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  1. EmptyBasket

    Welcome to the NHK - Searching for a TSer

    Very clean. I only notice a little loss of background art in #4.
  2. EmptyBasket

    CN's "Best Summer Ever": a fraud?

    What new episodes were we supposed to get? Steven Universe and Ok KO?
  3. EmptyBasket

    The Torrents slowly dying ?, Piracy days over ?

    I knew of myspleen in the early-mid 2000's but never tried private torrents myself, is it common for Seedboxes to be used used behind vpn's or not?
  4. EmptyBasket

    E3 2018 Discussion

    Anyone excited for this event? Plan on Watching their press conferences? Waiting for the e3 cringe compilations? Here's a link to the date's/ times, and what games you can excpect - https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/8/17430588/e3-2018-schedule-ps4-xbox-nintendo If you just want game trailers, someone on /r/games reddit made a neat site - https://2018.e3recap.com/ EA's conference was bad. The same predictable sports game anouncements, yearly DICE game, most time was spent talking with little gameplay to follow it up (if at all). Command and Conquer brought back from the grave (only to be shat on) as a mobile game, and people demonstrating the game tried so hard to make it look exciting. The game's trailer at the end had more effort put into it. The only game we expected, anthem, saw Dev's brought out to talk about the game like a comic-con panel or something and less than 4 minutes of gameplay after 10~15+mins of rambling.
  5. EmptyBasket

    Which player do you play your files with the most?

    PotPlayer for the playlist autoplay feature. VLC was giving me too many problems with either x265 or showing subtitles.
  6. EmptyBasket

    What TV shows are you currently watching?

    Young Justice. I couldn't get into DC's animated Justice League. Stopped around episode 5 (does it get better in terms of plot or is it mainly episodic?) but I'm liking this over-arcing plot in YJ.
  7. EmptyBasket

    RIP TotalBiscuit

    I could be mistaken on this but I think I read that his doctor made a mistake during a checkup. He didn't think that TB's pain in his tail-bone could've been cancer, and it spread because of his mistake. R.I.P. TB.
  8. EmptyBasket

    Cartoon Network Unofficial Previews

    Oh right, I didn't think of that. The screencaps get me every time. I just figured most people on file sharing sites are cord cutters and/or would prefer to watch it on the app as opposed to watching on tv. Also what exploits? Harvesting meta data?
  9. EmptyBasket

    Cartoon Network Unofficial Previews

    Why? Is the TV rip better or something?
  10. EmptyBasket

    Why Has Animation Quality Tanked In Super?

    Oh snap! It seems we've got a little western comics/movie influence going on here. Have any other eastern authors done this or is this relatively recent?
  11. EmptyBasket

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Waiting on that next Avengers movie. Can't get excited for any other Marvel movie until then.
  12. EmptyBasket

    How did you guys found kametsu?

    Cartoon World squad represent. The whole fam's here.
  13. EmptyBasket

    Why Has Animation Quality Tanked In Super?

    Yep. That's the Toei curse. If the show is based on the manga, than most of the show is filler since the manga jumps right into the universe tournament arc after the first two super movies (unless I'm remembering it wrong) I can't recommend the manga. It's not drawn by Akira Toriyama so the drawings aren't as good and the panel/action shots aren't exciting. There's some nice animated action here and there in the tournament arc. So maybe check that out at the very least. The improved art from BD's is pretty far along and probably in that arc right now.
  14. EmptyBasket

    [Anime Preservation] Movies in 4:3 cropped to 16:9

    This shit is heart-breaking. The extreme close ups of character's faces for time saving purposes are now even more uncomfortable. Also (generally speaking) why are Italian DVDs so popular/different from other DVDs? I usually read groups preferring Italian sources for animation for one reason or another.
  15. EmptyBasket

    AT season 9

    Oh shit. There's only one episode left?! The hell is taking CN so long?