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  1. If you have a launch model PS3, that is why you can play PS2 games on it. They have hardware-based PS2 emulation, since they come with the PS2's Emotion-Engine built-in.
  2. J-Lite mostly just has most available codecs, a few info tools, 32-bit and 64-bit versions of codecs, etc., as well as being 100% customizable to where you don't need to install what you don't want installed. Its updates are the same way. You can choose to install updates for everything or just what you want. In the past, most of the stuff was mandatory about 5 years ago. They have since made everything optional.
  3. Did this only happen after updating to Windows 10? If so, the device just might not be compatible with Windows 10. Otherwise, something might have happened during installation of the OS without informing you. This is normally one of the biggest reasons hardware no longer works after an OS upgrade if it is supposed to be compatible with the OS. I think I found your network card here: http://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/cat-5519_Archer-T9E.html If that is it, there are a few complaints about the card, including at least one that couldn't get the driver working. Also, if this is the first time using the card, try to completely uninstall the driver and re-install. Then, download the latest driver from the support site here: http://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/cat-5519_Archer-T9E.html Then check the setup videos page to see if you installed correctly before attempting again.
  4. That's the problem, then. The PS3 won't recognize USB devices as usable unless it is a controller or storage device. Everything else it will just provide power to, if needed. You would need a digital auxilary capable device to hook up that DJ board to it. As for the topic, personally, when I stream my own person files, I just use PS3 Media Server, though it is getting old and outdated for the most part. When I stream, I normally just use HULU, Funimation, etc. for anime through their apps. I also have a laptop with an HDMI output to watch stuff from the computer on my big TV. Eventually, I need to get a soundbar, though, even if just a cheap one, since a lot of HD content has the voiced dialogue drowned out by sound effects and music. It doesn't seem like it would be easy to adjust the equalizer on my TV either to make the center audio streams louder without effecting music and sound effect volume, so the sound bar would be my best bet in making it easier to hear spoken lines without having to turn the volume down for loud music and sound effects. I never had this problem with non-HD audio, though.
  5. different sources, even if the videos are the same length can still go out of sync later in a video but be fine in the beginning if you is 23.97FPS, 25 FPS, 29.97FPS, etc. The reason being more frames but at a different speed keeping the time consistenet. That is why you need to change the framerate of the audio, if you plan to make dual audio and the sources are at different framerates. EDIT: If you are just changing one audio to another, though, you should just have to change the framerate of the new video to the framerate of the old video and add the audio stream to it and remove the old audio stream.
  6. If changing the video framerate doesn't work, you can always change the audio framrate, which surprisingly for some, can be done. It doesn't seem possible to change the framerate of the audio in mkvtoolnix, though, but I had to do it in the past for english audio to sync with video for a show called Nodame Cantabile. I'm not sure what I had to use for it, but I used Sony Vegas Pro 8 and some other tools for that project years ago.
  7. PS4: Persona 5, Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, Akiba's Beat PS Vita: The Caligula Effect, Root Letter, Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart PC: Trails in the Sky the 3rd 3DS: Dragon Quest VIII 3DS, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D PS3: Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord
  8. I don't have but maybe 2 or 3 games on the X360, but they aren't that rare. As for Playstation, I have Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny II (Tales of Eternia) on PS1 that are pretty rare and expensive, as well as Koudelka. I don't think many, if any, of my PS2-4 games can really be considered rare, though, unless you count LEs, like Wild ARMs 5 and the 2 Mana Khemia Games on PS2, or even Suikoden V, though it is not an LE.
  9. Your best bet would be ripping it with almost any encoder after using AnyDVD HD to remove the copy protection or use DVD FAB to rip it and then see how it turns out. You will want to use a high bitrate to retain quality also, such as around 2000KBPS for DVD Rips. There should be decent profiles to start with and work on the settings from there when ripping to get it as good as you can. Most also have an option to deinterlace in the settings of the program used. In the end, you will need to either buy either of the two mentioned programs or find a cracked version, otherwise, you likely won't get any better than what you have in the screenshot.
  10. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get uncompressed video game openings. Even on the game's cartridge, card, or disc, they are already compressed. To get as close to uncompressed as possible, you would need to find a way to rip the video directly from the source, which is the disc, card, cartridge, etc. Other than that, Youtube is likely the best you will find.
  11. That is unusual. I did have my IP Address info reacquired. I may have had a new IP Address since the info in mIRC updated, since I get a new IP Address every few weeks from my ISP, since it is dynamic. Just let me know when you want to try again. Unfortunately, I don't upload to filehosts anymore, If someone can get them from me on IRC that would like to upload them, they can, since they aren't even my encodes. They can also get them directly from #DorainHD@irc.rizon.net
  12. OK. We can try again later. As for your question on IRC before you had to go, yes, the Picture Drams are english dubbed only, except for the 3rd, which is subbed (it also gives the reason why at the start of the video). The OVAs themselves are dual audio, English and Japanese, for all 3. Also, if you don't already use it, try using Sysreset version 2.55 with default settings, aside from entering your username and such. That is what I use in order to even host my fserv. If you have any firewall's on on your computer, you can try disabling them if it still doesn't work next time. I just had mIRC reacquire my Local HOST and IP Address info. You can try the same by going to Options>Connect>Local Info and removing everything in the text boxes and making sure both checkboxes have a checkmark before connecting and have the lookup method set to Server, otherwise it will likely use your local network info instead of your internet info. The command you posted may also need used, but you have to actually use it. Typing it like you did does not do anything. You just type this on a blank line and submit it: /dccserver +sc on 59
  13. I will just need your username, then. I can send them until I have to go. My Upload connection is only 5 MBPS, so it might not be that fast. I think that was up to around 600KB/s. I also have a file server, but I'm not sure if it works. They are on the misc ctcp trigger using my username, ragnawind, on the Kametsu channel. The Picture Dramas I have are web rips, though, but they were good enough for me, since they are just pictures with the audio and no animation. The third Picture Drama wasn't dubbed, though.
  14. No one has uploaded them anywhere that I know of, but a group called DorianHD did the OVAs last year, I think. Their IRC Channel is on Rizon and they are on the Arutha bot there. I just recently watched the series on Funimation and couldn't find the OVAs anywhere, either. I did find the dubbed Picture Dramas on a streaming site and then I found the OVAs using AniDB and downloaded them. If you can use IRC, I could potentially send them to you directly. They are about 1.2GB+ each, though.
  15. That is on igg-games.com