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  1. Hi.

    Do you know where the original image shown in your avatar can be found? I have an avatar with the same image so I've been wondering about that.

  2. S.O.S Brigade Leader

    Where do you live?

    I live way down in Auckland, New Zealand which for all of u who dont know is a little country just under Australia. Its nice here but its near impossible to get hold of any decent anime stuff. There are only a couple of shops that sell anime and most of its way overpriced >.<
  3. S.O.S Brigade Leader


    Im bored so I thought I would bring this thread back to life. ^R.E.M - Loosing My Religon^ "I clench my first and break my chains Destroy the mirror of tears I force the night to smash you down And lose my innocence (I'm) Blinded by the fire of universe I'm falling down, no reverse I Can't rewind my life to then When I was freaming ot warmth You took away the child I've been And left me frozen (and) Rewind rewind to then - I'm an angel Born form the breath of life An Ikarus Burning an falling down"
  4. S.O.S Brigade Leader

    Last Anime Episode You Watched and your thoughts on it?

    Code Geass R2 - 02 Omg the ending for season one was crap! but at least there is season 2 to rap it all up. I would be further along in the seris but i cant find any further than episode 2 because im watching it dubbed. If enyone could help me find it dat wud be great xD.