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  1. This week we get some flashbacks about Kaido. How he hailed from a kingdom actually called Vodka, was going to be a pawn of the World Government but he broke free, his short stint with the Rocks Pirates, and that he decides to take down nobles & show them sheer might makes history. And with one final effort, Luffy punches down Kaido hopefully for the last time.
  2. Kyoshiro saves Komurasaki from Orochi, just about everyone's wishes at the capital for Wano to be saved, & Luffy launches one final attack (hopefully) at Kaido.
  3. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022)
  4. Kaido throttles Luffy with a barrage of attacks, but that doesn't stop him. Luffy gets ready to finish Kaido off in a similar way he did to Shiki in Strong World, only it's with a giant fist in this case.
  5. As the fire continues to consume Onigashima, Raizo and Jinbei work together in putting it out. And however Luffy takes down Kaido, the entire island falls regardless.
  6. Everything, Everywhere All At Once (2022)
  7. This week's chapter becomes something of a Looney Tunes cartoon where Luffy in Gear 5 takes hits from Kaido and bounces back like it was nothing. Then briefly deflates before resuming the form and going back to fighting. And wow the faces of everyone when they see Luffy's face when he crashes through the ceiling is hilarious.
  8. As we learn from the 5 Elder Stars, the Gum-Gum Fruit has been sought after by the World Government for 800 years and they've never been able to get it. And now, Luffy uses Gear 5 to finally wrap up his fight with Kaido.
  9. With CP0's interference, it seems Kaido had won his bout with Luffy as he then proceeds to eliminate whoever is left standing. And just as Yamato and Momonosuke were going to resign themselves to death to try and stop Kaido, Zunesha announces that Joy-Boy has returned as it oozes around Luffy.
  10. Luffy and Kaido continue going at it, until that one CP0 interferes. And Luffy got walloped once more.
  11. So Zunesha is coming to help Momonosuke any way it can, Orochi gets caught under rubble while Komurasaki confronts him, Izo really gives the CP0 agents a hard time who then receive orders to eliminate Luffy. And Luffy goes Snake-Man on Kaido until the fight is over.
  12. Law and Kidd finally take down Big Mom and the impact of her falling through the castle has been felt. And Momonosuke tells Yamato that Zunesha is inbound.
  13. As Momonosuke continues his job, someone off panel calls out to him - or so we think for now. In the meantime, Law and Kidd really lay into Big Mom, seemingly finishing her off with a really big gun. When in doubt, I suppose.
  14. What looks like a reaper is about to swing down on Zoro, Izo is gonna hold up CP0, Yamato tries averting disaster, and Traffy and Kidd continue to stall Big Mom so that Luffy can keep fighting Kaido.
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