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  1. Inspector Gadget (1985) [WEB-DL]

    You'll still need to find some place for series 2.
  2. Inspector Gadget (1985) [WEB-DL]

    Alternatively, I've seen some episodes on Pluto don't look right. More specifically s2e19 "Gadget meets the Clan" doesn't look correct. However, the ISO is up here if anyone wants to do a DVDrip instead. Toddler Naruto was wanting a DVDrip of the show anyway, but I suggested Pluto rips to him as a best second.
  3. Inspector Gadget (1985) [WEB-DL]

    You can look if you have the app (there's a VoD section, which has some programmes that aren't shown live), but most of the TV programmes are aired liinear, and the web version (NOTE: the "watch live" link will take you back to the frontpage, so be careful). If you're in the US, all the content is available, while some of it is blocked off from international users. I've been supplying direct links to the files through that .txt file in the folder linked, the only way you might not be able to access the m3u8 files is if the site's locked in your region (the site is mainly intended for the United States). I'll be updating that daily as Inspector Gadget only airs on Pluto through the linear channels. There's a lot of web original compilations made by pluto staff, along with movies, TV shows and Music channels (which are video streams over audio from Dash Radio). The only things of interest (to this forum) on there are "The Littles", "Super Dave", "Ripley's Believe it or Not", To a lesser extent "Sonic the Hedgehog (1993)", "Pink Panther and Pals" (I'm already ripping that), maybe "Shelldon" and any Anime that airs on "Anime All Day" or "Hive" (that would be redundant to rip and put any anime on here, but a good place to rip for anybody who lacks Hulu), but that doesn't go through everything on all of the channels. Try the web guide for yourself to see what's linear. Be warned that you can only go 1hr30mn into the future with the linear guide. There's no way to access VoD on a personal computer (as of yet). Also, I don't think "Bob and Margaret" belongs on "After School Cartoons" (to be fair, it doesn't appear there that frequently), but that might be me talking.
  4. Inspector Gadget (1985) [WEB-DL]

    I ain't got Starz. I'm just indexing the streams from Pluto, as I can't rip them myself (disk space). What I need is a person who'll periodically rip my indexed m3u8 files.
  5. Inspector Gadget (1985) [WEB-DL]

    I just got the bumper for the show and ripped it since it was so small. It's been put into the folder, and I'll be adding the m3u8 with the bumper as an extra later tonight.
  6. Inspector Gadget (1985) [WEB-DL]

    I'm indexing the links for Inspector Gadget (1985), but I ain't got the space to do the uploads myself, however. This request is for somebody to rip the links that I collect. As Pluto is not a hard site to rip from, all you would have to do is rip from the links in the text file that I'm making. It'll be good if someone else helps me collect links to the m3u8 files as well, but that's unnecessary. Mind you, the episode links will be slow to collect, but the show airs so regularly (it's like Pluto staff love that show so much that they run episodes regularly) so that this shouldn't take as long as "Pink Panther and Pals". Text file (this'll keep getting updated daily until I obtain the links to all the episodes from Pluto.tv): https://mega.nz/#F!rx5BBaDb!rlMpS7oCGcrEa57UV4lOKg I'm doing this since nobody has made rips of the ISOs that were already on here, and I ain't got the processing power to devote to that. Good luck.
  7. @Toddler Naruto Ya still looking for rips of "Inspector Gadget (1985)"?  I've seen the show listed (I've watched Pluto's showings, and yes they seem to be of the original series) on Pluto.tv, but I don't have the space to start ripping them since I'm too busy ripping "Pink Panther and Pals", and the 720p stream captures of the latter show are taking up space as I get them uploaded.

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    2. Badguys


      There's two episodes coming up on Pluto's After School Cartoons at 18.00h PT, I'll link the m3us from both here, so you can judge the quality.  I'll upload the URL text file that I make since I'm unable to rip right now.

    3. Badguys
    4. Badguys


      Just for a note, even though I'm sending you those two encrypted m3u8 links, you should be able to play encrypted m3u8 files from a remote source.  I just used "Video DownloadHelper" for Firefox to sniff out the link.  You may need ffmpeg if you're gonna rip the link.  As it works by command line, it shouldn't be that hard, but here's a pointer on how to use command line FFmpeg.


      First you need to change directory (cd) to where you stored ffmpeg.  I usually store mine in C:\FFmpeg\ffmpeg64\ and have folders based on the version.  You can find the windows binaries from Zeranoe.

      Then, just follow this command line in the directory where your FFmpeg binary is.

      ffmpeg -i [input goes here] -c copy "[filename].mp4"

      That code should produce a mpeg-4 fiel with 1:1 video and audio of the source provided you change the input from [input goes here] to the source of your input and the output filename from [filename] to whatever you like.

  8. Slowly but surely, I'm getting the rips of "Pink Panther & Pals" finished up.  Now if only Pluto.tv staff could spam episodes of the show in their schedule again (last time I saw a weekend episode spam on "After School Cartoons" (Pluto ch.526) and that was of "Inspector Gadget"), then I could get done faster, but for now, it's all about waiting for an episode to air and vigilance, but knowing how my job is neglecting me, that should be easy provided I still have a single shift of work.

  9. There's a episode of "Pink Panther and Pals" on Pluto ch. 526 at 01:30 (PT) that looks to either be a new one or that I don't have a link to.  I'll have to catch a re-run of that episode later, as I gotta sleep.

  10. I've started to upload my rips here, if anyone wants them. Mind you, they'll be slow due to them needing to air so I can sniff the link to grab the m3u8 file.
  11. The show does run on Pluto.tv (US exclusive, unless a user outside the US can say otherwise), and I can grab the m3u8 files from their server with merely Downloadhelper and the web version of Pluto. However, the streams are timed to load certain things at certain times unless a channel is totally live (such as Cheddar is). For an example, Here's a playlist to S01E01 in 720p (the channels all go as low as 144p) taken at 18:30 PT from "After School Cartoons". If you want to find other channels airing something, Here's their channel guide. You'll need to turn off adblock for the online version to work, the main page has been overhauled to stop people from directly accessing it through their browser, but the channel guide still works on PCs, seemingly. Also, it looks like a lot of Hulu content moved to Pluto, which might play into why Hulu became a subscription-only service. Have fun. EDIT: I'm trying to record the file with Video Downloadhelper, but opening the file for local editing, I see that there's 128-bit AES-keys in the file, making me think that it's encrypted, but is able to be decrypted on the fly with any media player, however Youtube-DL handled it badly. Recent FFmprg builds are actively decrypting the files and joining them, though.
  12. Spider Riders ITunes rip

    I can't say I'm surprised. If any American wants to start the show, Series 1 (45 eps) is on Hoopla currently, if anyone's got an account and wants to borrow it. About the Paypal debacle, I've seen them doing this kinda crap to people they just don't like (it was anti-establishment conservatives and libertartians being attacked prior to this), including pirates. You should try utilizing another platform for payment in the likely event this happens. Has @Arian considered cryptocurrencies?
  13. Spider Riders ITunes rip

    Yeah, there hasn't been any word now. I think this project should be generally high-priority as there are only TVrips out there that could be replaced by a good webrip.
  14. Sally Bollywood HD

    I tested it, It ain't blocked in the US (I appear as if I'm from Washington (not the District of Columbia) 'cause of my ISP having an IP range there, even though it hasn't a thing to do with geographical location in terms of Goolag).
  15. The more content creators try to fight piracy, the deeper it gets. It can never be thwarted. The war is of fruition, and it seems pirates/indies are winning knowing how Hollywood is currently having a holocaust (heh, Hollycaust) of it's own called #MeToo, power-grabs like this having their true intentions shown for what they are, power-grabs, and ultimately pirates and indie producers being some resilient bastards.