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  1. I'm not sure, but it also seems like they should have something out with the marines...whether it's the Gorousei or someone else. But that's just me.
  2. You know, part of the reason may be to save money and to fill time (I'm gonna have to disagree about the amount of content, especially when looking at the manga), but I'm pretty sure the absolute biggest reason is... you are left feeling that you...want...more. That is what cliffhangers are for. Sorry if it sounds like I'm *****ing, that really, really isn't my intent.
  3. I guess it really depends on what you look for in an anime. It has its ups and downs like most anime and, like some stories, it may take a little while to get into it. In my opinion it gets better continuously.
  4. Let's see...I'm pretty sure the english dub is up to episode 205, more episodes are supposed to be released this summer. Is it finished? No, not at all. The subbed is up to episode 538 and it's still going...
  5. That's awesome! I'm glad you stuck with it. I hope you continue to do so. I think you're really going to enjoy. There's plenty more where that came from.
  6. Hey. I don't think I got around to thanking you for the friend request. Thanks! ...And sorry it took me so long. ^^'

  7. Welcome back! It's good to see Kametsu up and running again! Lots of things to consider it looks like. I'm not very computer savvy though so I'm not really sure what the best option would be (I can't even figure out how the IRC channels work ^^'). Hopefully everything will work out.
  8. I absolutely love Ouran. I've re-watched it so many times. I tried Wallflower based on the similarity recommendations and I just couldn't get into it. The lead female made me want to pull my hair out. I can only take so much of those kind of characters. (I know I haven't described her, but I don't want to ruin it with any bias if you decide to watch it. You might like it) I only watched two or three episodes though so I may not have given it a fair chance. I just had my fill. I may decide to try it again later.

  9. There always are. xD From those i only read RJ, RF and DE, with RJ my fav writer of all times. I read the first book like 5 times. xD I made myself finish Mermad, but couldnt do the same with gurren lagann. :S Oh, i planned watching Wallflower lol, just cuz of recommendations of it being similar to ouran high school. o.o Did you watch that one?

  10. Lol. I guess if you look at it like that it isn't really reading but I'm sure some people would disagree. ^^ The music in anime does add a layer or two to the story. I like hearing how the actors deliver the lines. It's not always how I would have thought of it.

    I will read almost anything but fantasy is my preference as well. Anne McCaffrey, Robert Jordan, Raymond E. Feist, Tara K. Harper and David Eddings are some of my favorite authors.

    My Bride is a Mermaid is one of those that I started watching and just couldn't finish. The Wallflower is another. I still haven't gotten around to Lucky Star yet.

  11. Oh, i love reading as well, not manga tho... Dont consider it actual reading, when you cant use your imagination and stuff. xD With anime, the amazing touch is music as well, so i end up usually watching instead of reading as well, tho planned to read some stuff from the anime i liked, because of some loose ends, but never did that either lol. And i dont have much preferences, when it comes to books, fantasy, when it comes to anime, anything without fancervice lol, or just dry too used comedy, like My Bride is a Mermaid, if youve seen it...if not, avoid it lol Lucky Star is a comedy as well, but filling with stuff you can relate to. Tho i am still at the beginning i always find myself yelling inside, "oh, i did that! And that too!''

  12. No worries. Sorry about my late~ish reply.

    Kil will work for now.^^ Lucky Starr...hmmm...doesn't ring any bells. I'll have to take a look at it.

    I don't really have a genre preference for manga or anime. I'll give whatever a shot and continue till I finish or decide I don't like it. I usually wind up watching stuff over reading anything, don't really know why because I love to read but oh well. So do you have a preference or preferences?

  13. Well, that cant be right...>.< How bout Livor? Neh, sounds too similar to liver. Or Vorry, or Killy? >.< Meh, will call you just Kil for now, it is cool. It wasnt one of my favs but i still liked it. ^.^ Hmm, started watching Lucky Star awhile ago and i like it. And downloaded Rideback actually, so i will watch them simultaneously and will tell you what i think of it after finishing xD. So which genre do you actually like to read? Or was that referring to mangas? xD

    P.S. Sorry for the late reply, was away. x.X

  14. Lol. Hi Oby. Nice to meet you too. I don't have any kind of special nickname though.

    It took me awhile to get around to watching Rin at first too. I wasn't sure about the content at first and it was only 6 episodes. I guess I was a doubter. But it is one of my all time favorites now. I guess that might make me a little morbid. Oh well, at least I'm not alone.^^ I completely agree with the bone-chilling comment, and I loved seeing how they fast forwarded through time in every episode.

    So are you watching anything interesting now? I just finished Rideback a few days ago. I liked it. It was interesting, but I think I need to re-watch to figure out what I really think.

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