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  1. Usagi Yojimbo Series Announced

    "...targeting six- to 11-year-olds" Isn't the comic violent/ for an older audience? I guess they're going the TMNT route if so.
  2. Forgotten Cartoons

    X-men evolution. I don't think I've ever watched it beyond the opening credits though. Heard it was good but got cancelled on a cliffhanger?
  3. Canceled Shows

    Most shows probably didn't generate enough money. Other times it's just bad/constant shifting of time-slots. I think Harvey Beaks was canned because of this. At least HB was given proper ending unlike Clarence Hopefully with digital streaming, shows will have a stronger chance for survival.
  4. Both amnesia games free for 2 days (pc)

    Thanks! The First one was terrifying. How's A Machine for Pigs?
  5. If true that's good for them. More Copyright industry trojan horsing thwarted. I really hope other countries drop out. That being said, Bell (canada's ISP) wants to censorship of the web to be a part of the NAFTA re-negotiations. The Industrial Protectionism never ends.
  6. Isn't Canada still a part of the continued TPP-11? I know trudeau walked out at one point but I'm not sure exactly if Canada walked out of the deal.
  7. Kametsu Member Photos

    13 years? Damn that rivals the bay, Very nice I think the numbered strikes policy was recently abandoned? Good news if true. I'm shocked about that last part. I'm not sure if this is new or old, but one recent development for privacy providers was started by one of the Bay founders (Peter Sunde). An anonymous domain register [Link]. I'm happy to hear they aren't giving you too much trouble.
  8. I was excpecting something rough and crudely drawn. This is amazing <3
  9. Kametsu Member Photos

    Color me cautious/paranoid but identifying yourselves could be used against you, (if you're an uploader) should copyright nazis come after this place with their yearly August witch-hunt bullshittery. Keeping this thread might not be good in the long run. Probably not a helpful comment. Just lookin out for y'all.
  10. Hard-drive recommendations for archiving?

    Hitachi was bought out by WD and rebranded into HGST. A very solid choice for storage but expensive. The more expensive hard drives (Like HGST) have a name associated to them (Enterprise Hard Drive) which implies a longer life expectancy and better equipment like preventing disk & needle damage from shaking/bumping. TL:DW From Unbox Therapy's "Don't get that wrong drive dog!" video WD Black > Video editing & heavy usage WD Blue > Everyday usage WD Red > NAS storage (Most preffered. If you get a ransomeware virus, you'd be fucked, but NAS is disconnected from the PC and should be safe.) WD Purple > 24/7 Surveillance/Streaming for constant writing of video
  11. Windows 7 or Windows 10?

    Win10 is basically a spyware OS. I'd go with 7. It's a damn shame next gen CPU's won't work with it. Even 8.1, which has 1 year remaining for mainstream support won't allow next-gen driver/firmware updates to support ryzen and kaby lake cpus. Their strong-arming/forced upgrading is disgusting. O&O Shutup10 can be used to get some privacy back into Win10. I think you can also use this to remove Win10's back-ported telemety snooping updates for 7 & 8.1. Also, I've read (back in 2015 I think) some private torrent sites would block your connection if using Win10. Is this a misconception or is there truth to this?
  12. Did you want a mainstream live-action spin-off of Kametsu?

    Fucking lol ^ There's plenty of sites that do this so its not a priority. Though it does pain me to see 50kbps/dail-up tier links like uploaded to and rapidgator exclusively being used all the time.
  13. Myspleen Problems

    Any luck since your post? Is this problem persistent across all browsers?
  14. [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Spring 2017

    My Hero Academia 2. I'm a sucker for tournament arcs.
  15. Internet Privacy Bill

    Net neutrality was gutted along with it?! fuck sakes. I hope you're right about that. I didn't read the bill myself. Just years of fatigue over this war against onine privacy & the open internet leading to generalized assumptions. If one bill/agreement dies, it usually comes back with similar text (ACTA, SOPA, PIPA). I'm cautious of the day when the copyright industry can create Ad companies or private companies to funnel information.