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Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

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In Theater: Ghost in the Shell - I actually really liked this movie. It felt pretty comparable to the original anime film for a majority of the movie with changes that tried to (according to my friend, as the first one is the only one I've seen) utilize elements of the other movies and series. It wasn't a spot on shot for shot or even direct detail for detail adaptation, but it was still really good (especially considering it's a hollywood adaptation of an anime). I'd recommend giving it a chance if nothing else.


At Home: Assassin's Creed - I didn't care for it really. There were a lot of things that they did with it I didn't like. The animus was over the top and completely convoluted IMO. Why did they feel the past needed to be subbed? It's happening in his brain, therefore he should be able to understand it and, like the games, it would play out in English for the audience to reflect that understanding. The past story also felt shallow and was just a means to show action and give the apple's location. The whole thing just left me bored and barely paying attention by the end.

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