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Nero D. Ace

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Well, i've had a good time here and all but now i have to go back to my world, and i may not come back for several months. And after that, i may forget about this site, so i just wanted to say goodbye to the guys i met here.

ballard, for teaching me how to make sigs. The tuts and brushes were really helpful, man. Thanks for that. I got a new skill :)

mae, even though tou banned me twice, i think we got along pretty well, but rugby STILL aint football! ;)

idl12, we had a nice battle in agarsia dude. really helped me sharpen my writing skills.

Kazu, thanks for getting me into Air Gear, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Eyeshield, mate. they're frigging great shows! :D scrap iron scarecrow is my fav card.

Krogo, thanks for getting the RP section up and running again, it wouldv'e been a shame to see it die.

Koby, thanks for enduring my periods of being a prick and complete asshole, as well as the occassional double posts.

Oby, how dare you beat my snake record! Lol jk. Go easy on the shadows.

Poetic, get that 1000 counting thread finished!

Shazi, those long talks of kingdom hearts and square enix that would frighten everyone away from the Cbox were pretty epic.

Ren, thanks for introducing me to PSO. Sorry i couldnt pay you back the 10 PD. I tried installing it on my laptop but it just won't work. I'm having a lotta bad luck with technology these days.

Shade, raz and randy, try not to let the zombie thread get outta control, k? NO GODMODDING!

Ventus, Sicka, stuy, mask, scott, vesh and all the uploaders for the forums. You're doing a TERRIFIC job, guys. Don't mind the stupid leechers who take your downloads and forget to even post a “thank you”. There are, were and always will be pricks.

Finally, if i missed anyone out, i apologise sincerely, but hey, since i ain't gonna be here anymore, not much you can do about it, is there?


Uh ... yeah, well. Goodbye, guys.:byebye:

May the force be with you and all that ...

This is Iki fading into the shadows one more time ... with a final smoke :boss:

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And after that, i may forget about this site:

Yeah.....NO, you WILL remember us after you're done with everything, no matter how long it takes and you WILL come back to the forums someday, So, farewell FOR NOW goddammit!! Besides you can't leave, you're one of the guys I get along with the most in this place. No matter, good luck with whatever life throws at you, keep your heads(both of them) high and so long Punner, Enjoy your TEMPORARY hiatus!

Oh, and remember, if it doesn't fit the first time, shove it right back in!

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Awwww, I can't believe I missed your farewell...We will miss you here Iki, best of luck.

I won't be saying goodbye, cause we will see each other again, got that?! >_> And that is not a threat! th_102_.gif

Lolz, be seeing you, I will take a good care of teh shadows Iki, not to worry. Take care Ikipun! ^.^

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aye, had to cut my farewell short, cuz i dropped out of the November batch since my big brother is coming back from canada this week. he had planned to come around xmas but his vacation started early, it seems.

the session will be closed in december on account of the christmas holidays so i'll be heading off sometime after january next time.

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