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  1. Easily my favourite of the series, very deserving of that spot too, but the other's are all very enjoyable too. It's probably my favourite since it was my first Zelda game I played way back as a kid, now I play it every once in awhile via some format, be it my N64, Wii or 3DS.
  2. Happy Birthday Koby. What are the odds I'd return for a checkup today too?
  3. Ah man, I havent been around in forever and his is pretty bad news I find when I do return. Sorry to hear about it Koby, my best wishes that she gets better. My mom died from cancer over a year ago now, she had it for eight years, so I think I know a little of how your feeling. I really hope she gets better man.
  4. My friend and I wanted the Tournament Edition. They're all sold out on Play-asia.com though. Might get a white one anyway. However! The Gamepads for 360 look very shiny too. A proper D-pad and a 6 button controller! Perfect for fighting games. I'll be getting a gamepad and an arcade stick too. Either a Hori one or one of the regular SFIV ones.
  5. I thought you were talking about Gears of War 1, where the achievements were fairly hard to get. Nevermind. I go for hard achievements btw.
  6. Uh, dude, your using a different gamertag then, because thats the only way your data gets changed. It's possible you only got 3k kills on another account or in another gametype in GoW1 and you just kept checking Warzone stats or something and not the others.
  7. Well Im not exactly using it lately no, but this projects making me get used to writing content. Im finding it pretty fun, so I'll potentially be using it in the near future but, no, not at current. Did you ever get around to reviewing it? It's just an empty shell at the moment with cutenews and a few pages of minor content. Current Assignment is a website on a topic of my choosing, which was the Nintendo Consoles. Just finishing up, writing on the Wii at the moment. Seems to be working fine now anyway, the login problem must've been fixed, Koby.
  8. R2 isnt great. It's not bad but, it's not great. It's just a giant troll by the producers. Last anime episode I watched was Gundam 00 Season Two - Episode 8. Great stuff.
  9. Feel free to hit me up on xbox live but, send me a message and let me know who you are first. I.e say your a member from Forgotten Memories. Usually I dont accept random invites.
  10. It seems to have fixed itself now, I think. Dont think it was something to do with my cookies but if it happens again I'll just run ccleaner and make sure. Ironically enough my assignment is to produce a prototype website, which isnt going to badly considering how lazy I am. I've had the assignment for two months, and its due in the morning at 10am, which is in 8 hours. I started last night.
  11. I come around every once in awhile when Im not too busy with college. Infact, I'm working on an assignment right now and was just checking my email to see if the guy Im working on the project with replied and I got your email. I dont post too much, but if something interests me, I tend to make one. Edit: I have to keep logging in to edit my posts or to make new ones, each time I want to make a new one it asks me to login, which is pretty strange. :/
  12. Nah its not too hard, considering that every kill you get in the game counts, including offline games of Horde. It's pretty easy to get. Seriously on Gears 1 was more challenging since it had to be online ranked matches, and you had to get 10,000 kills. Considering you can get Seriously 2.0 with campaign kills, and just horde mode kills, it's alot easier.
  13. Nah I'm not. I dont like easy achievements though, I like hard ones like the ones in DMC4. I only have about 7500 gamerscore or so, my friend Scorchio has 51,000+ though so I've got a long way to go to beat him.
  14. I like the poster in the old picture. B|
  15. I havent seen it yet. I'll end up downloading it sometime soon then, didnt know it was out really. Mainly because I havent watched Bleach in weeks since I thought these fillers are awful.
  16. This movie was destined to fail anyway. Just look at it. The director is awesome though so he may make it worth the money to see the lulz.
  17. Im here, just busy. Starting college soon. I'll help out moar.
  18. I guess they're keeping up on it at least. I won't touch the dubs though, since I'm used to the subs already and I'm almost finished with the series now.
  19. I like both types. But there are always party members or allies to be the wise-cracking people in a game. People like Link or Isaac from GS are always welcome.
  20. Not everyones in the states and suffering economically. I'm in Ireland. It's just a lack of interest really. This place has too many lurkers and not enough active people who just like posting alot.
  21. I had one of these ages ago.. Here's the link: http://myanimelist.net/profile/Linoud
  22. I saw DN ages ago with Subs. For some reason, I just can't stand any sort of dubs anymore. They make everything sound extra-cheesy and the accents get on my nerves. Some voices just dont suit characters. I don't really remember this episode much but if I remember right, the series went downhill after episode 25. 37 gets good, but its the final one so it's not too big a deal. >>;
  23. Thats the guy they're talking about. Syazel or something. No, I dont think Ishida is amazingly strong. Definitely not stronger than Ichigo. Why? Ichigo is the main character. They can do anything usually.
  24. Linoud


    I haven't been watching much. I lost my HD's information with Bleach episodes on it. I recovered a good few episodes. I'm sort of annoyed with the current filler. It really is reminiscent of Naruto. Least the Bount fillers weren't this bad. I thought Kenryu looked okay, but he's actually so gay it's unbelievable. >>; Last one I saw was about four episodes into the filler? Then my HD died. =[
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