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  1. Thank you all for the welcome @Aaron: Where you stay at in MO? You coming to Anime STL in April?
  2. CPU: i5 3570K OCed to 4.2GHz MB: Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: GTX 660 Ti
  3. Banned for not being a mind reader And I'm only 25 lol. Just been a member for long time.
  4. Banned for calling me an old timer! >=[
  5. Banned for not having Trunks nor Cell in sig or avatar.
  6. Tony Hawk HD on my PC.....because I can't get it to work >_<
  7. Sup people! Been gone awhile, changing things in my life, all that stuff. Still doing so but far less stressed Good to see this place is still alive. So.....where's the love!?
  8. Ys II on PC. Tired of wondering around dungeon! lol
  9. Sorry about not keeping the first post up to date. Just moved back home and get a bunch of nonsense takin care of but it will be updated soon and regularly
  10. Its Sonic 2K6......this game sucks >_<
  11. Koga

    Anime or Manga?

    Years later...I still feel the same way. Anime over Manga. The only times I'll read a manga is if there no anime for it, there's major differences between the anime and manga, or if they are almost completely different (like Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and 5Ds for example). I prefer the visuals and sound. Now....if I'm at a job where I'm at a desk and cant browse the internet last a job I had 2 years ago.....then ok I'll read any manga lol. EDIT: Just had a half hour argument with my gf who says that watching an anime over manga is lazy >_>. Yea....fuck that.
  12. I just started playing WOW. Didn't really want to but my friend offered to pay for my subscription to play with her and some friends so...I went with it.
  13. Yep...I forget most of their names. I have a hard enough time remembering names in real life lol.
  14. I also hate EA. The online passes are total bullshit. And you need it for OFFLINE multiplayer in BF3. WTF?! So now I need an online pass for an offline feature? Yea.....screw EA.
  15. More of a night. I hate being woken up early
  16. Banned for being a music addict.
  17. Was playing SWTOR but my subscription expired and stuff is coming up so its gonna have to wait.
  18. Mine for now is Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I've been getting into Tekken 6 lately and got to play TTT2 at Final Round XV and I look forward to start playing the series in tournaments
  19. I would say a guy shouldnt hit a girl...but....at the same time....she shouldn't hit him either. me....I WILL if I'm pushed to it...physically. If she NEVER touches me in a violent manner...then she's good. But she for hits me in the face...we have a problem. now yes...I know...it sounds mean and all. But...if you are going to step up to a guy..who you KNOW will not harm you unless you physically provoke him...and you do it....you deserve it IMO. Doesn't mean I feel she'd deserve to get beaten to a bloody mess or something Seriously...why not just not touch each other. But to this day....I've yet to hit a girl. I got hit in the face one time and put her ass out of my car on the highway....and THAT'S another story. But its no like I hide how I feel and even told my current gf straight up. And long as you dont hit me violently...i will never harm you. And honestly even if she did..I'd try to restrain her first. I dunno, luckily I've never had to be in a situation where I had to even think of it...besides the car incident. But I'm always honest on how I feel.
  20. Crush Card would have been one of mine too if it was legal.
  21. I always watch them the first time. If I like it, I'll watch them until I get tired of hearing the song...if that even happens.
  22. I've never played them that serious but am SOMEWHAT....knowledgeable of the series. I wanted to get into XIII but it didn't get much love here. So I just play it here and there.
  23. Mine represents.....boredom? lol I dunno. I was actually bored and slapped it together a few years ago. Damn...I Really need to get back into Photoshop.
  24. Mine is Malefic Cyber End Dragon. He is such an asshole! 4000 ATK beater and gets summons so easily. WTF?!
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