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  1. Fruit Basket 2019?

    I seen two episodes so far, but I'am just wondering is this exactly the same story like 2001, but the different drawing and maybe different dub cast. But for the rest is the exact the same, or will the story change later on?

    1. (Kirito)


      Let's not think too much about it.


      It's good so far so let's wait & watch, what's going to happen next.


      Because it's a remake, so I think the story is not gonna deviate too much from the 2001 version of the anime.

    2. DJHulp


      If it only a different drawing style, them I'm not really interested.

      So I give it a few more episodes.

  2. This is Certain they always makes the Game and TV World the same! And ofcourse Ash aswell, otherwise you get definally angry people me included! I wonder if we are getting Mega Evolution or Signature Move or both at the same time (what never happend before)!
  3. Grookey TypeGrass A mischievous Chimp Pokémon that is full of boundless curiosity. Scorbunny TypeFire A Rabbit Pokémon that is always running about, bursting with energy. Sobble TypeWater A somewhat timid Water Lizard Pokémon that shoots out attacks as it hides itself in the water. You’ll Explore the Galar Region!: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be set in Galar, an expansive region with many environments—idyllic countryside, contemporary cities, thick forests, and craggy, snow-covered mountains. The people and Pokémon live together in this region, and they’ve worked together to develop the industries here. You’ll visit the various Gyms in the Galar region, aiming for the enviable and admirable title of Champion! Source: https://www.pokemon.com/SwordShield
  4. DJHulp

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Fall 2018

    I Change my Vote too: A Certain Magical Index III! https://myanimelist.net/anime/36432/Toaru_Majutsu_no_Index_III/
  5. DJHulp

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Fall 2018

    @Koby I saw Sword Art Online: Alicization  this also aired into Febuari so don't see what's wrong here also not Fall. February 9 at 12:30 am Eastern/Pacific, if this Topic is correct.
  6. DJHulp

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Fall 2018

    Date A Live S03, Also Today on FUNimation English Dub! https://myanimelist.net/anime/36633/Date_A_Live / https://www.funimation.com/shows/date-a-live
  7. Thanks, Great News, Happy I waited for the English Dub version! I know that it came, but the Air-Date not a Qlue!
  8. Congratulations Kametsu for Returning Back to Us. ;)

    It's a Shame we lost something precious in the progress. :(

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    2. gskumar


      It definitely good to be back; though I recently joined here.

    3. (Kirito)


      Just to be sure, seasonal anime polls & stuff like that can be held or not?


      Are we still allowed to discuss anime & manga related things (except download sources)?

    4. DJHulp


      @LelouchVBritannia that's not a problem, if it just about Anime, Talk, Polls or even News it's Allowed, go Nuts. ;) But ofcourse don't double post if somebody else already posted it, then you can just reply into that same Topic. And ofcourse when it's something @Koby or the other Administrators/Topic Editiors doesn't approve off it will be automatically be deleted.


  9. Does somebody know how to contact:

    LoadStone / LoadStone2k12?

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    2. DJHulp


      That's a shame :(, but thanks the both of you for looking into it. ;) 

    3. DigiPokeMon


      The Pirate Bay needs to add a pm feature where you send pms to other members/users



    4. DJHulp


      @DigiPokeMon I agree but then we need to ask the Admin, what is also impossible I think.


  10. Fruit Basket Returns with New Anime Based on Manga! ;)


    Hopefully it get's Dubbed and maybe the Old Cast as Voices would be Awesome!

    1. DigiPokeMon


      If news is being posted on funimation.com there is a good chance its getting dubbed



    2. DJHulp


      This Show "Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai" is also posted on funimation but has only Japanese Dub. But usally you're right, when funimation post News is usally get's Dubbed! ;) What I ment to say is hopefully it's get dubbed by the same Cast as before! ;) 

  11. yes please and thank you

    by the way thank you for standing up for me

    I tried messaging you but it said I can't so I'm sorry this is the only way I can contact you

    1. DJHulp


      Also you're very welcome, but it's invane because they already removed it. :( 

      I have send the information to you! ;) 

  12. DJHulp

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Buy or Leave It?

    I decided to buy (Special Edition, I was to late for the Ultimate) it and I'm waiting for my Copy, maybe I have it tomorrow or the next day. Hopefully it was worth investation because the Reviews on YouTube and other Website called it the Game of The Year 2018! And 2019 we all know it Kingdom Hearts III!
  13. A Certain Magical Index III - S03 - English Dub Confirmed!

    10/24 10PM Wednesday SimulCast - FUNimation Schedule!


    Hopefully it the same Cast as the Original Two Seasons!

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    2. Inverti


      It's old news at this point. DJ, you gotta learn how to stay in the loop.

    3. DJHulp


      @Inverti I knew it was coming but the Date no Clue.

      Kinda Funny! ;) 

    4. Inverti


      ......if you knew it was coming, then why did you post it as an announcement? 🤦‍♂️

  14. DJHulp

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Buy or Leave It?

    Because the Shipping Rate from Anime is Outrages (I must pay double or triple for just one Anime) and a Game I don't have this problem. Or maybe I just want to have the Original Disc for playing example Online. There are so many reason to think off example Crack doesn't work. PC is too Slow for the New Game, but I can use my Game Console instead. But I love to hear you're input @Kamtsu1 always appreciated. But the main Reason I didn't know that it comes on PC and also the Hardware isn't confirmed yet: https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/red-dead-redemption-2/16908 By The Way: Shadow of Tomb Raider isn't Cracked either, and a Month has been passed.