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Found 4 results

  1. Yo, I'm Kaiten99. I'm somewhat new to Kametsu. I've been a hardcore otaku since my freshman year in high school and am now a sophomore in college. However, I respect anime to a great degree whether I've watched a great anime, average anime, or turned out to be trash. I analyze them in great detail and watch from multiple perspectives I'm looking to connect with some otakus who share the same heartfelt love for anime that I do and share opinions on quality anime, manga, and light novels and maybe make some good friends. I'm not judgmental, just a little social group that talks about anime. I'm also helping my brother make a light novel in the hopes of becoming an anime so detail in your descriptions would be appreciated. I'll literally watch almost any type of anime. Any one interested please lay on me any recommendations you have on anime, manga, or even light novels! Please ask away! Let's start our own group!
  2. WallyG


    Hello All, im new to the community and hope to get along with you all!
  3. How scared I am! A little bit shy, lol. This thread is to those who are wanting a friend to hang; watch anime and/or game with! Like a partner! Or Companion! Guess, how should I start? lol First of all, I hope I'm putting this on the right thread, topic! <-- And please not to mind my terrible English (Grammar, those damn annoying dots..) As this should help everyone around, and hopefully bring pepople closer! I hope it will all work out! I'm still a little bit scared, haahaa, Okay! I, myself, am looking for friend(s) to hang around with! To watch anime. To play games (objectives). Only console I have are my computer and xbox 360! Gamertag for live: ProjectOtaku Hit me up if you need another partner for a match, or for any objectives you may find troublesum! Games I got for my computer are Minecraft, and Infestation! I'm still in search for games that might be in my interest! Other than Gaia, and Maplestory (if I'm right...?). Oh! Your probably wondering what games I have for my 360! I'll show you! Black ops Black ops 2 Halo: 3, ODST, Reach, 4, Spartan Assault Dead or alive 2 Ultimate -- 5 BlazBlue CoD: Ghost CoD: WaW Dead Island Dengeon Defenders! Fear 2 Final Fantasy: XIII-2 Gears of War Fez Minecraft Lara Coft: GoL Moon Diver Mirror's Edge Phantom Breaker Portal 2 Tomb Raider Future Soldier Yu-gi-oh 5d's! I have more games but the rest are offline type! I do hope to create some good friends on here, and good Otaku friends along side! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not very great at openning a good discussion, or having a great topic to talk about! I do hope you find this interesting, and.. Possibly, become friends with people around! Sorry if all this sounds confusing!
  4. EbbedAway


    Ehhhh?!!! Wait a questionaire?!! Let's see I'm a leo, a hopeless romantic who enjoys long walks by the sea at night, star filled nights and staring at my moniter for more than 12 hours uninterrupted. How did you find Kametsu? Someone linked it from a Bleach Download site. Koby of shadowhearts.info What do you think of the place so far? The forum layout has won me over as it doesn't hurt my eyes... Who uses white background in this day and age!! O_O I mean I own blackout curtains for a reason. How active are you planning on being? I'll probably be active enough when I'm here on home stints or if theres an easy way to moniter via mobile usage. Otherwise I work and go to school so I can't dedicate myself to the forum and keep up with all of my anime, games and other hobbies. What are your top five anime? That's a little personal. :-P hmmmm.... In no particular order... Beck, Angel Beats!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kuragehime, No. 6 . But it goes deeper than that. I'd be happier answering per category my top 5. Top five video games? Might and Magic 7, Final Fantast VII, Lunar Silver Star Story Complete, Wild Arms, Diablo II What other hobbies do you have? I read Fantasy/ Sci-fi, Mangas. I'm looking to do voice-over work and have my own studio. I use to dj for an anime/jpop radio station. I enjoy getting out and bar hopping, hookah lounges and just hanging with good friends. Make any graphics? I have made them in the past. I lack the time and dedication but occassionally bring myself to do it if the mood strikes me. Mostly Avatars and minor GIFS. Do you have any questions for us? I was promised a pony.. When does it arrive?
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