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Kametsu MIA Explained | Future of Kametsu


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Kametsu Missing in Action - Explained

To make a long story short, we kept crashing the old server due to overload. It's suspected there was a script issue involved but we were unable to pin-point the problem. We were given the option to upgrade or switch providers. We opted foolishly to upgrade. Why did I say foolishly? Well a routine upgrade should have been done within a few hours to a couple days max but we had to deal with lazy tech support. They claimed they had a staff member go rogue and they were forced to change account info for all their customers (at one point they stated they had over 1,500 customers, but later they claim they have over 3,000). However instead of simply upgrading that server they opted to transfer us to a brand new server in a different data center (instead of being in Netherlands we're now located in Ireland). Anyways after 15 days of them getting nothing done, rather than switch us themselves they finally gave me the account information so I could do it. Within a few hours I had the forum up and running and well here we are.

Many of the Kametsu regulars stayed in contact through these various ways:

IRC: irc://irc.kametsu.com/Kametsu

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Kametsudotcom

Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/Kametsu

Facebook Group: https://facebook.com/groups/184317948279418

I'd suggest you keep these stored somewhere or use them regularly in case anything happens in the future. Be sure to Like us on Facebook, join the group, follow us on Twitter, and chat with us on our IRC channel.

Future of Kametsu

As you might be aware, during our 15 days of downtime a lot has happened. I'll make a list of some of the biggest issues:

  1. MegaUpload was taken down by FBI. Links no longer exist
  2. FileServe, FileSonic, UploadStation, etc.. no longer allows filesharing.
  3. FileServe terminated our accounts.
  4. Many other hosts either shut down or changed their ways.

This means 99.9% of our download section is dead. Many file hosts are still running around scared like a chicken with its head cut off. This makes the future of sharing files through file hosts uncertain.

During the time we were down we pondered on what we could do. These were some options we figured we could take:

  1. Do away with the downloads completely.
  2. See if we can afford a download bot for IRC (would require someone with knowledge)
  3. Possibly setup our own private torrent tracker (still would require someone to help)
  4. Do a trial run of how well file hosts will do by restarting current download section.

I'd like to hear what you all think about this. If we do 1) it'd likely kill off most of our visitors and likely a big portion of the donations that fund the server. If we do 2) we'd need people with the know how of setting it up, need the money to fund the bot, and figure out what config we'd need for one. If we did 3) We'd need to know how much cpu/ram it'd require and such so we could know if we could handle it or whatever. We'd also require a lot of seeders, likely with seedboxes and even getting our own seedbox. If we did 4) we'd require uploaders to really help jumpstart the section by uploading the most popular series back to file hosts we'd recommend.

Either way it's a lot of work and a lot of decisions to be made.

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i ok with being an uploader to give it shot. i have about 1TB of anime. so i should have some popular things. IRCbot would prolly be the best thing as torrents could get people in trouble. but IRCbot would cost some money. but having no downloads would be bad proly like you said

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Thanks for the explanation. I thought you got taken down with Mega. It is good to see that everything is up and running again. To maybe help you with the downloading problem I notice that rapidshare is still working and they are not scared. Maybe look there. Take care and long live KAMETSU !!!

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As far as file hosts go I'd say http://netload.in , http://megashares.com , http://bayfiles.com , and http://refile.net are the top dogs to be using.

Someone I know has given me access to their premium accounts for: netload, megashares, hotfile, and sendspace.

Other hosts of note are:

rapidshare (a lot better than they use to be, removed captcha, less limits etc...

mediafire (they are pro fbi so probably not worth it, plus tiny limit of 200 mb per file, but they do allow parallel downloads)

hotfiles (was court ordered in the past to give user data out, so I wouldn't recommend them, but yeah)

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I believe 3 + 4 would be the best to go on for now, making our own Torrent tracker for Kametsu wouldn't be all that hard, most torrent sites use TBdev for their codebase, but with some modification could be made into a nice private tracker for Kametsu.

Im not sure how many people would use these torrents, but you would probably need a Dedicated Dual Core with 4 Gigs of ram to be on the safe side (Im not so sure about what you need for the server, that is just a stab in the dark)

I think 4 should be the first line of choice (Mediafire at the moment is doing quite well for me, im still getting 10 Connections through with JDownloader at the normal speeds) they seem like the only ones who arn't going complete meltdown.

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i had another idea of what we could do. we could go through the dl list and replace all the ddl links with the irc channal they could be found at. it will make the list smaller by removing duplicate entries and makes it easier to make sure everything is named right. in the post will still be the normal. and maybe could include the triggers for actual ep. cuz we dont need or own bot if we can just link to others. then if you see a demend for things that cant be found. then we could maybe think about a getting a bot for that anime. could also and links to torrent but would need more updating

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i'm happy to see we're back, but with a majority of our download section dead there are a lot of people who will disappear from Kametsu. if i had better internet and monies i would happily reupload what anime i have, but there is still the issue of finding an appropriate host.

Perhaps closing the download section temporarily until we can see whats going on with host sites before we make the decision to scrap it or torrent.

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I would normally say lets go torrent and I would do my best to support it, as im at the moment forced to look into getting torrents. But Its hard to maintain a torrent with these, I for one "Could" maintain it, but i would have to limit how often i leave my torrent application on, I live in Canada and Bandwidth limits here are attrocious. Im looking into a new provider that has unlimited traffic, and if I end up going in that direction, I would be more than willing to Seed indefinitely since it doesnt affect me. Im not very knowledgable about the other avenues you suggested for the downloads... All in all, im glad to see that the site is back up and running though!

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For the Anime we have lost due to Megaupload and other sites closing down:

I have Unlimited uploads / Downloads, and I am fairly confident in my encoding ability, but on the other hand what Anime I have on me now is really limited

Since my friend is the one who is holding all the anime we have collectively download on his external Hard-Drives (4 or so People's anime downloads) I won't be able to get anything we have on their until school goes back (3-4 days time)

And then there is the uncertainty of the File-Hosts, I am not gonna upload anything unless I am sure what I put up their is not gonna be taken down in vain a couple of days or weeks later, this is why a private torrent tracker for Kametsu would be great, I have no trouble seeding for everyone here on kametsu (as long as the people who can seed, seed as well)

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Welcome back, guys.

Perhaps a good model would be to do something similar to BakaBT, using Torrents. Either that, or invest in your own download server, but that would be very expensive I imagine. I suspect in a few weeks, other download sites from less-policable Asian countries will rise up to fill the voids being left by these Western file-hosting sites.

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Welcome back you guys! I was worried that Kametsu was now dead, but thankfully I found out on your facebook page you guys just had some technical difficulties. Though now all the download links are dead. I think it's a great idea if you guys use private torrenting. If anything, I would help with the donations. Other than that welcome back!

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Welcome back! It's good to see Kametsu up and running again!

Lots of things to consider it looks like. I'm not very computer savvy though so I'm not really sure what the best option would be (I can't even figure out how the IRC channels work ^^'). Hopefully everything will work out.

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Good to see Kametsu back up and thanks for the hard work Koby. I have about 350-400gb worth of anime i wouldn't mind uploading but I have no accounts :(. I cannot run torrents though as it somehow screws up my wireless sorry :(

I personally hope we don't have to resort to torrents though. Tons of anime was hosted here that nobody would really seed or download often, that's part of what made kametsu awesome.

5cmps (1080p Dual Audio)

Air + OVA's (720p Dual 5.1 audio)

Amagami SS + Risa Arc (720p sub)

Angel Beats + OVA (1080p Dual Audio)

Baccano (1080p Dual Audio)

Blood+ (480p Dual Audio)

Bungaku Shoujo (1080p Sub)

Clannad (720p Dual audio) Tomoyo Arc (720p Sub)

Clannad AS + Kyou Arc (720p Dual Audio)

Clannad Movie (DVDRip Dual Audio)

Colorful Movie (1080p Sub)

Durarara!! (720p Dual Audio)

EF A Tale of Memories (1080p sub) Buying the dual audio soon though :)

EF A Tale of Melodies (Sub ~480p)

Escaflowne Movie (720p Dual Audio)

Fate/Stay Night (720p Dual audio) Unlimited Bladeworks (480p sub)

Fate/Zero 1-7 (720p sub)

FLCL (720p dual audio) + 7 music videos

Fractale (720p sub)

Fruits Basket ( Dual Audio)

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (720p Dual Audio)

Gankutsuou - The Count of Monte Cristo (480p Dual Audio)

H20 Footprints in the Sand (SD Sub)

His & Her Circumstances (Low BR 640x480 Dual Audio)

Hunter X Hunter 1-62 (480p Dual Audio)

Hunter X Hunter Greed Island 1-8 (480p sub)

I's + I's Pure (480p Dual Audio)

Kampfer + 8 Specials(720p sub)

Kanon (720p Dual Audio)

Kimi ni Todoke 1+2 (720p sub)

Kurau Phantom Memory (480p sub)

Love Hina (480p Dual Audio)

Monster (960p Dual Audio)

Moonphase 1-26 (Dual Audio)

Mushi-Shi (1080p Dual Audio)

Myself Yourself (480p Sub)

Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (1080p Multi Language ~13gb)

Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne (720p Sub)

Origin: Spirits of the Past (720p Dual Audio)

Princess Mononoke (720p Dual Audio)

Spice and Wolf I+II+OVA (1080p Dual Audio)

The Disappearance of Haruhi... (1080p Dual Audio)

The Melancholy of Haruhi... 1-23 (1080p Dual Audio)

The Sacred Blacksmith (720p Dual audio)

Usagi Drop (720p sub)

Eden of the East: Paradise Lost

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Welcome back Kametsu...

I've been keeping and eye on facebook for news on when kametsu would reappear.

A lot of sh.. as happened since the crash, and it's not over yet.

I my self have been using torrents (because of MU) so I can see Kametsu going in the direction Bakabt is. But I still prefer file hosting. So whatever the decision is, I'm in...

Long live Kametsu.

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I think 1 is probably the best bet for the short term, at least until we find out what the gov is going to do with all the info they harvested in the Megaupload take-down. Long term, I think a mix of 2 & 3 would be best.

I also think it could be a good idea to cut down on some of the multiple versions of the same series, unless it's a different format. Instead maybe come up with a QC team that checks the encoding ability of people that want to offer dls here. Then there won't be as much bloat that people must shift through when trying to find the encodes they want. Trying to start up a Kametsu encoding group again would be another good idea. It would be nice if a standard of quality was set for the downloads the site offers. Linking to the dls of other groups on their own sites for series kametsu doesn't have could also be a good idea. This way people that come here can still get the encodes they want while also having the opportunity to thank the people that did the actual encoding.

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