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  1. Eureka seven for me the worst
  2. Ok thanks for the info toddler
  3. No breaks i watch anime every day at night
  4. I prefer manga & movies
  5. Cross ange is pretty good
  6. Im playing madden 2017
  7. I just started watching cross ange it looks really good
  8. Good cartoon watching on cable
  9. I loved watching pinky & the brain really funny cartoon o and looney tunes
  10. O my god my girls love these movies nice collection to have hope they make more
  11. Love the cartoon but no HD dvd hoping for it
  12. Love watching Ben 10 long series but love super powers
  13. I started with dragon ball then dragon ball z then yugioh and super campiones Ronin warriors and watching anime ever since
  14. This is my collection so far Date a live 1&2 Ikki tousen Sword art on line Maken-k!
  15. Sekirei We without wings so many more