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  1. Royce Download Nest

    fairy tail is huge.. i cant do that ..search darkflames mini encodes section
  2. Royce Download Nest

    updated Samurai Girls S1+S2 & also added Princess Resurrection
  3. [Request]Maken-Ki Season2 English[Dual-Audio]MINI-MKV

    if some one has already uploaded pls let me know.. thx
  4. hey guys i know its all sudden but some one needs to remind someone about the important anime which got a English dubbed version but noone has uploaded it yet here is ep 1 from a streaming site i found http://www.watchcartoononline.com/maken-ki-two-episode-1-english-dubbed
  5. Royce Download Nest

    updated new animes..
  6. Anime You've Recently Completed?

    wow...you have the first one piece Special ... can you upload it...? do you have One piece Movies (1-8) I for one have watched plenty of animes... I can start typing it but will take all day.... the most recent ones i saw was A certain magical index Tenchi muyo War on gaminar both were awesome ... downloaded plenty ...some are One piece New eps HS DxD Born Freezing S1&S2 Book of Bantorra but no time to watch and of course there are naruto shipuden eps Dubs/Subs updated so need to get those , have dLLed till ep300 Dub and 415 of sub
  7. Simuldubs of Summer 2015

    @koby thx man, much appriciated..
  8. [Voting] Anime of Spring 2015

    well, not much, just the extreme harem ones, well I like High School DxD, (somehow it feels right having a perverted guy with has thing for huge tits who was killed becoz of a girl and reincarnated as a devil by hot looking Devil) now thats a story haha.. Unnecessary harems like the anime Green Green and other plenty ones those kind are shit to watch.. i also hate Mecha animes ...too much Flare and effort is concentrated on transformations of a bloody robot...(stuff like Gundam, Zoids etc) I like Supernatural animes (Ghosts, Demons you name it I am all for it) (ex. Ayakashi, Ghost Hunt, Nura, Inuyasha) I like Superpower animes (Naruto, Bleach, DB series)
  9. Simuldubs of Summer 2015

    sorry if I am asking a stupid question... What is a Simul-dub? and how is differs from the original dub
  10. Dragon Ball Super

    @koby well I for one dont agree with the story of this new DB super at all.. its just foolish to continue the story when its ended in 1996... plus there was DBGT which gave a shitty ending .. i wouldnt have minded if Akira had continued the series from DBGT it would have been much better and much more exciting than this and he could add this super-saiyan god thing there bcoz you cant see any super-saiyan god HA-s anywhere in DBGT which events had occurred after 10 years after the DBZ final ep (the Final tournament fight between Uub and Goku) ... P.S:U guys knowing that DBGT was not originally done by Akira toriyama but some other guy, he just landed his support to the anime to look more like the actual part of the series but it sucked anyway...
  11. [Voting] Anime of Spring 2015

    Voted for Gintama the anime is goodor so i've heard... although DanMachi can be considered as well.. P.S Well, i hate anime which has too much flare, moe,extra unnecessary harem... they are just wrong somehow.. everything should be balanced or so as i feel it anyway
  12. [Request] The Last: Naruto Movie

    Well b4 I got naruto shipuden movie 6 sub right after 1 month from released date in site 300mbfilms Well b4 I got naruto shipuden movie 6 sub right after 1 month from released date in site 300mbfilms But this time no luck whatsoever..
  13. Maid-Sama (Dual Audio)

    U can always go for animax dub ifa01 already completed in mini-mkv
  14. [Request] The Last: Naruto Movie

    Well, for now even camrip will do.. Any source is good enough.. If u have even a CamRip share it with me Than I'll get the movie on when it releases on DVD
  15. [Request] The Last: Naruto Movie

    Well I don't need DVD/bluray.. Jus any tvrip will suffice.. Do u know of any source?