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  1. This thread is made for helping people be able to get setup and into the IRC channel for Kametsu on the Windows platform. The first IRC client, and the preferred client with most IRC veterans is mIRC. Be forewarned, mIRC is not a free program. At time of posting it costs $20, but does come with a 30 day tiral. I don't recommend buying it if you are a first time user or just want to try out IRC, there are free alternatives below. Step 1: Download the latest build, and install it. I'd recommend a full installation, also checking for updates is recommended. Step 2: Open mIRC, it will prompt you to register the software, please take the time to do so. If you are going to use the trial please hit "Continue" and proceed to step 3. Step 3: At this point mIRC will ask you to pick a nickname, it is not permanent even after you register the nickname (registering is covered in a different tutorial). I'd recommend using your forum username as to avoid confusion to who is who. The only limitations to a nickname is you can't use spaces and can't use unusual ASCII characters. Chances are if you don't know what ASCII is then you should be fine with what you choose. And obviously do NOT use An-IP-BreAKDoWN or something similar, use something else or you will be banned for mimicking nicks. Step 4: By default mIRC will pick a random network to connect to, however #Kametsu is only on irc.xertion.org so we must change our default server to a Xertion server. Select "Servers" under "Connect" on the left, and click on "Add" Step 5: Another window will pop up, this needs to be filled out since Xertion is a relatively small network and is not recognized by mIRC by default. The first thing you want to do is put "Xertion" under the Description, as this will help you keep this organized. Next under IRC Server: you need to put: "irc.xertion.org". You should use the default port, so under ports put: "6667". Lastly type in "Xertion" under Group as this will again keep this all organized. When you are done click on "Add". Step 6: If you wish to make grabbing files easier I'd recommend using "auto-get". There is a risk that someone will send you something you may not want, but it is up to you to decide, if you don't want to use it you can ignore this step. Kametsu nor I will not accept responsibility for anything that is sent to you. On the left there is "DCC". Click on that, and it'll open the option to change the send request. If you check the circle that says "Auto-get file" a warning window will open saying that there is a threat that something malicious may at anytime be downloaded. If you understand the risk and still wish to continue please hit "Yes", if you do not want to enable this feature or do not understand please continue to the next step. Step 7: An automatic feature of mIRC that is enabled by default (for your protection) is to only allow the download of a certain file types. For downloading purposes we need to change these options (don't worry we'll keep you protected still ) So on the left hand corner expand "DCC" and select "Ignore". You wanna change it from "Accept only" to "Ignore only". And that is it, this will still offer some protection and can download a large range of different material. Step 8: Now you'll need to make sure you will connect to a Xertion server so click on "Servers" under "Connect" and expand the Xertion group (signified as a folder), and click on "Xertion" as shown in the picture below. Then click on "Select". Step 9: Next you want to connect to the server. So on the left hit "Connect" option and hit the "Connect" button. You will then be connected to a Xertion server. Step 10: After mIRC has connected you to the server you will be asked to join a channel. First thing you will need to do is click on "Add" on the right. Step 11: One thing you need to know about channels is that you need to have a # in front of it no matter the name or how you are tying to join it. So to join Kametsu's channel you will always need to type: #Kametsu. So under Channel you will need to type "#Kametsu". Next click on "Join on connect". This will allow you to connect to #Kametsu automatically without having to type #Kametsu every time you connect to a Xertion server. Next click on "Add". Step 12: Since we added Xertion as a known network in step 5 we have the ability to allow channels to be automatically connected. So you will have to scroll down close to the bottom and find "Xertion" and click on it. Once you clicked on "Xertion" hit "OK". Step 13: Verify that what you just did in step 11 and 12 were done correctly and make sure the add channel window looks just like what is displayed below. Once you verify that it looks correct you will need to hit "OK". Step 14: Make sure #Kametsu is selected and uncheck "Pop up favorites on connect", this will make it so every time you connect to a network it will not pop open the list of favorite channels (personally I hate that window, and would rather use the /join #nameofchannel command while connected to a server). Next hit "Join" and you will then be connected to Kametsu's channel. Congratulations you now can chat on Kametsu's official IRC channel! However I'd take a minute to familiarize yourself with the different functions of mIRC. So now that you have completed setting up mIRC, anytime you start mIRC all you need to do is make sure that the Xertion network is selected for you to connect to and hit connect. If you are not connected to the Xertion network then go to "Connect" then to "Servers" and select the Xertion network as shown in step 8. MISC: If you want to utilize mIRC better there is an option that lets you identify your nick automatically and once you learn more IRC client commands you can let mIRC do them for you. You should use this feature after you have completely registered your nick. Step 16: First, open up Options by either opening Tools -> Options, or by hitting Alt+o (o as in oh) Step 17: Expand "Connect", click on "Options" then click on "Perform..." Step 18: Here you want to check mark "Enable perform on connect" (this is what makes life easy). Then type this: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Obviously password will be the password you used to register your nickname on the Xertion network. Once you are done click on "OK". Step 19: Now hit "OK" to save the changes you made. Step 20: Next would be to close out of mIRC and test out what you changed by connecting to #Kametsu and see if it will auto identify your nick for you. Remember mIRC has many many features that are hidden inside of the program and the more you research, the more you'll see that mIRC is one of the most superior (if not the most superior) IRC clients that one could use.
  2. An IP BreAKDoWN

    Security Issue - Admin Accounts Cracked

    Well, unless the rules have been changed then there is a rule stating that advertising isn't allowed. It's fine to condone a product, but entire posts about it are normally not the best. Still, the program you mentioned seems interesting, although I would personally never use it. Its hardly an ad. I don't receieve anything from the things I talk about, just my solution to these problems. One thing: 7QJwzMtAh*@!mp9e#WqF5MsA!znfPD6 > chambervaporbloodtongue if you argue that then you're dumb imo. You can do all that was recomended to save your passwords for offline use. You right to not trust anyone with your password, however LastPass is backed by many by who I would call 'The Tech Experts'. Its also the best way to not lose your password, (just not the master password). Watch that video I linked, I think they go over how they encrypt it all. It's 9001> better than storing your passwords in firefox/chrome (shame on you for doing that.) Plus I have it auto login to sites that auto log me out so I'd say the over all experiecnce is safer and faster.
  3. An IP BreAKDoWN

    Security Issue - Admin Accounts Cracked

    Sorry, I was really high and about to run out the door to work. I don't know really how to talk about LastPass that'll make people use it. I could just show peeps this video, but I don't know if that's any better. But what's wrong ads though?
  4. An IP BreAKDoWN

    Security Issue - Admin Accounts Cracked

    Everyone, this is a good time to start using LastPass. Don't forget your Firefox and Chrome extensions for auto logins. LastPass is a tool that'll help curb all of horrible password practices everyone here, including the ones Renzourin is having. I personally used a 100 unique scrambled character password that is changed between sites. Though is can be done easily on the computer, you might think it's impossible to type that on a phone. However LastPass is in the Google Play store, iOS too. It does have a subscribtion base service to use (only in the mobile app), but is starting to look like the only good solution at the time. Guys! Get LastPass, make your master password a super giant thats easy to type on a phone like: correcthorsebatterystable (better yet, CorrecthorseBatterystable~ , get creative), change your password on EVERY site that you use (using the password generator). I was scared to use a password like Ged9SGPZu6jhg^!%k4jcUty&YBdWXwVf5Ht296VkFe34ySARpz^@V&MAE3V%rfrn@bgN7n$2SQjWnS8m3AX$qaxcz$@xStVgxNFu at first, but I haven't had an issue yet and I've been using it for a year now. I HAD to get the mobile app to make any of this usable.
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    Staff Polling #1

    Thanks EO, you're the best.
  6. An IP BreAKDoWN

    Staff Polling #1

    Apollo I removed you from the staff grouping, I'll make the changes here shortly. EO can you make the changes to Google Drive? EDIT: It still shows Apollo in the staff link, it might take time to adjust.
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    Kametsu Member Photos

  8. An IP BreAKDoWN

    Kametsu Member Photos

    Here is a picture of my girlfriend and I in our new apartment.
  9. An IP BreAKDoWN

    [Tutorial] Linux IRC client installation (Ubuntu)

    Might help someone out. Though most Arch users are a bit smarter than me If one is using the Arch distro I'm pretty sure they'd know how to install an IRC client lol. I'll add it though, thanks for the time you took to make this.
  10. An IP BreAKDoWN

    I need user input!!

    Yeah S4U would be generally better as long as you can afford the initiation fee.
  11. An IP BreAKDoWN

    I need user input!!

    You can scan your ports and see what ports are open/blocked and if indeed your firewall is blocking a port, but has a port open, then you can use ssh to port redirect to an irc port. Also if you choose to use xdcc I'd recommend getting a ovh server and just use linux on it.
  12. An IP BreAKDoWN

    Looking for a Video game recording program and TV tuner

    I would get http://frapsforum.com/threads/raffriffs-awesome-virtualdub-tutorial.739/. To be honest fraps is about as good as it gets, if you don't like it then you're doing something wrong. Either its because you're computer can't handle fraps and games running at the same time, your hard drive write speed is too low, your cpu isn't strong enough, you're trying to make the video too high quality, or you don't understand how H.264/fraps works. An idea would be to get two computers, one that plays the game, use the blackmagic intensity to record it and send it to another computer that can handle the the transfer rate and record it in lossless quality. Of course if you don't have the hard drive space but have the cpu, transfer rate, and knowledge you can do as I suggested on the computer and use virtualdubmod. That might not be the most practical way to do all of this however if you can't upgrade your computer then that might be the alternative that works. Though from reading your post I'd suggest you learn how to properly use fraps and see if using it with virtualdubmod will improve anything before you buy expensive equipment that may not even be necessary.
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    Kametsu High School Soccer Club [sign-up]

    Name: (forum names are fine) Occupation: Student Grade: First year, also first year of soccer too. Soccer Club Member: Yes; midfielder. (I can try it out too if you'd like and be a defender if I'm a nub ^.^) Appearance: Most you guys look scary/intimidating, I'm thinking something like Io from Acchi Kocchi
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    Need a little help

    I'm glad it worked then
  15. An IP BreAKDoWN

    Need a little help

    Yeah I was going to suggest next to update the firmware. You might want to check to make sure a sata port on your mobo isn't broken/loose. tbh this would be the first SSD I have heard anyone said broke on them, next time though you should get either a OCZ Vortex or a Samsung 840 pro (I have both and prefer the Vortex because the size of the screws are 'normal' sized HDD screws). If you're confident that its the hard drive that is having the issues you can load parted magic on a live disc and run a S.M.A.R.T. test to see if that comes up with anything, and if it points to a faulty SSD then send that shit back lol.
  16. An IP BreAKDoWN

    Need a little help

    What SSD was it? Can you test it on a laptop or something to make sure that its in fact the SSD?
  17. An IP BreAKDoWN

    looks like i need tech help

    Laptop IDE drives are really old, can you verify via this image? http://www.laptopparts101.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/sata-ide-laptop-hard-drive.jpg If it is in fact an IDE you'll have to get this drive. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136129 Though you should consider an upgrade since I'm willing to bet the laptop is 7+ years old.
  18. An IP BreAKDoWN

    [Closed] [Requests] J-Lords GFX Centre

    Closed. PM the staff if you want this back open.
  19. An IP BreAKDoWN

    vid clear up

    Thanks Koby, forgot about that tool.
  20. An IP BreAKDoWN

    vid clear up

    Ok what I meant is that you should remove all video codecs (k-lite, vlc, mpc-hc, cccp, lav filters, xy-vsfilter, FFDshow, others that I can't think of off the top of my head) through program uninstallation in control panel. Then once you're done reboot the computer, and run ccleaner to make sure that your registry isn't fucked up. Reboot again and then install cccp and test it again.
  21. An IP BreAKDoWN

    vid clear up

    It shouldn't be freezing when you're playing the video, so thats telling us that your computer can't handle the bitrate you're watching (could be compared to watching a youtube video on a super slow connection and it having to buffer). Though the 550 isn't that good of a gfx card it still should handle 1080p vids. I think you have either conflicting codecs or you're doing something else wrong. So I would advise you remove all video codecs and video players, reboot, run ccleaner, install cccp, and test again. If its still not working well then maybe you should build mpc-hc, lav, and xy-vsfilter on your own.
  22. An IP BreAKDoWN

    vid clear up

    How old of a computer are you running, specs?
  23. An IP BreAKDoWN

    Building a small form factor gaming PC

    I wouldn't use a msata drive simply because of the lack of performance compared to the sata III interface drives. If you wanted to raid you should get a raid controller, though i thought you got a home server for the HDDs. Also using a SSD as a cache is just silly to me. Also is the Titan going to be a contender to your gfx card selection?
  24. Going to reinstall Windows 8 and build my home server, won't be online for a few days.

    1. Alice


      That's to bad. Hope it works out for you and see you upon your return.

    2. JohnFlower


      sounds like fun. i need to reinstall windows too.

    3. Dark_Angel13


      Good luck with it, hope you don't have any problems

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    SOTW #101: Romance [Results]

    1) Breathless - liked almost every aspect of the signature, though the placement of the font could have been better like poetictragedy suggested. 2) J-Lord - I liked almost everything, though the background was kinda boring to me 3) Dreamcastor - I liked the colors you've chosen, though it seems way too blurred, and Asuna looks different from than the Asuna from the anime IMO.