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  1. 13 years? Damn that rivals the bay, Very nice I think the numbered strikes policy was recently abandoned? Good news if true. I'm shocked about that last part. I'm not sure if this is new or old, but one recent development for privacy providers was started by one of the Bay founders (Peter Sunde). An anonymous domain register [Link]. I'm happy to hear they aren't giving you too much trouble.
  2. I was excpecting something rough and crudely drawn. This is amazing <3
  3. Color me cautious/paranoid but identifying yourselves could be used against you, (if you're an uploader) should copyright nazis come after this place with their yearly August witch-hunt bullshittery. Keeping this thread might not be good in the long run. Probably not a helpful comment. Just lookin out for y'all.
  4. Hitachi was bought out by WD and rebranded into HGST. A very solid choice for storage but expensive. The more expensive hard drives (Like HGST) have a name associated to them (Enterprise Hard Drive) which implies a longer life expectancy and better equipment like preventing disk & needle damage from shaking/bumping. TL:DW From Unbox Therapy's "Don't get that wrong drive dog!" video WD Black > Video editing & heavy usage WD Blue > Everyday usage WD Red > NAS storage (Most preffered. If you get a ransomeware virus, you'd be fucked, but NAS is disconnected from the PC and should be safe.) WD Purple > 24/7 Surveillance/Streaming for constant writing of video
  5. Win10 is basically a spyware OS. I'd go with 7. It's a damn shame next gen CPU's won't work with it. Even 8.1, which has 1 year remaining for mainstream support won't allow next-gen driver/firmware updates to support ryzen and kaby lake cpus. Their strong-arming/forced upgrading is disgusting. O&O Shutup10 can be used to get some privacy back into Win10. I think you can also use this to remove Win10's back-ported telemety snooping updates for 7 & 8.1. Also, I've read (back in 2015 I think) some private torrent sites would block your connection if using Win10. Is this a misconception or is there truth to this?
  6. Fucking lol ^ There's plenty of sites that do this so its not a priority. Though it does pain me to see 50kbps/dail-up tier links like uploaded to and rapidgator exclusively being used all the time.
  7. Any luck since your post? Is this problem persistent across all browsers?
  8. My Hero Academia 2. I'm a sucker for tournament arcs.
  9. Net neutrality was gutted along with it?! fuck sakes. I hope you're right about that. I didn't read the bill myself. Just years of fatigue over this war against onine privacy & the open internet leading to generalized assumptions. If one bill/agreement dies, it usually comes back with similar text (ACTA, SOPA, PIPA). I'm cautious of the day when the copyright industry can create Ad companies or private companies to funnel information.
  10. The privacy protections created by previous head of FCC have been removed because corporate lobbyists bought out republicans like this piece of trash, and polititions 60-80+ years old who think anonymity = terrorism. If you visit a site protected by HTTPS, ISPs will still know what sites you've been on, but not what you've beel looking at within the site. A VPN is strongly reccomended. (Link to questionaire for which VPN's take your privacy seriously) Advertisers can buy your internet history. I don't know if subscribers names and information will be tied to it but if so, I don't doubt the copyright industry will get use this to their advantage. list of those who voted against your liberty. Let people know of this betrayal so they won't re-elect these crooked people. A bunch of people are discussing this currently on reddit.com/r/technology and what can be done about it. Donating to eff.org and/or ACLU could help. Also, in a recent federal court ruling in florida, DMCA doesn't shield cloudflare from anti-sharing injunctions. I don't know if this sets a standard for the entire country; if this site uses Cloudflare or doesn't use HTTPS it might be in trouble. (source) The modern day book burning of the file-sharing sites (the next version of the library) continues :'(
  11. Check out this questionnaire on which VPN's take your privacy seriously: Link, 2017 edition.
  12. Can people still buy mega premium with Visa and Master Card? (Don't have an account to check) I read something last year about the US Govt. stopping visa & MC payment services to mega and Paypal also being preassured to cut off payment. It's likely the result in limited free downloads. This also happened to 1fishier not too long ago but they just offer slower download speeds.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd say yes. It's still a storage drive at the end of the day; just with better hardware/life expectancy since it's designed for 24/7 use. I immagine the read and write speeds would be similar, if not better. Odd that I couldn't find a direct yes/no answer via search results. It's all comparisons of enterprise vs consumer storage.
  14. A hostile take-over might result in more fingerprinting. When original mega's US based servers were siezed, there were claims that the servers logged who downloaded what. (ip or account tied to downloaded file-names like in oboom.com's privacy policy). If the same is true for current mega, I'd suggest using a VPN before uploading. With that said, I'm more paranoid using US hosted servers like Amazon, Google and MS's cloud's services. Even buying from iTunes and using face book fucked over the KAT.cr owner. Even if Kim's just blowing smoke, if the Anti-Net neutrality TPP/TTIP passes (6 chapters of actual trade, 23 chapters on Fascist regulations) this'll still be a shit-show for privacy, liberty and all internet culture. Gotta love Industrial Protectionists betraying our soverignty & democracy by making their propaganda as law with seceret bills and 'trade' agreements am I right? This is totally going to convince more people to support the artists by giving money to companies who use profits for political purpouses.
  15. Dorohedoro. A monthly senin manga about a lizard-man looking for his human head. It has very unique worlds and the messy art style combined with the grimey water coloured pages really compliments its atmosphere. I'd love to see it animated.