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  1. I keep getting emails from forgotten memories, praising my articles, weird since the news is pretty old. I try to go there and respond to the people who posted, but when I log in their comments are gone. Anyhow, at least 5-6 people have commented on there about me.
  2. Unfortunately, they did leave an opening with: Lucy at the end with the grandfather clock But, I am not sure they could do Elfen Lied justice with a sequel. If they could, it would definitely be something they would need a minimum of 2 years to plot out, because to me it's right up there with the 3 top anime of all time.
  3. Delete this if I have mistakenly stepped on the toes of an already existent thread. Is it just me, or did they add need perspective to the old Naruto episodes. In particular, the last 2 recent subbed anime. I do not remember all of Sasuke/Naruto's inward dialogue present in the older original episodes.
  4. You make interesting points, ah yes, I remember the correlation between Jiraiya/Orchimaru and Sasuke/Naruto. But even still, you get the feeling had he of been more prudent with his actions, instead of such a free spirit, that maybe, just maybe... the whole Sasuke event could have been avoided in the first place?
  5. I think Sasuke is too popular to be killed off, just go back and look at the popularity poll of the top 10 characters. What was he #2? Though that was quite awhile ago... Besides, if Sasuke dies, Naruto will having nothing to be butt hurt about, he needs something perplexing with his tiny attention span.
  6. Thanks Mae, I will still wander around this forum posting aimlessly, just don't know if it will be for purpose of rpg. Too hard to keep peeps interest, but you heard my reasoning before. <3 Been mad busy with school anyhow, hope all is well with you though!?

  7. I wish Orochimaru would come back, even though Kabuto is/has been an awesome villain through the series... still there's no comparison when it comes to who is cooler. Kabuto's motives seem a bit copy cliche to his master, though I suppose he's carrying on his heritage. I also agree with the majority on this thread that Orichimaru will not return. Unfortunate as it is, I just don't see Kabuto giving up all his power to become Orochi's henchmen again. Especially when he's been able to keep someone as powerful as the great Uchiha Madara under his thumb. His former master seems like small fries now..
  8. Yes there is reason, the ridiculous frog suit he made Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan wear before ditching them. And the time he wasted writing pointless novels (apart from Tail of the Gutsy Ninja). Also, where was he when Naruto's parents were getting ravaged and raped by Uchiha Madara? He was always off on some dumb quest when those around him needed him most. Sorry, felt like playing the devil's advocate, this thread is too agreeable. lolz
  9. I thank you for your kind words, and I hope to one day soon read a story or a part of a story you have written. ^.^

  10. Naruto Shippuden-- episodes 164+ would be a dream in [uncut] dub. I rather have everything uncut then dubbed honestly though, which is why I actually prefer subbed to most dub. Best dub ever was Elfen Lied IMO (uncut) and great voice actors, 2nd is ninja scroll.
  11. If there were no entertainment, I would find a way to entertain myself. Probably by building a campfire to have rabbit and potatoes (what's potatoes precious?), and extracting a chemical from a certain cactus to put me out of my theoretical boredom. Edit: Oh and lots of horse riding
  12. Sorry to see you stop Irish, you were really good in my opinion (I would of given more feedback, but that's not really my place not being knowledgeable in the area myself) . Not sure if that means much coming from me either, I just like to draw casually (sketch/scan), and sometimes color with my tablet. Honestly though, I am glad to see this place is overly encouraging, I see no true progress in completely degrading someones work. I hope this place stays the Hallmark of nice people.
  13. I love that your putting forth the effort to get creative. My personal favorite would be #3, he has a bad ass outfit to go with his blade. I agree with EO, the map is an awesome start towards something cool if you continue to build it.
  14. Sure, I'll go post on your thread now

  15. I agree with certain things you said about literature and music (a few signs of life, but imo the majority has become bleak in creativity). Ideas are constantly being recycled as you said yourself. But I also think that statistics are collected and targeted toward a certain demographic, record labels financing the project know teens like the catchy high-pitch pretty boy tones, and produced it into the mainstream, where the public buys it like wildfire. Sports however were not always played for the soul purpose of money, I mean common? LeBron James has millions of dollars in endorsements already. Do you really think he loves/cares more about the game then his shams for publicity and prestige? Yes, professional athletes should earn money for playing, but should it be all about the paycheck? Of course there are those who do not receive nearly as much recognition (like the Olympics), but these are not the role models of this era. Think of players like Larry Bird/Magic Johnson/Julius Erving.
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