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  1. Yoko

    New Co-Admins

    Congratz to the new Admins. I's wishs yous the best of lucks.
  2. Rawrs! I's having a wonderfuls day todays. Hows about yous? :)

  3. Awe...that shucks...and its was evens your themes choice.
  4. That be reallys awesome! I loves your themes choice too...I might evens trys at it if yous wins.
  5. I don't reallys know many peeps on heres, but I can do a littles bit. The Most Mostest Awesome: Koby!!! Responsible: Poe and EO Organised: EO Trustworthy: Shazi Brave: Koby You're Such A(n)... Perfectionist: Loki Idealist: Poe Rebel: Anras Rune Social Butterfly: Dreamcastor and EO Acrobat: You Are So... Adventurous: EO Patient: Renzourin Sarcastic: Myselfs Impulsive: PLGF Agreeable: You Have... Awesome shoes: The weirdest ideas: lolrawr The hands of a model: Psychic abilities: An awesome accent: AoD You Would SO Do That... Eat one food until you get sick of it forever: Arnas Rune Clone yourself for questionable reasons: Wear mismatched socks: Maintain a fake accent for several months: Minkseru Eat a ketchup sandwich: Are You Sure You're Not... An alien from another planet: Anras Rune The REAL inventor of the Internet: Koby van Gogh's spirit animal: PLGF Actually a vampire: Apparentlies Dreamcastor...it does say unders her picture shes a Vampuric Snow Queen. Forgetting something right now: Dreamcastor couldn't even remembers whats she was doings. LOLs
  6. Its been awhiles. Apparentlys I missed somethings goods.

    1. Alice


      Just some idiots spamming this place with porn.

    2. Dark_Angel13


      yay por...I mean yay anime! haha

    3. (AC)
  7. Okies...I've been on this site awhiles but never made a "proper" intro you could says. So here is what you can know abouts me. Hope it be a good enuf intro. How did you find Kametsu? I was wandering around the net looking for stuff to downloads, and that be when I got heres. Thought it looked cool so I joined up. What do you think of the place so far? Aboves, it looks pretty awesomes. How active are you planning on being? As often as I cans, but I have a very busy lifes...so its hard to be ons. What are your top five anime? Trinity Blood YuYu Hakusho Trigun Cowboy Bebop X TV Top five video games? I only ever really play Sims 3. Especially now that i gots Season EP. What other hobbies do you have? Hm...I don't really have any hobbies. I sorta just do a little bits of everything. Never lives the same days twice. Make any graphics? I've attempted but I nevers thinks it looks enuf. Do you have any questions for us? Not reallys
  8. I like you style. Can you make me a Yoko Kurama set. Not real particulars on what you do to it. You're work be amazin', so I is not worried.
  9. Tis' been a great while since I've been on. What y'all been up to latelys?

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    2. Alice


      Hey hey now. I don't suck. I am awesomeness!!!

    3. Anras Rune

      Anras Rune

      Classic overcompensation there Rei...lol

    4. Alice
  10. I really love your works. I wish I could draw like that. I have never had the talent for this kind of thing.
  11. I really like Sakura's. The purple and the render...it goes really well together.
  12. Theme: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
  13. I actually have an SOTW this week. I missed it last week.

  14. Been a long time since I been on here. Been so busy with work...sadly, I won't even be on that long this time either.

  15. Need to get ready for work...ugh.

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