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  1. Yuna

    Aww. too bad your not here anymore...

  2. expanding the board would be brilliant. Thats my only input because what you seem to have planned is what I would do.
  3. Managed to find my way to my comp for a while and voted L
  4. Pulse


    Wb if your still out there...
  5. Make the Subfont smaller and further away from the focal point
  6. But did Koby say "Dont Do it"? Why cant anyone do it if it needs doing. thats what a community does, Helps eachother. A cult follows orders...
  7. probably. but the camp sounds fun yeh?
  8. Tetris is worse... FIT YOU STUPID BLOCK!! GRARAGARAG! Tbh. he needs to go to one of those camps where they calm down youths who are violently addicted to games.
  9. Cool Idea. Gamer Tag : Rhys Gibbon Wii: Forgot it DS: See above
  10. Mine at Max Size... May enter another:
  11. I made this a bit different from other SOTW's... --------------------------------------------------------- Limits: 2 entry's allowed 1 Modification overall (Not 1 on each if you enter 2) Max: 470 x 470 Min: 300 x 75 Theme: NINTENDO Deadline: November 10th; I'll give you till the end of the day Let the games begin
  12. sorry, set an auto close time for the vote... 1 week exact
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