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Found 19 results

  1. Teen Titans Go! is a comic book series based on the 2003 animated TV series Teen Titans. It often extends from the show, expanding on plot lines the show introduced and adding new characters. The animated series itself is loosely based on the characters that starred in the popular 1980s comic The New Teen Titans. The series is completely different from the original comics which were written in the 1960s. The series was written by Joseph Torres, and Todd Nauck and Larry Stucker were the regular illustrators. The series was published by DC Comics. Teen Titans Go! Comics (Megalink)
  2. These are the gifts I made for people in the Homestuck Secret Santa. They're all varying lengths, ratings, and quality (mostly closer to "sucks" than "good"). I haven't written fan fiction in, like, forever, so I have no idea how to write characters that aren't out of character, whoops. I'll split these into two separate posts once the time limit goes by and leave it at four and four each, unless anyone would rather them all in their own post. And if you think any of my ratings or summaries are bunk after reading, let me know and I'll adjust accordingly. Waiting Summary: Kanaya waits for Rose to show up. Rating: K There was surprisingly little to busy herself with, even in the confines of the common area where various piles of things had accumulated, apparently growing with each day that passed. Kanaya rubbed her bare arms, pursing her lips as she looked around the room, her eyes darting to the doorways every few seconds. Every little sound set her at edge, ready to spring from her seat. It never failed to disappoint. Kanaya decided it was time once again to take count of the various books left lying around. Pile after pile, left haphazardly on almost every available surface that wasn’t occupied by some other pile of objects. Cleanliness never seemed to be much of a priority on the meteor, nor did any sort of coordination when it came to the rugs, but that she could forgive. At the least it made the place feel like a home and less of a laboratory, though some had been worn so thin they did nothing against the hard metal beneath. Rose still hadn't arrived. How much time had passed? She tried not to think of it, but the ticking of the clock behind her tempted her into turning around. An hour. Sixty minutes. Second after second come and gone. Kanaya had spent that time on the sofa, crossing and uncrossing her legs, flipping through the occasional book, arranging and rearranging bottles. After the passage of an hour, she supposed it was high time to admit to herself something was wrong. Not that it made much sense. Rose had been the one to set everything up and she certainly wasn’t the type to be so tardy, especially for an event of her own planning. At first she thought nothing of it as she got dressed, slipping on her daily attire. If Rose hadn't bothered with furnishing any details, she couldn't have been planning anything out of the ordinary. Doubt sank in as she thought of her first interactions with Rose, of the work she put into understanding human sarcasm in order to have some semblance of a conversation. It never stopped being puzzling to her, the things Rose said and did. Dave was equally puzzling, but he was easy to ignore as long as he kept his voice down--which he so often did--and didn't cross paths with Karkat--which seemed to happen less and less. Kanaya adjusted her skirt, vaguely unsatisfied with what she put on. She had picked through the rest of her clothing, trying to decide exactly what Rose meant. Was it a date? Was it part of her romantic machinations? And what if it wasn't? Kanaya put aside thoughts of wearing nicer apparel--it would be easier to explain being underdressed than overdressed. And yet here she was on the sofa in casual attire, trying to convince herself she had made the right choice. She leant back, letting out a slow breath as she stared at the ceiling, willing it to offer her something in the way of answers. From her vantage point she could see part of the clock. Kanaya watched the second hand move along its predestined path, step by step, pausing at every hash mark. She watched until the clock rang, signalling the top of the hour. Worse, it signalled she had been staring at the clock for almost fifteen minutes. She crossed her arms, huffing slightly. Why would Rose take so long to show up? Perhaps this was not where they were supposed to meet? Perhaps it was an elaborate ruse, to see just how much she was willing to put up with? It wasn't as though the meteor was particularly large. It wouldn't take much time to get up and look, for Rose to poke her head in and ask for a bit of time as she got ready. Of course, Kanaya had considered doing the same herself. It wouldn't be fair if she didn't. But what if she got up to look for Rose and they ended up just missing each other, doing so for the duration of the search? Such contrived shenanigans seemed to be the norm, even before she met Rose, before she knew what a human was. Not that it explained what was taking so long. If Rose was looking for her, she surely would have come across her sitting in the common room. Granted, she might have caught her trying out various seating positions and, more embarrassingly, facial expressions. For what felt like hours, Kanaya thought she would practise holding conversations with Rose, running through different scenarios. She mouthed words, scripting her responses and actions for when Rose finally arrived. And when she tired of that, she flopped onto the couch, her arm across her eyes, and tried to nap. It wasn't much of a success. She got up almost immediately from her attempted nap, spending the next block of time fixing her hair and taming rebellious strands. Frustrating. Absolutely frustrating. To sit there for--Kanaya turned to look at the clock, rolling her eyes as she settled back into position--to sit there for two and a half hours and not even be afforded the simple respect of being informed of what was going on. Just frustrating. She got up from the couch, hands balled into fists as she stormed across the room. Heat rose in her face, every single step taken carefully and purposefully. Something stopped her from crossing the doorway, from stepping over the threshold. Kanaya thought of the way Rose looked when she set up the whole thing. She remembered the faintest hints in her expressions, the little quirks that betrayed her confidence, telling her that Rose was nervous--perhaps even afraid of rejection. Letting out a calming breath, Kanaya loosened her hands. She stretched her fingers, examining them briefly. Something simply must have gone wrong. That's all there was to it. It just wasn't like Rose to be so late, regardless of the intended purpose of the meeting. Her mind clearer, she stepped through the doorway. Trepidation Summary: Kanaya makes a dress for Rose while Porrim tries to pry information from her. Rating: T Warnings: Hints at ectoincest. Kanaya pinned a bit of green ribbon at the waist of a dusty pink dress, smoothing it against the fabric. "What do you think of this?" She moved to the side, pushing aside a basket of various fabrics, ribbons, and scissors with her foot, allowing Porrim to view the dress in full. She looked up from her book, a scandalous bit of blackrom literature she had plucked out of Karkat's collection. "This for Rose?" She stood from the chaise, slipping in her bookmark to keep her place, and approached Kanaya. "Perhaps," she replied, looking down at the dress. The faintest hint of uncertainty crossed her face, gone as soon as it came. "I have not yet finalised the design. If nothing else, it will be good practise." Porrim placed a hand at her waist, the other tapping her chin as she examined the dress, walking around the mannequin slowly. "A lighter green may be in order." She bent by the basket, pushing around bits of yarn and spools of thread before pulling out a length of green ribbon, a few shades lighter than the one already pinned to the dress. With a slight grunt, Porrim stood, straightening her dress, before wrapping the ribbon around the mannequin. "What do you make of this colour?" "I will consider it." She smiled, unpinning the current ribbon and setting it back in the basket along with the ribbon Porrim picked out. "I think it time for me to take a break." "It seems you're almost done with the dress." "Perhaps." "No need to doubt yourself," she said, placing a hand on Kanaya's shoulder, a smile crossing her lips. "Rose will appreciate any gift you give her. I hear she almost stood you up. How did your date turn out?" Kanaya cleared her throat and turned away, busying herself with organising the various yards of fabric. Porrim chuckled, settling back into the chaise, picking up her book. She cracked it open, scanning the text briefly for her spot. "'I can do this no longer', she shouted. Dark blood spilt from her lip, a delicious shade of chocolate." She paused, watching for Kanaya's reaction. When Kanaya simply continued to move around fabrics, Porrim resumed, "She threw her against the wall, her forearm pressing against her throat. The highblood laughed, pressing her knee between her assailant's legs, drops of blood staining the fabric of her--" A sudden clatter from across the room broke Porrim's pace, taking her attention from the book. Kanaya was staring, a ball of multicoloured yarn in each hand. "Must you read that aloud?" "Is it bothering you?" The corner of her mouth lifted into a smirk as she stretched her legs on the chaise, the book dangling from her hand as she met the other's gaze. "I thought you liked these." "I enjoy them privately." "Oh?" Porrim arched a brow, swinging her legs off the chaise and stood, leaving the book forgotten on the seat. "I'm not allowed to share in this enjoyment with you?" She approached and stood over her, knowing her presence was still one Kanaya found somewhat imposing. She lowered her voice, taking the yarn from Kanaya's hands, tossing them into a nearby basket. "Does Rose know you, ah, enjoy such literature alone?" Kanaya bit her lip, looking away from her dancestor. "We have our boundaries." "What need have you for boundaries about literature?" Porrim took Kanaya's chin in her hand, turning her face towards her. "Do you also regard her with this sort of trepidation or am I the lone benefactor of such behaviour?" Silence passed between them, little heard aside from their breathing, the shuffling of fabric as they shifted position. "This is uncomfortable," Kanaya said finally, trying to move back from Porrim, as though she were attempting to disappear into the fabric. "It's really none of your business." "I'm simply looking out for you, Kanaya. There's no need to be shy. I'm sure Rose is--" She halted, a devious smile crossing her lips. "Perhaps we could do a bit of roleplay." "Roleplay what?" "Oh, come on, you know. I'll pretend to be Rose and we'll practise how your first time will go about." Kanaya began to shake--Porrim wasn't sure at first if it was from anger or something else until a laugh escaped her lips, allowing her to relax slightly. "Don't laugh. It'll be good practise." "Porrim, I'm not having sex with you--" "I can't believe you would even say such a thing--" "--I don't think Rose would even appreciate it--" "--as though I were some sort of village two-wheeled device--" "--it's just not proper--" No longer interesting in trying to speaking over her, Porrim grabbed Kanaya by the shoulders, pulling her back towards the chaise, and sat her down, pushing aside the book. She took a seat beside her, smoothing the fabric of her dress over her knees. Porrim began to tie up her hair, pulling it off her shoulders, with a bit of ribbon. "Now, let's begin." "I said I'm not--" "Calm down, Kanaya. We're not going to have sex. I just want to help you get over your nervousness." She patted her dancestor on the knee, taking care to make it as amicable a gesture as possible. "It's for the best. We wouldn't want you to freeze up and lose control of the situation, would we?" Porrim smiled brightly, waiting for a response. Kanaya let out a breath, scratching her neck at the edge of her hair. "Very well." She took Porrim's hands in hers, intertwining their fingers. She looked at her fingers, admiring how neat her nails were kept, the way Porrim’s fingers pressed against hers. "Rose,” she said, her voice quiet, “I think things are moving entirely too quickly, and we should proceed with caution." Porrim rolled her eyes and leant towards Kanaya, parting her lips slightly. "I don't think we're moving too quickly at all." She took her hand from Kanaya's and cupped her face, running her thumb across her cheek. "I'm ready for this, Kanaya. Very much so." She sat frozen on the chaise, staring into Porrim's eyes, trying not to look at the way her fangs ever so slightly poked out between her lips, the way her piercings glimmered in the light. She tried not to imagine where the swirls of her tattoos went, if they led to delightfully forbidden places. She tried not to imagine perching Rose between them, kept her mind from considering if that would be a far better gift than a simple dress. Porrim tapped her cheek, bringing her out of her thoughts. "Kanaya? Are you okay?" She smiled and nodded, pulling Porrim's hand from her cheek. "I'm very much okay. And I'm very much certain we're not ready for this." She leant forward, pressing Porrim against the chaise's armrest, pressing her lips against hers. Her hand trailed along Porrim's hip as they kissed, pulling up the fabric of her dress slightly. Kanaya pulled away, still smiling. "I think that's break enough," she said, and stood, returning to her work at the mannequin and leaving Porrim to resume her reading. Game Night Summary: Board games always seem more fun in retrospect than in reality. Dave, Karkat, and Rose try to pass the time on the meteor. Rating: T Game night was an awful idea. For one, the game they were playing right now was entirely too complicated, but if they played yet another round of Chutes and Ladders, Dave was going to seriously consider asking Kanaya to teach him how to sew. At least that would have been a productive use of his time, and while he would never craft a smuppet--nor would he want to--he could make at least some SBaHJ capes. It was called Arkham Horror, a game Rose remembered playing some time ago. Through a series of carefully coordinated shenanigans, they managed to procure a bounty of board games. Karkat didn't care much for the cooperative games, instead thriving on competition. Rose, on the other hand, enjoyed finding ways to bend the rules, making dubious moves that aggravated both Dave and Karkat. "Rose, where does it say in the rules you can reroll? Is that some kind of lesbian power your character has?" Dave flipped through the manual, more halfheartedly than anything. Rose was always the ones who read the rules, leaving the other two at her mercy. "I'm pretty sure if you're fighting against Cthulhu himself, he's not going to dodge an attack and just be like, 'oh, you want a redo? Okay, why the fuck not, I'm only a timeless and immortal god. I got nothing but time, bro'." "It's well within my right to reroll," she said simply, rolling her dice. "We would not have ended up in this situation had you not been so foolhardy the entire game and continuously found yourself lost in time and space." "Some god you turned out to be." Karkat chuckled, picking up the card containing the Elder One's information. "If you had listened to me from the start, we wouldn't have a metric fuckton of gates open, waking up this asshole." He tapped his chin with the card, looking up at the ceiling with narrowed eyes. "It's all beginning to sound very familiar, actually." A die thrown at his head brought his attention back to Dave. "Because your suggestions were bogus, Karkat. My guy wouldn't spend his time cowering in fear from some eldritch abominations. He'd get right in there and use his whip to make them feel emasculated. Whips and guns trump tentacles." "You say this with such certainty, such familiarity with tentacled creatures. And yet here we are, having our collective asses handed to us by the Elder One. Regardless, it seems we have lost the battle for all of mankind yet again. I think you'll find that when it comes to losing these games, we are simply the best there is." Karkat rolled his eyes, shoving the cards and pieces laid out before him onto the game board, knocking over their characters. "Can we play something that isn't a complete waste of our time? Is there nothing in there actually worth playing, something that isn't so complicated it takes hours to learn and even longer to appreciate?" "Let me look," Dave said, pushing around boxes. "Monopoly again? No way." He tossed the box aside, the lid lifting as it landed, revealing the mess of paper money and cards within. "What about this one?" "Dixit? Hand me the instructions." She took the booklet, smoothing her robes as she settled back into position. As she read, Karkat and Dave flipped through the cards. "Is there something in particular about your alien society that finds these kinds of things amusing?" He held up a card, portraying two armoured ants atop a stack of gold coins, attacking each other with swords in their mandibles. "I mean, look at these things, they're absolutely fucking incomprehensible. I might actually prefer to continue to have my ass handed to me in that horrorterror game than do whatever this wretched excuse of a game expects me to do." Rose set the booklet down and collected the cards, shuffling them and handing a small stack each to Dave and Karkat, taking one for herself as well. She set the remaining cards aside. "It appears all you have to do is construct a sentence about one of your cards." "A storytelling game?" Dave got up and started poking through the pile of board games, pushing them aside as he dug deeper. "Never mind, put the game back. I think I can find something cooler than this..." "No, no!" Karkat slapped his hand on the ground, glaring at Dave. "Sit your ass down because we are playing this game. We played everything else in that awful pile." "Jegus, dude, okay." He complied, exchanging looks with his sister. "Didn't think you were into these rabbits so much." He picked up the small wooden rabbit, holding it between two fingers. "You got these things on Alternia? In human culture, these little guys lay eggs filled with baby rabbits and hide them in bushes and trees from predators. When they're born they're made of chocolate, so kids go hunting for them so they can eat them." Karkat scowled, picking a different coloured rabbit. "That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of, and I've heard more than enough ridiculous things in the miserable, worthless sweeps I have existed." "It's absolutely factual, Karkat," Rose said, smiling. "It was originally something of a religious practice as people once thought consuming these chocolate bunnies would bring them closer to Jegus, but eventually the practice had become so widespread, they had to ban people from hunting these Easter eggs." "Whatever, let's just play this idiotic game and get it over with." "Very well. As I said, you construct a sentence about one of your images. Then you select two cards from your hand, collecting two cards from the others. The other two players will also choose two cards they think are represented best by your sentence. Then the cards are displayed and players, excluding the storyteller, vote with these tokens here..." She paused to hand them small disks, coloured to match their rabbit pieces. "... on which one you think is the card initially chosen. Points will be distributed accordingly. The first to reach the end of this path wins the game, and, presumably, all of the chocolate bunnies." "Wait, are we playing as rabbits or are we wearing rabbit costumes? Because I don't know if I'm down with rabbit cannibalism, even if their babies are completely delicious." "They're wooden pieces! They're not even real! Just start the game, Rose, before I completely lose my shit." Karkat heard Dave mutter something under his breath, shooting a glare in his direction but said nothing. Dave flipped through his cards briefly before setting them down. "Hey man, I just want to be sure what the story is here. I think we all learned an important lesson about storytelling when we played Arabian Nights." "Yeah, the lesson we learnt was you're an absolute failure at reading aloud. Even when you did manage to keep your voice loud enough to hear, you rewrote the whole thing on the spot and turned it into one of your ridiculous raps." "I happened to think they added to the story. Scheherazade could have learned a thing or two about staying alive if she just knew how to drop a beat. It wouldn’t have taken her a thousand nights to convince her murderous husband not to kill her." Rose chuckled, arranging her cards in her hand as she spoke. "I believe her husband would have responded by dropping a sword in her chest, dear brother." "See, Rose agrees with me!" "Oh, don't get me wrong, Karkat. While I believe that Shahryar would not have been cultured enough to appreciate the sicknasty beats his thousandth wife would have surely dropped, it did add a certain flair to the game itself. I especially appreciated when he would tell us in rhyme exactly what happened between Sinbad and the various jinn he encountered. What was it again? I believe there was something about large blue phalluses..." Karkat threw the cards in the air, getting up. "I am not listening to this again!" He crossed the playing area, passing between Rose and Dave, throwing himself into the pile of board games. "I'm taking a nap." Dave lifted a brow, the corner of his mouth quirking. "Right there?" "Of course right here, numbskull." He curled into himself, using Apples to Apples to rest his head upon as he closed his eyes. "What do you think I'm doing? These games are exhausting. You two are exhausting. Therefore, I am exhausted and would appreciate it if you all just left me alone." Rose and Dave exchanged glances, conspiratorial smiles crossing their faces. Without warning, they leapt into the pile with Karkat, sandwiching him between them. Rose adjusted her robes, leaning back on the boxes, resting her feet on Karkat's legs. "Yes," she said, shutting her eyes, "I can definitely go for a nap as well. Brilliant idea, Karkat." Karkat growled as he bunched up Dave's cape, using it as a cushion between his head and the box. He shut his eyes again, nuzzling his head against Dave’s armpit. "Don't think this means we can have any feelings jams here. I’m just trying to sleep." Dave gasped, slapping Karkat on the arm. "I'm offended. I think I would be a better pale bro than your juggalo bro. My sick fires definitely overwhelm his miracles, not to mention--" "Strider,” he warned, cracking an eye open. “If you don't stop talking, I'm going to shove a card game right up your--" "Fair enough, dude. Catch your forty winks." They curled up together, making the occasional snarky remark as they got comfortable, or as much as they could on a pile of rectangular cardboard boxes, some sturdier than others. Once they settled in, breathing began to slow, thoughts began to fade away, and they fell asleep. Game night was a resounding success. A Moment Summary: Dave and Jade are out hunting for frogs and take a break. Rating: M Warnings: Non-explicit sexual encounter. It was little more than a moment. A break from all that frog breeding. A chance to breathe. Or at least it was supposed to be. The environment was less than picturesque since the Forge had just been stoked, melting the snow nearby, forming muddy puddles. Defrosted frogs went about their business, perhaps to resume business left unfinished since being frozen. It wouldn't be long before the whole planet warmed up, meaning more frogs would be hopping around the place, flopping around in the melted snow, leaping into the farthest branches of the trees. Jade was wearing her 3 AM dress, a somewhat odd choice of fashion given the occasion--perhaps she wore in anticipation for the warmth from the Forge. Either way, Dave hoped she wouldn't notice his looking, the way he stole frequent glances, admiring the way her shoulders and clavicles stood in such stark contrast to the black of her dress. It didn't help either that the fabric was eye-catching, that it hung quite nicely around her hips. A frog in each hand, he approached, tapping her on the shoulder. She was crouched near a tree, trying to coax a frog from its hiding spot amongst the roots. Jade waved a hand, intent on retrieving the frog. "He'll come out eventually," he said, kneeling beside her. "I hope so." She moved away from the tangled mess of roots and looked at the frogs Dave had brought her. "What are you still doing with those?" He shrugged, letting the frogs go. They hopped towards the roots, apparently serving as reason enough for the frog already in there to come out. Jade snatched it, smiling triumphantly. Then, with a pat on its head, she let the frog go, waving goodbye to the little amphibian. Dave stood, offering a hand to Jade. She got to her feet, smoothing her dress. "How much more of this do we have to do? Not that I don’t love harassing random frogs, but they’re terrible wordsmiths." She lifted her shoulders. "We'll know when we finish. Kanaya seemed certain of that." She let out a breath, seeming to deflate. "You okay?" He placed his hands on her shoulders, trying not to squeeze too tightly or make it obvious the effect her bare skin was having on him. "I'm sure we'll finish. They don’t have to rap with me, it’s cool." "No, it's not that," she said, the corner of her mouth lifting into a half smile. "I guess I'm feeling tired. And a little cold." Jade lowered her gaze, the smile falling from her lips. "Oh." Dave fidgeted, giving her shoulders a slight squeeze. "Do you need a jacket?" She shook her head, but offered little else in the way of response. Her hair fell over her face, catching on her glasses. "I don't--" She looked up and in a single movement threw her arms about his neck, kissing him. Dave stumbled backwards, tripping over his feet as he brought Jade down with him, landing on the snow with a thud. His hands rested awkwardly at his sides, fists full of snow, as Jade let out a shaky breath, now splayed atop him. Instead of getting up or pushing away from him, she propped her head up on her hand, smiling. "What, you've never been kissed before?" He cleared his throat, releasing the snow from his grip. "You didn't seem too sure yourself." "I'm not the reason we're on the ground now." Jade tapped his nose, chuckling. "What are you so nervous about anyway?" Dave took a breath and pushed Jade onto her back. He leant over her, suddenly at a loss as he stared down at her, propped up on his arms. She looked up at him with a bright expectant look, an almost amused expression, her dark hair flecked with snow. He adjusted his sunglasses and cupped her face in one hand as he kissed her. The arm supporting him began to shake as he felt heat rise in his cheeks, his stomach pulling into knots; he broke the kiss, letting his hand drop back to the ground. "That's a start." Jade laughed, clasping her hands together behind his neck. "What are you thinking about?" "Spent all this time before acting all coy, knowing when things were going to happen before they did, and now you can't even guess what I’m thinking?" "This is different." "Here," he said, taking one of her hands from his neck and pressing it to his chest. "Can you feel that? Tell me what you think I got on my mind." Jade's hand lingered even after he let go to maintain his balance, the weakness in his arms becoming more and more noticeable. His heartbeat pounded in his ears, bringing his breathing out of rhythm right along with it. She lifted her knees, the fabric of her dress pulling back as she planted her feet on the ground, her leg brushing up against Dave's. He swore he felt his heart skip a few beats before resuming its frenzied pace. Jade pulled him down, pressing their foreheads together as he lay atop her, her breath warm on his skin as she spoke. "That was cheesy, Dave." He let a few moments pass before he replied, hoping his throat wouldn't betray him and stick. "I think you're just too embarrassed to admit it worked on you." Jade offered him a broad grin, reaching for his hand. She pushed him up a bit and brought his hand to her chest, nestling it between her breasts. "Do you think you can tell me what I'm thinking of?" she asked, letting go. For several seconds, Dave was at a loss as his hand rested on her, his fingertips brushing against exposed flesh, the gauzy fabric beneath his palm almost too much to bear. Jade took his hand again, moving it atop her breast, pressing her fingers against his. "What am I thinking about now?" Her voice was soft, almost inaudible. Unwilling to let her take control of the situation, Dave moved his hand away, reaching back for her legs, trailing a cold hand down her thigh, considerably warmer than his fingers were. "What am I thinking about?" he repeated back to her, trying to keep a straight face. He could feel his mouth quivering, his throat catching his every breath. She giggled, squeezing his hand between her legs. Jade let out a breath and closed her eyes, the smile falling from her face as Dave ventured further. He nestled against her neck, burying his nose in her hair, unable to handle looking at Jade’s expressions any longer, the way her lips parted, the way her eyelids fluttered at the behest of his touch. A nearby ribbit, loud and cacophonous, broke the quiet. Dave's fingers, warm and twitchy, froze against Jade's skin, the slick fabric he had pushed aside now sliding back into place. The frog leapt away, seemingly content with having ruined the moment.
  3. This is Adventure Time fanfiction. The ship is Simon Petrikov pre-Ice King transformation and Marcelline as a child. It was a bright, chilly day near the beginning of spring. People went about their daily lives in the city, even though the threat of terrible war was ever-looming. They bought hot dogs from carts during lunch hour, huddled around in coffee shops to beat the cold. One person in particular, a brown hair and bespectacled spoft spoken historian of ancient artifacts, left one such coffee shop, huddled in his long wool coat and holding his brown leather briefcase. Simon put his scarf on as he walked, passing the entrance to a large park. But something--no, someone, caught his eye. In a dark purple double breasted coat that went to her knees was a small grey skinned child with short black hair. Her little hands were in hercoat pockets and she stood with her back against a pillar to the gate of the park. She saw him and ran to him. "Hey Mr.P! Did you find anything today?" She smiled at him and hugged his midsection because that was all she could reach. "Oh hello Marcelline. Beautiful day we're having, isn't it? Shouldn't you be in school today?" She shook her head. "It's Saturday, silly! Are you busy? Do you wanna go feed the geese with me?" He smiled at her and offered her his gloved hand. "That sounds lovely." Together they walked into the park, passing people sitting on benches enjoying the air. They made it to the large pond in the middle of the park after walking along a path that cut through the muddy grass. Some patches of it were frozen still, but a few geese were stranded there for the winter. He searched his pockets for crackers, and found a few in a little plastic bag. He handed most of them to Marcelline, keeping only a couple for himself. She broke the crackers in half and tossed them to the geese, who came over immediately. He tossed down his own crackers to them then watched Marcelline throw her crackers to them. He smiled. It warmed his heart to see her so happy, when she was so upset about being lost when he first met her. He put the shoulder strap of his breifcase onto his shoulder and crouched down to be at her level. "I have to go soon but I still have enough time to treat us both to a hot dog, if you would like." She smiled at him. "Thanks, Mr. P. Yeah I haven't eaten since breakfast. I'm really hungry." She took his hand and together they walked to a hot dog stand near the entrance to the park. He bought two hot dogs, one with extra ketchup because he remembered that she liked her hot dogs with it, and walked over to the bench she was sitting at, handing it to her. She smile at him and took it, waiting for him to sit down beside her to start eating. "I'm really glad I met you, Mr.P. If I hadn't met you, I would still be lost in that museum and my daddy wouldn't have found me and it woulda been a great big mess." She took a bite of her hot dog and chewed while thinking of the circumstances that made them meet. Simon was consulting the museum director about a new artifact found, and discovered Marcelline lost and scared in the middle of the museum, totally alone. He calmed her down and together they found her father. When she went to leave with her father, she stopped and declared that they would be friends from that day on, forever. No matter what happened. They would always be friends. After a few minutes of silent eating, Simon threw away his hot dog wrapper. "I have to get going now Marcelline. It was fun being with you at the park. Maybe one day we can come back in the spring when it's warmer so that we'll have ice cream instead of hot dogs again." She looked at him, her smile fading. "But the war would have started by then, Mr.P. We might not even be here. anymore." His heart sank when he heard her speak like that. "I'll be here waiting for you three months from this very moment, at this very spot. We're friends forever and ever no matter what happens, remember? I know you wouldn't keep me waiting." She gave him a hug and he left to continue his day. Three months later, the war had started. Wreckage and despair overflowed through the streets. Most people had evacuated, but not Simon. He had already lost a considerable amount of his mind to the crown, his memories with it, but he never forgot that he promised to meet Marcelline at the park on that day. When he made it to the park, she wasn't there. She was in the middle of the street horribly upset in the middle of wreckage that was once a quiet street just months ago. He ran to a toy store with a broken shopfront window and grabbed the first toy he found. It was a long limbed red teddy bear with blue eyes and a stitched mouth.
  4. Repost of my KamWri entry because things happened to the forum. It is now complete. I had four prompts--"someone who did something bad a long, long time ago", "batteries are dead", "an email that cannot be unsent", and "person who has a lot of stuffed animals". Word count varies depending on the program you use, but Scrivener puts me at 4957, Word puts me at 4868, and Google, the most generous of all, puts me at 4998. So, three different programs, none of which put me over the limit. Sorry it's a bit rushed--tried to cram a lot into a small amount of space, so I couldn't afford to spend more time on the giant time gaps. ====== BlisterdSun: What does your pretentious name of the month mean? igniparous: ‘bringing forth fire’ BlisterdSun: Fascinating. BlisterdSun: Have you considered just keeping the same name for more than a few weeks at a time? It’s gotten tiring trying to remember which one you are on my list. igniparous: i fail to see how this affects me. it’s not lie your name is any less pretentious than mine, btw igniparous: *like BlisterdSun: We’ve been over this. It is a failing of my creativity, not an attempt on my part to appear deeper than I actually am. igniparous: i’m just saying igniparous: i don’t knw why you would want to be reminded constantly of that shit BlisterdSun: What would you prefer I call myself, then? BlisterdSun: Since you fail to appreciate the wordplay at work in my username. igniparous: i dont know igniparous: or care, really igniparous: i was just givin you shit BlisterdSun: But of course. It isn’t that bad of a memory, you know. igniparous: sure BlisterdSun: I do have a sense of humor. igniparous: sure BlisterdSun: You don’t believe me? igniparous: when you got that sunburn you were bitching about it for weeks igniparous: and then you sent me these disgusting pics of your discarded skin igniparous: and while i appreciate the attempt to bring me into your life igniparous: i dind’t want to see how pathetic your skin holds up against the sun BlisterdSun: What? You’d been asking me for pictures of myself for ages. igniparous: yes, but like igniparous: of your face BlisterdSun: It’s not as though you’ve returned the favor. igniparous: i don’t want you to feel inferior to my rogueish good looks BlisterdSun: I think my ego can handle it. igniparous: sure BlisterdSun: Sometimes I wonder why I even talk to you. igniparous: because you love me BlisterdSun: Despite the obvious issue of distance, I’ve only known you through chat. igniparous: it’s been six yrs BlisterdSun: Yes, I’m aware. igniparous: so the fact that we’re both dudes doesn’t weird you out igniparous: it’s the fact that you’ve never heard my voice or met me BlisterdSun: Er, yes? BlisterdSun: Entertaining the thought has not crossed my mind, I admit. Has it crossed yours? igniparous: i’m a bit offended now igniparous: don’t think i’m worth lovin orgood looking?? BlisterdSun: I didn’t say that. Don’t put words in my mouth. And I don’t know if you’re attractive or not because I’ve never seen you. Jesus. igniparous: then what BlisterdSun: I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you out to reveal me as a closet homophobe? igniparous: or igniparous: i’m just giving you shit like alway igniparous: *s BlisterdSun: We don’t even know each other’s names. igniparous: details igniparous: romeo and juliet didn’t know shit about each other either BlisterdSun: Yes, and they died. What are you trying to prove? igniparous: fuck dude igniparous: no wonder you haven’t been laid in a while igniparous: so fukin serious igniparous: *fuckin BlisterdSun: What I do or don’t do with my penis is my business and not up for discussion. igniparous: just saying. its not like we don’t know shit about each other igniparous: like igniparous: i know you got a bunch of those fuckin stuffed bears in your room igniparous: think that might have somethin to do with yoru lack of sex, btw BlisterdSun: I wish you wouldn’t repeat that so often. BlisterdSun: I told you, those aren’t all mine. They’re gifts from my mother. igniparous: w/e igniparous: i need to get going before the bank closes igniparous: and cash this check BlisterdSun: Oh, another check from your darling grandmother? How much money have you leeched off her now? igniparous: fuck you dude igniparous is offline and can’t receive messages BlisterdSun: You would like that, wouldn’t you! Ugh. ====== igniparous: you and your latin shit puella|pulchra: don’t be mad b/c you’re uncultured. igniparous: i don’t think a month of latin makes you cultured igniparous: but believe what you want puella|pulchra: so did you wnat something or just wanted to hurl insults at me? igniparous: a little pissed puella|pulchra: wherefore? igniparous: i assume that means why igniparous: pissed at bs puella|pulchra: thatr would be correct. igniparous: and his assuming that i’m somehow stealing money from my gma puella|pulchra: oh, bs is that guy you been talking to? puella|pulchra: i thought you were just mad at bullshit in general. igniparous: yeah blisteringsun or some shit he’s so proud of the name igniparous: just igniparous: i dunno it’s like igniparous: i think we end up on different pages a lot igniparous: and we don’t get each others jokes igniparous: so i sound like a dooshy cockmongler igniparous: and he’s all serious about everything igniparous: maybe he’s being ironic too and i’m just so fuckin puella|pulchra: vince. you’re just so you. igniparous: yeah i guess i am me. shocking thought that is puella|pulchra: it’s almost disturbing, i would say. igniparous: shit igniparous: i’m startin to sound like you when you get on about your latest boytoy puella|pulchra: i was waiting for you to realize that. puella|pulchra: believe me, im grinning like a fool at how worked up he has you. igniparous: shut up puella|pulchra: i think it’s sweet. i think i even saw you smile at school today. igniparous: i was smiling at my fuckin sandwich igniparous: had bananas and peanut butter. i love that shit puella|pulchra: i think it’s gross and mushy. bananas do not go w/ peanut butter. igniparous: yes they do puella|pulchra: ok. igniparous: so what about you igniparous: besides your raging girlboner for latin puella|pulchra: you’ll be happy to know i did not make a fool of myself infront of matt. igniparous: which one is matt puella|pulchra: the one in your shop class. the one you said looks like a cat. igniparous: oh yeah igniparous: he does puella|pulchra: anyway, in english today he turned to me and said, “holly, can you loan me a pen?” igniparous: he clearly wants to bone you puella|pulchra: so i gave him one and then later i saw he was chewing on the end of it! igniparous: please don’t tell me you violated yourself with that pen puella|pulchra: i thought about it. igniparous: seriously puella|pulchra: obviously not, you idiot. i just lovingly sniffed it after class. igniparous: what does his spit smell like puella|pulchra: like you would expect. spit. igniparous: youre weird puella|pulchra: saysthe guy in love with the internet boy! what if he’s an old perv? igniparous: who says i’m in love wiht him puella|pulchra: oh, i don’t know. maybe the fact that you talk about him every day and the fact that you get upset and overanalyze everything he does. puella|pulchra: or the fact that you made me look at those pics of him. he is toned, i’ll give you that. igniparous: i obv wanted to gross you out puella|pulchra: mm-hm. and the fact that you asked me not to touch myself to the pics was just you being yourself and not being possessive. igniparous: i ask you not to touch yourself all the time puella|pulchra: there’s nothing wrong with female sexuality! everyone does it! igniparous: you dont ahve to tell me about it all the time jesus fuck holly puella|pulchra: anyway, i need to get started on this latin homework. and by start, i don’t mean rub my girlboner all over it, so don’t even start with me. igniparous: i wasn’t gonna but now that you mention it puella|pulchra: vince. puella|pulchra: don’t. igniparous: don’t rub your girlboner all over it puella|pulchra: you are impossible sometimes. igniparous: no i think i am completley possible puella|pulchra: goodbye, vince!!!!!!!!!! puella|pulchra is offline and can’t receive messages ====== BlisterdSun is offline and can’t receive messages igniparous: fcuk igniparous: youre nit online igniparous: i ficnkg igniparous: i have to really slow down and look at the keyboard igniparous: i wrote you an email igniparous: and i igniparous: shitfaced drunk BlisterdSun is now online igniparous: but i want to take it back igniparous: even though i meant it all BlisterdSun: Take what back? What are you prattling on about now? BlisterdSun: And isn’t it three in the morning where you are? What are you doing up so late? igniparous is offline and can’t receive messages BlisterdSun: Okay… ====== puella|pulchra: hey. igniparous: what puella|pulchra: you looked pissed today. i know you didn’t want to tel me at school, but maybs now? since you don’t ahve to look at me or nothing. igniparous: i was drunk last nigth and didn get much sleep puella|pulchra: bad hangover? you’ve handled them like a champ before. igniparous: ye\h but this time i said something to someone i shouldnt have puella|pulchra: oh christ. don’t tell meyou wrote a love letter to your internet beau. puella|pulchra: vince, dont you remember when i wrote that email for josh???? you kept telling me i needed to sober the fuck up andthink about what i was saying. puella|pulchra: and then you showed up at my house and beat down my door, sayin if i sent that email, you were going to burn down josh’s house. puella|pulchra: why didn’t you jsut call me like you normally do when your drunk and depressed? igniparous: i don’t fucking know igniparous: it was like igniparous: he and iw ere talking earlier that day igniparous: and it got kind of akward i guess igniparous: but i couldn’t stop thinking about it puella|pulchra: what were you talking about? what was awkward? puella|pulchra: like awkward for us or awkward for normal people? because don’t think i havent noticed that you are a lot more open about things with me than you are with other people! you would be lost if you didnt\ have a big sister like me igniparous: literraly big puella|pulchra: i am not literally big. you shut your mouth and tell me what’s wrong. what were you talking about that got your panties all twisted up???? puella|pulchra: stop ignoring me and answer the question!!!!!! igniparous: jesus fuck calm down igniparous: i was taking a leak holy shit holly puella|pulchra: oh. well. i forgive you this time. puella|pulchra: now tell me what’s wrong!!!!!!! igniparous: we were talking about igniparous: hngnghgngnnn puella|pulchra: ??? puella|pulchra: are you shitting right now or what? igniparous: i just don’t want to talk about it puella|pulchra: well too bad, because you are going to talk to me about it!!! now spit it out. igniparous: he asked if i had a g/f puella|pulchra: oh no. what did you say? igniparous: i igniparous: akhgakl;gd;alkgag igniparous: i got nervous and said it was you puella|pulchra: vince. puella|pulchra: are you fucking serious? puella|pulchra: first of all, we’ve only kissed once!! it wasn’t even thta good. and second, you are totally hot for this guy, os why are you lying to him?? igniparous: and i gave him your username igniparous: i just igniparous: fuck hes online igniparous: i have to run puella|pulchra: seriously, vince!!! he is iming me now!!! igniparous is offline and can’t receive messages puella|pulchra: oh my god, vince!!! i hate you right now. this is stupidly awkward. puella|pulchra: i don’t even know what you said in that email so i don’t even knwo if you want me to lie or fix things and tell the truth. puella|pulchra: oh my god, he won’t shut up. i really hate you, vince!!! ====== BlisterdSun: I’m not really sure what to say, but at this point, I don’t think it matters much. I don’t know what he’s told you about me, but I would like to head off any negative feelings before things get out of hand. BlisterdSun: He seemed rather… BlisterdSun: “Wasted” almost conveys what I want to say. BlisterdSun: Anyway, as I said, I’m uncertain what he has told you and he has given me conflicting information, so I will put forth what I can. BlisterdSun: He and I have been in contact for over six years. We met on a forum for… BlisterdSun: Well, we met on a forum. Eventually it led to exchanging IM handles. It would be dishonest if I said I didn’t think about whether I had feelings for him, but I don’t want to be misleading. My continued contact with him was not in the interest of getting into his pants. BlisterdSun: It wasn’t until recently that he brought up the possibility that he was sincerely interested in my company as something more than a good friend. He has joked about it in the past, but, as I’m sure you know, he isn’t often upfront about things and hides behind sarcasm frequently, so I didn’t think much of it. BlisterdSun: But I assure you I would never interfere. It seems he has conflicting feelings about the situation, and I will step aside if I am causing strife between you two. puella|pulchra: ummmm……… BlisterdSun: Yes? puella|pulchra: can you show me the email pls? BlisterdSun: I… suppose I could. Hold on one second. puella|pulchra: thanks BlisterdSun: “holly isnt my g/f i was lyging ok…… she is my closet frend bht i djst dont feela that way abt her plsus shes always talkgin abt other gusy and i just dont care she cand o her own thing i jst want to………… i dnat evn knwon my head huts so bad and i cant bene see thekeyboar i am cryng just thngkin aout it…… i am so mad abot this wholr thgn i wnt to be honet so here goes……………………………………………………… i realy like you alot mort han a frned and i dnt even knowif you feelt the same wayhg but i feel gso bad for lynn\g i dot evef knwn how youp tu up with my……… shet knws bt\etter thn anygon eelse how nmuch youdriv emy crazy andg im alwayhs ptuting so mcuhb rhoght into the thigns you shay to me and i catn hegpl bt wonsder if……………… i dog even mkae sense fucg im so stupoid i fcked up so bad bfre i nevr tdl you but id id……… i hjurt her raeally bad i………………” puella|pulchra: that is more coherent than he normall is when he’s drunk. puella|pulchra: surprisingly. BlisterdSun: I see. BlisterdSun: If I may speak candidly. puella|pulchra: sure, go ahead. BlisterdSun: I admit I have grown fond of him over the years, but had he told me that he had a girlfriend, I would have kept myself in check. I… may have said some things that I would not have said had he told me he had someone else in his life. BlisterdSun: And though I am more than willing to stand aside, I would be lying if I said I would step aside happily or without bad feelings. As it stands, I hope you can understand my emotions are in turmoil. I thought all this time, and I hope you don’t think less of me for it, that I was the one in control. I… kind of got a kick out of thinking I was the one stringing him along, that the situation was mine to control. BlisterdSun: But now it seems that I was the one being played. BlisterdSun: Karmic retribution, I suppose, for not being forthcoming with my emotions while in the same breath condemning him for doing the same. puella|pulchra: uh-huh. BlisterdSun: I’m sorry, I’m babbling. Are you… upset? Is there anything I can do to help? puella|pulchra: tbh, i need some time to think. puella|pulchra: hes told me a lot about you, but… puella|pulchra: i just needto think about this for a while, ok? BlisterdSun: Understandable. I’ll leave you to it, then. Get in touch when you can. BlisterdSun is offline and can’t receive messages puella|pulchra: jesus, vince. ====== igniparous is offline and can't receive messages puella|pulchra: why did you skip school today??? puella|pulchra: i'm going to kill you, vince. puella|pulchra: you have one minute to get online before i start calling you!!!!!!!! puella|pulchra: … puella|pulchra: pick up your phone, you jerk. puella|pulchra: fine!!!!!!!!! im going to your house. if you somehow see this between now and when i;m at your door, you better ave a good excuse for ignoring me!!!!!!!!!!! ====== igniparous is offline and can't receive messages BlisterdSun: It's been three months. What happened? BlisterdSun: I haven't heard back from Holly either. BlisterdSun: Did you cut me off without telling me? BlisterdSun: I guess I deserve that. BlisterdSun: I… BlisterdSun: Right. I'll stop now. ====== igniparous is offline and can’t receive messages BlisterdSun: Almost a year. BlisterdSun: I was thinking if I was really serious about wanting to get in touch with you, I would just send an email. BlisterdSun: On the off-chance that… Well. You know. BlisterdSun: But the more I think about what I want to say to you, the less I want you to actually know it. BlisterdSun: Some of it is pleasant. I miss talking to you. I miss your repeated jabs at my poor attempts at irony. BlisterdSun: Some, not so much. And I admit it’s all rather irrational because I have no idea what has been happening. BlisterdSun: But part of me hates you. Hates Holly. Hates that you don’t even respect me enough to tell me what happened. BlisterdSun: And I know that’s irrational. Because if something happened, then obviously respect has nothing to do with it. BlisterdSun: Except I think if something did happen, wouldn’t Holly give me the benefit of letting me know? If only because I was your close friend? BlisterdSun: Or maybe I really wasn’t. BlisterdSun: Because I’m… what? Just another person on the internet, I guess. Just some guy across the ocean. BlisterdSun: I wanted to tell you I was saving up money to come visit you. BlisterdSun: There was a concert that was coming up not that far from where you live last month. BlisterdSun: I wanted to surprise you, I guess. That band you liked so much was going to be playing. BlisterdSun: And then when I checked on it earlier this year, I found out they canceled the show. BlisterdSun: Just like everything else, I guess. BlisterdSun: That sounded ridiculously melodramatic. BlisterdSun: This is exactly why I didn’t want to write you an email. BlisterdSun: At least this way I could say what I wanted and not have to deal with the consequences of anything stupid I may have said. BlisterdSun: I guess I’ll tell you one last thing before I seriously try to stop contacting you and hoping to see that you’re online. BlisterdSun: There was a graduation party last week I went to. BlisterdSun: I’m sure you would have found my antics amusing. BlisterdSun: But there was a girl. BlisterdSun: And she was drunk. I was a little buzzed, but mostly sober. BlisterdSun: She… was confused the next morning when she woke up. And angry. She left without saying anything to me. BlisterdSun: It’s not a good feeling. ===== puella|pulchra: vince you're online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! igniparous: yeah puella|pulchra: are you feeling better, "little brother"? puella|pulchra: that doc was a jerk, btw. he was hot, but a tool. igniparous: i guess igniparous: i feel like puella|pulchra: hmmmmmmm? igniparous: i feel like is houdl have learned something from before but then id idnt puella|pulchra: accidents happen, vince. igniparous: yeah but igniparous: i ruined someones life again igniparous: doing the same shit igniparous: the worst part was when i was doing it i remembered ti all igniparous: and i remembered thinking i needed to stop before it happened again igniparous: but ic ouldnt igniparous: i was so caught up in my own shit i couldnt stop puella|pulchra: stop beating yourself up over it. puella|pulchra: the legal stuff is over with. and look at it this way, vince. puella|pulchra: no one died this time. igniparous: i know you meant for that to make me feel better but it doesnt puella|pulchra: yeah, i can see that. i tried. puella|pulchra: sooooo……… igniparous: what puella|pulchra: are you over your internet love? igniparous: i dont want to talk about him puella|pulchra: why, b/c its been almost 2 yrs since you just left him hanging? igniparous: w/e holly no one was stopping you from talking to him yourself puella|pulchra: forgive me for respecting your privacy. i didn’t want to just assume that you were good w/ me tellign him why you were in the hospital. puella|pulchra: i think you need to sort things out with him. ir eally do. igniparous: he prob doesnt even want to hear frm me anyway puella|pulchra: how do you know unless you try? i’ll stop being invisible to him on chat when you do. igniparous: ifyoure wrong about this… ====== igniparous: hey BlisterdSun: Auto-Away Message: Sorry, I have been busy with the new baby! I'll get back to you as soon as I can! igniparous: a what igniparous: what the fuck happened igniparous: dude igniparous: … BlisterdSun: I, er, got a girl pregnant. That's how these things usually work. igniparous: i know that fucknut what i dont understand is how you have a kid BlisterdSun: She was drunk. I was miserable. igniparous: are you fucking serious BlisterdSun: … BlisterdSun: … igniparous: dude stop fucking around BlisterdSun: Okay, so I didn't have a kid. BlisterdSun: But everything else was true. My penis did in fact enter another human being at some point. BlisterdSun: She hasn't spoken to me since, but I did have a scare because I couldn't find a condom anywhere. BlisterdSun: I didn't think I was that drunk. I didn't feel that drunk. igniparous: cant handle your booze i see BlisterdSun: Then she told me, very angrily and with more colorful words, that she was on birth control. BlisterdSun: She then proceeded to make me feel two inches tall. igniparous: same shit as always BlisterdSun: Do you not find my prank amusing? igniparous: give me a few days igniparous: ill think that shit is hilarious after i stop being mad BlisterdSun: You're mad? What about me? You didn't talk to me for two years. igniparous: okay stop igniparous: before you start with your righteous bullshit about how i wronged you igniparous: and start playing some bullshit music about heartbreak and how youve moved onto better people igniparous: or like igniparous: some bullshit emo music with crying and audible wrist slitting igniparous: i was in a reck igniparous: *wreck igniparous: after i sent you that email i got into my dads car and thought it was a great idea to run that shit into a tree igniparous: ended up in the hospital for a while my dad was pissed igniparous: and holly was ready to rip me a new one igniparous: i felt guilty BlisterdSun: Why did you feel guilty? Because you destroyed your father's car? igniparous: not just that but igniparous: it wasn't the first time ive drvien drunk BlisterdSun: I see. igniparous: so ig ot lucky this time igniparous: kind of igniparous: but it wasn't until recently that all the lgal stuff from then finally resolved BlisterdSun: You've… hit someone? igniparous: well yeah i thought you could tell that from what i was sayin igniparous: except i ended someones dance career igniparous: took away someones daughter igniparous: and igniparous: well igniparous: im sure you can fill in the blanks all you want about me igniparous: but it happened igniparous: and i got scared that igniparous: if i told ypou what was happening igniparous: *you igniparous: youd just think i was a pos and never talk to me again BlisterdSun: Did you not see the part where I told you I desparately stuck my dick into a drunk girl who may or may not have actually wanted to have sex with me? BlisterdSun: I just. BlisterdSun: It doesn't make it better, but I understand. BlisterdSun: So. igniparous: so BlisterdSun: Is Holly your girlfriend? igniparous: i will tell you a secret igniparous: that is a secret to no one but you igniparous: i have not been with a girl since i was igniparous: maybe five and that was my first kiss igniparous: and i dont count the time i kissed holly because that was like kissing my ssiter igniparous: *sister BlisterdSun: Oh. BlisterdSun: Well. BlisterdSun: I feel like a shitheel now. BlisterdSun: So when Holly said she needed time to think… igniparous: yes BlisterdSun: She was trying to buy you time to get your act together. igniparous: basically igniparous: and then i wasted it by hiding BlisterdSun: You know, it was difficult to talk about this with my friends. BlisterdSun: To explain exactly why I was so down for a couple months. BlisterdSun: And why I wasn't going out like I used to. igniparous: and then you wnet out and laid some girl igniparous: was she hot at least BlisterdSun: She was mildly attractive. Like I said, I was a little desparate. igniparous: so you forced yoruself on an average girl igniparous: wtf dude BlisterdSun: I'll overlook your faults if you overlook mine. igniparous: no theres no overlooking igniparous: what faults BlisterdSun: Er. igniparous: i just told you i killed someone with a car will you just fuckin tell me BlisterdSun: I did get a girl pregnant once. But. BlisterdSun: I wanted to marry her. igniparous: dude your like 17 BlisterdSun: Yes, the hilarity in my thought process is not unknown to me. But that was my logic then. I wanted to marry her and have a baby. God knows why I was thinking like that. BlisterdSun: She ended up miscarrying. She said that it was an accident during gym, when someone ran into while they were on the court, but I don't know if I buy it. igniparous: fuckin soap opera life there igniparous: throw in some abusive parents or some shit BlisterdSun: Not quite that, but an abusive boyfriend, yes. igniparous: wait what igniparous: you werent the boyfriend BlisterdSun: Er, no? igniparous: dude igniparous: you were the 'other woman' BlisterdSun: You're calling me a woman? I just told you I got someone pregnant! igniparous: lesbians have babies BlisterdSun: Are you serious right now? BlisterdSun: I am not a woman. Or a lesbian. igniparous: sure BlisterdSun: Ugh. BlisterdSun: Anyway, I guess you deserve to know that I was saving up money to see a concert with you last year. igniparous: the one in july BlisterdSun: Yes. igniparous: i went to a diff one with holly and a couple other buddies igniparous: since it was canceled BlisterdSun: I'm going to ignore that you said that and continue with my train of thought. igniparous: ok BlisterdSun: There's another concert in a couple months. igniparous: ok BlisterdSun: … igniparous: what BlisterdSun: I guess I was hoping you'd be able to tell what my implied question there was. igniparous: nope BlisterdSun: Really? igniparous: guess thats for you to find out isnt it BlisterdSun: Right. Well, would you mind going to a concert with me? igniparous: i dunno man im not a girl so you cant stick your desparit dick in me BlisterdSun: Funny. BlisterdSun: I am serious, though. I want to visit you. igniparous: you dont even know what i look like BlisterdSun: I know. igniparous: how can you even trust me BlisterdSun: Because. igniparous: what if im really a serial killer BlisterdSun: So you've kept up a persona for years just to kill me? I think for all your effort, you deserve to at least kidnap me. BlisterdSun: Keep me as your sex slave in your basement or something. igniparous: what kind of monster do you think i am igniparous: sicko igniparous: i would keep you in my bedroom not the basement BlisterdSun: Cry your pardon. igniparous: so youre really ok with me having killed someone BlisterdSun: No. I don't want you driving when I'm there. At all. If I see you behind the wheel of even a tricycle, I will knock you out. igniparous: i havent had my license back since it happened BlisterdSun: Oh my god. How much more illegal could you have possibly made that? Maybe some cocaine on the dash? Couple dead hookers in the trunk? Maybe some bestiality? igniparous: im nto going to give you my addressif your going to be framing me for hooker murder BlisterdSun: I don't think you have to worry about that. BlisterdSun: So Holly doesn't hate me? igniparous: no she practically loves you igniparous: she was going to kill me for not talking to you BlisterdSun: Why? igniparous: because shes like that igniparous: she thinks everyone should be paired up BlisterdSun: I hope you don't think I'm trying to pair up with you. igniparous: what why igniparous: afraid ill be ugly BlisterdSun: No, there's still the issue of distance. Also, you're a murderer. igniparous: ill block you forever igniparous: and then youll have nothing BlisterdSun: I was kidding. Tasteless, I get it. I don't think any less of you, honestly. And it is not because I thought you were a killer before. BlisterdSun: But it has been a while since we've talked. Maybe catch up and see where it goes from there? igniparous: sure BlisterdSun: Was that sarcastic? igniparous: no that was serious igniparous: id like to catch up igniparous: but no drinking for either of us BlisterdSun: I can get behind that sentiment. igniparous: youll get behind deez nuts BlisterdSun: This is exactly what I was missing in my life for the past two years. BlisterdSun: Offensive jabs like that. igniparous: w/eyou love me BlisterdSun: We'll see about that. END
  5. A horror presented We observe the scene An impossible premise On which corpses lean A group torn apart With intentions unknown To build a story Shocking when shown An arrangement of minds Too common to compare That bring human tragedy With no message to share Underneath what we know A deeper meaning resides Intentional manipulation Of people abides With pretense of killing People may gather Upon what one says Or what they do, rather Entwined into illusions They gather to feast To bring about death Or their manufactured beast Upon a spree insane They now rest coldly Substitution for others Their message, boldly What cult to construct A leader's deceit Going in for murder With views elite Now lying in suicide The two groups depart All but the one Responsible for this art We will not see But only observe The story of massacre Thus will unnerve
  6. Chapter 1 The rain was pouring down. Thunder rumbled in the distance. The dull and dreary sky cast the whole city of Kametsu in gloom. The weather was perfect for a quiet night in- or a murder. " I am downtown, outside the scene of a brutal homicide. The police are keeping quiet about this but the windows to the building are smashed in and the body has already been taken away," reported Punner to the camera. Vesh frowned at the reporter. "Excuse me, this is a crime scene please could you leave?" he said to Punner frostily. The charismatic reporter took it in his stride. "Joining us now is Inspector Vesh, the legendary officer and Kametsu City hero. Inspector, what exactly happened here?" asked Punner cheekily. Vesh grinned. "I'm sorry Pun this is a confidential matter, please leave," "what's the identity of the victim?" asked the determined reporter. "Look, like I said-" CRASH! His voice was cut off by a loud bang. "Inspector! It's Oblivia!" said a police officer, his eyes wide with fear. "Shit!" cursed Vesh as Punner and his cameraman rushed for cover. "Call Mae! Some serious shits about to go down!" Meanwhile, on the otherside of Kametsu a tall muscular man was watching the news when his cellphone rang. "Yeah it's Koby" he said. "Sir the man on the news who died, is it him?" Koby sighed. "Yeah we have to assume so" "G-goodbye sir!" "yes goodbye" Koby stroked his chin thoughtfully. Kametsu was changing. Someone was disrupting his town and that someone was going to pay!
  7. Translucent garments are dragged by a devious hand A face undergoes debridement, heaven’s therapy for the impure soldiers A song of torment removes me from mother’s bosom. The soulless jury stands above the cradle, unaffected by my hungry cries Relying on guilty principles, I am enslaved by the fall of man The basin overflows with dark water and vines of blood and tears of sadness bring me to hell. Obligated to serve an angelic doctor, I extract the patient’s blasphemy with a silver needle Immortal words are spoken through the lining of this white mask Call out to the young children by breaking open the fountains of ooze and decay. The sprouting of thorns brings leviathan closer to the rippling surface, Shredding the malleable walls of clay with its infernal vertebrae A superficial sky wavers, purifying the damned with a bounty of fire. Unsealed with the end of a shrieking melody, the white maidens crawl out of their temples Hideous deities in the shape of virgins and sirens, They vomit legions of parasites with an upheaval of internal combustion. The breaking of bones makes them drowsy and incoherent, My sword of flesh and sin is unsheathes, rusty in this arena bathed in moonlight The temples release their crawling infants, melancholic minions without love from their creator.
  8. Walking through a derelict passageway, A charred arm reaches out for my worm eaten cloak, Slithering against crumbling walls with paranoia it foretells an ancient prophecy The gorgon's eye was held together by sacred threads of absolution. Mythical tales created for self-satisfaction break the ideals humanity falls back on, Cursed snakes touch my sleeping face in this malignant night of rapture A petrified mannequin awakens from a dark lullaby with one eye still closed. An imperial collection of souls trapped within a mirror of bitter sealing, Your kind will be the first to know what the devil is missing The corpse waits in the furnace,coveting my cold embrace. Idolatry falls on your spiritual entities, covering them will petals of arrogance Take over their sleeping statues until they bow down in penance. Like wandering lambs in a field of innocent roses, You stumble upon a terrifying ordeal Blinded by a mass of writhing appendages, the walls of clay cover your pale skin. Your heart's deepest desires are bared for all to see Slumber in my dominion for eternity in a shell of carved stone The snake woman engorges itself on the next man's avarice. These pleasurable gears drive humanity into a boiling fever Creating insane hallucinations, My appearance was never meant to create unwanted animosity With a flap of these dragon-like wings a galore of men Striving beyond their limits to ruin their lives. Clearly this satiating attempt to create a ghostly game is fatal Out of your disillusioned remains I rip out my soul, The epitome of spite fails to cultivate any venom in my white layered eyes Wear a filthy bridal gown in order to swim without purpose in a sea of black eels.
  9. Reigning her treacherous heart with a maelstrom of supreme chaos Lead us out of this senseless kingdom with a handful of wilted roses. Soak our disintegrating arms in a rusty cauldron of our boiling love My rendezvous with her left my heart feeling swollen with congealed blood. Charming this empress with a sanguinary and innocent tongue The morning dew still clings to this atrocious fantasy. A night of darkness mixed with the uncertainty of a consuming fire Melting tissues together in a coronation of two fornicators. Her closest servant misses her red cloak so he descends into the noisy Gehenna A skillful instrument thrust into the slimy gateway, Your eyes treat me like livestock trapped in a perversion of white snow. In the painful rays of light we meet like century year old strangers Even still I will gnaw my way through the drooling maze of desire. Staring down into your incarceration of swirling sulfur, I will victimize every lost soul that intoxicates itself with your evil, My endless declaration is my weapon now in this hurting facade. Physical melancholy is nothing when compared to the moment of your imminent departure Your nails expose my skinned membrane as I explode into combustion.
  10. Exclude this requiem from the reckless Pied Piper Light the flame which sounds the commencement of a hungry sacrifice, Swing the sharp pendulum until this trance renders your visage unsafe. Tying up the loose ends in a paradox of insanity and lies The hurting sensations have arrived to complete their final task, Divine dominion housed my resurrection until it becomes my salvation. Trapping innocent children under the womb of a subtle melody My spirit ceases to sleep when it comes into contact with your weak mind, Ancient naturalism imitates my magic, embrace your mother one last time. Feast your eyes upon this grotesque dance Obey like a pale monkey that has been stabbed with a hundred fabled strings, Misery is eaten as if it were dreaming in the death throes of ecstasy. The quiet mortuary awakens with the sound of my grating tongue The silence of hell has been broken within a parade of animals, Communicate with your master as the trembling earth swallows you whole. Your true nature achieves a perfect pinnacle absent of all reason, Unleash your song in a locked circle of stiff arms Powering up the slave with the first melody of creation. These bells dangling from my sick blade take all those who deny their stained robes, Remorse is no longer a luxury you can afford to struggle with Raising the dead in their weakened state, sleep is only meant for those who pray. Taking over such a complex chemistry with my ravaged instrument You no longer look confused as you lower your head into the dirty well Your loved ones have fallen under a spell that is worse than witchcraft.
  11. this started off as a fanfic, mainly because i had trouble thinking of names. then it turned into this. enjoy Prologue Part I: Ivory White "Freak" "Idiot "Retard" Elliot had heard those insults a thousand times before. She held her sketchbook tighter as she walked further down the hallway. No matter how many times they said it, no matter how many times they tripped her in the halls, no matter what they did, no one was getting her sketchbook. Still she had been called those names since she'd arrived in year 7 two years ago, by now those words should've lost all meaning, but the names still hurt. They still meant she was alone at East Island High. Elliot was only a small girl. She had hollow ivory skin. When she drew portrait of herself her skin toes of choice were ivory white and pale pink. She had messy platinum blond hair that she usually slung over her right shoulder; she used straw yellow, cream and lilac for her hair, her eyes were blue: cobalt, Kingfisher and pale. Elliot did many self portraits, because she didn't have many drawing subjects. She had no friends, no one talked to her except to insult her. People other than Alexis, her designated helper, would talk to her, if she didn't have a speech impediment. People wouldn't say she was ugly if she didn't have the stupid glasses. She would have friends if she was normal, but Elliot was different and she hated it. "Well, well, well," June, a girl who frequently tripped Elliot, spoke to her. Her fraternal twin sister, April, was right next to her, blocking Elliot from going any further. This happened on a daily basis, everyday Elliot would come to school, carrying her sketchbook and her vinyl backpack depicting pink butterflies and flowers on her back. Almost without fail June and April would be waiting for her either at the front door or near their lockers for Elliot. "If it isn't the retard with the butterfly backpack" April Mocked. She sued Elliot's inability to pronounce the letter t properly. Elliot kept her head low and tried a different path around them. They weren't going to allow that. April stuck her foot out and tripped Elliot. Elliot held her sketchbook tightly as she fell face first on the floor. She sat up slowly and put her left hand to her face, it felt wet. She took her hand away and saw blood all over her fingers and palm. "Elliot, you're bleeding" Alexis, Elliot's helper, found her sitting on the floor with a blood nose. Alexis was a nice woman; Elliot had drawn her on several occasions. She'd used emerald, Tasmanian grass and cats eye green for her eyes, Chocolate, Golden and burnt brown for her hair and copper, rose pink and coral orange for her skin. Elliot was still looking at her own blood when Alexis pulled her off the ground and washed her up. "There now, all better" Alexis soothed. "What happened? She asked her. "I chripped" Elliot replied. She didn't specify what she tripped over. Alexis never asked for specific detail and Elliot didn't intend on giving it. "You need to watch where you're going" Alexis scolded her lightly, "Why didn't you brace your fall?" "My sketchbook" Elliot held up the book, still clutched tightly in her right hand. Alexis sighed. "C'mon Elliot, time for English," Alexis grabbed her students arm and led her to class. Elliot hated English, because her teacher, Mr. Trevora, made her read out loud. Elliot had no trouble reading to herself, she just could get the words out at the same time as her brain read them. That and the other students always laughed at her speech impediment. Elliot pushed her fluorescent pink glasses closer to her face and opened her book. She awaited Mr. Trevora's call on her to read, but it never came. Instead he called on a boy Elliot had never seen before. "Xander Colliver, welcome to East Island High. Would you do the honours of reading our poem." Mr. Trevora said. The boy nodded and stood up, her grabbed his book from the table and began to read. Elliot stared in awe at the boy, he read the entire poem, without a mistake, not even a waver in his voice. Elliot noted what he looked like, hoping she'd see him again. Preferably not in her English class. Luckily for Elliot the English lesson and indeed the day passed with little incident. April tripped her again at lunch and broke her nose, but that was all. Alexis, being a qualified nurse, bandaged it up, now Elliot sounded even worse than normal. oooooooooooooooooooo Elliot was glad to be home. It was the only place she felt comfortable, she put down her sketchbook long enough to hug her little sister and fish her coloured pencils from her bag. "Ellie?" Raine asked, "Whad happened do your nose?" Raine was 4 years old and adored Elliot so much that she'd adopted her speech impediment, there was actually nothing wrong with Raine. "Chripped" Elliot replied. She sat down on one of the heavy armchair in her lounge room and took up her sketchbook. Using her grey lead pencil she drew and oval on her page. Raine sat on the arm of Elliot's chair and watched intently. Every now and again Elliot would glance at her sister an pick out the appropriate colours. Crimson, vermillion and cherry red for her hair, pale, kingfisher and cobalt blue for her eyes. Raine looked exactly like Elliot did when she was younger. Only she had red hair. When Raine worked out what Elliot's sketch was of she squealed with joy and ran up to her room. Presumably to draw a picture of Elliot for her. One that would most likely join the many already hanging around Elliot's room. When Elliot finished her sketch of Raine she flipped to a fresh page. She pulled out the appropriate colours and sketched what she remembered of Xander Colliver, but it didn't look right. Elliot resolved to take a batter look at Xander Colliver when she could. ooooooooooooooooooooo
  12. As I sit behind the old maple tree in the abandoned park, I wonder "What am I doing?" and "Why am I here?". The funny thing is I never can develop a fucking answer or even a god damn excuse prior to me being here. My fingers are burnt, sore, and I'm on my way to the moon by this point. I'm not too sure this is where I want to be, but I am. Laughing, giggling, jittery and a sense of freedom I think my Rocket Ship know where to go, and so I sit and enjoy the view. At this point I'm not caring at all about any thing, cause I'm on my way to the mother fucking moon baby. This is where every want's to go but many fear to fret the path I travel. My Rocket Ship is running low on fuel so I breath into the energy source giving us both enough energy to make it to the moon. There it is... The moon. Bursting with joy I leave my Rocket Ship and swim through the stars to reach my destination. I can feel it... the gravity of the moon pulling me towards it. I think in my head, "Major Taunt to Ground Control... I've made it.". I flow closer and closer feeling the natural heat of the moon breeze against my skin. I blink... I'm glad I blinked. Next thing I notice is water all around me, and the moon turned in to my truck. There's a light tug on my leg and I'm flowing further away from "the moon". Then blackness. Nothing. Broken nothing of blackness. Now I wake. Eyes in a daze, I feel warmth all around me. I think to myself, "Where am I?" and "Why am I here?". Finally I build up enough strength to say; "Am I dead?". A light, gentle, soothing, life filling voice speaks to me, but I can't make words out of it. I feel the daze downing upon me as my consciousness fades. I finally wake up. I'm in a white bed and there's flowers and presents around me. Immediately I know I'm in a hospital, but why? "I can't remember any thing before the... the Maple tree...". Suddenly I remember what I was doing, but not what happened after that. I ease to the upper area of the bed. I dazzlingly glare around the room and notice it's a hospital room. There's a button on a string that reads "Emergency", with out hesitation I press the button and wait. A fairly young middle age man in a white lab coat walks into the room and says the last friendly word's I'll every hear; "You almost overdosed on acid and heroine. You drove your 2002 Dodge Ram into Tampa Bay and you where saved by a couple of passing by sails men. I'm sorry I'm going to have to be the one to tell you this but you're going to jail for the murder of your wife and child. They where in the truck with you. You killed them... The police will be here to transfer you to Florida State Prison in a few hours. Make most of the time you have left." The doctor leaves the room and I try to fall asleep to escape from this nightmare that will never fucking end. This is meant as a PSA against drugs. Shit like this can and will happen to you. So don't be stupid because there are safe ways of getting high, and legally. Dope is for dopes buddy.
  13. Admirals Log Star Date 2010.246 I began my inspection of the USS NoLight, to ensure it’s crew is up for it’s maiden voyage, I’ve personally met many of it’s officers. Thus far I have met with some of the senior officers and a few of the junior officers. This morning I met with Major Mae. I have faith in the Majors abilities and I have full confidence she will ensure the security of the USS NoLight. I certainly look forward to working with her and her ‘Ban Hammer’ in the near future. At lunch I met with Lieutenant Iki, our head chef, along with Commanders Koby and Ballard. Koby informed me that our medical supply is insufficient for our voyage, and I have redirected his request to supply. The Lieutenant certainly takes an unusual approach to cooking, one that I find is much more personal than a replicator. I also inspected Commander Ballard’s Agriculture this afternoon, he and Lieutenant Punner have plenty of garlic crops growing and in storage ready to combat the Twilitian menace. Indeed I hope that is true, for when the time comes, we will need every single method known to us to defeat them. This evening I had the pleasure of meeting our youngest crew member, and our pilot: Ensign Leki. he’s a delightful young lad, and ready for anything, If the rumours about his piloting skills are true he’ll be a wonderful addition to the USS NoLight. Tomorrow I have plans to meet the engineering department, special ops and a man I have seen walking around in a hat that is definitly NOT regulation. Until the Twilitian Menace has been exterminated we shall boldly move forward. Admiral Shazi of the Anti-Twilight Movement.
  14. Short story I wrote for my Advanced English class in high school, probably needs editing and what not but I was quite proud of it. ----- The day was cold, and dark clouds rumbled their fury. Rain pounded the roof, and lightning danced through the sky. It didn't disrupt the joyous singing and dancing commencing within the great hall of Herot. I sat lazily upon my throne, encrusted with jewels that shone in dazzling arrays of colors when the fire reflected off them. I scratched a callused hand through my scraggly beard before returning it to it's greedy touch on the gold encrusted goblet. The goblet's surface was smooth and textured, hinting at the soft almost airy touch of the craftsman's fingers as he worked on his masterpiece. I lifted the goblet to my mouth and the hungry throat that awaited it there. Almost seeming to demand it's thirst to be fed by the heavy, syrupy drink. It fell down my throat, tingling the sensitive passageway on it's way down. I shivered despite the heavy fur cloak that rested upon my shoulders; but, not from the cold seeping through the tiny cracks ,hidden in the mason's masterwork, only to be forced back out by the fires scorning flames. No, I shivered from the warm, heated filling that the mead awoke on it's passage. I replaced the goblet beside my plate on the smooth, masterful carved piece of wood that served as my table, and belched contentedly. I turned to the other throne placed adjacently beside mine. There I saw the comforting, loving eyes of my love. My wife, Welthow. I smiled, and cupped my callused hand, worn with the swordsman's grip, over her smooth, soft hand. She returned my warming smile, and placed her hand comfortingly in mine and squeezed gently. I arose quietly and dignified from my throne, gifted with the love of God. I raised a hand in a signal for quiet. The loud, joyous conversations around each comforting fire began to dim slowly. The fires of my people danced before the flickering flames, as I gazed throughout my great hall. Herot, the pride of my people and my rule. "Hail, Hrothgar!" It started as a single voice among hundreds, but grew in volume as each voice added it's to the chorus. The chanting, full of love and respect, reverberated throughout the hall. "Quiet my people, allow your gracious and humble king a chance to speak before you all." My voice coming through my cracked lips, seemed less commanding than in the vibrant days of my youth. As if my great sails, once so proudly blowing in the wind, have slowed and begun to tear. The chanting began to slowly quiet, somewhere it must've started again. I stirred restlessly within my fur cloak, which seemed to hot all of a sudden. I fiddled with the gold collar about my neck, the gold was warm to the touch but not scornful. The sign of my rule, and my power as a king. "Thank you for coming to this feast, every last one of you. That includes you troublemakers, as well. (There was some snickering at that.) We, my people, have gathered in this great hall today to celebrate another victory. (Loud cheers erupted, but quieted at the look hinting there was more for me to say.) Today we won, through our courage and spirit. Many warriors we lost today, but none will be forgotten in our hearts. Continue with your feasts, but remember. Without friend's sacrifices, the world isn't worth living in." I raised my goblet, and rose it in a cheer. Drowning the addicting liquid like a cow chews cud. The warm liquid tasted like heaven to my throat, parched from the long speech. Speaking, once so easy that the words flowed from my lips like a river through it's bed or a talented musician plucks the strings of his instrument from memory and practice. But, now the words dam at the tip of my tongue and lay there out of my reach. Hour passed by, with the happy conversations beginning to die down as men settled down within their blankets near the cozy, sleepy flames of the fires. I retired with my beautiful Welthow to our chambers, and the warm blankets of sleep that awaited my tired eyes. But, as we lay nestled together beneath the warm, thick, fur blankets warm and content I couldn't sleep. I reached out, and rested a toned, muscled arm over her. I listened awhile to the slow and rhythmic breathing of her as she nested among the warmth of sleep. I turned my tired eyes, and gazed at the roof. Though I was looking at the ceiling, I saw through to the stars almost as if the ceiling were made of transparent glass. The storm had long ago during the festivities and joyous partying. I chuckled quietly within my mind at the thought of the angry storm blackening the sky and raging it's fury over the ocean where none were aware of it. The stars formed constellations of gods, and other holy entities. Some of them, long since forgotten from the days of Earth when she was young. A lazy cloud straggled by, a smudge upon the midnight canvas. The wind whistled a tune of it's creation, and something else. Almost like a slow, steady moan. As if something were in eternal pain with no cure. I was lost among the stars, and paid no heed. I heard not, the sound of the crunching as the silent creature walked slowly and with a purpose through the marsh. It's head ringing with the sounds of laughter and singing. It's body ugly, and covered in slime. Cursed forever to be alone, and unable to understand why. It hated, and hated. It cared nothing for any other emotion. The men and their laughter, it brings me pain. They must pay, and learn. Echoed through it's mind like an old record with no switch for 'off'. I heard not the sound of the door, as it was torn from it's hinges. Like a small stick, though it must've weighed hundreds of pounds. I heard not the sound of it's slimy feet, as they squished across the floor and trailed slime. I smelt not the ugly stench of the marshes, and the deeper scent of hatred. I saw not, the faces of my men, my loyal followers as they were torn to shreds by the monster's claws. I saw nor smelt not the sight of blood smeared upon the wall or the smell of blood as it rushed from incurable wounds. I knew nothing of it, until morning arose. What a beautiful morning as well, full of the smell of spring and pollen. I stretched, eager to begin the day. Unaware of the quiet, of the hush of the great hall. I walked into a hall of silence, not of laughter. When I saw the look of my people, and the blood smeared on the wall. The empty blankets, where once great warriors slept. I broke down, and cried. I stared around the fire, at the faces of the young. Their was a mixture of feelings among them. Some had anger flaring in their eyes. Others were afraid and hid their tears of fright. I smiled behind my snowy beard, long and thinning with age. I began to stand to leave. "What about the monster?" I smiled, and patted the child's head. Sighing, and with a mischievous smile I simply replied. "That my child, is a story for another time."
  15. This is all of the chaps put together, just in case you ever feeling like reading it Chapter 1 The rain was pouring down. Thunder rumbled in the distance. The dull and dreary sky cast the whole city of Kametsu in gloom. The weather was perfect for a quiet night in- or a murder. " I am downtown, outside the scene of a brutal homicide. The police are keeping quiet about this but the windows to the building are smashed in and the body has already been taken away," reported Punner to the camera. Vesh frowned at the reporter. "Excuse me, this is a crime scene please could you leave?" he said to Punner frostily. The charismatic reporter took it in his stride. "Joining us now is Inspector Vesh, the legendary officer and Kametsu City hero. Inspector, what exactly happened here?" asked Punner cheekily. Vesh grinned. "I'm sorry Pun this is a confidential matter, please leave," "what's the identity of the victim?" asked the determined reporter. "Look, like I said-" CRASH! His voice was cut off by a loud bang. "Inspector! It's Oblivia!" said a police officer, his eyes wide with fear. "Shit!" cursed Vesh as Punner and his cameraman rushed for cover. "Call Mae! Some serious shits about to go down!" Meanwhile, on the otherside of Kametsu a tall muscular man was watching the news when his cellphone rang. "Yeah it's Koby" he said. "Sir the man on the news who died, is it him?" Koby sighed. "Yeah we have to assume so" "G-goodbye sir!" "yes goodbye" Koby stroked his chin thoughtfully. Kametsu was changing. Someone was disrupting his town and that someone was going to pay! Chapter 2 RIIIIIIING! Mae slowly rose from her sleep. She yawned loudly. RIIIING! "Huh?" she gazed at her phone blankly. She wiped away drool from her mouth. "Damn i drank way too much" she muttered as she answered her cell. "What?" she asked irritably. "Mae we need you! Hurry, come quick, its a bad situation, theres been a death and Oblivias here and every ones being killed, Chaos is with her and-" " God slow down you freaking dumbass!" Mae shouted, exasperated. The officer at the other end immediately shut up. "Now tell me slowly, what's this about Oby?" "Oby?" the officer sounded confused. "Oblivia you idiot!" Mae was seriously pissed. "Oh right, sorry Miss. We found the body of an agent belonging to the Organisation and were authorised to take it in but now the Organisations top agents, Chaos and Oblivia are here to retrieve the body and we are under heavy fire" "Where" asked Mae. " Downtown by Kametsu Stadium" replied the officer. " Who's on site from Special Ops?" "Just Vesh and Scott's on his way but he won't get here for another hour" "Empathy?" "Yeah she's here" "Send 3 of your top men to ward 4 to guard Ronin. I'm on my way" "Yes Sir!" Mae hung up. She was fully alert,all trace of weariness gone and the prospect of taking part in a fight where she'd most likely get killed really excited her. She undressed and put on her battle gear, a black, full body suit that was tight against her skin and a mask that covered her whole face except her eyes. She picked up her twin blades,went to the window and opened it. she was seven stories up. "Time for some fun" she grinned. She climbed onto the ledge and saw the driving rain and gloomy sky. The whole of Kametsu was shrouded in a unnatural darkness that threatened to overcome the electric lights of the city. Mae took a deep breath and jumped into the abyss of the night. "Inspector what should we do?" asked an officer. All was quiet, too quiet. Vesh, the medics and four officers were huddled by the ambulance that contained the dead body. He was a mastermind, famed for his ability to make 'miracles' but he knew he couldn't get out of this. Not with Chaos blocking their way out and Oblivia slowly advancing towards them. "We have to sit tight and wait for Mae" he stated though the words struck a vicious blow to his pride. He clenched his fists. "Dammit" he cursed under his breath. He felt a hand on his shoulder. "Its alright Mae's gonna be here soon and i know you can servive till then" said Empathy to Vesh. "Thanks Em i just wish i could do something i feel powerless" he said, frustrated. Empathy was about to reply but was cut off by a shout. "Sir i..its Oblivia!" Vesh drew his gun. "Put it away Vesh. Everyone knows your no fighter" cackled Oblivia. She cut down all four officers in the blink of an eye. She than swang the blade with great speed towards Vesh. He dodged but dropped the gun. She then stabbed him in the stomach. "Vesh"screamed Empathy,horrified. "Hey Em didn't see you there. Your dead girl" she winked at the stricken doctor. "That's enough Oby" called a voice. Oblivia's eyes widened. "Sis! Long time no see" she grinned. "Yeah" replied Mae. Oblivia lunged at Mae with great speed but was easily blocked. "Em look after Vesh. Your the only one who can save him now!" said Mae to Empathy. " As for you sis let's go!". The two womens sword clashed and they began a fierce battle. "Weaklings" sighed Chaos as he beheaded his eleventh victim with his sword. He heard the clash of swords up ahead. "Hmmm looks like Oby's having fun" Suddenly he ducked, as a bullet whizzed past his head. He turned around and spotted Shade on the roof of the building opposite. He turned again and blocked a blade. " So you've arrived Special Ops. But can you beat your master Leki?" "Watch me" replied the determined Leki. Chaos grinned. Now it was getting interesting. Maybe he could have some fun against his former student. He charged with renewed vigour... Chapter 3 "This is bad" said Shade to himself. He was sittting on the roof of the building oppposite the battle. In this situation his sniper was useless as he would probably hit Mae or Leki. "Damn!" he cursed. Suddenly he dropped his sniper, turned around and drew his handgun. "Relax Shade, its only me" said Razor. "oh, hey rookie!" grinned Shade. "Haha, your a riot Shade" replied Razor. "What's the situation?" "Well as you can see lucky Leki and Mae are fighting their arch enemy" chuckled Shade darkly. "Where's everyone else" asked the junior agent. "Well" Shade thought for a second. " Shazi is on a mission in Australia, Vesh is down there somewhere with Em, Scott is god-knows-where and Eve is guarding Ronin in the hospital" "So only me and you for back-up?" Shade laughed."only you raz i'm not equipped for close combat" Shade's radio crackled. "Yes" he answered. "Shade, the body, what should we do?". It was Empathy. "Ask Vesh, he's the commanding officer" replied Shade. "I can't. He's unconsious" said Em. "Damn!" exclaimed Shade. "OK Em, Razor's coming" "R-Razor, yes sir!" " Calm down Em, were all friends here". He put down the radio. " Razor. With Vesh out of it and Mae engaged in a battle with Oblivia, I am your commander" Shade told Razor. Razor stood to attention and saluted. "Yes Sir!" he barked. "Your mission is to retrieve the body and rescue Vesh and Empathy!" ordered Shade. "Shade can i ask, who's body is it?" asked Razor hesitantly. Shade closed his eyes, leaned against the wall and sighed. "Its Sickadiscustus" he said flatly. "The head of the Organisation?" gasped Razor. "Yeah, we believe it was a result of a coup d'etait led by Koby. Anyway forget it just go do your mission." "Yes Sir!". Razor drew his swords and jumped off the roof. He landed by rolling on his back. "Ok lets do this!" he said to himself. Shade glanced at the carnage below him. "Its a right mess out there" said a voice next to him. "Persocom still avoiding the dirty work i see" muttered Shade. " Come on Shade you know im an independent observer i just survive" "Yeah whatever" said Shade shortly. "You've lost " stated Persocom. "What!?" Shade whirled around. There was no one there. Persocom had gone. Chapter 4 Razor ran towards the ambulance but was stopped by a masked figure appearing in his path. "Who are you? Get out of my way! Now!" he demanded. Suddenly the masked man laughed, a cruel and manic laugh that chilled Razor to the bone. "You think a rookie like you could defeat me?" asked the man. " I'll defeat any one in my way" replied the determined Razor. The man removed his mask. " Dude this aint an anime! Thats so cliche it makes me wanna puke" sneered Random. "Great its you" moaned Razor. "Aah! I see my fierce reputation precedes me!" grinned Random, puffing his chest out. " Random your an idiot! The last time we fought you ran into a lampost and knocked yourself out!" exclaimed Razor. " Hey i was drunk then! And now your dead!". Random started spinning his sword around and then dropped it on his foot. "This could take a while" sighed Razor as Random hopped about. Mae slashed at Oblivia's neck but was blocked by her foes sword. Mae parried the counter attack and thrust at Oblivia's body but the sword only connected win thin air. "take this sis!" screamed Oblivia as she jumped over Mae and slashed at her neck. Mae turned and managed to block but the strike ripped her clothing, exposing her chest. "Wow Sis looks like you've grown" snickered Oblivia whilst pointedly looking at Mae's chest. Mae's face turned bright red. "You cow!" shouted Mae. She then slashed through Oblivia's clothes. "Well looks like your still the same" smirked Mae. Now Oblivia turned red. " If its any consolation girls you both are pretty stacked" grinned Vesh weakly. " SHUT UP YOU PERV!" both girls screamed at him. "Your dead now sis" said Oblivia. "Bring it kid!" grinned Mae. Oblivia let out a roar and charged at Mae. Leki again attacked Chaos who easily blocked him. He kept on attacking striking at Chaos repeatedly but was effortlessly repelled. "Leki i know i trained you better than this" " SHUT UP! shouted Leki. He flew at Chaos once more. Instead of blocking, this time he sidestepped. SLASH! He cut Leki's body. "W-What!" gasped Leki. He collapsed to the floor. Chaos turned and walked away. "D-Damn you Chaos w-wait" said Leki. "Weakling" stated Chaos. Leki cursed and blacked out. "This is boring Shade. I'm leaving." he walked away. "So he knew i was here huh" Shade sighed. Leki you hero, he said to himself and knelt by his injured friend's side. "Razor, Mae were pulling out" he said into his radio. "Oh you going sis?" mocked Oblivia. Damn Shade, i'm not going anywhere, said Mae to herself. "FREEZE OBY!" shouted Eve, pointing her gun at Oblivia. "Oh Eve your here. Sorry girls i like you but the bodies not that important so i'm gone. Oh and Mae? Koby's waiting" She dropped a smoke grenade, blinding Mae and Eve. When the smoke cleared she was gone. "Eve help Em with Vesh" she said. "Damn!" she said and punched the wall. " I'll get you next time Sis." Shade looked at his battered team. Scott was there too as he and Razor had made Random flee. Mae was quiet and brooding and Empathy and Eve where checking on the wounded Leki and Vesh. "Persocom was right. We got beat" he sighed. Time to go back to base he thought. Chapter 5 'Shade looked at his battered team. Scott was there too as he and Razor had made Random flee. Mae was quiet and brooding and Empathy and Eve where checking on the wounded Leki and Vesh. "Persocom was right. We got beat" he sighed. Time to go back to base he thought.' 2 weeks later "RAZOR! LEKI!" shouted Mae. "Huh?" grunted Razor. "Get up idiot. Its time for school." said Mae. "Why do i have to go to school> I'm a freaking goverment killing machine." muttered Razor. "Well Dan 15 year old boys should be in school, where they can learn to respect their elders" grinned Mae viciously. "Y-Yes Ma'am" said Razor hastily. "Just messing with ya kid" laughed Mae, ruffling Razor's hair. "I am NOT a kid!" exclaimed Razor. "Where's Leki" asked Mae. "He's-" Razor looked around the room confused. Leki suddenly strolled fully dressed and munching on toast. "Just came to get my bag" smile Leki cheerfully. "Glad to see your fully healed. but still what are you so happy about?" asked Mae. " He's gonna talk to his precious Sonya" snickered Razor. Mae's eyes widened and Leki spewed his toast all over Razor. "Hey!" shouted the toast covered teen. "I told you not to tell Mae!" shrieked Leki. He froze and turned around slowly. He found himself face to face with the shining eyes of Mae. " Oh Leki! Young love! Finally i can host a wedding! I'm so proud of you Leki you're so much better than that playboy Razor!" gushed Mae. " Oh yeah! I'm a stud" grinned Razor. " No Mae! We're not that far yet!" said Leki hastily. "Oh but have you kissed yet?" asked Mae. Leki turned bright red and Razor fell out of his bed in hysterics. "Mae! Its none of your buisness!" " Ok, Ok. Razor your late get dressed now!" " Just give me a sec to do my hair" "Your such a girl Raz" said Leki. "I'm a stud lover-boy" grinned Razor, quickly running out of the room. Leki sighed. He looked at Mae who seemed to be dreaming with a blissful look on her face. "Raz you bastard" he muttered under his breath. Eve was bored. She went shopping but quickly got fed up of it. She sat down on the bench and opened her book, The Hobo Chronicles. She read for about half an hour before she realised she was hungry. She went to K-Cafe! and ordered a quarter pounder with fries. "Yay!" she said to herself and tucked into her food. " Hey beautiful" said a voice. Eve looked up and saw a tall man with spiky hair and shades glancing down at her. "Hey" she said warily. " Are you alone? May i sit down?" he asked. "Sure go ahead" said Eve slowly. He looks familiar she thought to herself. "Your very cute" remarked the man. Eve blushed. "Thank you." she said. "Your boyfriend is one lucky guy." "I don't have one" giggled Eve. "Wow really? Thats amazing" said the man. "Whats your name" asked Eve. "Ch-Carter" said the man. "I'm Eve" "Hey Eve what have you been up to?" asked Carter. "Just walking around" she said as she finished off her last bit of food. "Alone?" Eve nodded. "Well we can't have that! Come on lets go!" he offered her his arm. Eve hesitated. "Well.....Ok then" she took the offered arm and they walked out of the cafe. Chapter 6 Razor and Leki were walking towards class when someone jumped on Razor's back. "What the-?!" shouted Razor. "Calm down Danny boy its me! Chi!" laughed the assailant. "Hey Chi." said Leki. "Hey Lek" grinned the boy. " Can you get off me bro?" asked Razor. "Sure man. I see your as strong as ever." remarked Chidori. "Whatever" said Razor dismissively. They walked past a bunch of girls. "Look its Dan!" whispered one. "The soccer team captain?" whispered another. "Yeah! He's gorgeous!" giggled a third. "Whats he doing with Chi?" "Chi? You mean that delinquent perv?!" "Oh put theres Leki!" " He's so cute! But i heard he's dating Sonya!" said another. "HUH?!" exclaimed the rest. "HEY DON'T YOU KNOW ITS RUDE TO TALK BEHIND SOMEONES BACK?!!" roared Chi at the shocked girls. " Its the perv! Run!" they screamed together. Razor and Leki laughed whilst Chi slumped into a depression. As they were about to enter the classroom they were stopped by a tall senior girl. "Hey R-Dan, Leki. How are you guys?" asked Shazi. "Yeah were good, thanks." said Leki. "You've got a nice tan Shazi" remarked Razor. "Thank you! Oh and Leki? Sonya's looking for you" winked Shazi and she walked off. "Leki man, i've never seen you so happy" smirked Razor. Leki smiled. "Hey guys what was that?" asked a stunned Chidori. "What do you mean Chi? asked Leki. Both he and Razor looked confused. " I mean why was Shazi, the goddess of Kametsu High talking to you like you were close friends?" said Chi incredulously. "Well, duh. We are good friends," said Razor. Chidori frowned. "Why didn't she talk to me?" wondered the confused boy. Razor put his hand on Chi's shoulder. "Well mate, its obvious you don't exist to her" Leki burst into laughter and Chidori's mood slipped even further. As this normal exchange occured, no-one noticed the strange girl by the lockers who was staring at the laughing face of Leki. "Damn! Physics is so boring!" exclaimed Razor as they sat down for lunch. A beautiful girl suddenly appeared in front of them. The girl had a perfect figure and beautiful glossy black hair that fell down to her shoulders. Her breasts were a cosy C cup which perfectly suited her and she had warm brown eyes that a guy could lose himself. She had a face that any man would drool over, she was stunningly beautiful and her name was Sonya, Leki's girlfriend. "Hey babe" she beamed at Leki. "Hello Chi" she said kindly. She didn't even look at Razor. "ooh is little miss perfect angry" teased Razor. "Leki let's go" she said shortly. They got up and left. " Wow she really hates you" said Chidori. "Yeah" laughed Razor. A tall, stocky boy ran up to them. "Captain!" he said. "Hey Ray" replied Razor "Its East Kametsu! There here requesting a re-match" said the boy. "Oh good! I'm so bored" said Razor." Tell them to go to our ground at 4:00pm after school. Oh and tell them to bring Carly, she's stunning!" grinned Razor. The boy ran out of the cafeteria. "Hey Dan?" said Chi. "Yeah?" said the teen. "Um how are we gonna tell Lek?" Razor looked at Leki's table and saw him attached to Sonya by the lips. There hands were also wrapped around each other. Razor grinned evily. "Hey Leki stop sucking Sonya's face and come here!" shouted Razor at the top of his voice. The whole cafeteria erupted in laughter. Sonya broke apart from Leki and rushed out. Leki walked back to Razor, his face bright red. As he walked he was bombared with cheers and wolf whistles. He grabbed Razor and pulled him out of the cafeteria. " We got a game" said Razor cheerfully. "You bastard!" Leki swung a fist at Razor who dodged and ran off. MEET ME AT THE MATHS ROOM in 10 BABE XXX. Leki smiled at the text. "Hey captain" he said. "what Leki" asked Razor. "I'm just going somewhere i'll be quick," said Leki. "OK but hurry the game starts soon and we can't start without the goalie" "Thanks!" He rushed off. Well she did say 10 minutes. "She's late" he sighed. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his side. "What the-?" he touched his side and was shocked to find blood on his hands. He turned around and gasped in surprise. "Eve what are you doing?" he said "I'm sorry Leki. I really liked you" she said. Eve then stabbed Leki to death. "AAAAAAAAAGH!" screamed Leki. He was in so much pain he couldn't move. Then he let out one shaky breath and finally lay still. Leki was dead. Eve used the blood to etch a 'C' on the floor. "I'm sorry Leki. Really, I am" she said to the life less body with tears in her eyes. She left the room. 10 minutes later " Wheres Leki got to?" asked Wolf, the star winger. "Damn him, he's probably fooling around with Sonya. Chi your on. Get in goal!" said Razor. "Y-Yeah bro!" said Chidori. "Where the hell are you Leki?" said Razor to himself. " I'm so sorry babe that freaky Mr Idl tried to talk to me" said Sonya as she opened the door of the Maths room. "Leki? You here?" she stopped dead when she saw the body. She collapsed to her knees and screamed at the top her voice.......... Chapter 7 "Eve what are you doing?" he said "I'm sorry Leki. I really liked you" she said. Eve then stabbed Leki to death. "AAAAAAAAAGH!" screamed Leki. He was in so much pain he couldn't move. Then he let out one shaky breath and finally lay still. Leki was dead. Eve used the blood to etch a 'C' on the floor. "I'm sorry Leki. Really, I am" she said to the life less body with tears in her eyes. She left the room. 4 hours earlier "So where do you want to go?" asked Carter. "Well....um," Eve blushed and looked away." Can we go see that new movie?" she asked finally, blushing furiously. " Of course we can," smiled Carter. Eve's face lit up in childish excitement and they walked to the cinema together, hand in hand. Koby frowned at the report in his hand. He pressed his intercom. "Meglad, send Oblivia in," he said. "Yes Sir!" replied the guard. Koby sighed, this would be difficult. "Hey Koby, long time no speak." said Oblivia cheerfully. " Yeah" replied Koby warily. " Why did you call me here?" asked Oblivia. " Well it's to discuss the mission" " Ok um what about it?" Oblivia was slightly confused. "You were in charge right?" "Yep, I was" answered Oblivia. " So why, when i put my best agent in charge, did you fail to achieve the objectives" asked Koby calmly. " What? How dare you-" began Oblivia. "No! You're forgetting Oby, I killed Sicka andI am the leader of the Organisation!" roared Koby. " Y-Yes Ko-" stammered Oblivia. " Sir! Not Koby, sir!" said Koby. Oblivia nodded, she was speechless in shock. " Now" said Koby rubbing his forehead. " Because of your abysmal performance as leader Sicka's body fell into Spec. Ops. hands, so you will not be given a promotion and instead Chaos is now the No.1 agent of the Organisation." he said slowly. Oblivia's eyes widened. "But Sir-" her protest was swiftly cut off by Koby. " Enough even now Chaos is working on recruting another agent. I have no more to say. Now go." he said dismissively. Oblivia was stunned and turned to leave but stopped. " Oh and Koby-" she began. " Look I told you-". Oblivia raised her voice. " Mae said hi." she then stormed out of the room. Koby sighed. "Damn" he said. Eve rushed out of the cinema with Carter chasing after her. " Eve! Eve whats wrong?" asked a concerned Carter. "I'm sorry I can't kiss you," she said "Why not?" "Your my enemy" she stated simply. "What?" gasped Carter " I know its you Chaos" she sighed. " How long?" asked Chaos "Since the cafe" " oh" "Yeah oh" Eve suddenly turned and ran. "Wait Eve! Watch out!" shoted Chaos. Eve froze and turned, only to see a truck coming straight at her............. Chapter 8 Eve froze and turned, only to see a truck coming straight at her.......... The truck charged down the road. "NO! EVE!" Chaos desperately ran towards her but he was too slow, much too slow. He saw her freeze, he saw her turn and he saw the truck. The so insignificant, everyday truck that would destroy Eve in a matter of seconds. Tears of frustation began to build up and he closed his eyes. He heard the truck drive past but was surprised to not hear the thud of it hitting Eve's body. He opened his eyes and was stunned to see Eve looking shaken but unhurt with Yuna standing over her. "Here mate your girl's fine" called Yuna. Chaos rushed over to them. Eve looked dazed and was completely unaware of what was happening. "Why are you here? asked Chaos. "Koby told me to watch you." she stated simply. "Why?" asked Chaos forcefully. In response Yuna laughed. " We were concerned" She breathed into Chao's ear." My, my the mighty Chaos. Who would've guessed your so naive. She could of easily taken advantage of your feelings and killed you" " Don't be idiotic it's just a mission." replied Chaos, blushing. Yuna was laughing even more now. "O-Oh my god!" she giggled. " Chaos the most feared and sadistic Organistation agent is blushing! Unbelievable! Anyway bye lover-boy" Yuna walked off still chuckling. " Damn calculating bitch" muttered Chaos under his breath. " So i'm just a mission am i?" inturrupted the now alert Eve. " Eve are you ok?" asked a concerned Chaos. He tried to embrace her but she pushed him away. "Answer me!" she demanded. "No i really do like you." said Chaos." I just didn't want Yuna to get the wrong idea-" "Oh so your embarrased?" asked Eve relentlessly. "No! It's just.." said Chaos weakly "Just?" replied Eve. Chaos sighed. He stared at Eve for a while. " God your beautiful" he said and leaned in and kissed her deeply. Eve was taken aback at first and Chaos feared that she would back away but then she accepted it and put her arms around Chaos's neck, kissing him back. Chaos wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in closer. They broke apart after a few minutes but stayed in the same position with Eve's head buried into Chaos's chest. " I want to join you" breathed Eve sudddenly. Now it was Chaos's turn to be taken aback. "What?" he blurted it out. "Wow you really no how to kill the mood" giggled Eve. "S-Sorry" stammered Chaos. Eve giggled again. "Are you sure?" asked Chaos. "Yeah" replied Eve softly. "But what about your team?" "Well apart from Razor, Leki and Mae i don't really talk to any of them. I mean Shazi's always on foreign missions and Vesh and Shade are heartless and always caught up in their own work." " won't you miss them three?" said Chaos not wanting to name his three enemies. "Well ever since you put Ronin in hospital and Koby took over, Mae's been really depressed and Razor's always out with girls or playing soccer and Leki's always training to beat you or he's out with Sonya." she explained. " I'd love you to join but Koby wouldn't like it," said Chaos. " Actually Koby's given you a job" inturrupted Random, appearing suddenly. "What?!" exclaimed Chaos and Eve together. "Yeah and so you don't help her, the job is killing Leki," continued Random. Chaos's eyes narrowed and he reached for his hidden knife. "Wait! I'm just the messenger bro!" shouted Random in alarm. "I'll do it" said Eve. "Eve no-" began Chaos "No! I'll prove i'm worthy of being by your side" "OK and Eve you have to leave the C" said Random. "Sorry Koby's orders" he said apologetically and jumped onto his bike and sped away. " I'm sorry Chaos. Wait for me" said Eve and walked away leaving Chaos standing there looking as if he wanted to crush someone. 4 and a half hours later "What happened? Who screamed?" asked Shazi. She saw Sonya faint and saw the body. " Oh god no!" she shouted. She turned and retched. She scrambled for her phone. "No no no no!" she repeated. She dialled Razor. "RAZ!" she screamed. "Wow Shazi what?" replied a bewildered Razor. " Come to the maths room quick. Leki-" she stopped and shuddered. "LEKI? WHAT'S HAPPENED TO HIM SHAZ?" Razor was stunned. To hear Shazi talk like this something had to be badly wrong. " He's-" she gasped again, tears flowing freely down her face."He's dead." she said quietly, dropping the phone........... Chapter 8.5 "Shit!" shouted Razor. Shazi looked up. " He was stabbed numerous times. No way he could of survived," she said examaning the body. "Damn!" cursed Razor. He took a breath to regain his composure. "I'll call Mae. The less witnesses the better." he said coldly. Shazi looked surprised but then quickly went into professional mode. "Yes we need to remove the body and the blood. What should we do about Sonya?" she asked Razor. " I'll kill her then we won't have to worry about a cover story for her." stated Razor ruthlessly. "What?!" Shazi was stunned. She went up to Razor and hugged him. "It's ok you can cry now" she said. Razor choked and then let the tears come. They flowed freely down his face and he went on his crying causing Shazi to start and they stood there weeping for their dead friend. "Mae?" said Razor into the phone. "Oh my god Raz are you ok?" asked Mae concerned by his voice. "Just get here quick and bring my bag" he said flatly. "Er Ok give me 10 minutes," said a confused Mae. Razor switched off the phone. "Why do you want your bag?" asked Shazi. "I'm gonna kill Chaos" he replied. "What? Chaos? Why?" asked Shazi, totally lost. In response Razor pointed to a spot by Leki's body. It was a letter etched in blood, a single 'C'. "Oh my god! Leki, no!" exclaimed Mae. She started crying. "Yeah Mae give me my bag" said Razor cutting her off. She handed him his bag. He went up to Leki's body. "Well bud i guess we couldn't play for Kametsu United together. I guess we were fools to think we could have a normal life.I'm gonna get revenge for you. It wasn't your time. Rest in peace Leki,your safe from all this shit now." he said to his best friend's body. "Mae, Shazi." They looked up from their grief. Razor took out his mask and looked at it. "Sort this out get Vesh and Shade. Defeat the Organisation. I'm gone." he said. " Raz wait" said Shazi. She tried to catch but he was too fast and he exited the room. " Now Chaos. Where are you?" Cuz i'm coming and i'll destroy you!" he said. "So it's begun," said Ballard to himself as he saw Razor rush out of the school. "Sir, the Americans are coming in 3 days." said Idl. "Good." smiled Ballard. "Yes sir. It was a stroke of genius to give them Sickadiscustus's body." "Yes who would've guessed he was an american agent? No wonder Koby wouldn't kill him, now the U.S have an excuse to take Kametsu. They'll drastically weaken their military crushing the Organisation and the government and then i'll take over and it'll be all mine." he smiled. Chapter 9 Chaos stormed into Koby's office. "What the hell man? Why have you put a hit on Leki?" he demanded furiously. " It's a test for Eve. Don't you want her to join us?" replied Koby calmly. " Of course I do! But why Leki? Vesh is an easier target." argued Chaos. "Well because i know you won't help her in eliminating Leki." " You bastard!" roared Chaos, drawing his sword and pointing it at Koby. Koby snarled and drew his gun, pointing it at Chaos's face. " Put your sword away" commanded Koby furiously. Chaos grinned. He loved a challenge but he didn't fancy getting a bullet in his brain. He put his blade away and Koby put his gun down. " OK Koby you win this time but remember you just screwed Chaos, the guy who even Ronin fears" Koby waved his hand dismissively. " Look as team leader i think that you deserve to know a secret." " Oh" Chaos's eyebrows rose in interest. "Yes it's concerning Sicka's body" ...... " What do you mean it's gone?" exclaimed Vesh in disbelief. The officer looked at the floor, avoiding Vesh's eyes. " Well Sir we found two guards dead and the body gone" said the officer. " So your telling me that your men let the body of Sickadiscustus, the master criminal of Kametsu fall into enemy hands?" roared Vesh. " Sir it's just a body. Why's it so important?" asked the officer. "Well idiot! If the enemy kills two police officers for it it has to be important!" Empathy walked in. " Vesh i've tested the bodies and i can confirm they've been dead for approximately 2 days," she reported. Vesh was about to explode when his phone rang. He answered it. " Mae whats up?" asked Vesh. " Come to the school and bring Empathy," she ordered. " Why?" replied Vesh, confused. He heard Mae choke and then she spoke. " Leki's dead" she stated. Vesh gasped. "W-What?" he asked in disbelief. " Just come i can't say it again," said Mae weakly. She hung up. Vesh flopped back in his chair, rubbing his temple. " Sir!" called the desk officer, rushing into the room. " Not now. I'm busy" said Vesh dismissively. " Sir you really have to see this." replied the officer, holding a laptop. "Fine" muttered Vesh. The officer pressed a few buttons and the screen flickered into life. " Hello Vesh" said Poetic. " CIA? What do you want?" asked Vesh, surprised. " We're coming to take Kametsu," said Poetic calmly. " What?!" exclaimed Vesh. " We've recovered the body of U.S government agent Ethan Johnson." she said. " Johnson? What's that got to do with us?" " You may know him as Sicka" smiled Poetic. " You mean?" " Yes Kametsu just killed an all-american hero who tried to stop the dangerous gang ring in the city. So now we are coming in to sort out the gangs for you," smiled Poetic. "Wait-" he was cut off by an explosion. " Looks like he's arrived. Goodbye Vesh," the laptop switched off. Vesh looked up to see Red stroll in. " Hey Vesh it's me," he grinned. " I've come to take over Kametsu!" Chapter 10 Another building exploded on the monitor. Red smiled. " So Vesh. How does it feel seeing Kametsu being destroyed in front of your eyes?" asked Red. " Piss off" growled Vesh in return. Red chuckled and looked round the room. " This is a pretty good command center Vesh, and those T.V screens are amazing, you can see everything in the city." Red whistled. Vesh ran a quick series of thoughts through his head. We are in Sector A, so thats taken. According to Red, Sectors C, D and F were also taken. Vesh smiled grimly to himself. The school and Spec. Ops. command center were in Sector B which meant that as expected, The Organisation was situated in Sector E. " Sir, we have reports of serious U.S army casualties by the Grand Theatre." reported one of Red's aides. " The theatre? Vesh which sector?" asked Red. " Like i'd tell you" snorted Vesh. Red pulled out his gun and levelled it at Vesh. " Doesn't scare me" said the detective. Red turned the gun and shot Vesh's secretary in the shoulder. He grinned at the Inspector sadisticly. Vesh winced. " Sector E" he said bitterly. " Turn on the Sector E monitor," commanded Red. The screen showed a fierce yet elegant woman wielding two katanas. " Is that who i think it is?" gasped a shocked Red. Vesh laughed. " Yeah thats Oblivia and your men are so dead," Red paled. Razor cut down yet another soldier. What the hell is the U.S military doing in Kametsu? He ducked down, dodging a hail of bullets. He took a short breat and sprinted towards the source of the shooting. The soldier let loose more bullets but he missed every time. Razor slashed the machine guns barrel and grabbed the officer by his throat. " Who's in charge?" he demanded. " Com-Commander Red" blurted the terrified soldier. " Where?" " The Kametsu Polce HQ," " Damn!" cursed Razor. He punched the scared man between his eyes, knocking him out and rushed towards Sector A. Mae draped the cloth back over Leki's body. "Yeah it's him" she said, tears dripping down her face. She hugged Shazi. " Do you want to discuss arrangements" asked the sympathetic doctor. " No i need to talk to the rest of the family," croaked Mae. " Yes of course. I'm very sorry for your loss" the doctor walked off. " Why did we have to go through that Shazi?" asked Mae. "We need to keep up are facade of normality" replied Shazi bitterly. " Yeah i know" Mae stopped. " What is it?" asked Shazi. " I left my phone at home," said Mae dismissively. "Damn it!" cursed Shade. Mae wasn't picking up her phone,Eve was missing, Shazi,Razor and Leki were not at school and Vesh and Em were trapped at the police HQ. " Isn't she answering?" asked Scott. Shade shook his head. " Where the fuck did the U.S military come from?" wondered Amber. " Babe you shouldn't swear" said Scott. " Shut up you idiot!" she shouted. " Y-Yes" stammered Scott. Shade sighed. " There's someone at the door," said Amber after a while. "Who?" asked Shade. " It's.... Oh my God it's Chaos!" she gasped in shock. "SPEC OPS I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! THE U.S ARE TAKING KAMETSU! WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER! LET ME IN!" bellowed Chaos. Shade loaded two guns and Amber loaded her rifle. "Open it" Shade said to Scott. " What me?" whined Scott. " Yeah you idiot!" roared Amber. Scott gulped, picked up his shotgun and opened the door. " Thank you." said Chaos." Now lets talk tactics"........... Chapter 11 Oblivia beheaded another soldier. "This is so fun!" she cackled manically. Random dodged another bullet and stabbed the shooter. " Don't you think you're having a bit too much fun Oby?" he said nochalantly. " Oh shut it Rand!" she said, killing yet another. Random sighed. Suddenly his phone buzzed. It was a text from Chaos. It said, Due to the current situation, we have to work with Spec Ops. Random's eyebrows raised in surprise. He continued reading, Koby's orders, come to their base right now, inform everyone. Random turned to Oblivia. " I've just recieved orders from Ch-," he stopped suddenly, temporarily forgeting about Oblivia's bad feelings towards Chaos. Luckily for him, she was so absorbed in the battle she didn't realise. " - from Koby. We are to go to Spec Ops at once," Oby laughed. " Interesting," she suddenly stopped as the U.S soldiers began retreating. " Let's go then. There running." They both stopped suddenly as two shruikens flew towards them. They both sharply ducked and drew their swords. " Who's there?" called Oblivia. Two figures appeared. " Who are you?" asked Random. The left figure smiled. " Forgotten us already Rand?" As they came closer, Oblivia recognised their faces and gasped. " U.S Zero Squad?" she breathed. Random gasped. " Stuy and Fang?" Fang smiled. " Shit! This is bad!" continued Random. " Glad you remember us," said Stuy. He drew his sword. Oblivia looked at Random. " Go tell Chaos, now!" she ordered. " But-" " You have to!" " No, you'll die!" protested Random. Suddenly Stuy charged at Oblivia, who dodged. " If you don't go now, I will never forgive you!" she said to Random. After a moment, he nodded. Just as he was about to leave, Fang intercepted him. " Like hell, i'd let you go," he said. From nowhere, Fang was sent flying by a kick. Random looked to his left and saw Yuna. " Go now," she said. Random smiled in relief and nodded. " Good luck guys!" he said before turning around and speeding away. Yuna looked at Oblivia. Stuy stood back smiling. " You'll pay for that Yuna!" roared Fang. " Let's do this Oby," said Yuna. Oblivia smiled. " Yeah let's!" Snow, sat on the roof, smiled as he saw the battle below. " Who do you think will win?" asked a voice to his left. Snow turned. " Perso, the shadow. Hello." he smiled. " I don't really care." Persocom smiled. " You call me the Shadow, yet we both know who the real shadow is in this war," Snow grinned again. Persocom continued, " Tell Ballard, I hope he burns in hell," " Will do," replied Snow. He looked to his left and saw that Perso had disappeared. " Time to get back to Ballard," he said aloud. Chapter 12 Mae and Shazi exited the hospital and went towards the car park. BANG! " What the hell was that?" shouted Shazi, in surprise. " Something's wrong," said Mae. " MAE! WATCH OUT!" screamed Shazi. Mae instinctively dodged to the left but wasn't quick enough and the bullet hit her shoulder. As she fell, she looked up and saw a group of soldiers. " Damn," she muttered, as she lost consciousness. " Bastards!" roared Shazi. She grabbed Mae and leaped onto a car. She paused to grin at the soldiers. " Catch me if you can!" As the soldiers opened fire, Shazi jumped to the next car and used the rest of the parked cars as a path to where her car was parked. She landed next to her car and fumbled for her keys. " Damn!" she cursed. As she finally opened the door, a bullet whizzed past her head. She tossed Mae in and drew her sub-machine gun from under the driver's seat. She fired at the soldiers, hitting some and causing the others to scatter and take cover. In the car, Mae woke up. " Aah my shoulder!" she moaned. Shazi jumped into the car and handed Mae the gun. " I need to drive, can you shoot?" she asked. " Are you crazy? Of course I can," replied Mae, taking the gun. Shazi started the car and pulled out of the space. The soldiers started firing but where again scattered by the return fire. Shazi swerved sharply and the car lurched forward. As they drove towards the exit, they were cut off by 4 cars blocking it. " Where do you think your going?" grinned Rezin cockily. Mae shot at him, causing him to run for cover. " That's Rezin. What an idiot," snickered Mae. " Yeah but if Rezin is here then the U.S army is here," stated Shazi. " Shit," cursed Mae. She aimed the gun again but when she pulled the trigger, all she got was a click. " Out of bullets," Shazi tried to turn to the other entrance but was blocked by another group of cars. " We're surrounded," groaned Mae. Rezin appeared again. " Step out of the car Mae and you Shazi," he called. " Who the fuck are you to call us by our names!" yelled Mae. Rezin laughed. " Last chance. Get out or die," As they got out, Rezin said, " Chuck the keys here," Mae nodded at Shazi, who did as she was asked. Suddenly a black SUV burst through the barricade. Amber leaned out of the window, peppering the soldiers with bullets. " It's Spec Ops! Return fire!" yelled Rezin. His men began dropping like flies. " A sniper!" " Take cover!" " Where is it?!" It was all panic and confusion. On the hospital fire escape, Shade smiled as he killed another soldier. " This is the perfect tactic. Trust him to make things chaotic," Chaos grinned manically as he leaped out of the SUV. Brandishing his sword he cut down 4 soldiers in the blink of an eye. " Rescue mission complete!" he grinned, as Mae and Shazi leaped into the SUV. He jumped back in and Scott, who was driving, floored it. As they went by the fire escape, Scott slowed and Chaos kicked open the door. " What the hell?!" yelled Mae. Just as she was about to protest further, Shade jumped in, shutting the door behind him. " Hey Shazi, Mae," he said calmly. Suddenly Mae moaned. " You know I've got a bullet in my shoulder, right?" she said. Shade gasped. " Sorry let me see," he said. Shazi grabbed Chao's sword and pointed it at his throat. Shade sighed. " It's ok, he's with us," he said. He was shocked when tears fell from Shazi's eyes. " Give me one good reason, why I shouldn't kill this murdering bastard!" " Murder? What?" asked a confused Shade. " He killed Leki," said Mae softly. " He what?! Chaos sighed. " It wasn't me," he said. " Oh yeah? Who was it then?!" exclaimed Shazi. " Eve" said Chaos simply. Mae gasped. " Huh?!" cried Shade. Shazi was so surprised, she nearly dropped the sword. " Liar!" she yelled. Chaos sighed again. " Let me explain........" Chapter 13 Razor sighed. He had fought through a lot of soldiers and was knackered. He looked up at the street sign and grinned. It said Sector A. " Looks like I'm here," Suddenly a baseball came swinging towards his head. He dodged to the left and sliced the bat in half with his sword. " Fuck," cursed the assailant. Razor froze. " Punner?" he asked. The reporter's eyes lit up. " Danny?" he laughed. " What?" asked a confused Razor. " I knew it! I knew it!" boasted Punner. " Knew what?" " That you and your family are police!" Razor gasped. " No wonder they call you Punner the Wizard," Punner laughed again. " Thats not actually my name," he grinned. " I know Iki," grinned Razor in return. Iki gasped. " Your Iki, a former military aide to the British S.A.S" " But how, why, who?" mumbled the confused reporter. " It's the job of Spec Ops to know," Iki's eyes widened. " FREEZE!" yelled a voice. Razor instantly dropped into a defensive crouch, drawing a gun. " I wouldn't do that if i were you," grinned Red. " SHIT!" swore Iki, for they were surrounded with 20 or so red dots between their eyes. Razor grinned. " Don't even think about escaping. I know you. Your the Knight of Death. You might be able to escape but your friend can't," Razor grinned again. " Fine," he said dropping his weapons and putting his hands behind his head with Iki following suit. Oblivia laughed as she parried another attack from Stuy. She swung at his head but was easily blocked. Yuna and Fang were locked in a viscious battle too. " It's a deadlock Oby," muttered Stuy. " Oh really?" grinned Oblivia. " Yes we are evenly matched," Oblivia snorted. " You wish," Suddenly she struck. An amazingly quick strike that cut through Stuy's defence like a knife cutting through butter. " What?" gasped Stuy as he crashed to the ground. Oblivia's joy was cut short however, as she felt a sting in her shoulder. She touched the spot and cursed. " Tranquillizer," she groaned. As she sunk to the ground, she called out weakly to Yuna, " Run!" Yuna saw Oblivia fall and swore. Suddenly Fang jumped back and Yuna felt as if a truck had hit her in her head. " Owwwww," she moaned as she dropped to her knees. As she lost conciousness she saw a man's face. " Hey I'm Kro and you're under American arrest," he smiled. Damn, cursed Oblivia as she too passed out.......... Chapter 14 " He killed Leki," said Mae softly. " He what?! Chaos sighed. " It wasn't me," he said. " Oh yeah? Who was it then?!" exclaimed Shazi. " Eve" said Chaos simply. Mae gasped. " Huh?!" cried Shade. Shazi was so surprised, she nearly dropped the sword. " Liar!" she yelled. Chaos sighed again. " Let me explain........" CRASH! " What is it Scott?" gasped Shade in alarm. Scott turned to look at him. " Someone shot out our tyres," he replied. " SHIT!" cursed Chaos. Suddenly, two shots rang out. " Take cover!" yelled Mae. After a pause, they all got back up. Shade drew a gun and tossed one to Mae. Shazi gave Chaos his sword and picked up the assault rifle from below the seat. " Scott can you move the car?" asked Shade. There was no response. " Scott?" Still no answer. Shade got up and leaned forward. " Shit," he sighed. " What is it," asked Mae worriedly. She leaned forward and gasped. There slumped in the front seats were Scott and Amber, with bullets between their eyes. Dead. Mae sunk into her seat, breathing heavily. " Are they-?" asked Shazi. Mae nodded. Suddenly Shade kicked open the door. " Shade! What are you doing?!" exclaimed Mae. " BASTARDS! WHO KILLED THEM?!" he roared. Another shot rang out and Shade dropped to his knees and leveled his sniper. As he lined up the target, a voice called out. " Stop Shade," Shade's eyes widened and Mae, Shazi and Chaos all gasped for standing there was Poe and with her was a squad of 30 soldiers, all of them pointing their guns towards Shade's group. " Freeze now!" she ordered. Chaos was the first to recover from his shock. " I don't think so Poe!" He took Shazi's gun. Poe laughed. " We have your comrades. If you shoot they all die!" she boasted. Chaos swore. Mae and Shazi tensed. Sighing, Shade raised his arms. " We surrender," he said softly. Chaos dropped the gun and imitated Shade, as did the girls. " This sucks," muttered Mae. Hiding a short distance away, Eve sighed. She watched as her friends were taken away. " Just wait guys, I'll free you" she muttered. Random walked into headquarters and froze. It was quiet, too quiet. He walked tentatively towards Koby's office. When he reached it he swore and drew his gun. Meglad, Koby's bodyguard, lay dead in his chair. Random cautiously entered the room and saw Ballard sitting there. " You! What are you doing here?" gasped Random. " Hello. You may know me as Police Chief Ballard but I'm now taking over Kametsu," he grinned. " What? You mean this is all your doing?" " Why of course," Random leveled the gun at Ballard. " Where's Koby?" he demanded. " I'm over here," said a voice behind him. Random turned around. " Sir! What-" he was silenced by Koby's knife sliding between his ribs. " Why?" gasped Random, sinking to the floor. Koby smiled coldly at him. "Sorry mate but i play for the winning team," " Ba-Bastard," breathed Random. He lay there on the floor. " I'm sorry Oby," He took his last breath and died......... Chapter 15 Oby snorted as she saw Vesh talking with Red. The inspector looked at her. " Hello Oby, i heard you were unconcious?" " Pfft, that tranquillizer was nothing," she lied. In truth her shoulder was still throbbing and she felt dizzy. " Hey Oby," grinned Red. In response, Oby spat at his feet. Red's grin turned to a grimace. " Take her away," he ordered the guards. " Wait," inturrupted Vesh. " What?" asked Red, irritably. " If we are going to discuss things, I need to meet with the rest of my team. Allow me to see them," he said. " Fine, go," said Red dismissively. " Mae? Shazi?" gasped a shocked Razor upon seeing his comrades. Only 3 hours ago they had been together at school. It was evening now but everything had changed. Suddenly. he spotted Chaos. " Bastard!" he exclaime and leaped at him. " Raz wait!" yelled Mae in alarm. Razor laid into Chaos, punch after punch at his face. The guards tasered him and he was restrained by Shade and Shazi. " Stop or you will be shot," said the guards. " Get off me!" he exclaimed. Chaos got up from the ground, wiping his lip. " Not bad Raz. You're way stronger than Leki," he smirked. " I'll kill you!" roared Danny. CRACK! Shazi's slap stunned Razor. " Leave it," she ordered. Danny cursed again. " Fine," he muttered. " Looks like your having fun," grinned Oby, entering the room. " Hey sis," sneered Mae. " Hey, stop arguing. For now we are on the same side." ordered Vesh, following Oby with Empathy at his side. " Vesh! Empathy!" exclaimed Shazi, embracing them both. " I would hug you but my arm kills," smiled Mae weakly. " I'll check it out," said Empathy, lifting her medical bag. " Me too please, that tranquillizer was killer," moaned Oby. Empathy hesitated. Shade nodded. " Do it," Oby snorted. " Where's everyone else?" asked Razor. Mae, Shazi and Shade tensed. " Scott and Amber are dead," stated Chaos matter-of-factly. " WHAT?" gasped Razor. Vesh rubbed his eyes. " Shit," he cursed. " How can you say it so casually?" demanded Shade. " Cuz I don't care!" grinned Chaos. " It's your fault bastard!" roared Shade. " STOP!" yelled Vesh. Everyone fell silent. " Good. Now I've lost enough comrades today and as much as I despise the Organisation, I know we must work together to save Kametsu. Now any suggestions?" Chapter 16 Mae sighed. She looked around the room and saw everyone was asleep. They had talked and discussed for hours without really getting anything done. She rubbed her shoulder, Empathy had done an amazing job and it was just a dull ache. Vesh had gone around an hour ago with Chaos to meet with the Americans. So much had happened today and Mae knew that more was to come. " I wonder just how many more of us will die," she muttered to herself. Oblivia, feigning sleep, nodded in agreement. 12 hours later " How long are we gonna be kept here?" moaned Razor. Yuna frowned. " Its lunch and Vesh and Chaos still aren't back," she said. " Speaking of lunch do we get any?" asked Shade. Suddenly, the door opened and Vesh and Chaos entered the cell, with 3 guards and Poe following them. " We've had a nice long chat and come to a decision," she smirked. Mae noticed that Vesh looked weary and Chaos was extremely agitated. Poe continued. " Our original aim was to eliminate the gang warfare that has engulfed Kametsu. However upon discussion with Inspector Vesh and Chaos, we have realised that the Organisation is to blame," she grinned. There was a collective gasp. " I told you we don't need you," muttered Vesh. " You might think that but your president called us in," replied Poe. Suddenly, Yuna lunged at Poe. A shot rang out. Yuna dropped to the floor, a bullet hole between her eyes. " YUNA!" screamed Oby, she moved towards Poe but was stopped by Chaos. Poe looked at her coldly. " Under the authority of the United States government, I sentence all members of the Organisation to execution!" Chapter 17 Razor patted his stomach contently. The members of Spec Ops had been released an hour ago and had eaten a great lunch. As he thought about the Organisation, he sighed. He turned to Shade. " This isn't right," he said to him. " I know. This is our job." replied Shade, darkly. " Why did the president even call in the Americans?" asked Razor. " Kametsu is a strategically valuable area. The president is a corrupt bastard who's only goal is to get chummy with the U.S. You following so far?" Razor nodded. " So by allowing them into Kametsu, he's giving them a stake in it. The Organisation is a powerful criminal syndicate, feared the world over so if the Americans destroy it, they look good and they have an excuse to come into Kametsu." " But why did they negoiate with Vesh and Chaos?" " To keep up the facade of being 'friendly allies'." said Shade. " But then why did they kill Scott and Amber?" asked Razor. Shade raised his eyebrow. " You are right. I'm stumped about that," " We didn't kill any of you," inturrupted Krog. " What?" gasped Shade. " Are you sure?" asked Razor. Krog nodded. " Poe specifically ordered us to avoid killing," said Krog. Razor frowned. " Well if you didn't kill them......." " Who did?" breathed Shade. Krog frowned. " We need to find Vesh now!" exclaimed Shade. " Like I'm gonna let you go anywhere!" yelled Krog. Razor narrowed his eyes. " What do you mean?" he asked. " Well, while you've been chatting, Zero Squad have secured all members of Spec Ops so they don't attempt a rescue!" " Shit," cursed Shade. " But don't you see, somethings wrong!" " Just sit tight," replied Krog. CRASH! The whole room shook. " What the-?" muttered Krog. Suddenly, Razor kicked him. Shade knocked out the guards. " Lets go find out what's going on," he said to Razor.
  16. Been working on this for 5 days FINALITY done ---------------- If something that was always there but you never saw, just disappeared, Would You Notice? If something came before you Different, yet the same, Would You Notice? Could you put two and two together? Or would it never occur to you? This starts off with a girl. Who came from no where. Before a boy. Just sitting in a school cafeteria playing his Nintendo DS as he did every lunch period. The girl walked in front of him leaning over, as if she was purposely casting her shadow over his game screen. The boy looked up at her to see the girls short blond hair drape over the sides of her face as her brown eyes laid fixed on his screen. The boy was a bit irritated from his lighting being blocked. He gave her a frown as his brown bangs fell to the left side of his face. Green eyes glared at her as he spoke, "h-hey". She seemed to take it in and sat down on the bench beside him still watching the screen. He obliviously wasn't so comfortable with some stranger sitting beside him, moving away from her trying to focus on his game. She stated, "Pokemon Silver? Looks like your on the 4th gym". He snorted, "How do you know I'm on my forth"? She mellowly stated, "I saw your badges when you opened your menu". She leaned back and sighed, "Playing old games is pretty fun though, some of the originals are better then the new versions". His sourness towards her faded away as a connection was made. He nodded, "Yeah, games suck these days". She spouted, "Hey I didn't say all of them suck! Some are still good, how about Dragon Age"? He blinked in surprise, "Well I never played that one, sorry". He paused for a second, "hey whats your name anyways"? She blinked caught off guard by the question, "Oh it's, Tajya, Whats yours?". He closed his DS speaking, "Tajya huh? mines Darren". The school bells rang to indicate that Lunch was over. The two of them went to there classes. Only to see each other again and again each lunch period. A growing friendship that has lasted for a month. They often talked about games and walked around the school. Today they met on different terms. In the middle of class period they happened to cross paths from a bathroom break. Tajya excitedly stops, "oh hey Darren, whats up?". Darren replied, "Oh nothing much just stupid English class". She laughs, "Yeah I got math, just a bunch of boring numbers I'll never need to know". Darren grins, "Ya know what, maybe we should skip class". Tajya returns the grin, "Hey that's not a bad idea, where do you wanna go?". Darren says, "Well follow me" walking forward. They sit together behind an unused portable figuring no one will find them there. The wind blows as Tajya holds her blue jean skirt that ruffles down just before her knees. Her white tight shirt bares a Logo in pink across the front saying, "Cute and Stylish" as it drapes down to show much cleavage. Her shoes are simple white saddles. Darren folds his arms over his knees. He clearly doesn't care for style with his plain black shirt and his baggy blue jeans. But his green eyes gaze off as his hair is blown by the spring breeze. Darren speaks, "You know we've been talking about games so much, but you've never told me about yourself". Tajya blinks from the unexpected question, "Well what do you wanna know"? Darren says, "Not sure, how about your family? You got any brothers or sisters". Tajya answers, "well not really-". A lady yells out, "Hey you two-"! At a glance they realize she is a supervisor. Tajya grasps Darren's hand and runs for it. They make it into the school building. She takes him into the washroom. Darren's eyes widen when he sees the girls sign. But he lets her drag him anyways. They catch their breath inside a cramped bathroom stall. Darren gasps, "This is the girls washroom"! Tajya laughs, "so? no ones here, It's just us". The air grows strained between them knowing they are alone. Tajya backs up against the stall wall as she feels her leg being touched. They are no longer seeing each other with their eyes, but with their lips as they come closer together. Lips locked together as Darren feels further up her leg into her skirt. Just as quickly as they came together they separated. Tajya covered her face sliding down the stall wall. She had looked like she was about to cry. Darren asked, "are-are you alright, I-I'm sorry". He clearly felt guilty looking at his hand that touched her like that. Tajya dashes out the stall yelling, "I-I can't"! Only to fall over, face first onto the tiled floor. Darren quickly comes to her aid, "Tajya! are you okay"!? Tajya rolled onto her side holding her knee, "it hurts"! It was easy to tell by her face that she was in a lot of pain. Darren saw her shirt was rolled up a bit. He had caught eye of something so he reached for her shirt and moved it up just a bit. Only to see a big bruise across her side. She looked up at him in pain and sorrow. Darren picked her up and in time he was in the hospital waiting room. He felt like he had been waiting days. Going over everything that had happened. Wondering if shes okay and if, it was a mistake to kiss her. Finally a nurse came telling him it's alright to see her. As he walked through the door his heart ached seeing her hooked up to machine laying in a hospital bed. The nurse slowly closed the door behind him. It was only the two of them. In a silent room. Darren slowly walked to her bed and sat down in the chair. Tajya looked up at him almost ready to cry. Darren's lips barely opened, "Tajya, I- are your okay? I'm so sorry". Tajya looks at him. Her lips move regretfully in a weak sick voice, "Darren, there's something I need to tell you". Darren hastefully says, "What? what is it? please tell me". Tajya looks away, "I had known about my sickness before we met, I didn't want you to find out" She stops to catch her breath, "and I didn't want to hurt you, But I- I'm going to die". Darren's eyes widen as a tear flows down. Tajya continues, "I have Leukemia, it's cancer of the blood and I was just so unlucky that nothing works". Darren holds his face starting to cry, "T-then why did you meet me? and why didn't you tell me at all this past month?". Tajya regretfully states, "Because I was selfish, I wanted a friend and then when my sickness was too much I was going to disappear". Darren picks up her hand holding it with both of his against his head as tears flow down. He confesses, "Tayja, I-I love you, this past month with you has been the best time of my life, please tell me how you feel about me". He holds her hand tighter waiting on an answer in this sorrowful moment. Tajya says, "I can't lie, I share the same feelings, it's too late to take back everything we've done". She takes her breath, "and you now know my sickness". Darren says, "Then please let me love you till the end" looking her in the eye with tears dripping down his face. Tajya looks into his eyes, "Are you sure you want to? I don't have much time left, a month if that". Darren holds her hand even tighter, "Yes, I want to give you a happy ending, let me show you what love is". In his tearful eyes there was now strong determination. Tajya weakly speaks, "Alright, just promise me that when I die, You'll live on and smile just for me, Please". Darren nods, "Yes, I promise I will smile for you". He kisses the back of her hand as if he were sealing his promise. By night Tajya was relieved from the hospital. Darren held her hand at her Apartment doorstep. Tajya looked over to him, "You can come in". Darren nods as they walk inside. She flipped the light switch relieving the house. It was a simple small one bedroom apartment. The living room had a black leather love seat with a lavender lamp on a small table beside it. Across from it was a LCD TV on a black glass TV stand with an Xbox 360 hooked up beside it. The flooring was a simple gray rug. The kitchen was pretty small, It just had everything it needed. Darren takes off his shoes and asks, "Do you have any parents?". Tajya shakes her head, "No, my mother died some time ago". She puts away her shoes, "and I never knew my father". Darren sorrowfully states, "You must live a hard life". Tajya nods, "I was working at a restaurant to pay the bills and going to school, until just awhile ago when I had already gotten enough money to get through this last month". He asks, "Why go to school? knowing your time is almost up?". She answers, "Its better then just staying at home by myself with nothing to do". He agrees, "True" rubbing the back of his neck. Tajya sits on the love seat waving her hand on the empty side ushering him to sit with her. Darren sits beside her. They are alone now. The air between them hardens, so close. Darren lifts his hand and feels down the side of her face. Their lips move closer into a kiss. He looks at her and asks worryingly, "Why is your arm all bruised?" as he feels down the bruise with his hand. Tajya states, "It's because of my Leukemia, I bruise very easily, remember when I fell earlier?". Darren whispers in her ear, "I guess I'm just gonna have to be gentle". He slowly pushes her on the love seat kissing down her neck and at the same time feeling up her skirt. She asks him, "Are you sure you wanna do this?" holding onto his shoulders. He said, "Yes" sealing it with a kiss. They woke up in her bed Wednesday morning. Looking at one another. Darren hugs her close to his heart and says happily, "Good morning". Tajya smiles, "You know what time it is? skipper". Darren kisses her on the forehead and says, "Well id rather spend time with you". She laughs, "I'll let you get away with it today, but you'd better get homework if your going to be spending time with me, I at lest have an excuse". Darren jokes, "Yes mom". Tajya giggles in his arms. Three weeks passed as they were happily together. They would play games and just have fun. But sometimes she would have her bad days. Where she couldn't get out of bed. Time was running out. Darren took her to his house today. His mother was gone for the night at work. The house was messy and unorganized. Some cloths hang down from the plain brown couch they sat on. With only a box TV and games scattered in piles around it. Tajya asked, "Hey Darren, do you have any family besides your mother?". Darren answered, "Yeah, My older brother moved out years ago, comes and visits sometimes" hooking up the game system. Tajya asks, "Whats it like having a sibling?". Darren's heart ached realizing the importance of this question. This was something she will never experience. He said, "Well, I guess it's troublesome" He smiles, "We used to beat each other up a lot and make everything a competition". Tajya says, "Yet your smiling, was it really so troublesome?". Darren grins, "Well maybe a fun kind of trouble". She put her hand on her heart and said, "I think I understand". Darren stands up, "Well games up, you ready to play?". He turns around, "Tajya?". She was bleeding from her nose, holding her chest tightly. He rushed towards her, "Tajya! are you okay!?". She weakly spoke, "It'll pass, just wait". Darren held her weak body in his chest, praying in his mind she'll be alright. She held onto his chest tightly. In time the bleeding stopped but she was still in immense pain. Tajya said, "Darren, I-It still hurts". Darren hastily said, "We've gotta get you to the hospital"! Tajya put her hand on his. Just has he turns his head towards her she gives him a kiss, as if it were the last kiss they were ever have. She uttered the words, "I love you Darren". He grasps her hand and says, "I love you too Tajya". She was rushed to the hospital with Darren holding her hand all the way. Once again Darren stands in the same waiting room. Wondering and going over everything. Sitting down and getting up once in awhile, impatient. Finally a nurse comes around the corner. Darren waits to hear the news and hopes to death she isn't gone. To his surprise the nurse tells him it's okay to see her. Once again he sees Tajya hooked up to a machine as the door closes behind him. Alone again. That same feeling just like he was reliving the past. He walks up to her bed and sits in the chair beside it. He says, "Are you going to be alright?". Tajya looks him in the eye, "Not this time" A shock to the heart. Something they both knew was going to happen sometime. Is now coming true. Darren gently grasps her hand with both of his. This time there are no tears. There is too much for tears as he sets his head on her hand. He speaks, "I love you Tajya". She reply's, "I love you too". He kisses her hand, sealing fate. One month later. He kept his promise, hes still around. Living on and smiling, just for her. He was moving the TV stand when he found something. A wallet. He simply assumed someone had lost it opening it up to see who's it was. Much to his surprise, it was Tajya's. But underneath her ID another card was sticking out. He pulled it out, only to see a ID of someone else he knew very well. It was a girl with plain brown hair and brown eyes. Putting these two pictures side by side he saw a huge resemblance. A piece of paper hand fallen out of the wallet when he pulled the card. He picked it up to find that It was a note addressed to him. "If something that was always there but you never saw, just disappeared, Would You Notice? If something came before you Different, yet the same, Would You Notice? Could you put two and two together? Or would it never occur to you? Yes that plain girl in that picture is me. I'm sorry I lied to you this whole time. When I found out I had cancer I wanted a second chance. A second chance at having a friend but we turned into much more then that. I really did love you this whole time, Thank you so much for the life you gave me. I'm so sorry if this upsets you. If it does please discard it and remember me as Tajya. Leaving this here for you may even be so pointless but I want you to know the truth. I didn't tell you while I was alive because If you had hated me because of it then you would have been forced to love me until I died. Please live a happy life even if it's not for me." Darren smiled, accepting the note. He spoke, "Thank you, for being honest with me in the end, I will always love you".
  17. "First off before I start this story I would like to say a few things.... Anyone looking for a heart warming happy ending has come to the wrong place... ok. I come being the bearer of bad news. The only hope right now, is that we are free. And you are free to decide for your selves whether this story is on the side of good, evil, or has been lost somewhere inbetween. Lost somewhere, where only the shadows on their best days can reach us." "With that said; this story does start out, with hope and a clear line of right and wrong. And again you have to decide whether we have strayed for that path or not; ok?!" No Man For Him Self I peeked around the corner, using my new Pock as a mirror to see what, if anything was going on down the hall that intersected with mine. I had made it this far without getting caught, I was going to make it the rest of the way too. Damn, four guards, and only one way to the end of the ship I needed to be at. I couldn’t run up and tsar them all at ounce. I had grabbed it from the first guard I jumped and the nice kill switch had been working to my advantage up till now, but none of the guards seemed to be caring a gun or pulse saber for a ranged attack. I hate that I got on this ship with no plan; I hate that the one person I tried keeping out of my mess I have to rescue and I absolutely hate without a doubt the damn guard who made me use my favorite gun as a bomb to blow the guy up because it ran out of energy to shoot him with it. Luckily I was able to get on the ship (A) before it took off ( with nobody noticing me, and ©… I was going to say with a weapon but now… damn, and now EVERYONE is looking for me. I sat back against the wall to think. It was only a matter of time before they found and killed me. I needed the food I had come to get in the first place, and Ash, how though was now the matter. I couldn’t get to her, let alone get her free, I knew the map of the ship from a download terminal I hacked 7 hallways ago, but now there was no more air vents to craw through that I’d fit in from here to her and if the people on this ship figured out what I was after they’d kill her to get to me. If only I knew the password to use the Pock it would make this almost easy, but without… I hit the thing on the wall in frustration. Darn it, I broke it. Error messages were on the screen. Well that took that option away… a reset message popped up. Yay, I taped the screen, ‘do you wish to access… “yes I do,” a very proud me was going to tell everyone that I hacked it, not that I couldn’t hack an un-hackable device, but instead hit it against a wall and reset the darn thing. “Now let’s see,” looking through the options and knowing what needed to be done now and how I’d gotten to this point, how could I use everything to my advantage. Some people might only think that the past is set in stone, but to me all things are absolute, not a question, not a hesitation; to me though the past, the present, and future, are all the same. As long as I’ve decide to do something, it will be made real. After dad died I promised myself to protect Ash and what had been his new wife, but with food scarce on our planet; we lived on what were called 'food shuttles' like the one I was on now; they looked so big and promising at first when it came down to our planet to give aid; but they always gave so little and everyone knew there was more they could give. But why help a dying race? It’s funny how humans from two different galaxies could be the same yet so different. Why help the weak, well, I wouldn’t be nice to those who killed my farther over just wanting more food for his family. And now taking my sister to probably have her end up the same way; diplomacy my ass. Screw the court founded between our two people’ they wanted our abilities on how we learned how to use 'tech' so fast, and how we have "our" 'tech' only work with us and not them. They had food, we had evolved minds, they wanted what we have and so they said they would be happy to help. Just one thing, even a low life like me could tell when something’s a sham. Just keeping our world working long enough for our people to tell all our secrets then they could destroy us. Or just leave us to dye a slow death as our planet has been, for a very long time. I don’t blame our diplomats, what else could they do. That’s also the reason the food keeps coming though, even though each one gets attack or there is an attempt. They do it on purpose, they say after an attack “well maybe we shouldn’t help you anymore,” but we need the food so we offer to give more information and they keep sending food and only give us enough to die a slow death, so we attack the food carriers before they leave, because they know we know they don’t give us all the food on the ship. They say they only have so many cargos and it takes so long between galaxies, well, it’s a lie. And the cycle continues; well… for now. “Ok, I’ve been sitting here long enough, now for a plan,” I lightly slapped myself on the checks while softly giving myself another pep talk. Well who else was going to give me one? "Let’s see, going to the ‘mess’ would be the best place to start, then the engine room to remove a few important pieces they might need. Then going to get Ash had to be the last thing. I only had enough power for three Jumps with this Pock form the looks of it, so this has to work, it just has to," I whispered to myself as I pressed my index finger down on the screen of the Pock and Jumped. There was a knock on the cabin door. “Not now,” yelled the captain. Another knock. “I said not now you fool,” Another knock. “What the hell!” the captain got up and opened his cabin door. “What the hell, you’re the man who has been killing my crew! “ “Yep, they sure don’t train’em like they used to.” The captain pulled out his gun at pointed it at me. “I really wouldn’t do that if I were you.” “And why not?” “Because you and I both know I’m the only one who can fix the little mess you’re in with a good chunk of your engine missing. I can return it, but I have a few conditions to make first.” The captain didn’t lower the gun, but did pull his finger away from the trigger. “What do you want? Money? Food? A Ship?” “No, not now, and yes, and I would also like to see the prisoner named Ash Yashi and have her brought here to make sure she is alright and then I will help you.” “That it?” Captain Cally looked perplex. “All you want is the girl we picked up and threw in the brig for trying to steal some food, and an escape ship; that’s why you’ve been killing my men?” “Yah, that’s it.” “Who is she to you? A Friend, a lover?!” “Something like that. Now if you’d please.” I waved my hand to the intercom by the inside of the door. Captain Cally walked over and put his finger on the fingerprint scanner so it would direct the call. “Brig please,” The captain said into the speaker. “Yes sir,” Said a nice sounding lady that I presumed was the transmissions board operator for the ship. “Sounds pretty, she single?” the captain glared at me. “What? Can’t blame a guy for try’n” A gruff sounding man came on the speaker now, “Yes Captain?” “Please release the prisoner, and escort her to my corters immediately.” “Yes Captain. Captain?” “I found a way to get the ship working.” He let his finger drop from the pad to disconnect, and walked over and dropped into his easy chair. “So as soon as you see the girl you’re going to fix the ship." “Well that sounded like an order, and not a question, but yes, trust me I want nothing more than to leave here with Ash before the Drages notice were in their 'Space' and come here to greet us.” The captain looked tired and lost in thought. He hadn’t asked and I wasn’t going to give an answer if he had asked the question to what he was thinking. ‘Does he really think he’s getting off this ship ounce he’s fixed it?’ A few moments later there was a knock at the door and I got up from the couch I was sitting on as did the captain from his chair and he walked over to the door to answer it. “Captain here is the prisoner,” The officer at the door said while holding a young small girl that was not frail looking, though had not seen a two course meal in a while either, but even so her beauty was not covered by the scrapes on her or the fact she had old torn dirty clothes. She looked like a doll. Her blue eye’s never showed anything but a deep fighting spirit in them, which always brought a smile to my face. “Bring her in please, and uncuff her.” The officer did; and did. She looked at me for a second with hope, but did not move toward me or smile or even looked at me longer then a second at all. She had always been a wonderful student, though I wish now I had shown her how to be a bit sneakier. “Please leave now,” the captain said to the officer. “You too,” I spoke up looking at the captain. “I want to have a word with her, then you may show me to your engine room and I will fix what I did to it. “How do I know you aren’t planning something?” “And what would I plan with captain, there’s nothing in here you don’t know about and as you can see I don’t have a weapon. I’m only asking for five minutes.” “You get one, and remember you can’t lock the door without the right fingerprints so don’t try.” The Captain and the officer stepped out and the door closed. “Brother!” Ash ran into my arms so fast that I almost fell over. “I thought I would be taken away and never see you and mom again.” She tightened her grip around me and I gave her a small squeeze back then put one hand on her shoulder letting her know to let go. “So, do you have a plan?” “Never go out and try to do something like this on your own again, got it.” “Yes,” if I hadn’t known her I would have said she sounded sorry. “So do you have a plan?” “I always do.” I sat down on the floor and pulled out the Pock from my shoe. “Lucky they didn’t search you to hard big bro. OOOhh, that’s what I think it is isn’t it?” “Yep, and It’s lucky the first guard I ran into in here had a disregard to keep things he should even be able to get a hold of. So I took it from him when he didn’t have a use for it anymore.” I flipped my little hand held device open; only one jump left. So I typed in the number, solar system, planet, longitude and latitude. “Well, we should wave to the Captain, it would not be polite if we didn’t say goodbye.” The door opened with the captain and now three officers looking on as we both waved and then vanishing into thin air, leaving the ship stranded in not so friendly Space. THE END Ok, I hope to make this into a bunch of short stories that all connect together to crate a larger picture and storyline. I guess the big question is what do you think, honestly please, I know I'm not that good and would like to get better and have never really written for the fun of it so this is very new to me. And if you haven't figured it out this is a Sci-Fi story that might have some fantasy; and maybe a little romance? Later on in it. Note: so no one's confused, the top of the page before the title IS part of the story. and the end of the story is where it says "THE END"
  18. Prologue “No, I want him dead.” Yelled Ashford, head of The Counsel, “And I want him dead now!” “But Sirs, No one can kill Zero,” the frightened underlying responded. “And no one wants to try it.” “He is a rouge,” said another counsel man, “he is to be killed on sight, We are even putting a hefty price on his head.” “But Sirs, What will the King say?” Another underlying asked. “The King isn't in charge anymore, we are.” Spoke Ashford with an evil smile. Chapter 1 “Hey, you must be Kakashi,” Said a elegant soft female voice to Kakashi. She grabbed his arm, and Said “Act natural we are...” She was quickly cut off. “Being followed, I know. These guys suck at their jobs.” Kakashi said in a calm voice. “It seems you are as good as they said you were,” A gruff from behind him said. “Good let's leave now.” “Nope, I'm not leaving with you, I don't even know who you are let alone who sent you” Kakashi said in direct defiance to the man. “Besides I'm not leaving these guys anywhere near my family.” “The names Koby,” Spoken with a sigh of annoyance, “And the girl to your left is Mae. We are from Kametsu, We are Ex-Protectors like you. The King sent us to get you and Whoever is with you to help us deal with The Counsel. He said you would know what I mean when I saw Operation Valkyrie.” Kakashi's eyes widen, “Ok, But we have to get my family out of here.” “Fine,” Koby said in a aggrieved tone, “I don't know how we are going to do this but we will try.” “I have an idea but you guys have to do everything I tell you to do.” Kakashi said as he signaled them to get closer. “ do you guys have anyone else here?” As Koby hands Kakashi A com-set He calls for everyone to check in. “Razor here. welcome to the club Kek” “Shade on the roof, Nice to meet you Kakashi” “Eve, checking in. I can't wait to meet you” “Ok everyone listen up, we are gonna run a Shadow Game.” Kakashi said calmly, “Does everyone know What to do?”
  19. I've written a lot but this ones pretty much my best. A lot more here http://sanzolover.de...allery/#Writing ------ It is dark. I feel it take me under. Black veins scatter all over my body. I scream but no one hears. This infection invades my body. As I'm falling farther and farther so slowly into the abyss. I see it cover my eyes. It is all black. I'm awake. It was just a dream. I look over to see her sleeping soundly under the blankets. This tent is my safeguard. A Safeguard that wont hold. Whether it's day or night this orange infestation falls from the sky and serves as the light. Air is thin and impure. I look out the crack in the tent door to see dying grass. What little life is left will soon perish. Including mine. I walk out onto the dying grass shotgun in hand. As I search the far and fallen valley with my eyes I see a few beasts. Monsters. They resemble bugs but I don't know what they are. All I know is they want to kill me, Kill her. They spot me and start running fearlessly. I hold my ground. Once in range I shot their heads off hearing loud screeching noises come from them. That's the end of that. She walks out of the tent to see their corpses. She speaks, "More of them?". I nod. We both turn our heads to see a horde come from the edge of the dead valley. We reload our guns. I grab her and give her a tender kiss. Then we face the horde.
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