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  1. *Gasp!* Are you back? :DD

  2. Theme: Rock (the music genre, not an actual rock)
  3. What kind of questions do they ask at a job interview, I seriously do not know what to expect?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Arian


      1) Are unicorns real?

      2) What's your opinion on Italians?

      3) Would you go on a date with me?

      Answer correctly, and you're hired guaranteed.

    3. J-Lord


      Depends on the job but you could expect to be asked:

      1 - School lvl education

      2 - previous jobs

      3 - qualifications if any

    4. Tsukumo Yuma

      Tsukumo Yuma

      It's a job at a clothes store, it's my first time applying for a job or even being interviewed for anything.

      Thanks for the help!

  4. Here is mine, one of the few renders from the show that is not Hestia Theme: Tokusatsu
  5. Your not the only one torn.I'm trying to decide on Kekkai Sensen or Kyoukai no Rinne
  6. Ryan Reynolds is saying that they will try to get the deadpool trailer from comicon, out in the public in 3 weeks.
  7. Since I was born and even before that, my grandma always had a computer in the house, though they were usually really old and outdated ones. We had dial up internet for some of the computers up until 2008 I think. I used one of the computers first when I was 2, my grandma was teaching me how to make a powerpoint animation. After I got the hang of that, she tought me how to start up tetris and some taco bell game. I never used the internet until much much much later, but she did a lot.
  8. This is probablly too late but there are 2 things edited in Viz's edition of part 31. The book Dio is reading 2. The building destroyed in the final fight not censoring or anything story altering.
  9. Let me say this first, I have not seen it dubbed, so I can't comment on if the dub did a good job translating or not.I watched the subbed, it was pretty good, it had interesting stories and characters, the art was good too, they really did do a great job with making the setting where the story takes place look like brazil. It had a cowboy bebop anime feel to it. Its worth at least giving it a try.
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