elliot replied "they're four years old" she added

"How fun." zack laughed. Elliot giggled along with him.

"Okay, time to actually do some work." Alexis told them firmly.

"Yes Alexis." the grinned and said musically in unison.


"what do you guys think?" Zack asked Kai and Xander at lunch.

"We crash at Elliot s for the weekend?" Kai asked for clarification.

"We could invite Dean and the others from North Island" Xander Suggested. Elliot thought for a moment

"Dabatha could bunk with me, thad way we all fid." She suggested. Zack and Kai shared a look and a nod.

"I think there's something you guys should know first." Kai said quietly, urging the two of them to come closer. Elliot and Xander leaned in to hear what Kai had to say. "Zack and I Aren't just friends" Kai said.

Elliot and Xander stared blankly for a few seconds.

"You mean thad you're?" Elliot started.


"Like me and Elliot?"


"For how long?" Elliot asked. It was no wonder Elliot had never noticed them dating anyone in the whole time she'd gone to East Island High. They had each other the whole time.

"Not long after we met." Kai said. "but we keep quiet about it, don't want someone like the Micheli twins finding out.

"Imagine what they'd do with that piece of information alone." Zack added, it made Elliot ponder over what else they hid from people.

"Actually it explains a lot about you guys." Xander cogitated. He was right, Zack and Kai's feelings for one another did explain a lot of their behaviour. Elliot made a mental note on how she was going to present them in her painting.

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Part II: Strawberry Pink

Fred was first to arrive Friday afternoon. Namely because Nagori had picked both him and Raine form daycare. Nagori had got them helping her bake cookies, so the two of them and the kitchen were covered in flour.

"Hiya Ellie" Fred called from the kitchen. Raine came flying out of the kitchen and wrapped Elliot in a floury hug.

"good thing id needs a wash anyway" Elliot laughed and took her now covered in flour school shirt off, leaving her in a black singlet and her school skirt.

Just after she got changed she heard a knock on the door. She then heard a very flustered Zack introduce himself and Kai to Elliot's mother.

"Id's okay mama, they're my friends" Elliot lightly shoved her mother out of the doorway to let the two in. she noted both the boys had a faint blush in their cheeks.

"We were holding hands when your mother opened the door" Kai said as he took a seat on the couch. It was directly in front of the easel Elliot had set up.

"We certainly weren't expecting that" Zack said and his blush deepened. Elliot chuckled softly.

"Well ad around six we're going do the pord do ged the North Islanders" Elliot told Zack and Kai.

There was a loud crash from the kitchen followed by Fred saying "oops." Elliot sighed and rolled her eyes. It was a good thing Nagori was in the kitchen with the two four year olds.

The front door opened just afterwards as Xander walked in.

"I knocked, but I didn't think anyone heard it over that crash so I let myself in" he said and took a seat on an arm chair. Elliot chuckled again.

"Fred and Raine are baking cookies with mama" Elliot said, Xander laughed

"well that explains everything" Everyone laughed.

They chatted away, until it was nearly six then headed out to the port.

"Xander! Elliot!" Tabatha Dean and Corey shouted from the edge of their ferry. Waving franticly, Elliot and Xander shouted back.

Zack and Kai shred a look and intertwined their hands.

Tabatha rushed to Elliot and gave her a crushing hug as soon as she got off the ferry. Dean, Corey and Xander did and intricate, very strange high five/handshake thing.

"God you three are strange." Tabatha sighed. All three of them simultaneously poked their tongues out at her. She rolled her eyes.

"And who're these two." Dean asked Tabatha attention turned to the two boys and she eyed their hands.

"That's Zack and Kai." Xander introduced and they waved with their names.

"Corey. Dean and Tabatha." Tabatha pointed to the appropriate people.

"Man Xander this weekend's going to rock!" Corey punched the air.

"It was a great idea." Tabatha agreed.

The seven of them wondered the East Island Streets on their way back to Elliot's.

"So you guys are like together?" Tabatha fell into step with Zack and Kai. Zack and Kai showed her their hands.

"You want further proof?" Kai said slyly. Zack blushed slightly.

"No thanks, I think I get it." Tabatha nodded.

"Suit yourself, but I certainly do." Zack replied. Kai quickly obliged and kissed him softly.

Corey cleared his throat to bring the attention back to the weekend.

"So you're painting us." Dean stated, Elliot nodded.

"All the impordand people in my life." she said.

"Well isn't that sweet." Tabatha gushed.


Elliot led her friends to the spare bedroom that was set up for the five boys. Three single beds and a double.

"We call the double" Kai said simply. The other three boys shared a look and nodded.

Raine walked into the room with a plate full of cookies.

"They're chocolade chip" she grinned proudly. The flour on her face cracked.

"Kai-kai come here!" Fred called, Raine put the cookies on the bed and ran out to see what Fred wanted.

"Holy crap she's adorable" Kai exclaimed. Everyone except for Zack stared at him shocked. "Am I not allowed to think children are cute?" he questioned them.

"You just don't seem like that kind of person." Tabatha replied and munched on a cookie. Kai crossed his arms in defeat. Xander took out his camera and took photos of everyone.

This was the beginning of what would later be known as THE weekend.

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Part III: Fluorescent Pink

"Zack squidge a liddle closer do Kai please." Elliot instructed. Zack obliged to allow room for Dean to sit comfortably.

"Kai-Kai I'm bored." Fred whined, Dean clipped him over the back of the head lightly.

"Just sit still." Dean said firmly. Fred mumbled "Meanie face poo-poo head." under his breath.

"Okay Fred I'm done painding you. You can leave now." Elliot told him, "you too Raine," she added. Fred and Raine jumped from the couch and into the kitchen.

"Fred's got a point, I'm bored too." Corey complained. Dean also hit him over the back of the head, only a lot harder than he hit Fred.

"Can't you be patient?" Tabatha asked, Kai rolled his eyes.

"Is it really that hard to sit still?" He asked. Corey fidgeted, just to spite him.

"I'll put a movie on." Xander suggested.

"How come he's not posing?" Corey demanded. Xander sighed.

"Because Elliot said I don't need to." he shrugged, "It's her painting so what she says goes." he pulled out two movies.

"Now to the important situation at hand." Zack leaned forward to see what movies Xander had.

"Van Hellsing or Underworld?" he grinned. Elliot had told him not long ago they were her favourite movies. She chuckled to herself, knowing full well what he was up to.

"Van Hellsing." Tabatha replied. No one seemed to disagree so Xander put it on.

As the movie progressed Elliot's attention wavered from her painting. Just as Xander planned she came and sat on the floor in front of his arm chair. She giggled to herself, knowing full well what he was up to.

The movie finished and Elliot investigated the state of her friends.

Zack had fallen asleep on Kai's shoulder and Kai's chin was resting on Zack's head. Elliot nudged Xander to a photo. Xander took a photo and trailed over to Dean Corey and Tabatha. All three of them were curled together sleeping.

"Scores." Xander whispered, pumping his fist in triumph. Elliot giggled as he took the photo.

"Scrap booking." she whispered through light giggles, Xander nodded.

"Guys, wake up." Xander sang out. Kai was the only one who woke.

"Dime for bed I think." Elliot said. Kai nodded and lifted Zack and carried him to the bedroom bridal style. Xander took a snapshot of them while Elliot attempted to wake the others.

"Drag them one at a time." Xander suggested. Elliot nodded and half woke Tabatha up and led her to their room. Tabatha flopped on the bed and curled up under Elliot's blanket.

Elliot leaned on the door and giggled as Xander half dragged half led Corey and Dean to bed.

She glanced at her watch then watched Xander go back to the lounge. She followed him and curled up against his chest o the couch.

"Id's only ten thirdy, there's dime do watch Underworld." Elliot suggested. She felt Xander chuckle under his breath.

She sat up to allow him to change the movie. He came back and they laid down comfortably. He pressed play on the remote and the movie began.

Elliot felt her eyelids gradually get heavy until she fell asleep: safe in Xander's arms.

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Chapter 7

Part I: Vermilion Red

Zack woke to the steady beat of Kai's heart in his ears. Apparently he and Kai ended up in the bed after all. Zack was quiet comfy with his head resting in Kais chest.

"Morning." Kai said softly. Zack felt the vibrations of Kais voice. The two of them were curled blissfully on the double bed. Knowing there were others in the room they kept their voices down.

"Morning" Zack replied, he snuggled closer to Kai, wishing the moment would never end.


Tabatha awoke and wondered where Elliot was. She sat up and looked around Elliot's room. She noted that it was very white. She got out of bed and investigated further. In particular the drawing hung up above the white desk in the corner.

Many of them were obviously drawn by Raine. She stopped scanning them when she got to one of Xander. He was depicted fast asleep where Tabatha figured was Elliot's old hospital room.

She grinned, remembering her visit to Elliot at the hospital. They'd really gotten to know each other that day she felt.

Tabatha crept out of Elliot's room and into the lounge room just down the hallway and passed the boys room. She stopped when she saw Elliot and Xander looking rather comfy sleeping on the couch together.

She giggled softly to herself and headed back to the room to grab her camera.



"Damn it." Dean groaned. He rolled over groaning again. Clearly it wasn't his morning, since he'd already fallen out of bed.

"Shut up." Corey threw a pillow at his noisy friend. First he'd startled Corey awake by falling out of bed and landing with a loud noise, then he prevented Corey from going back to sleep by continuing to make noise.

Dean groaned again.

"I'm having a moment here, don't make me go over there." Zack threatened. The two boys instantly went silent.


"You sure looked comfy." Tabatha grinned at Elliot and Xander, who were waiting for some toast to pop out of the toaster. She laughed when their faces tinted pink. The Abbie house hold kitchen was certainly a lively one that morning.

Zack and Kai were manning the stove making bacon and eggs. Tabatha was eating a healthy dose of cereal at the kitchen table.

Corey and Dean stumbled into the kitchen, obviously still half asleep. The took the chairs at the table directly opposite Tabatha and sat their heads on the table.

"Morning sleeping beauties." Kai teased. He was given half hearted glared in return, he flipped the eggs in the pan completely unabashed by their glares.

"What have we got planned for today?' Zack said, turning the focus to Elliot buttering a piece of toast and Xander hovering lovingly behind her. Elliot thought for a moment.

"I've god everything I need for the painding," she mused "I guess we could hang out ad the beach" she suggested.

"Sounds like a plan." Zack brought the pan over and placed the cooked bacon and eggs on the plate with the toast Elliot made for Kai.

After breakfast the seven of them changed into more beach appropriate attire and headed to the beach.

Kai set up a large beach umbrella and large beach towel for him and the girls to sit on.

"Are they playing chicken?" Tabatha asked.

"Probably Zack's idea." Kai shook his head in disappointment.

"I dunno, Corey's pretty competitive." Tabatha argued.

"Zack loves Chicken." Kai said simply “He would've suggested it, and Corey being competitive as you said he is, no doubt took up the offer of competition." he summed up

“Corey would've agreed just so he could beat Dean at something." Tabatha agreed. Elliot watched the boys fight in the water, it was quite amusing to see Xander and Dean tumble into the water and Zack and Corey Dance in victory. Corey Still on Zack's shoulders from the round of chicken.

"We should go play Marco Polo," Tabatha suggested. Elliot thought for a while and nodded. She turned to Kai who waved for them to go ahead.

"I'll watch our stuff." he said. Tabatha and Elliot ran out into the water and joined the boys for a game of Marco Polo.


"Corey, you're crazy, you nearly drowned Dean!" Zack laughed when they started walking back from the beach. Dean glared at them both. He was wrapped in his towel, blue lipped and his hair, usually spiky, hung limp around his face.

"Marco Polo my friend." Corey said proudly. Elliot noted that everyone got along very well with each other. No one had argued, neither Corey or Dean mocked Kai and Zack or vice versa. The Northies got along with the Easties. Elliot was happy that all her friends got along so well.


Nagori hovered about the kitchen preparing a bulky meal. She had to feed 7 teenagers, her husband, her four year old daughter and herself.

The house was quiet since the teenagers had been out all day at the beach. She'd gotten quite a bit of housework done that would no doubt be turned over by the teens when they arrived home. Nagori glanced at the clock, 6:30, the sun was just beginning to set so they would be arriving very soon. Almost right on cue Nagori heard voices shouting from outside.

"Corey, put me down." Tabatha yelled. Corey had thrown her over his shoulder not long before the group got back to Elliot's

"Not gonna." Corey sang in reply. The others laughed heartily. They lot of them entered the house and Corey dropped Tabatha onto the couch in the lounge. She crossed her arms and poked her tongue out at him then pouted.

"I love the beach" Corey ignored her and said to the others.

"I claim the shower first" Kai headed strait to the bathroom "I got sand in my shorts" he muttered angrily.

Elliot was happy with the weekend. It had proved to her that she had proper friends at last.


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Part II: Cherry Red

"I had heaps of fun Elliot," Tabatha hugged Elliot goodbye. "I'll see if I can come across next weekend."

"Sounds like a good idea" Elliot replied. She would love it if Tabatha came back, otherwise she'd be stuck with the boys all the time.

"Take care of Xander" Dean followed Tabatha's example and gave Elliot a one armed hug. Elliot liked Dean, he was very sweet, and very much like Fred.

"Be good" Corey waved. Elliot wasn't too sure about Corey. All weekend he hadn't been the most pleasant person to talk to and when they were alone together, which only happened once, Elliot found it very uncomfortable. He'd also been dropping some subtle hints that he didn't really like her for some reason.

The three of them boarded the ferry and was waved off by the east islanders.

"I don'd think Corey quide likes me" Elliot thought aloud. Xander wrapped his arms around her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"He's still upset about you siding with the Micheli twins" he said, "Corey is very hard headed but he's sure to come around." Xander began rocking Elliot soothingly in his arms. She was worried and he didn't like it when she worried over silly things like that.

"Hard headed?" Kai muttered, "More like brick skulled" Xander laughed. "Odd people, your friends Xander." Kai concluded. "Besides, Elliot admitted to her mistake and you forgave her. Big deal, he should get over it."

"Thanks Kai," Elliot hung her head. She made a huge mistake listening to April and June

"Lets go home," Xander said. The four of them headed back to Elliot's to finish the painting.


"You certainly know some interesting people Xander' Kai said. He and Zack were curled up together on the couch happily watching a movie.

"They're my old friends, you should meet the people I know now," Xander joked, "They're crazy." he laughed.

"I can only imagine" Kai replied, picking up on the joke quickly.

"Who're you talking about?" Zack asked. Kai, Xander and Elliot cracked up laughing.

"He's talking about us, it's a joke Zack," Kai explained. Zack paused in thought.

"It's not very funny." he said, Kai rolled his eyes. Zack clearly didn't understand the joke. "so hows the painting going" zack asked Elliot curiously

"Almosd finished." Elliot replied, dabbing a bit of black paint on the canvas.

"Good, cause I'm getting stiff" he replied, stretching a little. Elliot chuckled lightly

"Don'd worry, id won't dake much longer" she smiled. All of her friends had been at her home that weekend. She loved them all dearly, even Corey and his thick skull. It was amazing to her that all she needed to do was overcome her dislike, almost fear, of talking to others.

It was because she rarely spoke that people too no notice of her or called her names. Xander, for some ridiculous reason that Elliot would probably never understand, had found Elliot interesting, and kept her talking.

She was glad things went the way they did with Xander. She had almost no regrets. Almost.


The four of them walked to school together Monday morning. Elliot had her painting tucked under her arm, her vinyl butterfly print backpack proudly on her back and her thick pink glasses sat lightly on her face.

Xander had his arm wrapped protectively under her waist. He'd let her get hurt once before and resolved to never let that happen again.

Zack and Kai had come out and were holding hand like it was the most normal thing in the world, and to them it was. They'd come to terms with who they were and decided that if people didn't like it, that was their own problem.

"Oh my god" June sniggered when she saw the four of them.

"Kilsey and Hewland started hanging out with the freaks and now they're faggots." April cackled.

"We were faggots before we met the freaks' Kai replied coolly.

"Yeah and at least we don’t give off incest vibes like you two are." Zack added.

April and June stared dropped jawed as the four of them walked passed, completely invincible to whatever they threw at them.

Elliot truly felt invincible. Not even seeing Ryan and Kyle in the hallway had affected her at all. From that day forward Elliot felt her life was perfect.



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