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  1. I found that Openload does have an expiration.  Should I try putting my stuff up on IPFS?

    1. Arian


      My suggestion is MEGA. Yes, they're monsters but they let your content exist, at least for a while.

    2. Badguys


      How long is "a while"?

    3. Arian


      At least over 3 years. Some of my content I've put on MEGA goes back that far.

  2. If by "High Quality", you mean DVDrip, then Exiled-Destiny should have a encode on their IRC. I've seen the show get released in no better than DVD (in the US, unsure about Nippon). If you're asking about a BDrip, I don't think it can be done as a Blu-Ray disk doesn't exist.
  3. I have some mini DVDrips. I'll see if I can't get them up here.
  4. Just a word of note, Channel X won't be featuring any animated works re-versioned by, along with blacklisting advertising from Funimation Entertainment after their recent actions against their fans, which can be described (in breif summary) as anti-consumerism.

    Read this article for information on Funimation Entertainment's recent actions.

    1. Inverti


      Heh, if Funimation wants to use anime as a medium to poke fun at politics, I couldn't care less. ESPECIALLY if it makes it funnier. 

    2. Badguys


      I care about accuracy, and the lines added into the simulcast dubs of "Prison School", "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid", and just recently "My First Girlfriend is a Gal" are ad-libbed by a left-leaning director.

      Then Funimation on Twitter acted as if their employees were being "harassed" by mere valid complaints.

      In short: buying any of Funimation's works at this point means you're paying to be beat up.

      Sounds like what 4kids was back then, Funimation's becoming now.  You'd only expect Disney to be this kind of prudish.

      Want to support a anime's creator?  Go buy the comics instead.  Much cheaper in the long run and you're not paying Funimation to attack you, either.

    3. Inverti


      Yeah, we'll see. Though I still strongly disagree on many areas. 


      1) Funimation often aims to be funny or sarcastic. I don't care if they wanna insert personal politics, as long as it's actually funny. Dubbing isn't necessarily translating. It's about connecting with the target audience. The fact that the audience could actually connect with the adapted dialogue, especially the ones that have political references in them, means that they achieved that purpose.


      2) It's one thing to tell Funimation that they should be more "faithful" to the source dialogue, but it's another to harass them about it. You know, using expletives and sending death threats? I'm pretty sure plenty of crazy people have been doing that. Funimation's tweet IS about that kind of harassment, instead of the people that are just complaining without threatening to harm anyone.




      buying any of Funimation's works at this point means you're paying to be beat up.

      No, it means that you are supporting the #1 Dubbing Empire in the US. Don't like it, don't buy it. Plenty of people still love dubs, and I don't see that not happening anytime soon. If these kind of small scale controversies are enough to take down the company, then they should be out of business since 2015. Let's say these controversies are the negative aspect of Funimation. The positives, being the One Piece dub, Dragon Ball dub, and several other A ranked dubs are more than enough to outweigh the negatives. 


      4) Boycotting Funimation doesn't achieve anything. Just let them know why you're disappointed, and be done with it. Instead, you might drag down a LOT of dub lovers. If, by some snowball of a chance the controversy becomes serious enough that it would actually affect Funimation's economical standing, then they'll stop producing dubs for Dragon Ball and One Piece. And if they lose the rights to those anime, will YOU be responsible in continuing the production of those dubs, with the same cast? Think about how many people will be affected just because of some minor script changes. It hardly matters in the long run.


      In conclusion: If you still disagree with any one of my points, then let's agree to disagree. I am an avid supporter of Funimation, and I take PRIDE in that. 


  5. I personally use "Deinterlace: Decomb | Preset: Bob | Interlace detection: Default" in Handbrake. Contrary to what anybody says about Bob, in Handbrake, it uses a full-resolution bobbing method and not a half-resolution one meaning that motion can be pretty fluid (provided you have the framerate set at either Variable or double the origin), with very little visual anomalies. I use this setting regularly ever since my encode of "Fighting Foodons".
  6. Here's the rub. I'm unsure if QQQ rips from the American Netflix, or if it's a international (excluding Japan) exclusive.
  7. I'm not sure a DVD set of the show ever came out. Then again, I'm not sure if a DVD set ever came out in Leaf Country. If it's any consolation, I have WEBrips of the show, if you want me to pack those in rars and upload 'em here.
  8. Request seconded. I thought this was the second series of "Glitter Force", turns out it ain't.
  9. I did. I just forgot about them until you mentioned it. I have the mini-encodes on my HDD now, but I'll have to network into my other PC to get the full-size encodes and rar the episodes. Mediainfo (the encodes are 640x480 to make sure that the aspect ratio is properly kept across all players (720x480 has a PAR of 3:2)) General Unique ID : 145247749545294968612619193298427575249 (0x6D45B2F30079D6CD37460A583E23FBD1) Complete name : C:\0_ECTS Materials\Episodes\7Kids\06+\Fighting Foodons\Full\Fighting Foodons\s01\Fighting Foodons 01.mkv Format : Matroska Format version : Version 4 / Version 2 File size : 102 MiB Duration : 20 min 1 s Overall bit rate : 712 kb/s Encoded date : UTC 2017-06-11T06:14:54Z Writing application : HandBrake 1.0.7 2017040900 Writing library : Lavf57.7.2 Video ID : 1 Format : AVC Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec Format profile : High@L3.2 Format settings, CABAC : Yes Format settings, RefFrames : 16 frames Codec ID : V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC Bit rate : 474 kb/s Width : 640 pixels Height : 480 pixels Display aspect ratio : 4:3 Frame rate mode : Variable Color space : YUV Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0 Bit depth : 8 bits Scan type : Progressive Writing library : x264 core 148 r2708 86b7198 Encoding settings : cabac=1 / ref=16 / deblock=1:1:1 / analyse=0x3:0x133 / me=umh / subme=9 / psy=1 / psy_rd=0.40:0.00 / mixed_ref=1 / me_range=16 / chroma_me=1 / trellis=2 / 8x8dct=1 / cqm=0 / deadzone=21,11 / fast_pskip=1 / chroma_qp_offset=-2 / threads=6 / lookahead_threads=1 / sliced_threads=0 / nr=0 / decimate=1 / interlaced=0 / bluray_compat=0 / constrained_intra=0 / bframes=5 / b_pyramid=2 / b_adapt=2 / b_bias=0 / direct=3 / weightb=1 / open_gop=0 / weightp=2 / keyint=300 / keyint_min=30 / scenecut=40 / intra_refresh=0 / rc_lookahead=60 / rc=crf / mbtree=1 / crf=22.0 / qcomp=0.60 / qpmin=0 / qpmax=69 / qpstep=4 / ip_ratio=1.40 / aq=1:0.60 Default : Yes Forced : No Color range : Limited Color primaries : BT.601 NTSC Transfer characteristics : BT.709 Matrix coefficients : BT.601 Audio ID : 2 Format : AC-3 Format/Info : Audio Coding 3 Format settings, Endianness : Big Codec ID : A_AC3 Duration : 20 min 1 s Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 224 kb/s Channel(s) : 2 channels Channel positions : Front: L R Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz Frame rate : 31.250 FPS (1536 SPF) Bit depth : 16 bits Compression mode : Lossy Delay relative to video : -67 ms Stream size : 32.1 MiB (31%) Title : Stereo Language : English Service kind : Complete Main Default : Yes Forced : No Menu 00:00:00.067 : :Chapter 1 00:01:53.680 : :Chapter 2 00:11:46.773 : :Chapter 3 00:19:25.731 : :Chapter 4
  10. Just bumping this to make sure it's being done, as I heard nothing of this, as of yet.
  11. I believe it was advertised when the channel launched replacing Toon Disney (Their Cartoon Network competitor, seemingly), but then got removed 2 years later. It seems that Disney still have rights to the edited version as I've not seen any edits that are less or more harsh around TV (neither free nor paid).
  12. I want this, too SOOOOO DAMN MUCH! It will be a good replacement for that DVD-R I made of the first 2 episodes from Netflix (at the time it was on there) before our subscription to there was cancelled and the TVrips that are widespread.
  13. That's fine. I know it's something beyond your control, anyway. Also, knowing the shows that were targeted weren't produced by Toei anyways, it might just be a false DMCA by some twit. I know this because usually when a Social Justice advocate can't get their way through their conventional means, the last resort (prior to violence, so you might call that semi-final) is usually using copyright (DMCA, which under American law is legally perjury) to get something taken down.
  14. Great, so the ISOs I uploaded are down. I guess I might have to consider getting a XDCC account set up then. Back to Openload for the meantime.