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This is going to be yet another of those lonely introductions, isn't it...


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...the ones that people make to get the requisite 5 posts? I suppose it filters out the lazy spammers/leechers a bit. Though I'm lazy, and I got in... and no, I'm neither spam (wonderful spam) nor spammer nor leecher.

But who cares, for once I'm going to INTRODUCE MYSELF PROPERLY! *drumrolls*

I'm completely, utterly bonkers. Indeed, I believe that at least 20% of every Homo sapiens is insane, through necessity - otherwise it would be the full 100%. Beware of the person who is 100% sane.

So that's me, basically. Hello. :byebye: I like these smilies.

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Hello Arianwen, welcome to the forum!

It is a pleasure to have you here, as you can see there are lots of things to see and do so feel free to join in any topic that interests you. We have everything for A to Z here, and if we don't have it you are free to request it. Our fine uploaders will to their best to get it.

Please remember not to spam, as it could result in a banning. After you have made your fifth nonspam post you will be granted access to the download section in around half an hour, while there the uploaders appreciate a thank you in the threads you download from as it goes to show their hard work has not gone to waste.

We also have a budding role play section, so if that is your thing feel free to head over there and sign up.

If you have any questions, the assistance board my have the answer, if not you are welcome to ask one of the staff members or post your question in the assistance board.

Some areas of the forum are not counted towards your posts, SeeD Hallway, forum games and the chatbox are the areas. But we would like to see you there anyway!

Have fun and hope to see you around, type to you later! ^.^

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