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  1. Considering Big Mom and Kaido are Emperors, of course it won't be an easy fight. Though some good hits did impact Kaido some more. I did get a laugh at the 3 panels of funny faces that Luffy, Law, & Kidd made when dealing with Linlin's fireballs.
  2. Now OP has finally reached chapter 1000. Marco throws Zoro to the roof to catch up with Luffy, Kidd, Killer, & Law where they all confront Big Mom & Kaido. After checking on Kinemon, Luffy then goes Gear 3rd & gives Kaido a taste of what's to come. Seems we're all fired up for what's next.
  3. Chapter 1000 comes in January. In the meantime, Drake is pulling his weight by holding Apoo at bay, Sanji is still held hostage, Yamato reveals she met Ace years ago, Marco gets his time to shine, & now Big Mom and Kaido sit as they await for the island to land at the latter's intended destination.
  4. Yup, so OP will be on break next week. For this week, we see Zoro take out Apoo, Chopper working on an antibody for the freezing virus, Sanji was unfortunately trapped, and now Kaido is having the island move to the Flower Capital. Somewhat reminds of Shiki and his shtick of levitating things.
  5. Law comes across a Poneglyph, Franky comes in and gives Yamato a hand, Big Mom heads for the top, and Sanji senses something is amiss. Not sure if OP will be on break next week or not.
  6. This week we see Big Mom get distracted from killing Marco, Zoro & Drake still fighting Apoo, plus Nami & Usopp in quite a bind then getting saved by Tama and her big dog.
  7. I binge watched Japan Sinks a few months ago. Before that, I finally got around to watching Evangelion and its movies. I also got to finish Digimon Tamers, as well as watching Digmon Frontier and Savers, as well as some of the movies in that franchise I've not seen before.
  8. Yup, Kaido gets back up and proceeds to bring down the samurai. And meanwhile, Queen continues to be trouble, as well as the fact that Shinobu & Mononosuke are seemingly cornered. Fortunately for the latter, Yamato is with them.
  9. Most of the Digimon movies I've not seen up until Savers' own. And then Last Evolution Kizuna.
  10. Kinemon and co actually manage to hurt Kaido this week. If they can keep this up or not is a good question. And who knows what else the rest of Kaido's top minions can do when they really get involved.
  11. Drake teams up with Luffy and co. for the time being, just as the supposed boss of those ancient giants also shows up to this party. Back outside, Jack & much of Kaido's forces are being brought down, which forces their boss to actually step in. The samurai & Minks continue to stand their ground against the enemies before them.
  12. X Drake seemed to have his own agenda when he was forced to join up with Kaido, but in desperation after being outed, he decides to ally with Luffy and co. for now. And next week OP is on break.
  13. After Jinbei and Robin briefly toss Big Mom out, the Straw Hats reassemble as they prepare to strike back against all their gathered foes. With 11 chapters left until OP hits a thousand, I imagine the big number will either start a new arc, or the one that concludes Luffy's new big fight with Kaido and/or someone else.
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