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  1. Not the first anime I watched but , yeah. . Guess that passed as anime in those days.. It was good but I never got to watch the entire series or sequel etc. In fact no one uploads that anime these days.. The only encoder that did this anime was called darkdream or something and that was a long time ago (yr 2004-06 something) By now I totally lost interest in that anime but if I find someone who still uploads then yeah I'll watch.. .
  2. Ya.. As a matter of fact they even have a scene where the MC (naofumi) points out the same thing( out of context) and the shop owner points out how he is attracted by such creatures. I guess its part of the animes charm, I for one loved it, at first I was hoping that the egg hatch into a dragon since that was supposed to be a ultimate prize, but it turns out that hatching a queen is also a rare thing as well they are considered as the strongest and most loyal companions. And transformation is part of their disguise, I wished it transformed into blonde woman instead of a child but maybe she'll grow as she levels up just like the racoon- girl rhapthalia. Lets wait and watch
  3. Awesome show.. That's all I can say Infact there are no words to actually describe it. Its going to run for 25 eps and am going to enjoy every bit of it. Definitely one of the best anime made this year so far.
  4. My first anime was DBZ... I was 11 yrs and that was the first anime that aired on national television during that time I saw and followed all 51 EPs (CN only aired 50 EPs of DBZ on their first run and they rotated 4 times that before canceling the show. They resumed the show after 8 yrs b4 covering all 276 EPs) note: for those don't know the TV version has 276 EPs and uncut which released in 2007 has 291 EPs being some extra eps introduced to the context of the manga. And remember those where the days where TV was the main source of entertainment for us kids. Internet was non accessible, not much people were interested in sharing, encoding, uploading, ripping etc. That was the age dial up connection where top speed of 50-80kbps could be achieved that too on a clear sunny day. Second was Pokemon Started airing in 2003 or so.. The first time I saw the preview on CN I couldn't sleep for a month Until the first episode finally aired. Every day they used to air 1 episode and that too at 5pm. The worst time possible for any grade schooler. Why you ask, the answer is "tuition" Of course. I have to actually bolt out of the tuition class, wear my flippers and cover a whopping 400 mts to my house all under 5 mins.. And not miss the ep (I missed the intro song but thats the sacrifice I had to make) Sunday was the repeat telecast but I never used to get to watch since my sisters hogged the TV all day long. Third ws ONE PIECE Also saw 2 EPs on television but got cancelled after they aired 26 EPs... I watched it after 8 years after that and I liked it
  5. Hello to u as well.. Hope u enjoy the site
  6. wow...you have the first one piece Special ... can you upload it...? do you have One piece Movies (1-8) I for one have watched plenty of animes... I can start typing it but will take all day.... the most recent ones i saw was A certain magical index Tenchi muyo War on gaminar both were awesome ... downloaded plenty ...some are One piece New eps HS DxD Born Freezing S1&S2 Book of Bantorra but no time to watch and of course there are naruto shipuden eps Dubs/Subs updated so need to get those , have dLLed till ep300 Dub and 415 of sub
  7. @koby thx man, much appriciated..
  8. well, not much, just the extreme harem ones, well I like High School DxD, (somehow it feels right having a perverted guy with has thing for huge tits who was killed becoz of a girl and reincarnated as a devil by hot looking Devil) now thats a story haha.. Unnecessary harems like the anime Green Green and other plenty ones those kind are shit to watch.. i also hate Mecha animes ...too much Flare and effort is concentrated on transformations of a bloody robot...(stuff like Gundam, Zoids etc) I like Supernatural animes (Ghosts, Demons you name it I am all for it) (ex. Ayakashi, Ghost Hunt, Nura, Inuyasha) I like Superpower animes (Naruto, Bleach, DB series)
  9. sorry if I am asking a stupid question... What is a Simul-dub? and how is differs from the original dub
  10. @koby well I for one dont agree with the story of this new DB super at all.. its just foolish to continue the story when its ended in 1996... plus there was DBGT which gave a shitty ending .. i wouldnt have minded if Akira had continued the series from DBGT it would have been much better and much more exciting than this and he could add this super-saiyan god thing there bcoz you cant see any super-saiyan god HA-s anywhere in DBGT which events had occurred after 10 years after the DBZ final ep (the Final tournament fight between Uub and Goku) ... P.S:U guys knowing that DBGT was not originally done by Akira toriyama but some other guy, he just landed his support to the anime to look more like the actual part of the series but it sucked anyway...
  11. Voted for Gintama the anime is goodor so i've heard... although DanMachi can be considered as well.. P.S Well, i hate anime which has too much flare, moe,extra unnecessary harem... they are just wrong somehow.. everything should be balanced or so as i feel it anyway
  12. Upload Lots Of Animes

  13. Dungeons and dragons are pretty good ..but if u want some realism into it u refer supernatural series they have a variety of demon monsters and creatures ..who knows u might get some some inspiration..
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