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  1. This channel is for live-action. That's animated.
  2. Sabo and Bonney meet, with the former getting keys for Kuma and the slaves. Ever the persistent dumbass that he is, Charlos captures Shirahoshi again, but the ugly bastard rightfully gets pounded into the ground. And when Cobra asks the Five Elders about Queen Lily, monarch of Alabasta back when the first 20 dynasties came together, as well as the letter D, Imu himself shows up and sits on the throne.
  3. Sabo had 3 objectives while in Marijoa: destroy the Celestial Dragons' symbol as a declaration of war, free Kuma, and destroy the Nobles' food stockpile. Which of course drew a lot of attention. While other Revolutionaries were dealing with the chaos outside, such as with Fujitora about to drop a meteor, Sabo (as well as Bonney) try to get to Kuma. And King Cobra was about to talk with the Five Elder Stars.
  4. Vice Admiral T-Bone is dead, though a cause hasn't been revealed yet. Buggy declares he wants to be King of the Pirates, but we'll see how far he gets. And Sabo made it back to the Revolutionaries and is about to reveal what went down in Marijoa.
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 (2023)
  6. Kuzan and Garp clash, though the latter is not messing around. And Law has not only lost his submarine and most of his crew, but lost overall to Blackbeard.
  7. This week we see Koby try to escape capture alongside other prisoners on Pirate Island Fullalead. He tries being a distraction to buy the others time, but his fellow Marines have shown up to save him. And Garp takes initiative to make quite an impact to get his apprentice back.
  8. A better use of my time than Black Adam. Though I liked Shazam 1 more.
  9. We see how York planned out her coup a few hours earlier, & evacuations are underway for Egghead. Meanwhile. Shanks utterly destroys Kidd and Killer, plus Dorry and Broggy destroy the Kidd Pirates' ship.
  10. While those who're fighting the Seraphim have various results (though Luffy mistakenly calling Kaku Usopp was hilarious), turns out York was the traitor & wanted to be a Celestial Dragon. Though however this incident at Egghead resulted seemed to have shook the world somehow.
  11. The Hawkeye & Kuma Seraphim prove troublesome, as we find out the blood of a Lunarian like King was used to enhance their capabilities and durability. And as Sanji assists Nami (and Brook) against the mini-Jimbei, Ussop, Franky, & Lilith struggle against Mini-Hancock. Plus someone guns down Shaka as he finds out where Vegapunk has been.
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