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  1. So Lucci and Kaku are down for now, thanks to Stussy, who's a spy for Vegapunk. And the Seraphim have also been stopped from rampaging further. And while Stella hasn't been found, Whitebeard's hometown was besieged by the Navy since some greedy bastards want some supposed treasure buried there. And Whitebeard's supposed son Weevil stopped them, until Admiral Ryokugyu showed up and took him away. We also find out Weevil's mom is a former supposed scientist of the Rocks Pirates named Buckingham Stussy. Not to mention Kizaru having a meeting with one of the Elder Stars for... something.
  2. As the Marines struggle to hold down Kuma, CP0 and the Seraphim march forward to destroy Vegapunk's labs. And while Bonney and Vegapunk are arguing, Stussy seemingly shows her true colors as she bites & knocks out Kaku, as we also see she's a clone of a Rocks Pirates member.
  3. Kuma has reached the Red Line, CP0 have breached the dome as Zoro & Kaku have a rematch, Bonney is still mad at Vegapunk, and Garp declares storming Blackbeard's island Fullalead to get back Koby.
  4. For the time being, Luffy kept Lucci and CP0 at bay, though Sentomaru doesn't come with them to get Vegapunk out. And it seems Kizaru has ordered for more Navy ships to storm Egghead & eliminate Vegapunk.
  5. Luffy goes Gear 5 from the start, and we see Lucci has also awakened his Devil Fruit. As Sentomaru has all Seraphim, including S-Bear, carrying out various orders, Lucci seemingly takes him out. And Vegapunk exposits on Devil Fruits while being in awe of Luffy's current form.
  6. So CP0 has landed, are wrecking Egghead to try to get a hold of Vegapunk (including taking out Atlas), and Luffy & Lucci see each other again. Time for a rematch then.
  7. Vegapunk reveals he ate a Devil Fruit to store a seemingly infinite amount of knowledge, hence why he had a giant head for a while. Until he had it cut down, installed an antenna in his head, & had his 6 separate personalities synchronize their knowledge on a daily basis in the giant library that is Punk Records. And while Bonney tried to get at Vegapunk with the discount lightsaber, thankfully it was a failure & he understands why she hates him. And then CP0 lands on the island, prompting Vegapunk to ask Luffy for safe passage to GTFO. Meanwhile, Kuma, despite going under repairs, gets up & likely in the direction of Egghead.
  8. The Straw Hats not with Luffy talk to Vegapunk's other bodies then fight a Seraphim that looks like Jinbei. And Luffy's group comes across a giant knight machine underground. Turns out the big mech was where the real Vegapunk was, who currently happens to somewhat resemble Doc Brown from Back to the Future. And he knew Monkey D. Dragon, as well as having visited Ohara after it was hit by a Buster Call. Hopefully whatever history & useful info Vegapunk has gets shared before his inevitable demise.
  9. Law and his crew hold their ground for now against Blackbeard, though we do see Charlotte Pudding is a hostage for the latter. Meanwhile, Bonney talks about Kuma with the Straw Hats with her, those on the Thousand Sunny are brought to the island & given futuristic outfits (most of them anyway), & it seems Vegapunk is in contact with Dragon. Maybe it's a call for help before things get worse.
  10. Luffy's group has their fill of food before the local authorities want to arrest them. And before Luffy could fight a guard that looks like Kuma, Bonney stops the former, saying that Kuma is her dad & only family. Elsewhere, Law is attacked by Blackbeard who wants his Road Ponegliffs.
  11. Shin Ultraman (2022) The Batman (2022) Black Adam (2022)
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