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  1. Any1 down for some black ops send me a friend request, gt is: a bomb planter just add kametsu to the message because usually ignore random friend requests...
  2. I haven't been here in 2 years and we are only at 997,911? sad face...
  3. The tank part is what hooked me. Having that gunshot echo inside the tank proves that the producers want more realism. Realism in a SHTF scenario is just amazing. But then again I was pretty much hooked seeing the trailer at comic con
  4. double_n

    Best OST??

    As repetitive as it is...CLANNAD is my favorite OST
  5. Getting it in 2 hours 15 minutes for the xbox gt: a bomb planter
  6. I want to say mw2, but halo contains less "bs" moments. If we were comparing cod4 on the other hand cod4 wins hands down
  7. Modern Warfare 2 is extremely fun once you find a game without campers
  8. spendin some weekends on anime since its been cold outside recently...any awesome anime u would recommend?
  9. lol saw monsters vs aliens. it was actuallly pretty good
  10. 1130 wow l little longer...
  11. www.dvdvideosoft.com has a epic converter for free. i does youtube to ipod and it does video to ipod too. it also does all this for psp
  12. son of a b*tch its going up again!!!
  13. one day i had to write an essay on this for my english final, and i didnt know to say...what should wrote?
  14. where do you live? lol i said that w/o looking at your location..., but here in san diego they are cutting jobs quicker than ever
  15. i bought gears of war 2, and the graphics were amazing, but the online f-ing sucked!!!!!!!! it is so laggy and guns are overpowered. then i did something and all of my achievements got ereased!!! any1 hate a game?
  16. resident evil degeneration ftw 4 DA WIN
  17. double_n

    World War III

    lol nazi-zombies in WWIII...
  18. stupid halo 3 achievements...i had 1000/1000 and they throw in more that are unatainable at the moment...
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