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  1. I made the mistake of thinking about Zoids and now that's all I want to watch...

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    2. ParasiteEve


      Omg seriously? That's so awesome.

      I'm gonna have to figure out how to do it from my phone, but hopefully that won't be too difficult.

    3. Oblivia


      Thank you for putting another anime onto my 'to watch' list... Would be like 350th one, not exaggerating... >_@-------------Eve

    4. ParasiteEve


      It's such a nostalgic show, I haven't seen it since it aired on cartoon network so many years ago.

      I doubt it's gonna hold up though lol

  2. It's been so so so so long since I sat down and watched anime, let alone new stuff. So I ended up overdoing it a bit, so lately i've been watching.... Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans (s1) I'm really liking this one, i'm on episode 18 (waiting for the rest of the dub to be available), I think the last Gundam I watched was Seed and I remember not caring for it, but this one has me pretty engaged. Orange omg dis show 3sad5me, I've always had a thing for slice of life anime and this one is just great imo, I love when a show can get me interested/care about characters in the first 10mins. ReLife Silly with a sprinkle of drama? YES PLS! It might not be a deep/life changing show, but it's been a fun watch and I can't wait to finish it. Hamatora So I started watching this because of the art style and thought it might be good and it hasn't let me down! I've got 4 episodes left that'll watch tomorrow and this will make the first finished series since I started watching anime again <3 Terror in Resonance Whoops, forgot about this one (which says something), I actually finished this a couple of days ago, honestly I didn't really like it, couldn't get hooked, didn't even start caring until the 4th episode, which made me kinda sad because I remember REALLY wanting to see this back when it got announced. Nanbaka What is this show even? I don't know, but I'm liking it! I've watched the first episode of a couple of shows, but I won't bother mentioning those yet~ So, yeah I've been drowning myself in anime, I blame finishing ffxv (gotta fill the void)
  3. My gfx game is weak af.... Theme: Final Fantasy xv PS: does my signature look super jpeg-y to anyone else?
  4. Surprisingly enough, I'm not dead....

    1. Koby
    2. Oblivia


      Yaay! *does a happy dance*

  5. I should stop being lazy and start doing gfx again, but will I? 


    1. Kouhai


      But it's so hard to find the motivation! :c

    2. ParasiteEve
  6. Just speaking the truth! I know what you mean, I'm on a LOOOONNNG Photoshop hiatus myself. Hella fresh! I love the gif sigs you make A+++++++ work on those.
  7. Ugh damn son, u 2 gud! Really though, you make some of the most impressive sigs I've ever seen.
  8. Picked up Yakuza 4 the other day, not sure when I'll get around to playing it though.
  9. Ooh man, in gonna want to know how you feel about Deadly Premonition.
  10. Clear as a crisp spring morning. FK...in the coffee!

  11. FALLOUT 4!!!!! although I haven't even really started any real missions, the build up your town thing has me super preoccupied.
  12. I'm totally using that theme when it's done, I always really liked that one.
  13. Just beat Infamous: Second Son with good karma, thinking about replaying with evil karma, but I'm probably just going to put more time into Star Ocean: TteoT until Fallout 4 comes out.
  14. That weird empty feeling you get after beating a game is the worst.

    It's like yay I finished it, but now what.

    1. DeathTheKid


      Life can be so cruel.

  15. Aw I was hoping more people would enter....
  16. Are there any specs we need to follow or anything you absolutely don't want used?
  17. I feel like I've become the mobile theme police :(
  18. The icons on mobile are overlapping stuff now.
  19. Thank you! That one always bugged me because of the white in the bubbles, because I couldn't figure out how to remove it when I made the render. Lol
  20. A few new things, I haven't done much as of late. Newest to oldest
  21. Yeah, same way on mine. At first I just thought you had changed it to a solid color until i paid more attention, maybe someone will make a mobile specific theme that could fix it if auto resizing isn't an option.
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