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Forestechoes on youtube

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I have just started a channel on Youtube of piano performances of tunes from Anime and game related music.




While the video quality is average at best due to the encode i'm using, the Audio is at high quality.

as of the time of this writing i have recorded 5 vids and i will be keeping the channel regularly updated.


Please drop by and subscribe, see if you recognize any of these tunes from the beautifully composed anime and games of this world :D 



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Are any of them the full song? The couple I checked out were less than a minute long but sounded really nice. =)

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the first few i have posted have been the whole tune but there short ones, i will be doing stuff from all over this genre and there will be longer ones.


it's just me getting started, thanks for watching :D all subscriptions are welcome :)  

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My latest track is from Girls und panzer, great show a lot of fun to be had :) 


from the official soundtrack book that could be seen on my music stand in the previous video :P 

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a new song will be uploaded tomorrow, until then i leave you with this

I have since fixed colour fluxuations, for all future videos. this vid is unfortunately my worst quality in the visual department.

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