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  1. it's 2-1-0 so far please comment about the vids if you have an ideas subscribe to my Youtube channel if you enjoyed any of these vids, I'd appreciate it
  2. thanks for the vote
  3. I have picked 3 game Related tunes i recorded on my youtube channel. 1st is A classical piano remake i made for Cloister of Trials from Final fantasy 10. i turned an easy piano tune into something more complicated (took a few hours to create the new sheet music-links are in the youtube video) 2nd is A guitar solo guitar tune from Suikoden 1 (ps1 rpg), i created the backing on my arrangement keyboard and devised tab needed for the melody on guitar, i improvised a bit of solo towards the end. 3rd is a suikoden musical medley using piano then guitar then piano again, the first tune is a slow easy one, the second is a celtic guitar song, followed by an intense ultra fast piano version of that same tune.
  4. Made in abyss i like it so much i played a tune from it
  5. Made in Abyss time
  6. Yup it was FF all those years ago that got me started on the Piano, i will cover alot more before Long
  7. Thank you very much
  8. Also if you like em, then be sure to subscirbe to my youtube channel, it costs you nothing it just informs you when i put a new video up
  9. Thanks i'm doing things once a week (sunday releases at the sec) going thru a few the world god only knows ost tunes at the sec, also gotta record a tune i recently transcribed from Fate kaleid (my second transcription from this series) i will also put up my sheet music for fellow piano players to try it too
  10. Made in Abyss go Nanachi "Naaah~"
  11. My own re arrangement of A FFX song