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  1. EmptyBasket

    Cartoon Network Unofficial Previews

    Oh right, I didn't think of that. The screencaps get me every time. I just figured most people on file sharing sites are cord cutters and/or would prefer to watch it on the app as opposed to watching on tv. Also what exploits? Harvesting meta data?
  2. EmptyBasket

    Cartoon Network Unofficial Previews

    Why? Is the TV rip better or something?
  3. EmptyBasket

    Why Has Animation Quality Tanked In Super?

    Oh snap! It seems we've got a little western comics/movie influence going on here. Have any other eastern authors done this or is this relatively recent?
  4. EmptyBasket

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Waiting on that next Avengers movie. Can't get excited for any other Marvel movie until then.
  5. EmptyBasket

    How did you guys found kametsu?

    Cartoon World squad represent. The whole fam's here.
  6. EmptyBasket

    Why Has Animation Quality Tanked In Super?

    Yep. That's the Toei curse. If the show is based on the manga, than most of the show is filler since the manga jumps right into the universe tournament arc after the first two super movies (unless I'm remembering it wrong) I can't recommend the manga. It's not drawn by Akira Toriyama so the drawings aren't as good and the panel/action shots aren't exciting. There's some nice animated action here and there in the tournament arc. So maybe check that out at the very least. The improved art from BD's is pretty far along and probably in that arc right now.
  7. EmptyBasket

    [Anime Preservation] Movies in 4:3 cropped to 16:9

    This shit is heart-breaking. The extreme close ups of character's faces for time saving purposes are now even more uncomfortable. Also (generally speaking) why are Italian DVDs so popular/different from other DVDs? I usually read groups preferring Italian sources for animation for one reason or another.
  8. EmptyBasket

    Any good sites for Tv Shows besides torrents?

    A majority of reddit's mega links community moved to snahp forums. So I'd reccomend that if you're tired of only seeing sites with slow "dail-up" tier links like ul.to or premium download restriction links.
  9. EmptyBasket

    AT season 9

    Oh shit. There's only one episode left?! The hell is taking CN so long?
  10. EmptyBasket

    Marathon One or Multiple Series Simultaneously?

    Exactly this. There's been times where I like a show but don't like it enought to binge it. If I'm stuck to one show that I'm not super into, it'd feel like I'm forcing myself to get through it, and ruining the enjoyment. The only problem is I sometimes change one show for another and end up forgetting where I left off, or events in said show.
  11. EmptyBasket

    Naruto VS Onepiece

    One piece manga. Oda's art is better than what you see in the show, even before the animation quality took a nose dive after enis lobby. Plus the show's pacing is awful. If interested in seeing the show, keep an eye on the One Pace project which seeks to edit out needless scenes/fluff so it's closer to the manga and covers 2 chapters per episode as opposed to the current 0.5 chapters per episode.
  12. EmptyBasket

    VRV exclusives

    Oh wow, excellent news. Thanks!
  13. EmptyBasket

    AT season 9

    Then end of an era... whenever CN releases the rest. With the treatment CN is giving AT with all these hiatuses, and for a show that put them back on the map, it's sad to see. It'll likely go out with a dud.
  14. EmptyBasket

    VRV exclusives

    Do we know how many episodes there are going to be in season 4, or did it just end?
  15. EmptyBasket

    What's a cartoon you gave up on watching?

    Damn, I was curious about the Dragons' show. A shame it got dumbed down. I've dropped Archer. 4 seasons was enough. The humor is exclusively characters arguing over whatever leaves someone's mouth. It's too annoying. The only thing that kept me watching was that I was watching it with a friend so his laughter would make the experience better. I wouldn't have laughed at the majority of jokes if I were watching it alone. Season 5's "Vice" was terrible and Archer never recovered for me. I dropped it with their "dreamland" season. It felt like filler with an asthetic/time period I'm not into. I don't like these characters enough to see them in different situations.