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  1. I tryed you're software Application, but for some Reason, it doesn't Record?
  2. I was just wondering are there any people are going to M-Disc (1000 Year LifeSpan)? Or is a Server / Raid the best option?
  3. Many thanks, I will take a look at it, No promises. I tryed but I think it's only for Google Chrome.
  4. Don't be angry, I thought there was only one dub at the time, and usally the first voices I get attacht to that. Just like Ranma or Maison Ikkoku, after that it was less fun. Everbody prefers something different.
  5. I used too watch this, Serie was awesome, Movie definially not: If you have the movies in same voice of Show, love to have it.
  6. I don't know, but I really can't stand the voice from the Movies. For some reason the Main Caracter Sakura, sounds angry to me when se talks. I never ever could finish the Movies because of it, and so I really need the old from the TV back, or I need new people who do it way beter then the Movie did.
  7. I get a White Screen, possible to send the Installer!
  8. I was wondering is it a .js script?
  9. Even whit the Plugins in Google Chrome, you can never watch it as 1080P or 4K. That's why I Always watch it with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or the NetFlix Application.
  10. If somebody can send his account to my Private Message Box Please, then I can take a look at it.
  11. I think it is a .m4s format, but I don't know how to convert it to mp4. I think this is the link: https://vs333.vcdn.biz/bd54c2b7d1c6d8cd9ab7369075d7da8f_megogo/vod/mpd/o/36134821/u_sid/a0keqg23k4k235ck2tbn6qjp76/u_uid/0/u_vod/3/u_device/html5/g/ru/media-i786860541.m4s You can try: Invidownloader for this: https://sourceforge.net/projects/invidownloader/files/latest/download/ But I get an out of Memory Error, so I don't know how to convert it, if you find out let us know! I tryed this aswel, but didn't download it: ffmpeg -i "Video.m4s" -c copy "video.mp4" ffmpeg -i "https://vs333.vcdn.biz/bd54c2b7d1c6d8cd9ab7369075d7da8f_megogo/vod/mpd/o/36134821/u_sid/a0keqg23k4k235ck2tbn6qjp76/u_uid/0/u_vod/3/u_device/html5/g/ru/media-i786860541.m4s" -c copy "video.mp4"
  12. I was just wondering you can record PS4 with Elgato Box, is this HDCP free for Netflix? Or are you using a HDMI Splitter aswel?
  13. Ok, I see I have to Import as Audio or Drag into it in the place of Import Raw Data. Now I have to find the Dutch Audio! Thanks very much also do you know how to use it for Subtitles?
  14. I cant get the sound, it has only rouse? What for settings are you using for importing the Audio in Audacity?
  15. I got now a 20,4MB, I think this is the correct one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d3nle7vapy5almu/unknownFileName_2?dl=0 Do you think you can take a look and send me the correct settings from Audacity.