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It's a shame what happened to Kametsu a while back... I'm not sure if this is appropriate to ask, but I don't know where to find cartoons now besides on iTunes. I prefer to have offline copies of shows, so streaming isn't really a long-term option for me.

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Adventures of Jackie Chan

Xaolin showdown

Justice League

... Ya

These ones that I remember watching when was a kid... Ah 😌 the good ol'days.. 


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So... I came across a bizarre sounding one when I was scrolling through my cable guide.


Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty. Apon attempted Google research on it, some claim it's just a Unikitty ripoff while others say it's good.


Then again I've gotten into Unikitty recently.


Thoughts on this one? Though there is the possibility that no one else knows about this/has watched it... 🤔

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