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  1. DANG IT Funimation

    Knowing all the anti-consumer shenanigans Funimation has been up to as of late (the last one I heard of was Sean Schemmel attacking a fan for not liking his English voice of Black Goku after the fan had playeg "Dragon Ball FighterZ"), this action is not surprising. The last antii-consumer action was a purchase of them by Sony Pictures Television (it could be worse. Sony Pictures Entertainment could have purchased them), stating that valid fan complaints against Jamie Marchi were "harassment", the 4 subsequent line changes in dubs (3 different episodes of "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" and a diaglogue piece in "My First Girlfriend is a Gal" had been affected, Jamie Marchi was involved in those shows as a voice actor, and even directed "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid") after that first controversial line change in 2014 (the first line change occurred in "Prison School" where one of the girls was talking with a prisoner in an arcade and the dubbed line had a #Gamergate attack ("or are you one of those Gamergate creep shows?") which later had been changed in the video release to her asking if the prisoner is scared of talking to girls).
  2. I've been watching Pluto TV's airings, Pluto TV's videos of the episodes include the Zelda cartoon previews, the live-action segway to the Zelda cartoon preview, the Viacom logo, however the music in the episodes is replaced with DHX/Cookie Jar (DiC had been bought out by them in 2008)'s production score, however DiC's logo is plastered over with the logo for Cookie Jar Entertainment, and the commercial break bumpers appear to be missing.
  3. have you ever been so hasty to release a game patch that you release the entire game for free along with the patch?

  4. Has your avatar darkened, or is it just me?

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      Ohno, he went to the Dark Side :o

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      I'm not going to be very active for the time being, will decide later if its going to stick. Too fed up with things to carry on like everything is normal.

  5. Usersfiles closing down 12.31.2017

    Yandex's .ru address isn't in english. The .com one is, as it's intended for international use.
  6. Usersfiles closing down 12.31.2017

    I usually use yandex as no mail verification's required for Yandex, unlike Google Mail. There's cock.li as well.
  7. So it's Christmas, and nothing's different here today, outside of every local business being closed.


    Channel X will still be operating as usual today.  Best wishes for the new year.  Channel X's new season starts 31 December 2017 (I consider that January 2017 as only one day's in December).

  8. Usersfiles closing down 12.31.2017

    How does one make a google mail ID without a phone number?
  9. >Community reputation: 69

    *insert sex joke here*

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      Bleach! did you get it?


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  10. A lot of our anime ends up on 4chan, and those people are too inconsiderate to reupload.  I'm putting in a suggestion that we should add a VIP anime section due to this.

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    2. EljayFlintok


      @Badguys What shows? Do you have examples?

    3. Badguys


      Some of it is lifted from here, but not all, and if I were to do VoD, I don't direct link.



      NOTE: Xkids does have VoD, but the VoD is based on a personal server from my IP address (or a DNS leading to it since it's dynamic), leading to the file that I use.  I use filehosts when making links to here due to not wanting to deal with that load on my server.  It's advertised in my signature, usually.

      The other thing is that with Anime, I encoded that not exclusively to reduce filesize, but because the software that I use (vmix) can't handle subtitles or subpictures that well.  For Cartoons and other stuff, I re-encode the master file so that I can shrink it to a smaller size (I ain't got unlimited space, after all).

    4. Badguys


      @EljayFlintokIf you're asking about what shows get directly linked from here, Firstly I don't link from here without providing a duplicate upload as that's how links here have been getting taken down as of late (I use 8chan, and I know not to do that, thus proving the cancer seems stem from the "normies" at halfchan) and the people here getting C&D orders, other than that I'm mostly talking in hypothesis since I've heard of people linking crap from here directly to chans, causing takedowns (and "Cease & Desist" orders to our American users as of late) frequently.

      @HellBlazeR What I'm suggesting is for there to be a VIP Anime section made.  We have one for live-action and cartoons.  What's an VIP Anime section being made, other than a takedown prevention measure?  I mean the VIP section isn't paywalled, last I checked (heck you just need to make about 5 posts or more outside of the content distro or donate to get VIP status.

  11. Actually, hearing about the removal of the "Net Neutrality" bill will just mean that ISPs will not require a Title II (broadcast) license to even operate and the Government may not be able to willingly censor people for as little as a wasteful social media post come 8 years time (mainly since the Net Neutrality rules were snuck in the Military budget (NDAA) for 2017, where it says that the organization made to "fact check" (read: determine if a organization is leftist, so that they can be shut down) in the original document). The Open Internet rules were shot down one time, but then were repackaged with nasty red tape as "Net Neutrality" which (to summarize the original bill that was shot down) would've made a company outside of the government office that calls back to the federal government, and after approvals of think-tanks and NGOs would've banned anyone for as much as a full website or as little as a shitpost, even going so far as to revoke the Title II license if the ISP refused to remove said "Fake News". Basically, "Net Neutrality" was an extra hurdle for ISPs, made a government office that could shut down anyone big or small at the drop of a hat, and looked into social engineering tactics against the populous at large to use on them at a later date.
  12. @Toddler Naruto Ya still looking for rips of "Inspector Gadget (1985)"?  I've seen the show listed (I've watched Pluto's showings, and yes they seem to be of the original series) on Pluto.tv, but I don't have the space to start ripping them since I'm too busy ripping "Pink Panther and Pals", and the 720p stream captures of the latter show are taking up space as I get them uploaded.

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    2. Badguys


      There's two episodes coming up on Pluto's After School Cartoons at 18.00h PT, I'll link the m3us from both here, so you can judge the quality.  I'll upload the URL text file that I make since I'm unable to rip right now.

    3. Badguys
    4. Badguys


      Just for a note, even though I'm sending you those two encrypted m3u8 links, you should be able to play encrypted m3u8 files from a remote source.  I just used "Video DownloadHelper" for Firefox to sniff out the link.  You may need ffmpeg if you're gonna rip the link.  As it works by command line, it shouldn't be that hard, but here's a pointer on how to use command line FFmpeg.


      First you need to change directory (cd) to where you stored ffmpeg.  I usually store mine in C:\FFmpeg\ffmpeg64\ and have folders based on the version.  You can find the windows binaries from Zeranoe.

      Then, just follow this command line in the directory where your FFmpeg binary is.

      ffmpeg -i [input goes here] -c copy "[filename].mp4"

      That code should produce a mpeg-4 fiel with 1:1 video and audio of the source provided you change the input from [input goes here] to the source of your input and the output filename from [filename] to whatever you like.

  13. Slowly but surely, I'm getting the rips of "Pink Panther & Pals" finished up.  Now if only Pluto.tv staff could spam episodes of the show in their schedule again (last time I saw a weekend episode spam on "After School Cartoons" (Pluto ch.526) and that was of "Inspector Gadget"), then I could get done faster, but for now, it's all about waiting for an episode to air and vigilance, but knowing how my job is neglecting me, that should be easy provided I still have a single shift of work.

  14. There's a episode of "Pink Panther and Pals" on Pluto ch. 526 at 01:30 (PT) that looks to either be a new one or that I don't have a link to.  I'll have to catch a re-run of that episode later, as I gotta sleep.