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Found 5 results

  1. I just thought I'd share with you which cartoons I've liked, which cartoons I haven't liked, and which cartoons I plan on watching. I'd like you to tell me which cartoons you'd recommend to me! Feel free to "second" the ones on my list, too. It gives me a better idea of what kinds of cartoons you like. Keep in mind that while I have watched a handful of anime and adult cartoons, I am generally not interested in them, so there's no need to mention them. Currently watching: Harvey Beaks I like it so far. It seems to focus a lot on family, friendship, and bravery. Harvey's good-natured tendencies contrast well with Fee and Foo's mischievousness, and you can see them rub off on each other. Cartoons I've liked*: Honorable Mentions: Cartoons that I plan to watch**: Cartoons I'm not interested in at the moment, but I may watch someday: Cartoons on hold: Cartoons that I stopped watching due to a lack of interest: Cartoons that are objectively bad: *List is in approximate order of favorite (top) to least favorite (bottom) **List is in the approximate order that I plan to watch them in Bold: Still getting new episodes Italic: Uncertain future Underline: Has not yet premiered
  2. Hello all! I am new to this community so I though I would introduce myself, I am sure it will be a pleasure to meet you all. While I'm here is there anything I should know about everyone? I might as well ask what everyone's favorite anime is while I am at it, if they can single one out that is, haha. For me it would have to be Hunter x Hunter, I actually quite like the original over the remake, but that is a long debate. Sincerely, Hello and nice to meet everyone!
  3. I've seen quite a few funny amines but was wondering if you could suggest some that i possibly haven't seen.
  4. gamestop powerup rewards has a suggestions button for games that you liked and games that you might like. except for this site you could base the suggestions on content that we follow. its a pretty good idea, i think. Thank You.
  5. I think i have a pretty good idea for how to upload files to stuff like mediafire, rapidshare and such without getting them deleted. Change the name(s) of the file(s) to something legal. Because i dont think the people checking for illegal stuff are downloading everything to check it, so by changing name it should fool them. On torrents it can be problematic, but there you can use names that arent so obvious. NSDUB for naruto shippuden dub, or NSDB. I just think that would help alot. If not then please say why not.