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Arcade & Currency added!


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Some of you might have just noticed the new Arcade. You can find it in the navigation at the top of the forum or here: Arcade.

Lots of games have been added however they aren't sorted into correct categories yet. Some will keep highscores and others don't. Hope you enjoy.

Also I have been working on a Currency mod addition as some of you or all of you have noticed during the week. It seems to be having some problems updating some peoples "Meseta" as such and so I'm still looking into it at the moment. More information about it will be posted once I get it sorted.


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:greedy:dude... the games you put in are nice. :dribble: i've been kicking ass at gemclix :victory: and i'm about to tryout ff last defense. i have had problems getting in to the gift shop, but i can wait until it's working again. that way i'll have more gil saved up. :money: i don't know what your plans are for kametsu, but i'm liking it. :happy: keep it up man your doing a kick-ass job :byebye:
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Hey Koby, liking the shop idea, but I think your pricing needs a little work:

for instance: Underlined & Colored Usertitle = 4,800 Gil

But if you buy the two seperately, it comes to 3,800 Gil!

just thought I'd let you know

But can you use both if you buy them separately?

I was under the impression you couldn't.

I could allow username colors and effects too but I decided not to as that is a big key to determining who was staff and who wasn't.

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