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  1. This week, the thing that used to be the sentient cloud Zeus now sticks around with Nami and helps her beat that headbutt happy opponent they keep running into. And Otama takes the opportunity to use that loudspeaker girl to talk to everyone. Plus Yamato engages against her dad until Luffy comes back. So a break next week it seems.
  2. This week, Sanji saves Chopper's hide and deflects danger away from them and co. as they rally once more, hoping for Luffy to come through again. Though we see Law's crew seemingly save him again. And Kaido, ever the bastard stabs Kin'emon, and is then confronted by Yamato.
  3. This week, Kaido seemingly beats Luffy again and it's announced everywhere on the island. And while Kin'emon finally cuts down Kanjuro, Kaido right on them to get to Mononosuke again.
  4. Eternals Official Teaser
  5. Big Mom knocks Kid and Killer back into the castle, with Law withdrawing with Zoro and leaving Luffy to deal with Kaido alone. Meanwhile, as Nami, Usopp, & Otama try to shake off the dino Zoan chasing them, they happen to come across Big Mom - whom then took out said dino Zoan after thanking Otama for restoring her memories. And while Kid might try to intercept Linlin, Killer is holding off Hawkins and his minions.
  6. This is part of the MCU's Phase 4, which only just began this year with WandaVision.
  7. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Official Teaser
  8. The next OP chapter comes in 2 weeks. But for now, Zoro really gets a good hit in on Kaido, but moss head and Traffy get tramped by the big Emperor. And while Prometheus saves Big Mom as Killer & Kidd go after her, Luffy gets back up - and really lays into Kaido himself after figuring out what he can do.
  9. Shogun Orochi gets sliced up once more, with Raizo going against another ninja it seems. And unless something miraculous happens for her, Big Mom will be taken out of the picture till further notice with none of her personal minions to help.
  10. Tom and Jerry (2021) Zack Snyder's Justice League
  11. Kanjuro tricks Kinemon's group with an illusion of Oden, where Ashura sacrifices himself to keep them all from blowing up. The day dog king then confronts Jack, while Luffy and co. still struggle against Big Mom and Kaido, the latter's half beast form revealed.
  12. Last week, Hyogoro was willing to sacrifice himself so his fellow samurai won't have to feel his wrath as an oni. This week, Chopper manages to make a cure for this ice virus - while also making it clear he isn't a tanuki (and just about everyone silently apologizing). Plus we get mention of a failed artificial devil fruit using Kaido's genes being kept on Punk Hazard - hard to say if it survived or not. And Oden seemingly returning from the dead and rescuing his comrades. No OP chapter next week.
  13. Robin and Brook save Sanji in the nick of time, Yamato & Shinobu move Mononosuke to safety once more, and Jack the elephant goes on a rampage again.
  14. Otama using her Devil Fruit power to convert some of the bad guys to help out the Straw Hats and co. is turning out pretty well so far. And while Sanji is still subdued at the moment, someone else is tending to Kinemon and the other injured samurai. Who it is, we don't know yet.
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