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  1. darling in the franxx english cover op:


  2. Hey @RYONBO Thanks for the upload of course but currently the 1drive link takes you t microsoft sign in page, redoing the link normally fixes it if you still have the files, so any chance of this happening? I can basically only use 1drive an googledrive t dl these days so would be very much appreciated if it happens but Thanks again either way, just for the fact you uploaded this lil masterpiece to begin with lol


    1080p In Solitude would be so awesome 

  3. George of the jungle season 02, where everything is different but look almost exactly the same; find out how,


    1. RYONBO


      And you'll think its clickbait too, but it's not :)

  4. downloading images from a google search.

    1. search the image in question

    2. select image from results

    3. right click [Windows] on the image itself and select the option "view image".

    4. when the image loads you get a link in the address bar that looks like this:


    5. right click on image itself again and select save as.

    6. its either downloaded automatically, or, you select the download location on your hard drive.

    1. ElementalCards


      Dumb update IMO. I liked the view image button, but I can still touch the image and hit the download image button on my android. There's always workarounds.

    2. RYONBO


      its ok to be a little silly sometimes

  5. I changed my name back to RYONBO, I'll still be inactive and I'm still done with uploads.

  6. "There is a young man struck with a heaviness of the heart, it lead him to wonder why he did the things he did. His hands were stained with sin, his thoughts were blinded by a thick fog of loathsomeness. His happiness grew week as his body swayed with an onset of exhaustion over a period of time. He was scared, scared that his heart would turn to stone if he continued........................................... I AM NOT VINCENT LAW!!!!"


    But on a serious note, I don't want to do this uploading thing anymore. There is nothing left for me to give, nothing left for me to give. this account is as good as dead.

  7. Im going to be experimenting with megadrive.

  8. I'll upload the last episode of tawawa on monday another time.

  9. I finally did that thing I wanted to with Tawawa. I now have a soft sub of episode 5. Now I just need to fix up the file names and I'm good to go.

    1. RYONBO


      I'll start by trying to upload three whenever I can

  10. arrrrrggghhhhh, voltage divider bias transistor circuit; why must you treat me so!

  11. RYONBO

    Thoughts on One Drive

    Onedrive is the most convenient cloud storage service I have ever used. It's 74 dollars last time I renewed the subscription. I used to be a leech, but as i got older, i saw that actual people were dedicating their spare time to puting these file all over kametsu together. I was inspired to contribute, even thought I do not have the time to. I started using onedrive by accident really, When I bought my computer it came bundled with a mouse, a sleeve thing, mcafee antivirus and a one year onedrive subscription. that was in early august one year, and, it wasn't until the following january that I saw how much cloud storage space I got . The links i shared from the cloud had no adds displayed, no file limitations, no expiration date, fast constant speeds, no need for those premium link generator websites; and the best part, convenience and piece of mind. I was so happy with the subscription that i renewed it, and I shall continue to until I die, or turn 30; whichever comes first. When my files from mega started disappearing [and I had 23 accounts, yes 23], It got inconvenient and time consuming to check all of them because of the "50 gb" file limitation. I stopped uploading to them and switched over to onedrive full time.