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  1. Cold_void344

    Can anyone figure this out?

    This has got me thinking lol, oh well be happy with the increase in speed and the new encryption lol.
  2. I believe he still has his hollow powers, only thing that intrigues me is what gonna happen to his mask (and his powers) when he does hollowfy, since his soul reaper powers were modified by the fullbring, would they have also modified his hollowfied powers / mask?.
  3. Cold_void344

    Can anyone figure this out?

    It is .2 of a megabyte difference in the speed, I doubt a leecher could control .2 and keep it continuous for as long as he has had the service. Sounds to me with your router, when you resetted it and was registering back it updated itself (only thing I can think of that would also update your encrpytion settings). How old is this router? as someone stated it does sound a bit old acting like that.
  4. Cold_void344

    Portable external Hard-Drive Help

    So WD is a good brand? excellent! I have found a $99 WD 1TB portable external Hard Drive from officeworks, should i get it?
  5. Cold_void344

    Portable external Hard-Drive Help

    Hey everyone I am currently on the look for a Portable External Hard-Drive (1TB) and was wonderng if anyone had any tips, or if you have found a good deal online etc. My main concern is brand, I know to stay away from western digital (after reading a LOT of bad reviews about them), but is their any over brands to stay away from or any brand that you would recommend? I know that since the floods the prices have gone up, but honestly I am willing to pay the extra $ since I actually need one for storing all the anime I am downloading since my friends external where we put all our anime on is nearly full. Thoughts everyone?
  6. Cold_void344

    Is anyone finding final fantasy 4 surprisingly hard

    It's not really that hard, you just need to analyse how the boss attacks It is one of my favourite Final Fantasy games (and one of my all time favourites) What I really liked about it was the character development of all the characters (Rydia is my favourite along with Cecil)
  7. Cold_void344

    What should I do boys and girls?

    Nice, at the moment im torrenting all my favourite PSX games and PSP games (as well as the ones I want to play) since im getting the PSP a week or so from now, im getting a PSP E1000 xD What are you favourite games?
  8. Cold_void344

    What should I do boys and girls?

    Perhaps you didn't read why I wanted the older style PSP, the reasons you have listed to get the vita have no value to why I want a PSP
  9. Cold_void344

    What should I do boys and girls?

    it is really easy to jailbreak the PSP's, and it was quite creative how they managed to find the exploit (well interesting if your into that sort of stuff) I reccomend it for a read if you are ever bored / interested and what to know more Thanks everyone for their posts, I have decided to get a new 2000/3000 since they are anywhere between $80-$110 (checked today at my local stores)
  10. Cold_void344

    What should I do boys and girls?

    Greetings everyone I have a bit of a dilemma as to what I should do regarding PSP's, here is the dilemma: I can't decide whether to wait out and buy the PSP Vita, or just get a cheap 1000,2000 or 3000 that some stores have floating around (I have seen 1000's and 2000's in store brand new for anywhere between $70-$130 at kmart and the like) I use to have a 2000 but traded it in when I got my PS3 (Im kicking myself for trading it in) All I really want it for is to play games (and yes I will jailbreak my psp and download my games through torrents and the like) which I used to do before trading in my 2000. Can you guys please help me in deciding what I should do? Im leaning towards the 1000,2000,3000 idea but im pretty certain that someone will find a way to jailbreak the Vita, but will the jailbroken Vita be able to play games meant for the 1000,2000 and 3000?
  11. Cold_void344

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    Nice list, but I believe the main reason that it is going to Xbox360 as well (I own a PS3) is why not? More sold copies = more dlc, etc But you got to keep in mind that a fair number of those millions of xbox users are Halo / Call Of Duty / FPS exclusive users, And another thing to keep in mind, no matter how you look at it, hardware wise PS3's are superior (as well as having blu-ray), no matter what they do (like with 13 how they put the game in 3 discs) or put it into 1 and hope for the best (either way the game will be compressed, thus resulting in poorer graphics) Blu-Ray is superior and doesn't need to compressed that much (or at all) So even if it is comming out on Xbox, they will not get the same experience as the PS3 users, (If you disagree with that statement, I am sorry but you are wrong)
  12. Cold_void344

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    I Havn't chose one over the other, but if I was going off of preference and I had the choice between sub and dubbed I would go Dubbed and thats because as people have commented above, plenty of fansubbers leave out some parts of the conversation (or miss the whole idea in general), one good example I have of this is from a certain fansub of Omamori Himari (which my extremely vague grasp of Japanese language picked up on) Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against subs except what I said above, and thanks to the fact that I can read fairly fast, I get basically the same experience as when im watching dub,
  13. Perhaps you should learn how to google properly (no offence intended) for example adding in keywords such as 480p, 720p, [MF], etc can all help narrow it down, going to 50 pages for one google search is just ridiculous
  14. Just do a simple google search, not hard lol
  15. Cold_void344

    A rapidshare question

    Thanks Koby this might be a bit of a noob question as well, but what are the chances of me being caught donig this? I mean this sounds stupid to me just asking it (since I know their are plenty of people who upload stuff all the time) I have RAR'd all files im uploading and renamed the rar container to random letters (except at the end where I have 01,02 etc indicating the episode) so when you unrar them you get the proper name etc.