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  1. yes please and thank you

    by the way thank you for standing up for me

    I tried messaging you but it said I can't so I'm sorry this is the only way I can contact you

    1. DJHulp


      Also you're very welcome, but it's invane because they already removed it. :( 

      I have send the information to you! ;) 

  2. DJHulp

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Buy or Leave It?

    I decided to buy (Special Edition, I was to late for the Ultimate) it and I'm waiting for my Copy, maybe I have it tomorrow or the next day. Hopefully it was worth investation because the Reviews on YouTube and other Website called it the Game of The Year 2018! And 2019 we all know it Kingdom Hearts III!
  3. DJHulp

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    It's a shame ofcourse, but I understand.
  4. DJHulp

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    From who and how much and also can it do 4K? Are you willing to share it for free or a small fee?
  5. A Certain Magical Index III - S03 - English Dub Confirmed!

    10/24 10PM Wednesday SimulCast - FUNimation Schedule!


    Hopefully it the same Cast as the Original Two Seasons!

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    2. Inverti


      It's old news at this point. DJ, you gotta learn how to stay in the loop.

    3. DJHulp


      @Inverti I knew it was coming but the Date no Clue.

      Kinda Funny! ;) 

    4. Inverti


      ......if you knew it was coming, then why did you post it as an announcement? 🤦‍♂️

  6. DJHulp

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Buy or Leave It?

    Because the Shipping Rate from Anime is Outrages (I must pay double or triple for just one Anime) and a Game I don't have this problem. Or maybe I just want to have the Original Disc for playing example Online. There are so many reason to think off example Crack doesn't work. PC is too Slow for the New Game, but I can use my Game Console instead. But I love to hear you're input @Kamtsu1 always appreciated. But the main Reason I didn't know that it comes on PC and also the Hardware isn't confirmed yet: https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/red-dead-redemption-2/16908 By The Way: Shadow of Tomb Raider isn't Cracked either, and a Month has been passed.
  7. DJHulp

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Buy or Leave It?

    Thanks for the Tip, personally I think to wait aswel for the $20/$30 or something. If I must pay the Full price again like the first one and have the same thing, is just like throwing money into the trash.
  8. Kametsu Users WANTED! ;)

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    2. DJHulp


      @Badguys Indies not really a Great Fan of those Games, But thanks for the Tip! ;) 

      @TheOneWhoSees if you read my Topic, you can read definally read that I didn't like First Game.

      But still asking for two has a Reason please Read Topic! ;) 

    3. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      @DJHulp Spider-Man game story and combat is more similar to the original comics than the movies.

    4. Badguys


      @Kid Boruto

      Still plays slower than Spider-Man 2, and you don't deliver pizzas, either.


  9. I was wondering I really liked GUN this is a Game from NeverSoft / ActiVision and also this was the best CowBoy Game what I ever Played. But I also bought the First Game of Red Dead Redemption 1 (Incl. Zombie Pack), but this Game and DLC I really didn't like it. And what is very strange because I really like Grand Theft Auto from RockStar Games, so I was Definally Disappointment. The Story and Controlls where way worse then GUN. I see Trailers of the Game from the Second Game is this a totally Different Story and would it be more like GUN? What I do notice is into the Trailers they Fixed the Problems what I really hated in Part 01. Must I Buy this Game, or Skip the Game because I didn't liked the First Game.
  10. FUNimation: https://www.funimation.com/blog/2018/10/03/fall-2018-simuldub-lineup/

    Why doesn't it contain English Dub Audio: is A Certain Magical Index III & Sword Art Online Alicization?

    What do you Kametsu Users think are we getting this End this Year 2018, or do we have to wait for 2019 or worse 2020 for it?


    What I do think it Strange they say that Episode 01 is getting a 10/13 Online Japanese Audio, but this Episode is already Released on there Website, so I hope the English Version Comes on this Date.

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    2. NeutralHatred


      ...yeah, they are airing the sub on the 13th. And as the Twitter post above states, they are also bringing S1 and 2 to FuniNow in sub and dub.

    3. DJHulp


      But the first episode is already released a few days ago.

      Then I think maybe the Schedule is Wrong or something.

      Look at this:

      Mainpage: https://www.funimation.com/shows/sword-art-online/

      First Episode: https://www.funimation.com/shows/sword-art-online/underworld-2/


      So in other words FUNimation doesn't have a Dub version yet, and also no confirmation what so ever. That's FUNimation for you! :( 

    4. NeutralHatred


      FUNimation doesn't have the rights to SAO. Aniplex always dubs SAO after the airing. Clearly Aniplex has allowed FUNimation to stream the series, though. That doesn't mean FUNi is dubbing it.

  11. This looks intressting are we getting the same thing as Attack On Titan: Junior High? My Lunch!
  12. FUNimation Strange Thing:

    Rascal does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai.

    It only contains Japanese Dub, did they forget English Dub?



    Does this mean less English Dub into the Future?



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    2. LelouchVBritannia


      @DJHulp U have a lot of expectations.

    3. DJHulp


      The reason is because they also have the Original Cast used for the Latest Movie.

      That's the Reason! ;) 

    4. LelouchVBritannia


      I hope that all your expectations are met properly.

  13. DJHulp

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    I think you're wrong about that because WEB-DL are still coming Online, Example: NTb, Monkee, ViSUM & much more People. So it means there is still a working Tool, except it isn't Public.
  14. High Score S02 and Ova, Japanese Kametsu Users.

    Can somebody please explain what it exactly said about the Date & Ova.

    The S02 was explained into the End Subtitles.

    Thanks for the Effort.


    1. DJHulp


      Great News, we have the Translation:

      It was announced that the series will receive 3 OVA episodes that will premiere in March 2019. It will be streamed by Netflix. Hopefully it's get English Subtitles aswell.


      S02 is only mentioned into the Subtitle from Episode 12, so hopefully this also comes next Year, after the OVA. But this is not been confirmed yet. Or maybe it was a written Subtitle Error.

  15. DJHulp

    Best Quality Spongebob Squarepants' episodes

    Amazon has it aswell SD: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B0172TSGSO/ Watch for 0.00 with Prime.