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The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

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Man, this series is awesome. I have seen both 1st and 2nd book, and I probably should leave this thread after I have spoken so I don't spoil anything about book 3 for myself.


The first series couldn't do much romance and drama since they were little kids, but this series could and I love the romance and drama in it. Guys, I'm all in for Korrasami ship even though I'm ok if Korra ends up with Mako.

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Just finished watching the ending, gaw I have so many emotions from it all. Loved this series to death just as I do the first one. (don't read spoiler unless you've finished the show)


I noticed it when I was watching it and then went to hit the web to see if there was anything on it and sure enough Korra and Asami did/do have feelings for each which I think was hinted at a few times throughout season 4; pretty well done in my opinion without giving it away. I really think how this went with everything, it didn't feel force, but natural within the show and especially the ending scene with the two of them, make it quite sweet and touching. For anyone interested A link to a quote from one of the creators about it



Over all I do think the Korra series did start off a little weaker then the first series, I also do have to remember I was in my early teens when I first started watching it and have grown up quite a bit since then, funny how Korra ends with the main cast at about an age where there main demographic would be if they started watching when the first series characters were their ages. Kinda makes you feel like you've grown with the series, or at least I do, also maybe why this ending of Korra feels a little stronger to me then the last. I've gotten to watch a bit more of this universe now with finishing Korra and grown up a little more in these 4 seasons, having to say good bye yet again to such a wonderful universe that I will miss dearly but always treasure.


Just my penny of thoughts anyhow.

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Season 4 is over... and so is this series. Yeah, it had a bumpy ride, but it ended well. Those final moments made so man fans, myself included, so, so happy. Well, the Legend of Korra may be over, but the Avatar legacy will live on. 

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