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  1. Drake teams up with Luffy and co. for the time being, just as the supposed boss of those ancient giants also shows up to this party. Back outside, Jack & much of Kaido's forces are being brought down, which forces their boss to actually step in. The samurai & Minks continue to stand their ground against the enemies before them.
  2. X Drake seemed to have his own agenda when he was forced to join up with Kaido, but in desperation after being outed, he decides to ally with Luffy and co. for now. And next week OP is on break.
  3. After Jinbei and Robin briefly toss Big Mom out, the Straw Hats reassemble as they prepare to strike back against all their gathered foes. With 11 chapters left until OP hits a thousand, I imagine the big number will either start a new arc, or the one that concludes Luffy's new big fight with Kaido and/or someone else.
  4. Minks and Beast Pirates fight, Momonosuke gets rescued while Sanji fights another prehistoric foe, and now Big Mom gets hit in the face by a motorcycle - which also splits her clouds in half. So far so good!
  5. A blow is seemingly struck unto Kaido as he takes the fight outside. Now all samurai in disguise reveal themselves as this massive brawl is finally underway. And with Yamato fighting alongside our protagonists, it's sure to be interesting - especially with a full moon up and the Minks ready to rip and tear.
  6. Kanjuro continues to be an obstacle as the raid goes underway. Meanwhile, Kaido seemingly kills off Orochi as well as making it clear he and Big Mom are forming an alliance to go after One Piece, and staking their territory in on the island now dubbed 'New Onigashima'. Though with Luffy and Yamato out of hiding, as the chapter so fittingly put it, all heavy hitters are slowly gathering for the big fight.
  7. Power Rangers (2017) Fantastic Four (2005) Batman and Robin
  8. Despite having a bit more often now, we're getting to some good parts. Former Whitebeard Commanders Marco & Izo have returned, with the latter revealed to be Kiku's brother. Plus we see Luffy (understandably) not trust Yamato and got into a scuffle. After some talk away from prying eyes, turns out Yamato is actually Kaido's daughter, is self-proclaimed to be Kozuki Oden (and is ashamed of his execution), and wants Luffy to help her reopen Wano to the world. And of course she also met or knows about Ace somehow. Hopefully before Kaido and his top dogs execute Momonosuke in a more brutal fashion. On a side note, Lola and her twin see their dad again.
  9. OP will be on break next week. In the meantime, we see Zoro, Kidd, & Killer still struggle as they try to progress further into the keep. As Orochi is putting on a show to execute Momonosuke, Luffy engages with the 2 dino Smiles before him. Suddenly Yamato, Kaido's son, saves Luffy, and guess we'll find out whether it's for good reasons or part of a long con.
  10. After breaks here and there, among other reasons, I finally caught up on new OP chapters. Seems the infiltration to Onigashima begins - until of course Luffy is the one to break cover, with Zoro, Kidd, & Killer joining the chaos as well. Though it was funny to see Big Mom and Chopper see each other again. Kaido's son Yamato has yet to be found, while the Flying Six roam about looking for him (including X Drake), until Luffy runs into 2 of them. And while Orochi hears of the intruders, of course he's livid to hear they came at all.
  11. Jinbei joins up with the Straw Hats as they essentially kick down the doors & guards at the front gate of Onigashima. As they and their allies proceed, it seems that Kaido's son and a new terrifying group called The Flying Six are inbound as well. They're gonna be quite another Quirky Miniboss Squad, I just know it.
  12. Guess it wasn't on break. Well then, Momonosuke accepts that he'll be kidnapped by Kanjuro either way & awaits for the others to eventually rescue him. And Jinbei finally comes back, now joining the Straw Hats as he promised.
  13. OP is on break next week, but great progress has been made. Kyoshiro makes an appearance and shows his true colors as an ally to Kinemon, as well as saying all the men & weapons they saved up for the big day have not been destroyed. The Raid on Onigashima will proceed as planned! I will say the moment when Luffy, Kidd, & Law jumped onto one of the enemy ships & decimated it was a blast.
  14. As the flashbacks come to an end, it turns out Kanjuro was a traitor and sold out the plan to Orochi. And just as things were about to get worse with Kaido's crew about to blast Kinemon and co, Luffy resurfaces with Law & Kidd in tow to strike back.
  15. Predaking-117


    Very promising. I honestly thought the manga's final arc would never animated and have sorta made peace with that. Now this announcement has gotten me excited once more. I'm not sure if the anime can fix most of the problems with the Thousand Year Blood War, let alone give a proper ending to the series, but cross your fingers and let's wait it out.
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