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Black Friday Purchases

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2 minutes ago, i509VCB said:

I got 3 things on black friday (Gonna get more when I'm in US during Christmas).


A new mouse (MX Master)


Carrying case for my headphones (ATH-M40x)


Carrying case for my earbuds (LG Tone Platinum)

I need a new mouse, my scroll is messed up; where when I try to use it to scroll it usually jumps around and tends to go in the opposite direction or goes up-n-down where I can't get to where I want. I've swapped it out for one of my other ones for now but they're just cheapos.

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Sennheiser HD 598 CS - $110 (reg. price $300) - apparently these are actually HD 569s, but it's a good deal regardless as those are still around $200, plus I don't really have any proper headphones rn)


Sony In-Ear Sound Isolating Headphones (MDRXB50APB) - $25 (reg. price $60) - I doubt these go for $60 regularly though, they're probably one of those things that's always "on sale" or whatever. I needed some anyways though, over/on ear headphones aren't always practical.


WD My Passport Ultra 3TB 2.5" Portable External Hard Drive - $120 (reg. price $200) - Needed some more space, getting sick of carrying my 2TB 3.5" HDD in it's rather large enclosure, so this should do rather nicely.


That's all I got, I'm really thinking of getting a PS4 Pro, mainly for exclusives, so I figured I would only get what I actually needed. I never got around to buying a PS4, so I might as well spend the extra $100 and get the Pro.

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A PS4, something I've been dieing to get for three years straight...and that's pretty much it. No money left to buy games, or to build my PC which I haven't done in four years, or a better 4KTV than the one I have now.

Screw this minimum-wage bullshit world.

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23 hours ago, Koby said:

Everything I've wanted to do has been able to be done; no problemo.

Nice, well thats encouraging. Apparently their new architecture coming out next year should give intel a run for their money... hopefully bringing down the price of them.

Intel mustard race.


15 hours ago, NeutralHatred said:

They both perform admirably on everything, really. GPU manufactures are just selling the look anymore. The most effective way to game would be to have an AMD and a nVidia card, swap between the two depending on what the game in question was built on, i.e. Rise of the Tomb Raider was on nVidia. That would be impractical, though. And a pain in the ass.

Fair enough, and to be honest, I don't think it will be too painful. As long as you have a screen with 2 HDMI inputs, you could connect the 2 cards to one monitor and toggle the source when needed :P 

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43 inch LED 1080p Smart TV $155

1 year Xbox live Gold $30

Battlefield 1 Xbox One $30

Fallout 4 Xbox One $15

A nice six pack of corelle plates for $10 (I've been using paper plates for the past year lol)

Puma sneakers $25 (More than half off the usual price)

Scarface and New York Yankees 24x36 Posters $4 each

Wired 1 year magazine subscription $4


I think I did OK. I wish there were more deals though, I really wanted to spend more but nothing else really took my eye.


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Love to buy from Sentai & Funimation aswel, where awesome deals from Black Friday. ;)

But the problem is we don't ship to you're Country! :( 

And even when it could be shipped, the Shipping cost will be expensive just like RightStuff. :( 


Also this was the first time that we had a Black Friday aswel in our Country, but the Prices and Deals were awfull.

Hopefully will that change someday! ;) 

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Dark souls 3: $15 (xbox one) Pretty good deal 

Recore: $20 (xbox one) 

Gears of War 4: $30 (xbox one)

Dishonered 2: $35 (xbox one)


Mostly games that I picked up for Black Friday. Gears of War 4 for $30 is a killer deal, plus you get all the other Gears games from the collection except for Gears of War Remastered. 

I wish I would have seen that Black Friday deal for Final Fantasy 15 on the Xbox store. I always miss a really good deal. The 3ds were a $100, that kind of blows to me. I had just a bought a 3ds for $200, oh well. Never can anticipate the holiday sales.

I also stood in line for a random gift card at retail store, supposedly there was $1000 dollar card mixed in. And the cards were for the first 300 people in line. I only got $5 and everything in the store was well over $5 even with the Black Friday sale. 

I think it was the whole gimmick behind the free gift cards, which was to attract a crowd of people to spend money with their free gift cards.

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