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  1. Just got reminded of Animal Crackers. It doesn't hold up
  2. A l t - U n i v e r s e C u t Oh fuck yes. This movie already lived up the the hype, and now they give us more.
  3. Power constantly goes out in the winter. "I should buy some volumes of this for the next outage" *Never goes out* The show will air before I even read it lmao.
  4. Considering the Success of RE2 remake, it seems like a no-brainer even without the leaks. Is RE3 well received? I've only ever heard people praise 4, the endearing camp of RE1, and how 2 is better than 1.
  5. Glad the boys are safe. Much love and respect. I'll miss how community member's would fix shitty releases. That preservationist/perfectionist quality was inspiring to see. Not to get too personal but, was that safe harbor rule of (to paraphrase) "must not know of any infringement activity" what could've done the site in?
  6. Pretty decent so far but never read the manga. Was anything cut out?
  7. Good to know, thanks :) Do you normally have to download a patch before you can play ps4 games? I know there usually is a lot of day 1 patched for most games these days.
  8. Old people being OP in battle/shounen. It's unrealistic but glorious at the same time.
  9. I loved the shitposting on the PoE subreddit after diablo mobile. Haven't played it in a long while but it's definately what D3 should've been. My first CS was CS:Source (probably my most played game). I almost got Condition Zero one time at wallmart, back when they were chock full of pc retail games. I always wondered what would've been if I played it in its prime. I got battlefield 1942 instead and forgot about CS until I got HL2. BF1942 barely played on my single core athlon cpu and I couldn't figure out how to play online without bots
  10. How was the ending? Good? Undewhelming? The art seems good but I've always been on the fence about this series. I'd rather not get invested in the story/characters if the ending sucks.
  11. Dorohedoro is getting an anime. Last chapter getting translated soon. Strongly recommend checking it out yall.
  12. There's a Digital Foundry video that went in depth with comparrisons and the xbone-x definately has better draw distances. The ps4 pro looks rather blurry in comparrison. I'd still go with ps4 though cuz xbone has no games. (Member ppl making fun of ps3 for having no games? Sweet revenge!) The original talent that made gears of war and halo are gone. Do you need to be connected to the internet to play ps4 games? I thought I heard xbone having some shitty drm like that or something.
  13. What new episodes were we supposed to get? Steven Universe and Ok KO?
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