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  1. 43 inch LED 1080p Smart TV $155 1 year Xbox live Gold $30 Battlefield 1 Xbox One $30 Fallout 4 Xbox One $15 A nice six pack of corelle plates for $10 (I've been using paper plates for the past year lol) Puma sneakers $25 (More than half off the usual price) Scarface and New York Yankees 24x36 Posters $4 each Wired 1 year magazine subscription $4 I think I did OK. I wish there were more deals though, I really wanted to spend more but nothing else really took my eye.
  2. Because having Windows 10 without any of the new features is pointless. You're better off using 8.1 if you want a barebones fast Windows OS. More control, a lot less telemetry(spying), faster, etc. Otherwise, Regular Enterprise is the master race for Windows 10. It can do everything that LTSB has too. Also, why even bother with a key from one of those dodgy sellers? You run the risk of it being stolen or MS deactivating it. Might as well just pirate at that point.
  3. Regular Enterprise is the best. It has all the features of Pro with the ability to turn telemetry down to the lowest possible level. The only thing that sucks about it is that there's really no legal way to get it outside of being in a corporation. You would have to pirate it. Don't bother with LTSB, it's literally a barebones meme version of Windows 10.
  4. You should look into getting a theme similar to the last one. This white is pretty awful, no offense.
  5. Loving how fast dubs are releasing now a days. Funi really forced the other companies to step their game up.
  6. There's no reason to upgrade unless you use your PC for gaming and really want DX12. Even then, I don't think any DX12 games are out yet. Everything else about 10 is literally a downgrade. The interface is ugly (crappy start menu/no Aero Glass), there's a shit load of privacy violations, and you have a lot less control over the OS itself (forced updating, some registry stuff, etc). Windows 7 is still going to get security updates until 2020 too. This should help you remove the Windows 10 stuff from 7: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/64561-Remove-Telemetry-and-Windows-10-Related-Updates-from-Windows-7/
  7. I feel like my sex life would be so much better if I stopped watching anime and stopped using Kametsu

    1. Koby


      IDK, I use Kametsu and watch anime.... and my sex life is great.

  8. I love Spiral. The only issue is it abruptly ends without anything being concluded. The whole 'blade children' mystery never even unravels. I was lucky enough to buy the volume version box set for $30 about 4 years ago before the series with OOP and the price skyrocketed to several hundred bucks. IDK if the price ever came back down or not as I haven't checked. I have always planned to eventually do my own encode of the show using the dvds I own. I started watching Spiral based off your guy's posts and IDK. I'm up to episode 5 and so far it feels like a poor man's Detective Conan/Case Closed. None of the characters stand out as interesting, the art has that horrible early digi animation look to it, and the story seems like a carbon copy of DC's formula. You got a young genius that solves a new new murder every episode with a silly overarching mystery to get you to watch the next episode (blade children instead of Conan's kid problem). On top of that, what's the big deal with these "blade children"? I feel like the show keeps beating me over the head to try to get me to care, with no explanation whatsoever as to who they are. Does it get better in the later episodes?
  9. To be fair, aren't Vegeta and Goku old ass men now? It's been eighteen years since the events of Dragon Ball Z, they're all out of shape and whatnot.
  10. The one and only show that ever got me close to shedding a few tears was Welcome to the NHK. Like when Satou and his Senpai didn't get together and live happily ever after. Whyyyyyyyy....they were made for each other! ;_; And then when Misaki almost killed herself.....man those feels. ;_; Of course I didn't cry or anything because I'm a MAN, and MEN don't cry. It was just a really bad day for rain. Yeah.
  11. You should just download Shiro's encodes here instead of waiting on Adult Swim lol. They're fantastic quality. I found it to be an enjoyable show. The story/setting was really refreshing and the animation was pretty damn good.
  12. I recently finished the "Time of Eve" movie. Despite all the hype and high ratings, I found it really bland. The plot never really went anywhere and it didn't feel like any of the characters resolved anything. Eh.
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