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  1. My last purchase was at the Comicon. I got a FMA pocket watch and a neckless in a box combo. And I got my very first Gundam Freedom Master Grade model kit. Very very nice.
  2. Eureka seven is one of my favorite. Love that show. Everything about it is great, from the story line to the music.
  3. I personaly prefer eng. dub, but I do still watch the one's that are subed because no dubs are available. Know... since I mainly watch eng. dub. anime, am I missing out on some story ?? Or do dubs change the story a little. Are dubs evil ??? Please your thought on this....
  4. Saikano... Horrible, 0/10. Did not like it one bit.
  5. If you could change an anime for the better*, which anime and what would you do different. I would change Trinity blood. They had something going with the end of the world and the church becoming a great power. But I would of liked it to be much darker and grim.
  6. I saw it in a Montreal movie theater. It was Funimation grand premiere of Fullmetal Alchemist The sacred star of milos, english dub of coarse. It was in theaters for 2 days only. Good FMA movie, I would recommend it.
  7. Welcome back Kametsu... I've been keeping and eye on facebook for news on when kametsu would reappear. A lot of sh.. as happened since the crash, and it's not over yet. I my self have been using torrents (because of MU) so I can see Kametsu going in the direction Bakabt is. But I still prefer file hosting. So whatever the decision is, I'm in... Long live Kametsu.
  8. I'm on light's side. He might not be as smart as L, but he did get him good. And I would have liked to see light's new world order.
  9. I think that Naruto and his sexy jutsu technique is cool. He gets everyone with that.
  10. I watch between 2 and 6 episodes everyday. And I spend at least 1 hour a day downloading, chating, browsing, anime content. I need it !!!
  11. What is th second movie called ??
  12. Black Lagoon sure needs another season. I want to see Rock turn to the dark side.
  13. Beck: mongolian chop squad 10/10 Totally awsome, I'm going to watch it again right now...
  14. If I ever get in a fight, I want the gundam Freedom beside me. Now that's power !!!
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