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  1. The first anime that i ever saw before even knowing what anime was would have to be Dragon Ball Z. I remember a young me watching the Namek saga on tv. Then like most kids i went onto Pokemon and then Yu Gi Oh (With a short transition into Digimon). It was around middle school that i learned what anime actually was, and i checked out an awesome one called Soul Hunter from my local library. It was my first official anime that i not only owned but completed. That little gem is what got me into the medium. What kept me there was the original FMA, it showed me what stories could truly be, and from then on i was hooked.
  2. Just saw the live action Justice League for the first time. Not as bad as people made it out to be.

  3. I want to start collecting one of these two manga's. Both sound interesting, and i will eventually get both. But i would like to start with the better of the two first. To put it into perspective, my favorite shonen anime is YuYu Hakusho. I like it because the fights are good, the characters are interesting, and the villains are three dimensional. If possible i would also love for you to tell me which volume the first major story arc ends for each series.
  4. Myrodis19


    Well D.Gray-Man Hollow aired last year, it was a sequel to the original series. I looked it up and its last full arc is the Seed of Destruction arc which is chapters 201-208. So if you want to start where the anime ended id start on 209 to be safe. Funimation is or has recently dubbed the rest of the original anime, so we may get more anime eventually. But the Hollow anime ended kind right where it is at now.
  5. I was wondering if you still had the files for R.O.D. the series. I cannot seem to find it. Or if at the least you know of an active link for the dubbed version.

  6. What is up all, just finished Enies Lobby in One Piece. What an amazing arc.

    1. Koby


      Hi Myrodis. Got a lot to see to catch up to Whole Cake Island. =P

  7. For some reason whenever someone asks what the best Bleach fight is i always think of the Grimjow vs. Ichigo fight. The one in karakura town when him and his espada invaded.
  8. So, what does everyone think of the first few arcs in Boruto? I figured id ask now that they are in the territory where they are remaking the movie in the show.
  9. I finished Overlord season 1 not too long ago. It was honestly a good anime. It was one of those ones where it took me a bit to get into it, but when it did grab me it was for the long haul. I do have a bunch of questions. Like is he his character or is his body comatose right now, why isnt he trying to get back to normal, are any other players there. He couldn't have been the only one waiting for the game to end.
  10. Currently watching Infinite Stratos season 1. So far i like it, the main character is better than the last two harem anime i watched (Charlotte and Absolute Duo). I like the girls more than the other two as well. Really hope they don't rush the end of the 1st and 2nd season. Seems like most harem anime ive watched so far are rushed at the end.
  11. I finished Blood Lad not to long ago. It was entertaining and i wish it had another season.
  12. Well the last anime i completed was High-school DxD New. I actually like the series, even though it has an insane amount of fan service, it is also something i have been looking for. A harem anime with an actual good story.
  13. So upon seeing that this will get released in the USA, i am curious will it be a dub? The news just says it will be released over here but i am confused as to whether it will be dub or not. Any interpretations of info i may have missed would be awesome.
  14. I needed to reset my modem, and I simply pressed the surge protector button to turn off everything, but I realized my PS4 was on Stand by, and I thought it was ok since when I press that button on the surge protector with PS3, PS2 and my TV being on stand by with that red LED light nothing really happens. However, when I turned it on there was this massage that said that it had been "turned off improperly" and that unplugging it might cause data loss or DAMAGE? I wasn't saving or downloading anything and everything was fine when I turned it back on. I am just wondering if I caused any damage that I couldn't see? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! got it from this site: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/691087-playstation-4/68640524 apparently its how PS4 handles possible data corruption. oh and funny thing some one with the exact same story: http://www.reddit.com/r/PS4/comments/1tq7k7/warning_do_not_do_what_i_just_did/ Thanks for the help. Was wondering what was going on. I didn't know my profile could be deleted. Its funny thats all that happened so far, it seems i still have the games that were downloaded on it.
  15. So today i accidentally unplugged my ps4 while playing with my dog. And when i turn it back on it basically reset itself, and my profile was deleted. Now everything seems to be ok. But i am curious why did it do this/what happened?
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