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  1. Scoob! , the movie looks great, its has over a year to come but if its good enough it will be Sequel paradise.
  2. Ordinal Scale was great , can't wait for the new series.
  3. How to Train your Dragon III- NO t the greatest but it\s quite good enough for an evenings watch.
  4. I feel like this is going on to be a landslide victory for the said anime.
  5. This tutorial worked.Thanks a lot for such a concise easy to follow guide.
  6. Correct me if I am wrong but that song titled God something.How epic is that .
  7. My pick is Kenpachi Vs Nonarita
  8. I used to do that via USB , but my TV would only be capable of playing video in MP4 and the occasional MKV but the dvd player would play the same files as well. Currently I don't have a Blu-ray player.i am looking to upgrade my PC first then a Blu-ray player.
  9. I found my avatar on a foreign comic book .I don't know where it was from.As I was flipping through ,I saw the image.Its supposed to be a vampire.I like it though.
  10. I have tried DVD's for much older stuff , on most cases I use a hard disk.I initially had the idea of burning a DVDand popping in into a DVD player to play shows,but that never worked out.
  11. I was waiting on this show for a while.I was just recently reading how detailed and the length of research that was made for SOA . I would expect no less for the same .I will be only watching this only after it airs this season.
  12. I decided to watch some Steve McQueen classics like Papillion and The Great Escape. The guy was a legend.
  13. Just caught up with the new season .Its awesome. The entire series has progressed very nicely from a Zombies to a community of them
  14. Guardians VOL 2 was a hit and a miss for me. I really enjoyed the soundtrack but I never cared for the story.
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