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  1. Did you leave Kam?

  2. I'm just going to put this out there since I've seen it around the forums: No. the forum games are not a true section, it is a spam section. Weather it adds to your post count or not.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AxelVIII


      Were you asking about the mentioned section? No? Then this wasn't for you. Bugger off.

    3. Beemo


      How about you stop constantly whining? Seriously, nobody cares if you think you're being spammed.

    4. lemmingllama


      Actually the forum games are a pretty fun section if people talk while playing the games. I used to play them, and it can be quite fun. Also it doesn't add to your post count, I haven't received an extra 5000 posts yet.

  3. ^Going off this, shows like that are stupid as hell, but make my mental problems seem a world away, like "Atleast I'm not a drug-addicted alcoholic like Charlie Sheen." I am 100% sure I'd rather watch Space Dandy than that. Hell, I'd rather watch Barney.
  4. I love the KH series. Little confusing if you play just 1 and 2, but play them all, and you're good. I'm able to play all out of order, and be able to piece it together.
  5. Not alot of people like the same kind of comedy. For example: Alot of people like tv and movies like "3 and a Half Men", "Shawn of The Dead", etc. But I can't stand comedy like that.
  6. "Why haven't you seen Space Dandy?" I don't know, maybe because it looks like crap?
  7. I like Pepsi, but for some reason I'm always getting Coke.
  8. You mean Okami-San and her Seven Companions, ya? That was a good one.
  9. I quite enjoy FFXIV. I worked Beta Test Phase 4, early entry, and it's release. I play often, since I have always been a fan of the FF series. Graphics: Great, Music: Awesome, Voice Acting:Good, but I wish there was more.
  10. Wow, is it just me, or has Kametsu gone down the crapper since CW came here?

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    2. Koby


      @John, calling intros in an intro board... spam.. is a little o.O Sure their intros seem more or less like spam, but technically it's still the purpose of that board. Intros naturally can seem like spam too, hence why for so long post count was disabled there.

    3. SoultakerSpirit


      Yeah Koby I understand. :P

    4. Vande


      Well would you have also preferred 15 'spam' posts to the 1?

  11. I love your interpretation Astral, thank you =)
  12. Freewrites are sometimes harder to see as specifically poetry. Although they should have thought of it as some kind of literature, this being the Art and Lit board. Also it is pretty good, but I personally think you should have stayed consistent for each line. The last one doesnt start off with a "To" and the second line doesnt have a "who" after the comma. By staying consistent, it might flow a little better. Thank you for critique Lemming, I have fixed my mistakes.
  13. Thank you Lemming, you are correct, this is my latest poem. A Freewrite poem, of course. Kinda depressed because almost no one got it.
  14. To the little boy, who was just kissed on the cheek on the playground by the girl he fancies: What went through your mind at that moment? To the young lady, who hides her tears: How do you feel about your loved one whom you just lost to the next world? To the young man, who puts on a somewhat cheerful mask: How do you feel without your first love? Do you miss her? To the old man, who just crossed to the other side: What regrets do you have? What do you wish you had said?
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