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Adventure Time final episode today.

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Today will be aired the final episode of Adventure Time. It's been ten season, ten years. It's a lot for a cartoon in CN and I know I should not expect more. I can tell from season 8 and 9 that they have stopped the development of the world and been trying to get it all together so it can stop. Feels shitty tho. I will not be able to watch since I'm in Latin America and will not be aired live. 
If you watch it tonight, tell me about it. 


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It was awesome. Even has a custom opening for the special. Refs a lot of past episodes. They even did a thank you bumper after the episode to the fandom for the 10 years.


Even ends the way I like shows to end. Either a wrapped up story, or open for a spin-off/squeal.


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I thought it was anticlimactic at some parts and I'm disappointed that they teased villains in Gumbaldia and didn't do crap with them. Not just the villains, some characters barely get any screen time. But the parts that I enjoyed the most were the dream sequences. 

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Damn I feel so sad that adventure time ended, truly a classic and a legend in cartoon history. When come along me started playing i teared up fast. With what they had it was a fitting end. If u binged the show and then watched the finale it made it ten times better then ppl who have just been following it due to the delays and breaks and no advertisements for the show in the past two years and stuff ppl don't fondly remember it and think the finale is okay but if u binged it u catch alot of hidden symbolism and jokes.

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