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  1. Linoud

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    Easily my favourite of the series, very deserving of that spot too, but the other's are all very enjoyable too. It's probably my favourite since it was my first Zelda game I played way back as a kid, now I play it every once in awhile via some format, be it my N64, Wii or 3DS.
  2. Linoud

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday Koby. What are the odds I'd return for a checkup today too?
  3. Linoud

    MIA Till Further Notice....

    Ah man, I havent been around in forever and his is pretty bad news I find when I do return. Sorry to hear about it Koby, my best wishes that she gets better. My mom died from cancer over a year ago now, she had it for eight years, so I think I know a little of how your feeling. I really hope she gets better man.
  4. Linoud

    Street Fighter IV

    My friend and I wanted the Tournament Edition. They're all sold out on Play-asia.com though. Might get a white one anyway. However! The Gamepads for 360 look very shiny too. A proper D-pad and a 6 button controller! Perfect for fighting games. I'll be getting a gamepad and an arcade stick too. Either a Hori one or one of the regular SFIV ones.
  5. Linoud

    Are you an achievement whore?

    I thought you were talking about Gears of War 1, where the achievements were fairly hard to get. Nevermind. I go for hard achievements btw.
  6. Linoud

    Are you an achievement whore?

    Uh, dude, your using a different gamertag then, because thats the only way your data gets changed. It's possible you only got 3k kills on another account or in another gametype in GoW1 and you just kept checking Warzone stats or something and not the others.
  7. Linoud

    2 Years

    Woo. Go us.
  8. Linoud

    Thinking of Closing the Forums..

    Well Im not exactly using it lately no, but this projects making me get used to writing content. Im finding it pretty fun, so I'll potentially be using it in the near future but, no, not at current. Did you ever get around to reviewing it? It's just an empty shell at the moment with cutenews and a few pages of minor content. Current Assignment is a website on a topic of my choosing, which was the Nintendo Consoles. Just finishing up, writing on the Wii at the moment. Seems to be working fine now anyway, the login problem must've been fixed, Koby.
  9. R2 isnt great. It's not bad but, it's not great. It's just a giant troll by the producers. Last anime episode I watched was Gundam 00 Season Two - Episode 8. Great stuff.