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  1. Rest in peace, Content Distro.

    I'll just be lurking the Discord, IRC and Snahp since I'm not needed here.

  2. Not all grenades blow up in your face! #NotAllGrenades, thanks!
  3. From watching them, the videos on PlutoTV to be similar to the Shout Factory DVDs, and include every "Zelda" episode preview used as it was on Shout Factory's DVD release. "King Mario of Cramalot" didn't have an episode preview due to the master tape that the episode had been sourced from (that episode's master tape was previously used for a rerun on Family Channel). Then again, I haven't seen "King Mario of Cramalot" get run on PlutoTV that often. As for the 80s pop covers, that had to be Saban's doing. DiC likes to do "cheap", and music licensing isn't cheap, but the composers of the "Super Mario Bros. Super Show" were Haim Saban (had been composing music, and wasn't famous for anything outside of music composition on a lot of TV cartoons [Heathcliff, M.A.S.K.] and translating some anime [Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics, Little Women] and cartoons [Ulysses 31, Diplodo] into English up to the 1st episode of "Mario Bros.", he would become famous later for adapting "Super Sentai" series for English-speakers, but that happened in 1994) and Shuki Levy (has a similar track record to Saban, but doesn't produce any film and is exclusively known as a music composer).
  4. The more paid services there are, the more free streaming services and Cable TV will start to look good again. Remember that there has been an uptick in Tubi, Pluto and Xumo users as of late.
  5. Just started to transition United TV over to Ace Stream, and made a page on the website to view the torrent in the browser (note: you'll need Ace Stream installed and it's engine running to use that page)


  6. It's only the second week in October, and I catch cold.

    My mum and her hot flashes.

    1. Saf


      But I thought it was M-O-M over there.

    2. Badguys


      Does it matter, really?

      Also need to pick up more of the cold remedy since I used the last of the caplets.

      When this started, I had one set of 2 nighttime caplets left.

  7. Now I need to consider if I should move my livestream over to Acestream?

    RTMP streaming is fine and all, but Acestream can be scaled up and down based on how many viewers are watching a stream at once.  It's basically an issue of Unicast point-to-point streams vs. cache-based streaming with torrents.

  8. I discovered it myself when looking for one anime, but started frequenting it as soon as Cartoon-World went down.
  9. This is regularly free on Vudu anyway. This is nothing new for them. In fact, all 7 seasons in SD are part of the "Movies on Us" section. I wonder how anyone can rip from there?
  10. Now my former TV's LCD died.

    It was a Vizio VA19L10T.

    Surprisingly, it lasted me 10 years.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. NeutralHatred


      Flickering like could be the backlight failing. I doubt it's a power issue.

    3. Badguys


      The screen's just going out after half a second of use.

      It does sound like a backlight issue.  Needed a 1080p TV anyways.

    4. Spacecreepkitan


      Unrelated, but your avatar makes me happy because Haruhi

  11. I expected that the later models of Logitech Cordless Action 2 would be better, so I bought one, and I got something that works like butter.

    There's battery acid that I had to clean out, though.

    I also got one that was in better condition.  That other one was a earlier (licensed) model that's in a opened & cut box.  It was fine, had a twitchy L3, though.

  12. Just a word of warning, Quake Champions has Redshell spyware in the game's files. Epic Games (the developers) have not made any statement on the removal of Redshell. Be cautious when choosing to download Quake Champions.
  13. Welp... I got one of my Logitech Cordless action controllers, I tried to clean it out, and investigated why the right analogue stick was sticking, looks like the battery acid was eating through the control pad's circuitry.  Not sure where the problems from the heat end, and the problems from the battery acid begin.  At least that sale was cheap, and I have a controller for spare parts.  Still though.  *shudders*

    1. spaceman99


      I had a problem with a Logitech corded controllers stick not working, it'd work, then not...I came to the conclusion they don't make great quality products. lol

    2. Renzourin


      Which is sad because when i first started gaming on pc back in early 2000 logitech made some bitchen controllers hell one of them still works to this day (barely the sticks are looser then a 2$ hooker and 2 of the buttons are 5 kinds of sticky)


    3. Badguys


      Well, the Logitech Cordless Action is the best available pad for the Playstation 2.

      There's a reason why people seem to be making a bum rush on these, when there are so many Dualshock 2 pads littering eBay (including fakes being sold as new).

  14. The Chinese Wireless Dualshock 2 clones I got seem to be correct.

    The vibration motors work sporadically (I suspect that might be the AAA batteries I used), pressure sensitivity doesn't work that well (running the pads through Padtest, all the buttons and pad directions label as pressed with a pressure of 255[max] when pressed) and the pad is better than the official Dualshock 2 even though all the directions can be pressed down, but it can be a good enough interim pad until I can pick up a Logitech Cordless Action PS2 pad (I've been eyeing a eBay listing that had two for $20.50 with it's recievers).

    1. Nabull


      Good for you 

  15. Needed a replacement Dualshock 2 pad since the pressure sensors are a bit daffy on my old one.

    Bought 2 Chinese clear-white wireless compatibles on eBay.

    Here's hoping they get the job done.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Badguys



      I take it you have a fat model PS2, then.

      Those things are built like tanks.  Weird then that the slim PS2 always seem to have more major issues than the "fat" ones.

      Gotta love those "cost-cutting measures".

    3. Saf


      Isn't that just the original PS2? Why even go for the slim if it has that problem? Feels like Sony were trying to scam people with that version.

    4. Badguys



      There are several revisions of the "fat" model.

      The original (made in Japan) revision having the number SCPH-10000 had a rather bad failure problem that caused the stocks that flew off shelves in the launch window to return to the stores they were bought from. The mass-returns caused several scalpers to be burned on their PS2 purchases.  The launch model had no internal DVD playblack software either, instead relying on the user copying it from a pre-packaged CD to the memory card in Slot 1 (this is how the "independence" exploit had worked).

      The later revisions (made in China) of PS2 didn't have this issue.

      SCPH-39001 was the second revision that had nothing different about it from the original PS2, outside of a lower failure rate, and a different factory location, barring the ethernet adapter bundle that had the number SCPH-39001/N (I have the ethernet bundle from when I got it used).

      SCPH-50001 was the last fat model, and had the most changes, starting with no integrity checks when running Playstation (PSX) games, a DVD remote sensor near the power & eject buttons (I have the remote, but not a sensor), no i.LINK networking (Sony's version of the "IEEE 1394" standard used on PCs and PS2s up until 2002, possibly due to a new Firewire revision outmoding i.LINK), and a new laser which was more prone to failure than the last.  The biggest game affected by the last "fat model" hardware revision was "Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec", which only allowed for i.LINK parties in multiplayer outside of a 2-player split-screen match.

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