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New Co-Admins


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So what are you going to do about Super Mods then? Cause now we've got 4 CoAds, one of which is on ALL the time (hehehe EO, I see you online everytime i come on...lmao) they seem kinda superfluous. Not that any I'm meaning to insult them or anything...lol


Its like the forum just upgraded all there knights and bishops to kings and queens lol. It would almost seem like you really don't need the Super Mod position anymore, though RazorDan is now a SM so you can't rule out the position just like that.



Is it a bad thing EO is on all the time? I for one like having a mod around often, means less assholes get to interrupt the forums, although there's still some who are around here


You never know, she may just lure you in with sweets and candy then before you know it your under her Darkest spells!!! Lol, EO has indeed done a lot for the forum and deserves the position, the same goes for IP. It will bring a more imposing force to patrol the forums.

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