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  1. For Documents, at least, you can use Google. For images, any will work, but most use imgur lately. As long as you don't share them, anything on either of those sites should be private. You could also use any filehost. My preference is MediaFire. I use it since it is simple and it doesn't have the annoying interfaces of sites like mega.co.nz. You only get 50GB for free, though.
  2. I finished this last week. I didn't expect it to only be a 6 episode season though. They seem to have changed a lot since the end of the first season. I guess it was probably to be expected that this season would only be 6 episodes, also, since the first season was 12 episodes of around 12 minutes each, while this season was 6 episodes of a full time slot of around 24 minutes each.
  3. Ps4 or Xbox One

    Between the PS4 and XBOX One, there is no contest that the PS4 has more of those kinds of games than the XBOX One, especially when it comes to exclusives. Nintendo has its own share of exclusives, also, with PC having a lot of multiplatform titles of what you are looking for.
  4. Recent Anime Purchases?

    That is the best thing about LNs that anime are based on. They go into detail about everything to make sure it makes sense. A lot of anime adaptations of LNs cut out or don't properly explain a lot of important details, which often give people the wrong impressions about anime adaptations for those who haven't read the LN. That is one of the major reasons why a lot of people complain about Sword Art Online, the details that were not included in the adaptation, which paints a false impression of the characters and events in the adaptations.
  5. When is classroom of the elite season 2 coming?

    There is a very low chance it will even get a second season, especially with all the complaints I heard about it when it aired. It is a good series, in my opinion, and the first season was more of a prologue than anything.
  6. This info about S1 isn't entirely true. It is more like 4 and a half volumes, since part of Volume 8 is also used for S1. Season 2 also uses a story from Volume 8, as well. The first story of Volume 8 is in Season 1, while the second story is in Season 2 (Murder Case in the Area and Caliber, respectively). Volume 5-7 are covered in Season 2 (GGO and Mother's Rosario). Alicization's main story is Volumes 9-18 with 2 volumes following it to cover a side story from Alicization. That in the end leaves 4 and a half for Season 1, 3 and a half for Season 2, and 10 for Alicization with however they do it (Season 3 and maybe a 4th). The first two seasons covered a total of 8 volumes and even cut out at least 1 whole section of relevant info from the Fairy Dance arc that is meant to fill in the void of missing info from the Caliber arc (the info about Jötunheimr).
  7. I haven't tried it on my PC, but my Sony Xperia Z4 10.1 inch tablet can play 1080p 10-bit dual audio MKV BluRay rips. During initial startup of video playback, it has some blocking up appear on screen but clears up for the rest of the episode. I know my Xperia Tab Z was able to hook up to a TV via displayiport(plugs in through the tablet's microUSB port) to HDMI, I think it was, so the Z4 should be able to do that also. It also has screen mirroring and google cast support. All I used to run the videos was K Lite Video Player No Codec on the Google Play Store with default settings. It might run with no slowdowns due to having a 2Ghz octacore CPU and 3GB RAM.
  8. This arc will be nothing like that part of the series. For the most part, it only has Kirito and a new cast from the beginning. I only read the first and second novel of this arc, so far out of around 10, I think. It will be a lot different from the rest of the series, as well.
  9. How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    I have only watched up to the Advanced anime, which is the start of Hoenn and have seen some episodes mixed in since then as well as around half of the movies, Origins and the first episode of Chronicles.
  10. help audio syncing issue

    that would be 1750ms, not 1750s. Anyway, if you can get it to the point where you need it to start, or somewhere near it, you can manually set the end time at the bottom of the screen. After you have your start time selected, modify the end time to add 1.75seconds. The seconds part of the time selection goes to the thousandths of a second. 1750ms would be 1.75 seconds. To add 1750,s of silence to cause a delay in the track, you should just need to generate silence at your start time for 1.75 seconds
  11. help audio syncing issue

    If you know the approximate time that needs cut, just zoom in around the time stamp and select the area that needs removed.
  12. help audio syncing issue

    For me, I find it easier to just have the video play in a media player with the audio I want to sync in Audacity. I get to the part in the video where I need to get it synced, find that time code in the audio and see where it is. Then, determine if it needs delayed or moved forward and mark that spot in the audio stream and either add silence or remove excess time after that point. Then just export it and use MPC-HC, where you can select the video and apply the audio track to it, rather than its own audio to check the sync. If the sync works OK, just mux it into the video with mkvmerge GUI..
  13. Torrent or Legal content?

    yeah, a lot of other country discs are bootlegs. Just because they don't have bonus features doesn't mean they aren't legit, though. Sometimes, they are. Most NA discs lately, when it comes to anime, just have the shows. They normally don't have any bonus features anymore, except the rare one that has commentary in certain episodes of a release. They don't even come with trailers anymore. Supposedly, the reason for this is to make a higher quality release with more episodes on a disc or to just put more episodes on a disc. Streaming might not be that great, either, no matter what country you live in, but it is better than nothing at all, and you are still supporting the industry, unlike with downloads and torrents. As long as you buy what you like, when you can, you will support the production of more products. Most nations that mostly sell bootlegs, for instance, are mostly just those where people don't make enough money to live off of and enjoy entertainment, hence why there aren't many legal ways to obtain certain kinds of entertainment without making cheaper bootlegs.
  14. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I am mostly still working on Pokemon UltraMoon, but I also just played the demo for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. It took about 8 hours to do everything in that demo, since it covers the Prologue and first chapter. I am also reading the VN World End Economica on PC and playing Trails of Cold Steel on PC with a New Game+ save file someone uploaded on Steam, since I already played through the game once on PS3. I am also planning to start the Phoenix Wright games on 3DS after watching the first half of the anime in english. The games are currently on sale for no more than $15 USD on the eShop in NA, at least, until February 7.
  15. Torrent or Legal content?

    There are a lot of cheap ways to get legal anime, also, though it is through streaming. For Example, with Pokemon there is Pokemon TV. For different series, there is Hulu, and Netflix that are less than $15 a month where I live. I also have access to Funimation's entire library of titles of $59.99 with a single payment every year. HiDive has a lot of Sentai releases for around $6 a month. Crunchyroll is about the same, but with their own content, etc. It also helps to get more legal content if you have others living with you that help pay the bills. I live in the US, though, which is one of the most expensive countries to live in nowadays and their minimum wages have been slowly increasing over the past couple years, finally.