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  1. Get ready for your day to be ruined!

    1. Ka44tsUU


      Only knew about this artist for a month or two as well 

    2. Badguys


      Luckily the artist isn't dead.  He just suffered liver damage, but the family needs to relocate now because of the commie that exposed his whereabouts.

  2. Badguys

    Free Games Megathread

    I had taken DE5NQ-W5NHW-A9FRB. Thanks.
  3. Badguys

    Free Games Megathread

    The GOG coupon for Doom & Doom II appears to no longer work. I don't have either, mind you.
  4. Badguys

    Free Games Megathread

    That is if you consider $14.99 to be free.
  5. Viacom








    1. Saf


      I guess Toddlers & Tiaras didn't get cancelled, after all.

    2. Badguys


      This ain't Discovery Communications, though.  It's just an video playing on a big billboard promoting Viacom outside of their New York building.

      I guess nuking them is out of order, and a conquest of New York is needed, instead.

  6. Badguys

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    If 5G is supposed to be damaging to your health, then why is it using the same frequencies once used for analog television? There were no people that I know of complaining about the negative health effects of broadcast television (not that there are any that I know of). The only thing 5G will do is cause some TV channels to be shifted around, or closed down (there are no channels being shut down in Sacramento, but there is 4 channels planned to move around on the frequency band in 2020). The biggest side-effect is that DXing will be somewhat easier to do. The only reason why 5G is facing much resistance is because of cable providers fearing a loss of their income, and nutty enviromentalists claiming "muh mind control" in California. The hardcore enviromentalists in California are statists that are best to be taken as a joke. Remember that these same people fought for "clean energy", but then the most optimal place for solar panels and turbines (the deserts) are met with resistance from the same party of numbnuts after the plans to place panels and turbines in the desert are announced because "it'll confuse the turtles". And this started after govenor "Moonbeam" Brown caved in to these same nutcases when these same potential asylum-patients were claiming that a series of dams was "killing a endangered species of fish", and look where the money saved from not operating the dams went. It went into the renovation of the Sacramento International Airport. I'm lucky that these nutcases are leaving California, but then again they'll do the same song-and-dance in another state. MODERN LEFT-WING CALIFORNIANS ARE LOCUSTS.
  7. http://archive.is/kh4WG
    There aren't enough smug anime girls for this.

    >American Woman goes to Japan to find a man

    >Japanese men don't want her

    >Woman gets salty because western women are incels in Asia

    1. megajew
    2. Koby


      WTF she have against Metallica? No wonder she can't get laid. Hell my women will do it to a Metallica song.

    3. Badguys


      @megajewYa damn right, 3D's disgusting.


      @KobyIt's a thing for Social Justice Warriors (and generally moral authoritarians) to hate metal.  Thinking about it, it's like the moral panics of the 60s-70s, except it's not about "muh chilluns" this time, but "muh women/immigrants".

      I expect them to vilify Pokemon next, knowing how the moral police of the 90s targeted that for "promoting devil worship" despite there being no satanic references that I know of and how the modern SJWs vilified Dungeons & Dragons for "not being inclusive enough".

      But then again, modern Nintendo fans regularly consume more soy than the average joe/jane and kiss up to Nintendo on a routine basis, even if what they do appears to be asinine (e.g. Labo, US$70 for what seems to mostly be cardboard sheets).

  8. My SwapMagic 3.8 toolkit came in.  The DVD runs like a treat (haven't tested the CD, yet), and now to look for a good game to write to a DVD/CD.

    I'm gonna write Mad Maestro to a CD-R and see how that works, as that's a CD-based game.

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    2. Badguys


      Just for note, there are cheap Chinese controllers on Aliexpress that are still being manufactured for PS2.

      https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?SearchText=Playstation 2 controller

      When looking for pressure-sensitive controllers, there's the words "Analog Keys" in the description that seem to indicate that every button can detect pressure.

      It's been decades since Sony stopped making Dualshock 2 control pads, which is why they ramped in price.

      But then again, the cheap ones don't look that bad these days if you need another.

    3. Badguys


      All you need is Free McBoot, you can either buy a new memory card with Free McBoot on there (like I did) or install it on a card you have (that requires that you find or have a exploitable game, the obvious answer here is 007 Nightfire, but any official game made before 2004 that has ELF files for segments of the game will do as 2004 was when integrity checks were added into official games).

    4. Badguys


      Protip: when cleaning Dualshock 2 pads, it's best to use an abrasive cleaner (70% alcohol) since glass cleaner can leave a film behind.

  9. Just cleared Klonoa 2.

    That game's definitely worth your time if you hadn't played it.

    Also, I had to replace my PS2 sometime ago 'cause of my slimline PS2's motherboard dying due to being on standby regularly.

    Rest in Pepperoni, SCPH-70012.  You will be missed.  Luckily I replaced it with a SCPH-39001/N PS2.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Saf


      I dunno what model my PS2 is, but it still seems to work fine, even though it doesn't look to be in the best condition. As for Klonoa; I only recall getting into the GBA ones at a time and a remake of the original. I suppose I'll play Klonoa 2 if it's fun, but I ran out of DVD's to burn it with. Maybe I should invest in getting more instead of buying PS2 games...

    3. Badguys


      It's just cheaper (and even easier to acquire rare games) to just buy new DVD-R discs than PS2 games.  They're like $0.05 a disc on the market.  They are even available in bulk at normal stores (usually they store 50-disc bulk spindles, where as there's 100-disc bulk spindles at warehouse shops).

      You might also want to get a Swap Magic if your PS2 ain't chipped and are not using a hard disk.

      I got a entire Swap Magic 3.8 toolkit from Aliexpress for 5.93 (6.93 before a coupon).

    4. Saf


      Thanks, but I don't know if a lot of that really applies to where I am, which is in Melbourne, in Australia.


      And oh look, in three months we'll be the same age.

  10. >Grain >Preset Presets in x264 focus on speed. Tunes might be what you're talking about. I tend to focus more on size than encode time, but I don't want an encode to take days either.
  11. If I was to do a DVD, I'd set the deinterlace to YADIF>Mode: Bob>Interlace Detection: Default Also, I'd set the encoding's framerate to "Same as Source" and set the frame encoding to "Variable Framerate". Encoding it with these settings will make sure that the fluid motion in the video is kept since 1 line might be equal to 1 frame, making video fluid when some SDTV content is digitally edited or shot. As for tunes, I use "Animation" for 2D animation there as 3DCG and live action use "Film", and use the preset of "Very Slow" (try encoding it as slow as you can bear and you'll get less bloat, refrain from using the preset "Placebo" since even the developers of x264 say it'll waste your time and end up with a result similar to "Very Slow"). Also, I'd use Vidcoder as it has more options to work with. I can never understand why encoders on here want to keep a constant framerate when almost every device in this day and age supports variable framerates just fine.
  12. Is there any reason as to why people use nyaa.si when pantsu.cat is the better alternative to the late Nyaa?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Koby


      "The Cartel" is a meme that was started by Kristen, a guy posing as a girl, who was upset that people dissed him a lot. It doesn't exist. HorribleSubs provides rips of Simulcasts and have been a staple in the scene since Crunchyroll was made. They're by far the most downloaded anime releases.


      Commie is just a fansub group name. Most of the users in it also work or have worked in pretty much all the other groups at some point or another. The only real staple of Commie is herkz, who mostly just comments on torrents these days.


      You're getting shitty information from a shitty place and choosing to make opinions based on that info. :/

    3. Catar



      actually, Koby, herkz has been doing a lot more lately. Some of the recent Commie projects were mostly just his work as I understand it.


      also he does a lot of amazon ripping on BTN, mostly older shows while scene/p2p focuses on airing stuff.

    4. Koby


      Well Magus Bride at Commie is apparently stalled at Period, who is usually a staple member of DDY. =P Fyurie who owns GJM, was working on the Commie release but ended up bailing.

      Haven't really kept up with much Commie stuff lately, but for a while it was pretty much just herkz doing some quick TS & encode.

  13. Quick question, how does one rip subtitles from a streaming site?

    I'm asking since I haven't been able to rip foreign films from Tubi and other sites because of it.

    1. megajew


      It depends on the site, but usually you have to look for srt or vtt

    2. Ladu101


      Depends on the site. TubiTV is easy you can either


      Open up your browsers network inspector (usually ctrl + shift + i), open the webpage with the video and then just filter it by srt




      Navigate to https://tubitv.com/oz/videos/{id}/content (replacing {id} with the id (6 digit number) in the URL) and find the link in the JSON data that it returns.

    3. Badguys


      Thanks.  I was wondering how to do that.

  14. https://archive.fo/ygxYP 
    Steelseries is committing MASSIVE damage control right now.