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  1. There are many things i could do, but i'm still learning all the stuff i do clear up the audio when using that keyboard i can alter sound levels of individual notes so that there not way too loud and stuff like this. This Konosuba tune was an experiment, and interested to see how it goes.
  2. I won't be doing another OP or ED for a while practicing this tune (at over 180 tempo) for a while, covering 4 pages of sheet music in 1 minute 20 something, was intense But a Zelda theme (using 3 different instruments) is coming along in the near future, This will include the Debut of my double Ocarina in video Also some final fantasy 10 covers will start hitting the playlist in the near future (every so often during the week), with sundays still the main day for bigger releases. Still not great at editing so getting me to appear 3 times on the same screen with different instruments with everything in sync will take a while.
  3. It's a fast one
  4. It's Assassination Classroom time my longest vid to date nearly 5 minutes
  5. thanks for the Nice Words
  6. My Latest tune from Chunibyou


  7. A short but sweet tune from Chuunibyou
  8. oh it's 3-1 so far, very interesting i wonder if the more progressive forward melody of Solitude, is more instantly addictive to the classical alternative that is Conversation heart, i know my video quality was especially bad on Noragami's theme due to low battery ( i know i'm a fool ) i have recently purchased a new camera once i have the kinks worked out it should def be better, (need a new sd memory card before i can use it properly) personally happy to see 4 votes so far, lets see if more people weigh in on this poll yet.
  9. I'll the vote open for a good while, and if it gets a few people interested i'll make another, and as my video library increases, i'll be able to make them more diverse.
  10. thank you, please subscribe if you enjoy , i release a video or 2 a week, you may recognise a few as i have over 30 vids that cover 20 different franchises so far. Also i play other instruments in some vids, i'm not just a piano guy (although mainly it's that available in my videos)
  11. The sound quality is recorded thru an expensive sound recorder The video recordings are from a cheap camera of which i am planning to replace soon. Technically Conversation heart is harder to play, and it has such a different sound compared to most tunes, But there's a great strong and distinctive melody in AmaBri's Solitude. It's a tough one.
  12. Emilia is nice , but Rem is beyond that, way way way beyond that! The show is 10/10 that's all that matters, Dub it so my family can watch too. I still remember the music from episode 15 argh it's haunting.
  13. It's a version of the Mako reactor Theme tune i made a while back.
  14. Stephen Fry says swearing doesn't mean someone is less creative with language. but personally i only swear if i'm angry