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  1. As Sanji tries to make heads or tails of what's happening to him, Killer takes out Hawkins. And now Kid gets back up to keeps fighting Big Mom.
  2. Injustice (2021) The Adams Family 2 (2021)
  3. This week, Momonosuke struggles to make clouds to keep Onigashima afloat, Yamato takes her Zoan form to try dealing with the explosive weapons atop, and it seems Sanji has more tricks up his sleeves, whether he wants them or not. He'll need them.
  4. As Luffy keeps Kaido's attention on him, Yamato and Mononosuke race to try and stop Onigashima from falling on Wano's capital. Meanwhile, Zoro holds his ground against King the stubborn Pteranodon bastard.
  5. Momonosuke bites Kaido, giving Luffy opportunities to hit the latter hard. While this is broadcasted throughout Onigashima, the clouds brought about from the dragons' appearance blocks the moon. As Luffy clashes with Kaido in half-beast form, the conflict breaks the clouds apart and gives the big cat and dog Minks another chance to finally take down their respective opponents. And they do so in great fashion.
  6. As Mononosuke struggled to fly as an adult dragon, he eventually helps Luffy fly up back the mountain to confront Kaido, giving Yamato a much needed hand and land another attack on her dad.
  7. With everywhere just falling into more chaos, we get a flashback of Yamato when she was younger. She had been locked up for wanting to be Oden, and the samurai she was imprisoned with told her of the travels he had been on since she had his journal. And now, Yamato continues to fight for hers and Wano's freedom, even if it means dying at her dad's hands.
  8. Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings
  9. Zoro and Sanji continue dealing damage on King and Queen, all the while resembling past badasses with similar skills. And Momo got aged up to 28 years old in a larger dragon form, which I'm guessing his human form does resemble his dad Oden.
  10. Spider-Man: No Way Home Teaser Trailer
  11. With the Tobi Roppo down, that leaves fewer elite enemies for Straw Hat and co. to deal with. Killer is still dealing with Hawkins, while Zoro and Sanji manage to land solid hits on King and Queen.
  12. Eternals | Final Trailer
  13. Robin really lives up to her Demon Child moniker and really brings the pain upon Black Maria, whilst Brook cleans up the rest of the latter's cronies. And as Caribou contributes his supplies to let Luffy return to full strength, Mononosuke tries to convince Shinobu to make him an adult to help in the fight against Kaido.
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