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  1. Official Vent Thread

    I posted in another thread my displeasure of watching Justice League and waited for the inevitable die-hard 'fans' to attack me for not liking it. None so far. But I do agree with the points you made. I'm a fan of Marvel and DC, and other comic publishers, but my goodness DCEU is such a trainwreck. I don't expect every movie, with superheroes or otherwise, to be lighthearted or have lots of humor. I enjoy dark stories and then, but Zack Snyder's DC Muderverse is just all kinds of wrong. Wonder Woman was more or less going in the right direction, but I fear for her future and other good DC characters that aren't Batman or Superman. I mean JFC why are we getting 2 separate Joker movies?! Not to mention the many Bat family related ones in 2019 and beyond... I'll admit, I didn't like MoS, and really despised BvS, but in comparison, I fucking hate Dark Knight Rises much more and like Justice League a little more than those movies. While I'm sure people are probably tired of the MCU, I'm surprised no one is stopping some of the inevitable train wrecks that Sony and Fox will do with the Marvel properties they're still holding onto, nevermind DC and Warner Bros. not getting their shit together. While I'm at it, I'll admit I'd rather watch Batman being raped in prison instead of something like the Teen Titans Go movie (or any of its advertising). I hope Deadpool 2 fucking destroys them next year. On a side note, Joss Whedon left the MCU after Age of Ultron and therefore wasn't actually involved with Civil War.
  2. Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Justice League. I... *sigh* I was exhausted after watching this movie. And it actually kinda gave me a headache. I like it a little more than BvS, but Wonder Woman is still the better live-action DC movie in recent years since The Dark Knight. While I'm not a die-hard DC fan, I did notice a lot of easter eggs in the movie and appreciated them. I'm too tired to talk more in detail what I didn't like about JL, so I'll probably save it for later or let other people point them out.
  3. Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    The Hitman's Bodyguard. I was going to see it in theaters, but decided to wait for the home release. Wasn't bad at all.
  4. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Assassin's Creed: Origins Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 And I still need to finish Shadow of War.
  5. Latest One Piece Manga Dicussion [Spoilers]

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Big Mom pirates kept hunting Straw Hat and co. even up till they later confront Kaido. Maybe Big Mom will sit back and watch another Emperor seemingly wipe out these smaller pirates and laugh at their pain. Or somehow Luffy or someone smarter than him will get the 2 Emperors to go at each other. I just can't help but think of Ken Watanabe's most memorable quote from Godzilla 2014: "Let them fight." Or none of that happens, and something else entirely different does.
  6. Latest One Piece Manga Dicussion [Spoilers]

    So Luffy found Brulee and is now running around in the real world with her in his grasp. And it seems Sanji has finally gotten the cake done. But we'll have to wait to see how this goes down since OP is on break next week.
  7. Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Honestly that seems like a chore for me than having fun. As much as I love Wonder Woman, I have no hope whatsoever for JL. But hey, there are 3 other movies left this year I'm happy to look forward to.
  8. Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Thor Ragnarok. Definitely the best Thor movie, and one of my favorite flicks of 2017. I'll repeat what I said in another thread, but the GotG comparisons, while understandable, are not why Ragnarok is what it is. It draws from the combination of wacky colorful pages drawn by Jack Kirby and with the kind of humor that director Taika Watiti had put in his previous movies. I know people are just gonna complain that Hela wasn't a good villainess for one reason or another, but I honestly like her, maybe moreso than Keaton's Vulture. I think she will come back for at least Infinity War, since Thanos is infatuated with Death. Instead of making another character with the same name/characteristics, maybe Marvel Studios will bring back Hela for that, and much more. The events of this film will be far reach into the future of the MCU much like the Captain America movies have been. Really can't wait for Black Panther, and for course how things will unfold in Infinity War and going forward. It just makes me mad that many people say the MCU is just flavor-of-the-week/boring same formula for kids and stupid people.
  9. Will bleach ever continue?

    Since Inuyasha did get a 'Final Act', I wouldn't be surprised if Bleach did. Maybe it'll depend on the reception to the live-action movie, or as to ride the hype, we get an announcement that the anime will indeed return and finish. Though a few years back I read a headline that said the Japanese voice actor for Genryusai Yamamoto passed away, I'm sure someone good will fill that void. Despite its flaws and what many people say, I still love Bleach and hope it gets the conclusion it deserves on the animated side of things. And hopefully with less fillers.
  10. What Movies Do You Want To See Remade?

    Transformers, if it can be rebooted like X-Men was through First Class. Just so we can get at least one good live-action TF movie with Peter Cullen and Frank Welker in their respective roles before either or both of them pass away, and that the franchise won't just be remembered by the damage done by Michael Bay.
  11. Latest One Piece Manga Dicussion [Spoilers]

    So Dogtooth was really good at at Observation Haki for the longest time, but after losing his cool, Luffy got some good hits in. But let's see how long he can hold out. And that fish lady we saw a couple of chapters back actually helped deal with the sea slugs that were supposed to catch Nami and co. And the while the wedding cake will be done soon...ish.
  12. Latest One Piece Manga Dicussion [Spoilers]

    I laughed when Luffy barged in on Dogtooth's snack time, and he looked so silly lying down and eating doughnuts. Though Dogtooth did pull an Indiana Jones and stopped Luffy from using Gear 4th at first, it seems Straw Hat has figured out his foe's powers and transforms anyway.
  13. Gintama (Entire Franchise) Discussion

    Still one of my favorite songs and openings.
  14. Latest One Piece Manga Dicussion [Spoilers]

    New OP chapter just came out today. So Luffy is gonna try Gear 4th on Dogtooth, and Sanji's siblings have really cleaned up. In other news, Big Mom still wants wedding cake.
  15. Gintama (Entire Franchise) Discussion

    Definitely one of my favorite series, ever. Of all time. While I'm sad the manga will be ending soon, no doubt it'll go out with a bang.