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Gamer ID's (Steam, PSN, etc)

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This topic is for posting your PSN Handles, XBL Gamertags, and Wii Friend Codes. The purpose of this topic is for members to post the online names on these consoles so that you can play together with your fellow FM members on games like Halo 3, Warhawk, and Mario Straikers Charged. I will make a list in this post of all who put down their information and it will be in alphabetical order. I'll go ahead and start it off. This topic will be sticked because.....I said so! :P I do ask that you show your fellow members the proper respect when playing. Ok, so let the posting begin! If you're info needs to be edited for whatever reason, feel free to let me know so I may change it.


PSN Handle: Koby411

Steam: koby411

Wii Friend Codes---

Valhalla Knights - Eldar Saga: 2064-2762-2505

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 1849-5693-3506


PSN Handle: Hell-Kaiser

XBL Gamertag: Hell Kaiser316 (Inactive at the moment due to lack of Network adapter)


XBL Gamertag: Linoud


XBL Gamertag : Rhys Gibbon


PSN Handle: jameskukuk


XBL Gamertag: nn454

S.O.S Brigade Leader:

PSN Handle: Concussed


XBL Gamertag: Tebian


XBL Gamertag: lil will 00 (with Spaces)


PSN Handle: Ragnawind


XBL Gamertag: inflicted meaz


XBL Gamertag: MisfitSpoon


XBL Gamertag: Ballard182


XBL Gamertag: Ledah90


PSN Handle: ultace


XBL Gamertag: Entriganblue


XBL Gamertag: Ma5K2




XBL Gamertag: Dark Waler


PSN Handle: shinji2oo8


XBL Gamertag: druidrose19


PSN Handle: Mechwarrior21

Talena Mae

PSN Handle: talena_mae


PSN Handle: Chaos9289


PSN Handle: Firstattempt

XBL Gamertag: BrainOfTheSoul


PSN Handle: LiquidSnake2142

XBL Gamertag: LiquidSnake2142

Wii FC: 0168-9016-4936-1647


PSN Handle: ThunderGodSpeedy


PSN Handle: shaman1234


XBL Gamertag: Shigeno x Irish


PSN Handle: Fire_149

Wii Friend Code: 4369 3850 3355 1487

The Joker

PSN Handle: King_0_Hell


XBL Gamertag: TackyRayd


XBL Gamertag: Kapn Caboose


PSN Handle: Shadowken42

SSBB FC: 3265-4846-9913


XBL Gamertag: Rose Ario


PSN Handle: xVolkodav


PSN handle: Atrocity169

XBL Gamertag: x7xSloth


XBL Gamertag: TDF Zeak


PSN Handle: Gilhael


XBL Gamertag:Lil Will 00

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Gamertag: Linoud

Wii FC: Will post later.

DS FC: Will post later.

Koga, I need to play you on Halo 3 sometime. B|

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People finally start posting in here. lol. I'm not including the DS FC since it changes from game to game...which sucks.

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I see. I take it the Wii doesn't change FC from game to game then? :P

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No, its already on the system so youll have only 1 friend code. Hey Pulse, I'll send a friend request on live later today.

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Gamer Tag : Tebian (of course)

Say hello anytime about the radio station or if you have questions about FFXI.

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Feel free to hit me up on xbox live but, send me a message and let me know who you are first. I.e say your a member from Forgotten Memories. Usually I dont accept random invites. :P

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Well we will be moving to a new house soon and it's located in town, so we will eventually be getting Highspeed Wi-fi (especially since my sis and mom only use lap-tops). Whenever we do, I'll hook my Wii to the internet xD.

How do you find what your friend code is on the Wii? From what I hear, rather than setting a name for yourself.. it's just a bunch of randomness that was programmed to your particular Wii? I could be wrong.. but anyways once I figure out how to find my Wii friend code I'll post it.

Currently I have Guitar Hero 5, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Zelda TP, Mario Kart Wii, Game Party, Wii Play, and Dragon Quest Swords for the Nintendo Wii. Although some of those you can't play online.. there are some that I can.

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List updated

@Koby. I'm sure it your FC differs on each game but the console has its own as well.....really.... who thought of that BS. >_<

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