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  1. Arianwen

    Forum Converted to IPB

    Oh gosh. I haven't been here in a while, and the new look is spectacular. Very smooth! EDIT: And my signature looks brilliant on a dark background. *is smug* EDIT AGAIN: Oh gods, everything's so shiny. So shiny. So beautifully shiny....
  2. Arianwen

    Forum Converted to IPB

    Oooo, shiny. The whole thing looks really smooth. Great stuff!
  3. lol yeah, coincidence indeed. Where you studying in Scotland? Oh and I've been to Ãvila on a school trip, twas fun...bit wet though...lol

  4. Just saw your message -- I'm from Ãvila, cold and rocky. Aberdeen, eh? (I looked at your profile. Have I no shame?) Nice coincidence, I'm studying in Scotland now.

  5. A spaniard? wow, you've been on for ages, and i never met ya! where abouts you from in spain?

  6. Arianwen

    Survival of the fittest?

    "Survival of the fittest" is really only a part of evolutionary theory, and it can be quite misleading. Charitable behaviour is also very important, and not just in humans -- birds will help their kin, for instance, and parents sacrifice themselves for children. In humans our culture generally favours charitable behaviour and we've based a whole system of morality on it, but we can be terrible hypocrites. To me helping the weak is far more admirable than being successful. Maybe the strongest will come out on top, but 'being on top' is a really messy expression anyway. Give enough people a leg up and the top will be a lot higher and the world will be just that little bit better.
  7. Arianwen


    Although to a point we do behave like a hive mind. What is the internet, after all? What are memes? It's kind of depressing. People follow fashions because other people are following them. People stop to look at something because other people are looking at it. People panic in economic crises because other people are panicking... We don't have a hive mind, we have a herd mind. Like CaNzCo said, becoming a hive mind would mean all seven billion of us (and counting) would be reduced to one (ish). There'd be none of this daft 'rebelling against the system': if the system decides you're expendable then sorry, pal, you're done for. And as for lemmingllama's original question, I don't think we'd be able to cope with that. The amount of information out there is frightening, and I don't think anyone would be able to have all of it in their head and stay sane. If we kept our individual personalities we'd be unable to cope with it all, but if we had everything at our disposal then we would lose ourselves in other people's heads.
  8. I would say Sasuke is stronger, but Kakashi is far more skilled. Sasuke has the raw power, but he's terribly inefficient; Kakashi has limited resources and tires easily, but he uses everything to his advantage. To use a rather convoluted metaphor, Sasuke is an armoured tank bristling with weapons; Kakashi has one knife, but it's in your ribs already. We've barely seen anything of Kakashi's power, so analysing his fights doesn't lead anywhere: his fans conclude he's awesome, his detractors that he's so weak he couldn't take on a kitten. What we have seen, I think (and I love Kakashi, so I am of course biased) is that he has a really minimalist fighting style. He uses taijutsu a lot, and dodges all the time -- for a master of ninjutsu, he doesn't really use it that often. He holds back, which makes sense since he doesn't have enough chakra to just spam attack everything. Sasuke, on the other hand, has been getting lazier and lazier as his power has increased. He started off with a very clever fighting style, even against superior opponents, but now what does precision matter when you can blow up mountains and not even suffer for it afterwards? Taking power and efficiency into account, I would say Itachi > Kakashi > Sasuke (efficiency + power > efficiency > power). It's a really relative question, though, and I don't think there's one true answer.
  9. Arianwen

    Naruto's butting in

    I suppose there are two possibilities... a) he has been stabbed, slashed, sliced and diced so many times his body is mostly scar tissue, or the fox chakra of DOOM heals everything and his skin is as smooth as a baby's bum. Funny thing, that. People in Naruto never get new scars; that sort of thing only happens in flashbacks, like with Jiraiya or Kakashi. Conclusion? Flashbacks cause scarring. Afterthought: his scars are probably reset every time four-tails mode burns his skin off.
  10. Arianwen

    Naruto's butting in

    Repeat post: ignore this.
  11. Arianwen

    How will it end?

    Myself, I think Sasuke will do a sudden about-face and save Naruto's life while the latter is fighting Madara. They then finish him off, Sasuke dying in the process (giving us an episode or two and five or six chapters of sad music, crying and, of course, FLASHBACKS.) End of war, everybody is happy. Except Sasuke, who's dead. Tsunade will say, "Screw this, Naruto can be Hokage." Naruto gets his face on the monument and Hinata faints every time she sees it (and is thus forced to wear her headband over her eyes at all times to maintain consciousness). Sakura forces Naruto to marry Hinata and then goes off with Shino, astonishing everybody and sending four thousand fans into cardiac arrest. Oh, and Kakashi will kill Kabuto and then heroically sacrifice himself for Sakura or Naruto. But not die. Definitely NOT DIE. DO YOU HEAR ME, KISHIMOTO?
  12. Arianwen

    Count to 100,000

    Wow, you've gone a long way since I last dropped by. 6808! Hooray!
  13. Arianwen

    Song Theme Game

    1. Space bound- eminem 2. Starlight - Muse 3. Super star- Lupe Fiasco 4. Serenade from the stars - Steve Miller Band Hey, this is fun!
  14. Arianwen

    3 Word Game!

    and promptly exploded.
  15. *does the happy dance* YES! I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THE TRUE KINGDOM OF INSANITY! WHEREUP WE SHALL ALL LIVE IN PEACE AND HARMONY AND EAT BLUE BANANAS FOR BREAKFAST! Ooo, nice alliteration at the end there. And thanks for the kind welcome. *bows*