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    Any deviantART Users Here?

    I have a deviantart acc. : https://www.deviantart.com/ryanbonner

    Thoughts on One Drive

    Onedrive is the most convenient cloud storage service I have ever used. It's 74 dollars last time I renewed the subscription. I used to be a leech, but as i got older, i saw that actual people were dedicating their spare time to puting these file all over kametsu together. I was inspired to contribute, even thought I do not have the time to. I started using onedrive by accident really, When I bought my computer it came bundled with a mouse, a sleeve thing, mcafee antivirus and a one year onedrive subscription. that was in early august one year, and, it wasn't until the following january that I saw how much cloud storage space I got . The links i shared from the cloud had no adds displayed, no file limitations, no expiration date, fast constant speeds, no need for those premium link generator websites; and the best part, convenience and piece of mind. I was so happy with the subscription that i renewed it, and I shall continue to until I die, or turn 30; whichever comes first. When my files from mega started disappearing [and I had 23 accounts, yes 23], It got inconvenient and time consuming to check all of them because of the "50 gb" file limitation. I stopped uploading to them and switched over to onedrive full time.

    Black Friday Purchases

    you are not the only one.

    AsianDVDClub Registration

    Moodkiller knows what's up, I learned that the hard way. If you have the time and resources to download and seed torrents from ADC you may as well start your own release group................................. Or you could do what I do and drink orange juice, while out on your daily life and check here every now and then, if someone else uploaded the same project you wanted to make or something.

    What are your view on porn / hentai?

    I don't fool around real life Pornography, at times i find myself watching Hentai............ here's my mindset SOMETIMES the very idea crosses my mind, THEN!..................................... And I end up contemplating what I wanted to watch, I'm into the consensual stuff. My heart and my my body end up at odds. Sometimes I'll go months without it, BUT THEN......................... I end up convincing myself to go along with it. And sometimes as I start I remember 5 things: #1: #2: Celebrate #3: First love, then marriage, then................... #4: finish the first time, wait 5 minutes, go again.................... #5: and when its all over, I feel this way everytime, OK. I need Serious help.

    How do you Create subtitles

    I see groups like horriblesubs make them but I don't understand how they are made, can someone enlighten me?

    What's your cell phone?

    I have an HTC Desire 610,

    Has Anyone Taken a Break from Anime?

    I stopped in the later half of 2015 and just reuploaded some of my older anime downloads.Im not very smart but im one of those people with really detailed ideas, and all of them just attack me at once. This gets me confused a whole lot at times. I gave my life to God through his son Jesus Christ, who made the ultimate and perfect sacrifice for my sins as well as everyone elses, but I still find myself filesharing. I take breaks from anime on and off for weeks at a time inbetween months at a time because sometimes im not even sure if I want to watch anime in the first place; because of it I don't have to watch tv or visit dirty websites on the internet. There are times I even want to just stop watching anime, but, end up asking myself, "This series took kinda long to download, should I share it with someone else.... should I just keep seeding.......... should I just get rid of it," and end up just uploading it to mega.nz. And when I get in the mindset to just not bother downloading or uploading, its not like I can say, "I'M not uploading stuff anymore, and you shouldn't either." NO!, i cant say that, that would make me a hypocrite. Instead I would just take my time uploading and just share, even if I didnt watch it myself. Even though my way of thinking changed, I refuse to forget where im coming from so thats the main reason why im still here.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/user/bobsamurai
  10. RYONBO

    A Young relationship

    Something for thought. note: don't play the video in the passage until you read that paragraph, imagine the scene from @ 6:17 of video. She just stood there with that expressionless look as she got lost in her own thoughts. Heather was drawn into Ryan's personal space, “I'll finally make you understand, this isn't much but……..” she said to him in a hushed tone by the table in that deep corner of the underground basement. “re………...remember the difference between us.” Ryan hesitantly refused her offer, but she was persistant as she started to pull him into her arms, they saw each other face to face. “I can't pressure you into understanding my feelings, there is aa reason we get along the way we do.” Those hazel eyes of hers continued to pierce through his sense of reasoning, there was something she wanted to do. “I……….want…………..you to…… ki-ki……...ki……...” Heather had trouble getting the words out, and struggled as she did so. He did the unthinkable and kissed her on the forehead, she silently expressed her happiness during the action with a smile. Within their mutual embrace they pulled apart just to see each other. “I……...had no idea that.” he paused as she blushed, despite her apparently bold outlook. “……...You felt that way.” Heather then went to explain, “Under God we both love each other with that extra special sense of charity. You've already proven to me that you're willing to give to me knowing it would cost you dearly, and I to you. But there's more to it than that for me.” they came undone then took their respective seat at the basements table, one seat apart from each other. “ Can you hold my hand?” “sure.” He replied to her delight, their hands clasped, “So how do you feel?” “Ryan, it feels as though i've fallen for you.” he was breathless for that moment, she gazed upon her feet with her left hand holding on to the chair she sat. “It all started when I started paying more attention to you for you just being you. When I saw that that was genuinely you, that's when the daydreams started to take place. I don't know what to do with these feelings.” “I'm honoured that you think that way about me but im inexperienced too.” I happily stated, “IT doesn't matter, wait………….. hold on.” Letting go of his hand, Heather got up and stood infront of the seated In front of Ryan. “huh? “Please don't feel uncomfortable around me, I know I have the reputation of being the occasional pervert. There are just two things I must ask of you. First thing, can you play with me every now and then?” “of course we can, im just a call away. What else would you like?” he kindly asked “Can I kiss you?” “But I already di.” he was cut off “ Not on the forehead…………… right on my honeydew lips. That's not too much to ask……………………………………...is it?” “Well,” he hesitated, “consider the implications.” “I don't care, our minds are in the right places.” then she slowly drew closer to him until their lips met, it was for about four and a half seconds. Heathers kiss was that of an innocent childs. As she pulled back just to see his face, she remained eager anticipating another. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfwQfDPOuqo ] @6:17 until “We can't continue, I'm starting to feel guilty.” He looked her straight in the eye, “You need more time to mature.” but the truth was that, as innocent as that was, his heart still picked up the pace. Moist but not too juicy, Her lips to him were like a mild piece of candy that seemed to melt in his mouth; he could also tell that there were a lot of other feelings she held back. :)
  11. RYONBO

    Staffing Nominations

    Mr. Spacebar? Chrome is interesting, it says your name is      . Firefox shows red dots I just call him mr. "six spaces"
  12. RYONBO

    Post Your Desktop

    http://imgur.com/ZkTFKmS new PC
  13. RYONBO

    MEGA Enforcing File Limit

    I saw your status on this, how come? Im paranoid when it comes to file sharing. I want a private, more secure way of sharing files. The very idea of ISP's knowing my online activity just sends shivers down my spine.
  14. RYONBO

    MEGA Enforcing File Limit

    from the time i saw this i just removed my files altogether. I don't trust mega anymore
  15. RYONBO

    What if your life was an anime

    my life as an anime would be a combination of these images: