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  1. Vegapunk reveals he ate a Devil Fruit to store a seemingly infinite amount of knowledge, hence why he had a giant head for a while. Until he had it cut down, installed an antenna in his head, & had his 6 separate personalities synchronize their knowledge on a daily basis in the giant library that is Punk Records. And while Bonney tried to get at Vegapunk with the discount lightsaber, thankfully it was a failure & he understands why she hates him. And then CP0 lands on the island, prompting Vegapunk to ask Luffy for safe passage to GTFO. Meanwhile, Kuma, despite going under repairs, gets up & likely in the direction of Egghead.
  2. The Straw Hats not with Luffy talk to Vegapunk's other bodies then fight a Seraphim that looks like Jinbei. And Luffy's group comes across a giant knight machine underground. Turns out the big mech was where the real Vegapunk was, who currently happens to somewhat resemble Doc Brown from Back to the Future. And he knew Monkey D. Dragon, as well as having visited Ohara after it was hit by a Buster Call. Hopefully whatever history & useful info Vegapunk has gets shared before his inevitable demise.
  3. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022)
  4. Law and his crew hold their ground for now against Blackbeard, though we do see Charlotte Pudding is a hostage for the latter. Meanwhile, Bonney talks about Kuma with the Straw Hats with her, those on the Thousand Sunny are brought to the island & given futuristic outfits (most of them anyway), & it seems Vegapunk is in contact with Dragon. Maybe it's a call for help before things get worse.
  5. Luffy's group has their fill of food before the local authorities want to arrest them. And before Luffy could fight a guard that looks like Kuma, Bonney stops the former, saying that Kuma is her dad & only family. Elsewhere, Law is attacked by Blackbeard who wants his Road Ponegliffs.
  6. Shin Ultraman (2022) The Batman (2022) Black Adam (2022)
  7. Luffy, Chopper, Jinbei, and Bonney explore the island as the rest of the Straw Hats deal with one of Vegapunk's "satellites", one of the scientist's extra younger bodies & filled with his personalities. The one we see that 'saved' the Sunny is Punk-02 named Lilith who is apparently evil. The others are these: -Punk-01 - Shaka [good] -Punk-03 - Edison [thinker] -Punk-04 - Pythagoras [wisdom] -Punk-05 - Atlas [violence] -Punk-06 - York [greed] But since CP0 has been ordered to kill Vegapunk (with a Kuma looking bot they're bringing with them), guess the good doctor will need someone new to hire him unless he can bargain his way out. Imagining Luffy having a rematch with Lucci would certainly be something. And Bonney may or may not imply that Kuma is indeed her dad who had his humanity taken from him at some point.
  8. Last week, we see Sabo trying to get a hold of the Revolutionaries on an island that then suddenly gets bombarded to oblivion. And this week, we see Jewelry Bonney for the first time in a while (where she's washed ashore along with Luffy, Chopper, & Jinbei), the kids experimented on at Punk Hazard getting treated at Naval Base G-14 (where we see some old and new faces there), an a supposed first look at Dr Vegapunk, who's pretty hot. Or at least, a female body the doctor inhabited due to not wanting to be in an old decrepit one. Oh and that the new island Egghead is an island way ahead of its time, plus housing Vegapunk's lab.
  9. So Yamato chooses not to sail with the Straw Hats yet, mostly to go on a journey like Oden did before & to protect Wano from threats like that woodsman Admiral for a little longer. And last time Sabo allegedly killed Vivi's dad and is trying to contact the Revolutionaries. Amazon Lily had been under seige from the Navy as well as Blackbeard (who wanted to steal Hancock's powers), but thankfully Rayleigh put a stop to that. Though we do see a new kind of Pacifista (where this new one looked like Hancock as a child) at work, as well as finding out Koby is a prisoner of the Blackbeard Pirates. We're also told Shakuyaku was Amazon Empress from 2 generations ago. Oh and the Straw Hats and everyone who helped raid New Onigashima got new bounties, with Luffy now being an Emperor along with Shanks, Buggy (who's currently in a predicament of his own with Mihawk & Crocodile), and Blackbeard.
  10. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2022)
  11. The manga resumed a few weeks back and wow a lot goes down. Admiral Ryokygyo has a Devil Fruit that makes him a tree man & he sucks the life out of many in his way. While Momonosuke & others kept him at bay, Shanks used his Haki to make the Admiral fall back. And Luffy plus a few others were also watching just in case things got worse, while also deciding not to say hi to the Red Hair Pirates for now. Plus the Tengu man turns out to be Oden's dad, reveals Wano's Poneglyph to Robin & Law, Carrot is now appointed as leader of Zou, we find out Mihawk & Crocodile are working with Buggy for some reason, & Yamato will hopefully get to sail with the Straw Hats.
  12. And we got the last OP chapter until late July. So Luffy, Law, and Kid all got bounties of 3 billion berries each. Turns out the Tengu old man is Kazuki Oden's dad, and reveals Pluton is indeed in Wano. Luffy is now an Emperor along with Shanks, Buggy, & Blackbeard. And Admiral Ryokygyo is gonna crash the party big time.
  13. One chapter left before OP goes on break until July 25. As for what happens this week, the Elder Stars contemplate how to proceed after hearing Kaido and Big Mom get defeated. Though as CP0 is told to try capturing Nico Robin again, their signal gets jacked by someone we don't see. And Wano is still celebrating a week after the big battle. Hard to say if Hawkins bit the dust, but it seems Ashura and Izo did. And before we see new titles and bounties, it looks like Admiral Ryokugyu is flying in Wano. Oh boy.
  14. We see a more mature Momonosuke declare that Wano is free from Kaido & his forces as well as Orochi, and Yamato declaring to want to sail with the Straw Hats, Time will tell if the latter will actually come true.
  15. With Kaido and Big Mom having seemingly fallen into magma, the battle is more or less over. Yamato tells the Beast Pirates to stand down, and Komurasaki is likely the next shogun. And Momonosuke has decided to not open Wano's borders... yet.
  16. This week we get some flashbacks about Kaido. How he hailed from a kingdom actually called Vodka, was going to be a pawn of the World Government but he broke free, his short stint with the Rocks Pirates, and that he decides to take down nobles & show them sheer might makes history. And with one final effort, Luffy punches down Kaido hopefully for the last time.
  17. Kyoshiro saves Komurasaki from Orochi, just about everyone's wishes at the capital for Wano to be saved, & Luffy launches one final attack (hopefully) at Kaido.
  18. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022)
  19. Kaido throttles Luffy with a barrage of attacks, but that doesn't stop him. Luffy gets ready to finish Kaido off in a similar way he did to Shiki in Strong World, only it's with a giant fist in this case.
  20. As the fire continues to consume Onigashima, Raizo and Jinbei work together in putting it out. And however Luffy takes down Kaido, the entire island falls regardless.
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