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  1. Anyone have any experience with Afro encodes? I wanna upgrade my rather shitty copy of Akira, and the two best copies I found were Afro and REVO.

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    2. PDoggy77


      Have you seen Afro's encode tho? I reckon it's better than REVO's, to be honest.

    3. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      Have not I wasn't saying for this movie specifically I meant in general

    4. PDoggy77


      For example, Afro's encode of Sword of the Stranger is better than REVO's because REVO decided to degrain for some reason. Then again, that issue doesn't really apply for Akira, which they obviously didn't degrain, so it's a bit of a moot point I guess.


      Even so, I've already downloaded and watched Afro's encoded anyways. Deed is done. Looked fantastic, in case anyone was wondering. I would recommend Afro wholeheartedly.

  2. Does anyone know of a good BD release of Osomatsu-San? Or are we stuck with HorribleSubs?

    1. Arian


      I suppose I could encode it when I have the time.

    2. sfaxt


      vcb might be hevc but shouldn't be bad-- actually, downloading it now I just saw it.

    3. PDoggy77


      @Arian, the lack of releases isn't really due to a lack of good encodes over a lack of good subs (I think, though fwiw I haven't seen many options apart from VCB). Plus there's the broadcast versions of episode 1 and 3 (iirc, might be episode 2 as well) that were replaced/edited on the BDs because of copyright issues.


      All that said, I would encourage any attempts at a nice release for this; just don't want to mislead you, there are indeed some encodes out there, just no proper releases that put them together with good subs that I know of.

  3. Those are cropped from the 1920*1080 theatrical event trailer on Youtube, they aren't necessarily representative of the actual BD sets.
  4. Bought Shin Godzilla on BD but I might return it. Anyone know if Funimation BDs ever really go out of print or get hard to find? $27 (taxes in) is pretty steep.

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    2. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      I actually archived this movie mad long ago still haven't gotten around to it

    3. PDoggy77


      I doubt any competitors are really looking to get the Shin Godzilla license like they were for FMA. It wouldn't be profitable,  I imagine the large majority of the people that would buy it on BD have already bought the Funimation BD.

    4. PDoggy77


      At least, I seriously doubt anyone like Aniplex will get their hands on this. I think I'll return it. Besides, turns out they decided to remove the Japanese Evangelion like titles for all the locations and characters in the movie, which was a rather important part of the movie imo.


      I just dropped $40 on a new record anyways so I should probably save some cash.

  5. So... supposedly the 4K Bluray of Your Name has shown up on Nyaa. 4K encode soon?



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    2. Catar


      My theory is that they're not actually decrypting them via exploit, but by whichever movies they can manage to get a leaked private AACS2.0 key. Thus the random selection and slow turnout.


      If they had a true decryption method, I'd expect more releases and/or at regular intervals.

    3. Badman
    4. sumwai
  6. Can I get some opinions on these comparisons-- does either source look better to anyone? (Jensen = BeatriceRaws, btw)






    Here are the RuTracker links as well, in case anyone wants to take a look at the MediaInfo:


    Beatrice - https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5288382


    Yurasyk - https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3683640

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    2. PDoggy77


      I already synced up subs from niizk, but I've also combined niizk signs with THORA subs for anyone that prefers that (THORA hardcodes signs, for whatever reason).

    3. PDoggy77


      Also, lleur? Even over BeatriceRaws or Yurasyk?

    4. Catar


      Like I said, haven't done any comparisons. That's just based on my past experience with those encoders on other releases. 

  7. Any update for the complete 4Kids dub of One Piece? I'm looking for episode 66.

    1. PDoggy77


      That was really more of an archival thing-- I only have stuff that's available publicly from other sources/uploaders.

      That said, I do have episode 66. It's a TVrip by {C_P} from way back when it was airing. From skipping through it, it looks like it's not 

    2. PDoggy77


      (sorry, accidentally hit enter)

      it's not broken or anything.

    3. Gilblitz112


      Well, I (or we)'d like to see it when you have the chance to upload it. 

  8. I don't watch stuff on my phone too often-- not enough to warrant setting up Plex for it, at least. Also, how do you have all your "cool things" connected to your storage? Some kind of NAS setup, I presume?
  9. I feel like I should use Sonarr or Plex, but I don't have an HTPC, or a desktop at all in fact. I just plug my laptop into my TV via HDMI. I'm thinking of building myself a desktop soon, though.
  10. I'm only watching 3 shows weekly rn anyways, so I'm too lazy to set up an RSS or anything like that (unless you're referring to something else by filtering?). All 3 shows (Samurai Jack, Better Call Saul, American Gods) are being ripped from Amazon/Netflix by only 1 group/show, so I just wait for said WEBRips to show up and throw them on my seedbox. (I wanna watch The Leftovers and Fargo too but I've been too lazy to catch up on the previous seasons as of yet, so they'll have to wait.)
  11. The Breaking Bad releases in question are TrollUHD, and unless I'm mistaken, are legitimate untouched WEBRips, in the same vein as HorribleSubs. I'm not on BTN sadly, but I hope to be someday. I'm really only on IPT and AB, alongside a few smaller, easier to join trackers like MySpleen, UHDClub and PrivateHD.
  12. Forrest Gump and The Hateful Eight look pretty nice in 4K, considering I'm 99% sure they're WEBRips/captures. You can also waste a terabyte and a half on some really nice 4K WEBRips of Breaking Bad, if you would want to for some reason. They're untouched rips from Sony's Video Unlimited (is that what it's called?) platform, so they're about 30-50GB per episode. It was shot on 16mm iirc, so it has a really nice, grainy look to it, especially in that non bitstarved 4K. EDIT-- I'm talking specifically about encodes available on UHDClub. Not sure if they can be found elsewhere.
  13. Ah, sorry for assuming so then. Suppose I was doing a little venting of my own here.
  14. Your friends sound like pricks tbh. It takes a real piece of shit to take advantage of a drunk girl. Then again, if they have to go to another country and find "super drunk" girls to even get any, I doubt they're telling the truth anyways. You don't go from perma-virgin (presuming they're nerdy/weeb types) to suddenly getting girls like that just by going to a different country/being a foreigner, lmao. The moral of this story, children, is to not jump to conclusions about things without having all of the info.
  15. So.... looks like Nyaa died. Can't believe it's really gone. RIP

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    2. DarkDream787


      The bad news is, if the only tracker in the uploaded torrent was their Nyaa tracker and no others were in the torrent file, then its already dead since that tracker is down and not working.

    3. Catar


      That's exactly why Koby and I (and most others, I hope) also included a stack of DHT/public indexes like coppersurfer on any public torrents, to counteract any potential Nyaa downtime.

    4. Koby


      @DarkDream787 even with no live trackers, a torrent can still be downloaded if DHT is enabled and people are still seeding them.

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